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Chapter 15 Letter from the Father-in-Law

According to the content of the contract, Li Qian received the first remuneration on the spot. Using the thirty drawings, he made a full 10,000 yuan. There is also a second balance payment, which needs to be paid after the product goes on the market. These thirty pictures made Li Qian no longer need to draw pictures for at least six months.

Li Qian bought a lot of vegetables and meat on the way home, and when she carried her home, she ran into a military wife who was also in the military district compound. The two sides greeted each other and went to work on their own.

“Jiangang, I’m back!” Li Qian shouted when she entered the house, her tone of excitement extremely.

“Daughter-in-law.” Luo Jiangang heard Li Qian’s voice and walked out of the study.

“Guess how much I earned today.” Li Qian’s excited voice has not changed.

“How much?” Luo Jiangang asked calmly.

“Ten thousand.”

Luo Jiangang widened his eyes. He didn’t expect his wife to draw a few pictures to make so much at once.

“There are still five thousand balances left.” Li Qian put her arms around Luo Jiangang’s neck, “but only this time, because there are so many drawings this time. I don’t need to do that again in the next six months.

Working hard to draw pictures .” Although Luo Jiangang was shocked, he was also in his expectation. Last time he heard his wife say that a picture was sold for five hundred, and he was busy for a whole week, so a large pile of pictures was placed there. , It should be a lot.

Luo Jiangang put a post on Li Qian with his lips, “It’s amazing.”

Li Qian was praised, just like a child who got candy. Recently, Li Qian found that Luo Jiangang always spoiled herself intentionally or unconsciously, and he would try his best to satisfy him no matter what he asked for.

“Daughter-in-law, I want to discuss something with you.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I want to return to the team.”

Returning to the team means that Luo Jiangang doesn’t want to rest at home, he wants to accompany his comrades in arms.

Although Li Qian didn’t want Luo Jiangang to go, Luo Jiangang’s legs can now walk without crutches, and it is time for him to continue fighting side by side with his comrades. Li Qian knew that if Luo Jiangang was not allowed to go this time, Luo Jiangang would also find a way to return to the team as soon as possible.

“Okay, when will you return to the team?” Li Qian thought for a moment and nodded in response.

Luo Jiangang did not expect Li Qian to agree so quickly. Originally, Luo Jiangang had prepared a lot of words to convince Li Qian, but now they are all useless.

“Daughter-in-law, you are so kind.” As he said, he kissed Li Qian on the cheek again.

It has been two months since Luo Jiangang returned to the team, and now seeing him refreshed every day and no longer depressed and unhappy, Li Qian felt very comforted.

Luo Jiangang came home from work that day, his face was gloomy and tense, as if something bad had happened.

“A letter from home.” When Li Qian heard this, she felt a sigh. The family refers to Li Qian’s Rovro mother and Li Qian’s parents-in-law. Li Qian knows this.

The relationship between Li Qian and Luo Jiangang’s parents has never been good. When Li Qian first married to the Luo family, her mother-in-law, Du Li, was still very kind, but Li Qian was not satisfied with the marriage. Every day, Luo’s mother said she was a lost star and didn’t work. Slacker or something awkward, she’s a shrew.

Luo’s father, Luo Aiguo, was the head of the family. Luo’s father was still notarized, but he was very strict and didn’t like to laugh. Li Qian was very afraid of him at the time.

Luo Jiangang also has an older sister who is three years older than himself, and a younger sister who is six years younger than him. Sister Luo Juan is loyal and honest. She is 28 years old this year. She was able to work at home when she was not married. She was married a long time ago and married a worker in a brick kiln factory. She is now the mother of the child. My sister is Luo Meng, who is the same age as Li Qian, and she is also nineteen years old this year. She is also an obedient girl. Although she loves her little temperament, she is always toward her family in her heart. I also got married some time ago and married a young man in the same village. It is said that they got married because of mutual affection.

“What did you say in my heart?” Li Qian asked Luo Jiangang.

“Father said that my mother fell and was in the hospital, and the money was not enough.” Luo Jiangang was full of distress. His salary was only 120 yuan a month, where was enough to pay the hospital bill, but Luo Jiangang didn’t want to go out to borrow money. Very upset.

“What?” Li Qian opened her eyes immediately, “Why did my mother fall? Can it be done in the hospital in the town? Or get us here. I will rent them a house near the hospital in the city. “

Li Qian is a mother-in-law who really cares about her. Luo’s mother has always been a competitive temperament. Luo Jiangang is a filial son. Li Qian doesn’t want Luo Jiangang to condemn herself for this kind of thing in the future.

“No, the letter says it’s not a big problem.”

“Then I will go back to my hometown tomorrow. Can you ask for leave? Can you go back?”

“I have already asked for leave, but it will take a while. The troops are too busy lately.”

Li Qian said . If she doesn’t want to face Rovro’s mother alone, Li Qian has to go by herself, after all, she is now Luo’s wife.

Li Qian packed up her things that night, took the money from last time, and went straight to the train station the next day.

Luo Jiangang drove Li Qian to the station. Before Li Qian got on the train, Luo Jiangang told Li Qian to call if he had something to do. He would go back immediately.

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