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Chapter 11 Planning and Imagination

Luo Jiangang sat on the sofa for a while, calmed down, and slowly stood up. Now Luo Jiangang can act alone by himself. Going to the door of the bedroom, pushing the door into the room, I found that Li Qian was playing with the cloth strips on the table again.

“What’s the use of you tinkering with these things all day?” Luo Jiangang put on the bed and said to Li Qian.

Before I found out that Li Qian did this, Li Qian had always been vague, saying that he wanted to do business or something, but now it is still editing, endless.

“Didn’t I tell you, I want to do business.” Li Qian replied without looking up.

Luo Jiangang didn’t understand what his daughter-in-law was doing, so he didn’t care about it. He walked behind Li Qian and put most of his body weight on Li Qian. There was a burst of weight on the back of Li Qian who was working, she was shocked, and then quickly patted him with her hand, still saying, “Get up, you are so heavy, why do you lie on me?”

“I No.” Luo Jiangang’s tone sounded coquettish and dull.

“Hurry up, what time is this, I’m going to cook.”

“I’m not.”

“Luo Jiangang, aren’t you hungry?”

“I’m not.”

“Luo Jiangang, you he. Mom, get me up quickly! Be careful for a while I’ll cut you!” Li Qian couldn’t stand it, and finally Biao got rid of the dirty words.

Seeing that his wife’s mouth was dirty, Luo Jiangang lifted his body a little and deliberately said to Li Qian’s ear, “You’re waiting for the evening.”

Li Qian’s momentum immediately relieved because of this sentence, and the ears came up. The tingling sensation, coupled with Luo Jiangang’s red sentence. bare. bare. Then, Li Qian saw Luo Jiangang stand up straight, and immediately ran to the kitchen to cook.

At the dinner table, Li Qian provoked what she had said in the bedroom before, “I want to do business.”

Luo Jiangang heard it, but didn’t take it seriously, “Well, just use those cloth strips?”

“That’s not a cloth strip, it’s my raw material.”

“Okay, what are you going to do?” Luo Jiangang continued to eat casually.

“I know some knitting techniques, and plan to make some cup pads and so on.”

“Okay, where can I sell it? Does anyone buy it?”

“Of course I did. I went to the market last time to check it out, and I plan to go to the Ai Li store. “Aili Shopping Center is the shopping mall that Li Qian asked someone to inquire about before. The Aili Shopping Center is a mall with a certain scale, and it contains daily necessities, snacks, food, metal products and various toys. Li Qian intends to find some merchants there to sell on behalf of her, and then look at the sales volume and plan other models.

In addition to the memories of Li Qian’s previous life, I know that many families admire the little taste in life in China, and in later generations, many single apartments, many single young women, and even tasteful women like this kind of gadgets. , Dress up at home, even now, it is not afraid that it will not be sold.

“You decide.” Luo Jiangang finished the meal and continued, “How much do you need? You will wait a few days, and I will pay you the salary.”

“No,” Li Qian put down the dishes and chopsticks, “At least not now. , I have already planned, I can make about a hundred things on hand now, and wait for a few days when I’m short of it and I’ll take

care of you.” Luo Jiangang thought about it, but didn’t force it. After all, he hasn’t paid a salary yet. There is no money to support the unemployment of the daughter-in-law.

“In what form are you going to sell it? Do you want to rent a stall?”

“No,” Li Qian said at this point when she saw everything, so she just wiped her mouth and told him. “I plan to make some coasters and foot pads. Now many families use these, and then I will make some fabric decorations in the future. As people’s living standards improve, there will be more and more demand. I want my things to come in.

Thousands of households!” Luo Jiangang listened to his wife’s impassioned future, and smiled, “The future boss Li, what about your other plans?”

“Hey, don’t talk nonsense,” Li Qian gave Luo Jiangang a light hammer, “I also thought about the booth issue you mentioned, but the booth fee is too expensive, and it takes a long time to watch, which is not cost-effective. I am optimistic about a family selling life. For supplies, I plan to go to their store for consignment.”

“Consignment? What benefit do you give others?” Luo Jiangang got up, put his crutches in one hand, and Li Qian in the other hand, and got on the sofa.

Li Qian made a profit, “Hey, I haven’t washed the dishes yet.”

“I’ll do it later. You continue.”

Sitting on the sofa, Li Qian continued, “I will negotiate with them. But then. It’s a consignment, just give some benefits. People tasted the sweetness, and they rushed to take

care of me at the meeting.” “I actually married such a smart daughter-in-law.” Luo Jiangang reached out and hugged Li Qian and put his head on Li. Qian’s shoulder socket.

The two people now have a lot of increasingly intimate actions. At first, Li Qian was quite uncomfortable. Now Li Qian also feels heart palpitations. With this feeling, Li Qian always felt an urge to throw Luo Jiangang down. Thinking of this, Li Qian quickly stood up and said, “I’m going to wash the dishes.” Then she ran away.

Luo Jiangang now likes Li Qian’s little rabbit-like feeling more and more. Every time she gets closer, she runs away. The panicked look is really not what a married wife should have.

In the evening, Li Qian lay on the bed early, listening to the rustling sound behind her, knowing that Luo Jiangang was undressing herself.

Luo Jiangang turned off the light and went to bed.

“Luo Jiangang, take your hand away.” Li Qian felt a hand digging into her quilt, walking around her body, and she stretched her body instantly.

“Huh?” Luo Jiangang continued, “Why?” Putting her hand into Li Qian’s clothes, Li Qian quickly turned around and saw what Luo Jiangang looked like, and suddenly thought that the couple lived together most of the night. It doesn’t seem right to let her husband take his hand away.

“Your legs…” Li Qian looked at Luo Jiangang’s exposed upper body, and instantly pressed heavily on her body, making Li Qian out of breath. Just when she wanted to continue to open her mouth to speak, Luo Jiangang’s lips were already attached. .

Li Qian felt like something exploded in his head. The man had no skills, he just pressed his mouth against Li Qian’s and chewed. Of course, when the pain in her mouth came, Li Qian suddenly remembered something, opened her mouth, and licked Luo Jiangang’s lips with her tongue.

Like a child who got candy, Luo Jiangang was even more unscrupulous when he received this kind of invitation.

From the moment he touched Li Qian’s lips, Luo Jiangang only felt that his whole body was hot and dry. When he couldn’t do anything about it, Li Qian opened a new door for himself.

Li Qian felt that although Luo Jiangang’s mouth was jerky, his big hands were not at all restless, and he wandered freely on Li Qian. Li Qian put his arms around Luo Jiangang’s neck, his red lips opened, and his pink tongue stuck out. Buckle, play together with Luo Jiangang.

Being so provocative by Li Qian, Luo Jiangang, who was just trying to taste the sweetness, was a little bit unable to extricate himself. He felt that the heat of his body was rushing to a certain point, and he felt unable to extricate himself.

Li Qian was awakened instantly when he felt a change in Luo Jiangang’s body.

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