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Chapter 10 Seeds of Doubt

Luo Jiangang is actually a person who doesn’t like to show his temperament. Many years in the army have taught Luo Jiangang to be overjoyed.

This time I was a little bit ashamed to do such an intimate action with Li Qian in front of Li Wei.

Last time Li Qian told herself that Li Wei was interesting to her, she didn’t take it to heart. When I thought of Li Qian’s appearance at the time, it seemed to be joking, and it seemed to be serious.

In addition, Luo Jiangang and Li Wei are at least not familiar with each other, at most they all know people, and Li Wei has no need to see herself. Plus what Li Wei said uninvited this time.

If I hadn’t listened to the outside in my own room, I might have believed in Li Wei, and then it would have been a dispute. Even if I believe that Li Qian is not a person who listens to rumors.

“Thanks to Miss Li this time. If it weren’t for her, we don’t know that there are such messages outside.” Li Qian saw that everyone had gone, and got up to clean up their drinking cups.

“No wonder Sister Wang and others are weird today. They also know that Li Wei went to the hospital to see you. That’s the reason.” Li Qian smiled and continued, “I blame you, it’s okay what Zhang does so well, there is such a good person. I like you.”

Li Qian felt very upset when seeing what Li Weilai was really talking about, even though she knew that Li Wei was here to instigate discord.

Hearing what his wife said, Luo Jiangang said sternly, “Don’t talk nonsense, people are here to clarify.”

“Then you said why we didn’t have such rumors when we were in the hospital, and now we have been discharged from the hospital for a long time, but there are such rumors? “Li Qian collected the cup and continued to sit next to Luo Jiangang. “Someone must have done it deliberately.”

Luo Jiangang knew that his wife was right. If no one did it deliberately, it would be impossible to spread such rumors. After all, they only saw it in the hospital. Over time, and his wife was also there at that time.

“You are right.” Luo Jiangang thought about it and said to his wife.

“I don’t know who it came from. It’s ridiculous. I don’t respect people at all.” Li Qian seemed to be bitter towards the person who posted the message.

Luo Jiangang had a seed of suspicion in his heart. He thought it might be Li Wei, but he didn’t quite understand why. She is a girl. If her reputation is bad, how can she marry in the future? In the future, the future husband’s family will know that it will be bad for Li Wei.

“Daughter-in-law, did you say that this matter came from Li Wei?” Luo Jiangang said what was in his heart.

Li Qian looked at Luo Jiangang in surprise, feeling incredible. Li Qian just wanted to plant a thorn in Luo Jiangang’s heart, and let the thorn slowly take root in the future. Unexpectedly, when he said these two sentences, Luo Jiangang was transparent.

“Why do you say that?” Li Qian said with a straight face.

Luo Jiangang coughed lightly, as if he was about to start a long talk, and said, “I’m not sure, but I think it’s strange. Miss Li and I are not familiar with each other. We only met once before. If she is to come to work in our army, come here. Condolences to the new comrades in the future, this time there are many wounded in the army from the battlefield, why did she only come to see me?”

Luo Jiangang calmly said this, Li Qian raised his eyebrows, it seems that Luo Jiangang’s heart is very bright.

Seeing Li Qian not speaking, Luo Jiangang continued, “Neither of us knew about this in advance.” He raised his head and looked at Li Qian again, his eyes firmed a few times, and continued, “A normal girl should hear such rumors. She came to our house to say something, or stayed at home and didn’t go out, so as not to expand the misunderstanding, but she came to our house to apologize. I don’t know what she meant for her apology and why she came to apologize.”

Li Qian listened to Luo Jiangang’s words, and was determined in her heart. .

“You said this because you believed what I said?” Li Qian’s voice was a little cheerful.

“What are you talking about?”

“I told you last time in the hospital that Miss Li likes you.”

When Luo Jiangang heard this, he stretched out his hand to pull Li Qian to his side, and circled Li Qian with his arm.

“Why is it so sour?” Luo Jiangang’s tone was full of smiles.

Li Qian struggled with her elbow. Seeing that she couldn’t escape, she simply gave up, lying in Luo Jiangang’s arms, “It’s serious.”

“I’m serious.” Luo Jiangang touched his lips to Li Qian’s ears and said softly. .

Feeling the heat in his ears, Luo Jiangang’s low voice and the rush of heat made his whole body tremble.

Luo Jiangang is teasing himself!

This was Li Qian’s first thought. Li Qian simply stretched his hand to Luo Jiangang’s waist, squeezed it lightly, and slowly stroked it upward along the clothes. He said in a low and ambiguous voice, “I am also very serious.”

Feeling Li Qian’s hand walking around, Luo Jiangang’s body froze immediately, he didn’t hear what Li Qian was saying, and his hands were slightly loose.

Seeing Luo Jiangang’s reaction, Li Qian suddenly got up, giggled, ran back to the bedroom, and closed the door.

Luo Jiangang in the living room realized that he was being played by his wife. He was a little annoyed. Li Qian’s laughter filled his ears. He relaxed, leaned on the back of the chair, and shook his head and laughed.

Now his wife is more and more like a fairy, sucking her own spirit all the time

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