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What is Justice (What is definition, including commentary)

Book Introduction:
Michael Sandel, who sparked the’justice’ craze in Korea, explored the answer to’what is just’ through the problems we often face in modern society, such as bailouts, surrogate births, same-sex marriages, and apology to disclose past history. This book is an easy to understand introduction to timeless philosophical questions left by prominent political philosophers. Through this, it provides the foundation for establishing one’s own opinions on justice and solidifying the basis of logic in the arena of public discourse and debate where arguments over right and wrong, justice and injustice, equality and inequality, individual rights and common good compete. . This book shows the intellectual search process of political philosophers who diagnose problems in modern society and find new alternatives.

What is Justice (What is definition, including commentary)
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Michael J. Sandel
Humanities, Society, History, Political
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