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Chapter 14 Official Signing Contract

It was already 5:30 in the afternoon when Li Qian arrived home. She told Luo Jiangang all the good news about herself. Luo Jiangang was also surprised. Her monthly salary was only 120 yuan, and Li Qian could sell 500 yuan per drawing. , It’s incredible! And there are those things that are woven with cloth strips. I didn’t think there was anything good, and they were able to sell for more than 60 yuan.

Li Qian wrapped her arms around Luo Jiangang’s neck, “I will be responsible for making money and supporting the family in the future, and you will be responsible for being beautiful and beautiful.” Li Qian joked and said coquettishly.

“That’s not okay.” Luo Jiangang heard that his position turned out to be like this, and immediately said with a serious face.

“Well, well, you have the final say.” Seeing that he couldn’t make such a joke, he didn’t continue.

“My useless leg, it’s useless for you to massage me every day, I think, let’s just forget it.” Luo Jiangang suddenly changed the subject with a sad tone.

Hearing this, Li Qian suddenly raised her head and stared at Luo Jiangang, “No! You will definitely get better.”

Li Qian had seen this similar disease before, and Luo Jiangang probably also had muscle necrosis, but it was not serious. And later generations saw that Luo Jiangang was intact, and there was nothing unusual. Li Qian knew that Luo Jiangang could not give up.

“Hey,” Luo Jiangang sighed, “I know you are sad…”

“Don’t say anything , even if you travel all over the world, I will definitely heal you. Trust me.”

Looking at Li Qian’s firm eyes Luo Jiangang couldn’t bear to say any more, so he had to agree to her.

Early the next morning, Li Qian packed herself up, took her things, greeted Luo Jiangang and went out.

Looking at the empty home, Luo Jiangang felt empty all of a sudden, he simply squatted on the sofa, squinting his eyes.

Half asleep and half awake, he heard the door opening, and then he heard someone calling himself. Luo Jiangang slowly opened his eyes and saw Li Qian, “What time is it?”

“It’s just eleven o’clock, I’m going to heat up the food, and you’ll be sober by the way.” Then he turned and went to the kitchen.

“You didn’t go out until nine o’clock, why come back so fast?” Luo Jiangang rubbed his sleepy eyes.

“I came back when I sent my things there,” Li Qian said in the kitchen.

When the two of them had finished eating and were both idle, Li Qian began to explain why the speed in the morning was so fast.

“I went to the eldest sister in the morning, and the eldest sister Ma said that the kind of cushions were rarely bought, and they were not selling well, so they contacted me later. I didn’t tell her where we were, and she didn’t ask. Then I came back. At the time

, I went around the nearby vegetable market and came back.” Li Qian continued with a sip of water, “Speaking of which, I still have drawings to draw.”

“If they don’t want to, it’s my job to make money.

” Good.” In the

past few days, Li Qian was busy knitting the rest of the foot pads and coasters, but also busy revising the drawings, washing and cooking every day. The time spent talking with Luo Jiangang every day is pitiful.

Seeing Li Qian turning in front of him like a top, Luo Jiangang felt distressed. My daughter-in-law has lost weight because of her busy schedule, and she can’t help at all. A couple of days ago, she said she would help Li Qian to make the rosh coaster. In the end, she couldn’t make it well. On the contrary, she gave her daughter-in-law a mess and didn’t do it anymore. Hands on.

After another six days, when it was time to make an appointment with Lu Zhennan, Li Qian decided to take Luo Jiangang with him this time.

“Will you go with me?” Li Qian stretched out her hand and grabbed the corner of Luo Jiangang’s clothes, swaying slightly, looking a little bit coquettish.

Luo Jiangang looked at his legs, then looked at Li Qian, and almost agreed.

“I’m not going, it’s not very convenient for me.”

“What are you afraid of? What is inconvenient for you with me?” Li Qian let go of Luo Jiangang’s clothes, looking a little unhappy.

Luo Jiangang lowered his head and put himself in a kiss on Li Qian’s lips, his eyes were a bit fiery, “

Okay, go ahead, go early and return early. I will ask Xiao Wang and them to come and stay together for a while.” “Well then, you Be careful at home.” Li Qian warned uneasy.

Li Qian originally wanted to tell Luo Jiangang to go out together and relax. Seeing that Luo Jiangang never stepped out of the house except for going to the hospital all day made Li Qian feel a little distressed. Li Qian knew that Luo Jiangang didn’t want to go out, because he was afraid that others would see him now. Luo Jiangang used to be such a proud person, with a tall and strong posture, so indomitable, so aloof. Now Luo Jiangang is a man who needs crutches to stand up. Luo Jiangang can’t accept such a big gap, nor can he accept it.

