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Chapter 13 Is the road of design after all?

When she arrived in the home market, Li Qian’s mind became more active again. In her previous life, she mainly worked in the home furnishing industry. Now that she sees these things, she feels that they are very cordial, and she has a lot of ideas.

Li Qian went around the market a lot, and finally locked in a store selling kitchen and home furnishings. After going in and around, a salesperson came to ask what he wanted. Li Qian looked back and smiled. Let me take a look.

Seeing that Li Qian didn’t seem to be shopping, she immediately pressed her face down, “Then you can see for yourself.” Putting down these words, she turned around and walked away.

“You come back.” Li Qian stopped the salesperson. The salesperson was a little girl who looked only sixteen or seventeen years old. She was very delicate, but her eyes were fine-tuned, which looked very bad. Want with.

“What’s wrong? Something?” The tone was casual.

“What? I can’t tell you if I’m fine? That’s how you treat customers?”

“Just you?” The little girl glanced at Li Qian, “Can you buy it?” Li Qian was

angry. I knew that the sales clerk at this time was arrogant, but I didn’t expect this sales clerk to be so shameless.

“I can’t afford it. What does it have to do with you? I can report you with your attitude now.” When

Li Qian was about to report herself, a trace of hesitation flashed across the little girl’s arrogant face, and she thought of something, Yang

She raised her face and said arrogantly, “Whatever, soil buns.” “Go and call your manager. I have a better design. I want to make a home.” Li Qian raised her head and said to the little girl arrogantly.

“Just you?” The little girl snorted coldly, turned and left.

“Do you have a better design?” A man’s voice came from behind Li Qian.

Li Qian turned around and looked at the tall man behind him, wearing a gray-black suit, looking very capable. The wheat-colored skin, the corners of the lips are raised, the nose is tall, and a pair of black-framed glasses draped over the peach eyes, covering the man’s sharp edge. Li Qian could see that this man is not an ordinary person.

“Mr. Lu.” The salesperson next to him tremblingly called out the person’s title.

“Who is your department manager? Let him come and look for me in a while.” The man’s voice is very magnetic. Probably the feeling of making people’s ears pregnant in later generations is now.

“Mr. Lu…” The little salesperson’s voice fell a bit lower, as if he was about to cry.

“Excuse me, is it your better design?” The man called Mr. Lu ignored the salesperson and turned to Li Qian.

“Hello, who are you?” Li Qian said to the man politely.

“My name is Lu Zhennan, and this is my business card.” As he said, Lu Zhennan took out his business card from his pocket.

“Hello,” Li Qian stretched out his hand openly, “I don’t have a business card, my name is Li Qian.” The

man was taken aback for a moment, and when he saw Li Qian’s generous appearance, he stretched out his hand to shake it.

“Hello, Miss Li.”

Li Qian looked down at the business card in her hand, “Are you the general manager of Ai Li Shopping Mall?”

“Well, amateur or a home designer.”

Li Qian nodded.

“Miss Li, do you have time? I want to talk to you.” Lu Zhennan directly invited Li Qian.

Li Qian was surprised, knowing that what he said about the design just now gave the other party the urge to understand, so she nodded.

The two came to a cafe on the first floor of the Ai Li Shopping Mall. After they sat down, they ordered the coffee they needed.

“Mr. Lu, let’s just say it, I don’t think I have what you need.”

Seeing Li Qian is so straightforward, Lu Zhennan didn’t hide it, and said, “Ms. Li has a good furniture design?

” Yes.” Li Qian said bluntly.

“Can you show me?” Lu Zhennan’s eyes flashed with eagerness and anticipation after listening to Li Qian’s words.

“I think Mr. Lu made a mistake. I just want to make a set of furniture designed by myself.”

Li Qian refused to show her own card first, after all, the current style of home furnishing is incomparable with her own.

Seeing Li Qian pretending to not understand, Lu Zhennan simply said directly, “Miss Li, I personally like to design home furnishings. Now there are a lot of my works in the mall. I have always been confident. Today I found Ms. Li in the mall. After a few laps, I did not find a home that satisfies you, and I heard you say that you have a better design. I want to learn it.” Lu Zhennan spoke more and more hurriedly, speaking very seriously. .

Li Qian laughed out loud.

“Don’t worry,” Li Qian took out an A4 size notebook from her bag. It contained all the works that Li Qian had painted over the past few days. “This is the picture I drew, look at it.”

“Thank you.” Lu Zhennan picked up the book religiously and opened it. The beauty was immediately full of surprises.

These works contain a lot of products. It can be seen that the owner is very professional and cherishes these things. Each work has details, including dimensions and some annotations.

Lu Zhennan raised his head, expecting, and said to Li Qian, “Miss Li, can I take the liberty to ask what you do?”

Li Qian took a sip of coffee and said, “I’m just a housewife.”

“Then Miss Li, it’s not right, Mrs. Li…”

“My wife’s surname is Luo, Mr. Lu can call me Mrs. Luo .” ” Mrs. Luo, can

you sell these drawings to me?” Although Lu Zhennan likes these drawings, he is a man. Businessmen, no businessmen do not put interests in the middle.

“These drawings are just casually drawn in my spare time, and some places are still immature.” This is a disguised refusal.

“Then can you improve these drawings?” Lu Zhennan calmed down at this time and said to Li Qian, “Mrs. Luo, I can buy all of your drawings, and then we will sign a contract to ensure the interests of both parties.”

“Lu How much do you plan to spend to buy a drawing of mine?”

“If Mrs. Luo completes the drawing, I am willing to bid one hundred and fifty yuan each.”

“I don’t think we need to talk about it. See you next time.” After speaking, he picked up the bag and the notebook and was going to leave.

“Wait a minute!” Seeing Li Qian was about to leave, he quickly reached out to stop him, “Wait a minute,

Mrs. Luo.” Seeing that Lu Zhennan reached out and stopped him, and he also intended to sell his manuscript to him, he sat down.

“Madam Luo, the price is easy to discuss.” Seeing Li Qian sitting down, Lu Zhennan continued, “I like Madam Luo’s design very much, and hope we can cooperate.”

“You can cooperate. I am not satisfied with the price you offered. “Li Qian is not like going around with Lu Zhennan.

“How satisfied is Mrs. Luo?”

“Five hundred.”

“Five hundred?” Lu Zhennan was a little shocked, “Do you know what you are talking about? The current foreign market price is at most 500.”

“Of course I know that Mr. Lu has seen my design. I can guarantee that there is no one who can surpass me besides me. Moreover, Lu is always a businessman. I am afraid that it is not just this mall. Your investment and profit will probably be It is many times higher than this price.” Li Qian was calm and confident, and didn’t feel that the price she was paying was high.

Lu Zhennan pondered for a moment, and said, “Okay. Mrs. Luo is happy, I don’t have any ink. But I have a request.”

“You tell

me .” “I hope that Mrs. Luo’s design can only be given to our company, not in other channels, and If Mrs. Luo has a better design, I also hope that Mrs. Luo’s future designs can only be sold to our company.”

“Well, you can make a contract over there. I will show the repaired pictures to Mr. Lu in seven days.

” Okay,” Lu Zhennan stood up and stretched out his hand, “Happy cooperation, Mrs. Luo.”

“Happy cooperation.”

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