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Chapter 12 Love by leaps and bounds

For the next two months, Li Qian and Luo Jiangang lived a shameless life almost every night.

That day Li Qian was weaving the pads on her hands, and Luo Jiangang came over again.

“Get up!” Li Qian’s voice was slightly annoyed. Recently, Luo Jiangang has become less and less of the Luo Jiangang she used to know. That’s not a big deal, I leaned on myself every day, and now in this hot day, I sweat when I get close, and I feel uncomfortable all over my body.

Luo Jiangang remained unmoved, and continued to grind. Now Luo Jiangang has begun to walk without crutches, and can walk around by himself, but he is a little lame, which doesn’t seem to match his tough image. The doctor went to the hospital two days ago and said that Luo Jiangang is recovering well. Just pay attention when walking, and then insist on going to the hospital every week for rehabilitation.

“Luo Jiangang!” Li Qian put down the things in her hands, “Luo Jiangang, I’ll tell you something.”

Seeing his wife seriously calling his full name, Luo Jiangang felt a sudden heart and stood upright in an instant.

Luo Jiangang’s appearance pleased Li Qian in an instant, and he kissed Luo Jiangang’s cheek, let Luo Jiangang sit down and start to get to the point.

“I want to go to the market tomorrow and take the things out for consignment.”

“Okay, can I accompany you?”

“No, your legs are not very convenient. You can’t walk too much, I can just go by myself.”

“Then. When are you coming back?”

“I’ll be back in the afternoon.”

“Okay.” The

next day, Li Qian went out after cooking and told Luo Jiangang that lunch was in the pot, and he could eat if he was hungry. Carrying things, he went downstairs and went straight to his destination.

When she arrived at the mall, Li Qian found the store she was optimistic about last time, walked around for a while, and asked the elder sister who was visiting the store, and said, “Elder sister, how long have you been here?”

The eldest sister saw that Li Qian was kind, and said, “It’s been two or three years.”

“Then you have a lot of old customers?”

“It’s okay, it’s just fine.” The eldest sister’s answer is somewhat defensive, I don’t know Li Qian’s. Purpose, it’s not easy to be full of words.

“Sister, it’s like this. I have some things that I want to put on your consignment.” Seeing the expression of the eldest sister, Li Qian simply explained the words.

Li Qian took the things out of a big homemade cloth bag with coasters and foot pads. He didn’t quite understand what it was for, and looked at Li Qian questioningly.

“Eldest sister, this is a purely hand-woven coaster,” picked up a big one, “this is a foot pad.” After speaking, he looked at the older sister seriously, “Elder sister, I want to put these things on you for consignment. I think of all the daily necessities shops, you are the most prosperous.” Li Qian said about her own things, and flattered her eldest sister again.

The eldest sister was happy to hear, and said, “That is, no one on this street can compare to my eldest sister Ma. It’s just that I haven’t seen you, so what can I do if it doesn’t sell well?”

“Don’t worry about that. , Sister Ma, can I call you that?”

Sister Ma nodded, and Li Qian continued to promote her own product. This kind of new product that wants to enter the market requires a lot of effort to be slowly accepted.

“Sister Ma, you can buy it with you when you come. When someone buys a cup, you sell the coaster. When someone buys a rug, you sell the foot pad.”

Listening to Li Qian’s words , I was moved. Decided to try, and asked, “What is the consignment method?”

Li Qian heard what the eldest sister said, and understood what the elder sister was thinking, and said, “Sister Ma, sister, I won’t tell you anything. The cost of my coaster It’s 30 cents. The cost of the foot pad is one and two cents. I will give it to you at the cost price. Let’s make friends. When you sell it, the coaster will sell for a small amount, and the foot pad will be sold for two or three. You can also sell it for a dollar.”

Li Qian’s method is some of the simplest sales methods in modern times, in order to make buyers feel that they have made a lot of profits.

Sister Ma heard that this thing could sell for so much money, and her mind became more active. She knew many wholesalers, and won’t she make a profit by then.

“Okay, big sister, I think we are hitting each other, so let’s do it.”

“Sister Ma, you are so bright! In this way, I now have 500 coasters and 200 foot pads in my hand. You see how much you want first. , I’ll make it cheaper for you.”

“ I’ll start with two hundred coasters and fifty for foot pads. I’ll sell them first.” Sister Ma opened an insured quantity.

“Okay, Sister Ma, I didn’t bring so many foot pads today. I will give you coasters first, and I will bring you my foot pads tomorrow.”

“Okay .” “Sister Ma, there are sixty-six in total, you first Give me a deposit of fifty yuan, and you will give me the remaining sixteen yuan when I come to give you the foot pad tomorrow, and I will open the receipt for you

.” “Sister, you are really professional.” Sister Ma sees Li Qian I took out the receipt book and happily took money to Li Qian, knowing in my heart that this is not a casual business. Nowadays, many businessmen do not issue receipts and earn money from acquaintances, and they don’t need it. Once it’s out of stock, people won’t admit it.

“In case I didn’t pick up the goods for you one day, you can take the receipt and sue me.” Li Qian wrote the receipt and handed it to Sister Ma, collected the money, ordered the goods, and left.

Leaving Baili Shopping Mall, Li Qian went to a nearby home market again, and decided to look for sales there.

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