Lu Zhennan had already arrived when Li Qian arrived at the coffee shop in the Aili Shopping Mall, and there was a tall man in a suit standing beside him, who seemed to be an assistant.

“Mr. Lu.” Li Qian walked to the front and greeted her.

When Lu Zhennan saw Li Qian coming, he stood up and said, “Mrs. Luo, let’s go to my office and talk.”

Li Qian looked at the surrounding environment and found it

unacceptable , so he said, “Okay.” Lu Zhennan’s office On the third floor of the Ai Li Shopping Mall, there is a large space. The entrance is a coffee table, surrounded by leather sofas. There is a desk in the office with a telephone, some materials, and a vase-like decoration. There are no flowers in it. There are a few large bookshelves behind the desk, in which many books and furnishings are visited, and they seem to be of good taste. The overall feeling is a bit Western, very energetic, and it matches the neat temperament that was when I first met Lu Zhennan.

The two sat down on the sofa in the office. Soon someone brought tea and heard a knock on the door. Lu Zhennan said in response. I saw Lu Zhennan’s assistant walking in with a tray in his hand. A blue and white teapot and two cups were placed on the tray. The assistant put down the things in his hand and stood quietly beside Lu Zhennan.

“Mrs. Luo, this is our proposed contract. Please take a look.” Lu Zhennan took out a contract and handed it to Li Qian.

Li Qian reached out and took the contract, looked down at each clause, and passed it to Lu Zhennan after reading it, “Mr. Lu, three clauses must be added to this contract.”

” Madam Luo, please.”

“First, Party B will sell the drawing to A After Party A, Party A shall not leak the drawings, sell to others, or disclose the identity of Party B. Otherwise, Party B will no longer give Party A the opportunity to purchase Party B’s drawings. Second, Party B will issue three drawings a month, Party personally guides the staff to make and produce products when needed.

Third, the contract lasts for one year. After one year, both parties voluntarily decide whether to renew the contract.” Party A refers to Lu Zhennan, and Party B refers to Li Qian , Li Qian added three more provisions to this contract.

What Li Qian said not only surprised Lu Zhennan, but even the assistants beside him showed an incredible expression. This contract has been used by their company with many designers, and the content has not changed at all. I didn’t expect Li Qian to add three more points.

Lu Zhennan thought a little, and said, “Mrs. Luo, our contracts are all three years.”

“I sign for one year now. After a year, I may not draw pictures again, and I may continue to draw pictures because of the need.” What, Li Qian didn’t break it, Lu Zhennan and the others understood.

“I agree with the first two points raised by Mrs. Luo, and I still need to consider the third point.”

“Okay, but I won’t know whose hand this picture is next time.” Li Qian is very confident, saying that There was a slight intimidation in his arrogance, which made Lu Zhennan angry and shocked Lu Zhennan.

Lu Zhennan is the third son of the Lu family in the capital. The old man of the Lu family was the old commander of the military at that time. The old lady’s family was in business. In the third year after the old lady married the old Lu family, the old lady of the Lu family had her family. I moved to a foreign country and continued to develop my business. The companies that stayed in China were treated as gifts to the old lady. The old couple had four sons and one daughter. The old mainland Zhendong inherited the old lady’s company and married the Yuan family daughter in the capital.

Now life is pretty good. The second son, Lu Zhenxi, has been in the army for ten years, and now he is also a member. The brigade commander is about to be promoted. The family has arranged for a female nurse who is also a medical company of the army. Now the two are getting along, and they have set a wedding date. Old Sanlu Zhennan, the character is still gentle, obsessed with design, the old man wanted to let Lu Zhennan go to the army to experience and experience, but Lu San didn’t go, begged his elder brother to help him open this mall in S city, and the old man was hiding far away. Far.

The fourth oldest, Lu Zhenbei, likes to go to school, and now there is no way to go to university in China, so he ran abroad and went to study with his grandma. The only daughter of the Lu family is Lu Dexin, the youngest of the five children, and the most favored. She is the old man of the old couple, and the old girl whom the old couple hopes day and night and finally hopes to come.

Although Lu Zhennan, who has never heard such words, is angry, he also knows how good Li Qian’s drawings are. In the current market economy development, no one’s design has been able to break through. Although Li Qian’s design is simple and simple, it also directly breaks through the circle that is now bound. It is not in the middle or foreign.

Lu Zhennan thought for a long time. The tea cup in Li Qian’s hand had already bottomed out, and he raised his head and said, “Okay, I promise you.”


Lu Zhennan asked the assistant to add Li Qian’s request and reprint the two contracts. After coming over, the two parties signed the letter, which has legal benefits.

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