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Chapter 16 Hospital

Li Qian didn’t go home after getting off the car, but went straight to the hospital, and then inquired all the way to the ward.

Li Qian pushed the door in and found that there was a six-person ward with a lot of people. In the innermost position near the window, Luo’s mother was lying, and Luo Fu and Luo Jiangang’s sisters and sisters were sitting next to the bed.

Li Qian walked to the bed and opened her mouth to shout to her parents. Father Luo looked up and saw that Li Qian was coming. He just nodded and didn’t answer. Luo’s mother was still sleeping. Li Qian turned her head and greeted Luo Jiangang’s older sister and younger sister respectively. Seeing that there were many people in the ward, Luo’s father had no desire to speak. Wang, he called Luo Juan and Luo Meng to talk in the corridor.


she arrived in the corridor, Li Qian went straight to the point, “Sister, how is mom?” “The doctor said that the bone was broken and the operation was successful.” Luo Juan said.

“How did you fall?”

“I heard that my mother fell on the ground. The sun was scorching at noon, everyone was fainted, and one fell off without paying attention.”

I heard Luo Juan say that the operation was successful, and I heard her. Want to know, he nodded in response.

Suddenly Li Qian thought of something, “Sister, how much do we owe the hospital?”

Luo Juan and Luo Meng’s expressions were both bad when they heard this.

Luo Juan’s husband is a worker, and he has a salary of several tens of yuan a month, and he has to feed his children. This time Luo’s mother also paid out two hundred yuan when she fell ill. Although she was in vain, she still had to live in her own family.

Not to mention Luo Meng, such a thing happened not long after he got married, and even his parents-in-law asked for two hundred yuan. At that time, his mother-in-law said so horribly, her husband did not dare to say anything, just in the room. Li coaxed himself and made himself half to death. Until now, his husband has only visited the hospital once, and he has never asked about his condition, as if he would take care of their house to borrow money.

Rovro’s mother had some money, but only 500 yuan was added together. Luo’s mother had to do this operation for 500 yuan, plus the hospitalization and meals, and now he owed nearly 200 to the hospital. They really couldn’t give up their face to go out to borrow money. Father Luo himself was a strong person, and things like borrowing money should never happen.

“What’s the matter? You want to pay? Just like you?” Luo Meng was really angry, and his tone of voice was rushed.

When Luo Meng watched Li Qian marry into his house, he still dreamed of getting along with his sister-in-law, but he didn’t expect that Li Qian didn’t want to have a good relationship with herself. The relationship is getting worse and worse, resulting in a few sentences every time I speak.

“Well, I’ll pay,” Li Qian ignored Luo Meng’s bad tone and continued, “Sister, Luo Meng, I know that your life is not easy. You should also ask for money from your in-laws? How much do you want, I Give it to you, you take it back.”

Luo Meng was stunned when he heard this, but Luo Juan was anxious, “This is my mother, and you don’t need to give me money.”

“Sister, don’t be stubborn at this time, Jiangang is The eldest son, I am the eldest daughter-in-law, and we still need to take care of these things. Moreover, your in-laws are not wealthy. What will your mother-in-law say to your husband? How can you gain a foothold in your in-law’s family?”

“Where do you come from so much? Money?” Luo Meng said in disbelief.

“I did a small business in S city and made some money.” Li Qian said vaguely.

“Xiao Qian, since you insist on giving it, I’m not polite to you, Xiao Meng and I did ask for money from her in-laws, and we only asked for two hundred.” Listening to Li Qian saying that she made money, she didn’t believe it either. I think it’s my brother’s money, and I think Li Qian is right. They are the eldest son and daughter-in-law of the family. In the future, my parents will live with them for the rest of their lives.

Li Qian nodded, dragged Luo Juan and Luo Meng to the corridor, looked around and found no one, took out 500 yuan from her pocket, divided it, and handed it to the two sisters, “These are all. Five hundred, share it with you. You each keep fifty for your private money, don’t give it to your mother-in-law.”

Luo Meng and the two were a little confused with the money in their hands, and didn’t know what to do.

Seeing the smug look of the sisters, he smiled. “You’re both married daughter, and that some things still need to build just the man to carry, the husband’s family over there in case you say what you speak, how you had the day after?”

Said, Li Qian Stepping out of the corridor, he turned his head and said to the two sisters, “You go back to the ward first, I’ll change to a single room for my mother, the ward environment is really bad.”

“No need…”

Before Luo Meng finished speaking, Li Qian called Cut her off, “You don’t care about this, just stay with your mother.” As he

said, he strode away.

After Li Qian paid the fee and changed the ward, Li Qian found the doctor in charge of Luo’s mother, went to the door of the other’s office, knocked on the door, and opened the door when someone said please come in.

“Hello, I am the daughter-in-law of patient Du Li. I’m here to ask about my mother-in-law’s eucharist status.” Li Qian followed the doctor’s gesture and sat on the chair.

“Hello, your mother-in-law’s condition is not serious. The operation was successful. Except for the right leg, the left leg has some soft tissue contusions. It has been two months now. According to our observations, the recovery is not bad. After all, she is old and physically His recovery ability has declined. Wait a month or so to see if there is no problem, you can remove the plaster and leave the hospital to raise.”

The doctor in charge of Luo’s mother is a kind-looking woman, probably in her forties. He has neat short hair, round body, and slightly raised lips. He looks like a smile, which makes it easy to get close to.

After listening to the doctor’s words, Li Qian relaxed a little, and talked with the doctor for a while before returning to the ward.

The ward has been replaced by a single room, with a hospital bed and an escort bed. The room is also much cleaner, except for the smell of disinfectant in the air, in Li Qian’s eyes, everything is really good.

As soon as Li Qian entered the door, she heard her mother-in-law’s voice, “Why are you here? Where’s Gangzi?” The voice was a bit hoarse, and it seemed to be a little bit hostile after waking up.

“Just build a mission, over a period of time to come back.” Li Qian went to the ward, around the circle, looked up and asked, “Dad, what is still missing in this room do not, I’ll get to go.”

Hearing this, Luo’s mother said angrily without waiting for Luo’s father to speak, “Who made you spend money indiscriminately? It was our son who earned his life! Why are you?”

Li Qian didn’t say a word and ignored Luo’s mother. To Father Luo, he said again, “Father, is there something missing?”

Seeing his daughter-in-law ignored her, Luo’s mother was so angry, she opened her mouth and cursed, “You little prostitute, come here with my son’s money. Be a good person? Who do you think you are? Little bitch.”

“Enough! No matter how I am, you are your son and daughter-in-law,” Li Qian raised her head and stared at Mother Luo, “Just raise your own body. You don’t need to worry about anything else.”

“Fart!” Mother Luo’s sharp voice came again.

“Shut up!” Father Luo yelled at his daughter-in-law. Although he didn’t want to see this daughter-in-law in his heart, what Luo’s mother said was too ugly.

“Xiao Qian, there is nothing lacking here, but you, how come here to change the ward for us? We are fine there.”

Listening to her father-in-law’s uncomfortable speaking, she spoke to herself in a questioning tone, Li Qian I felt uncomfortable, but it sounded much better than what my mother-in-law said, so he replied, “The environment of that ward is too bad, it has all kinds of smells, I don’t know what bacteria are there, and it’s not good for the body.”

This answer shocked everyone present, and I really don’t understand why. Li Qian didn’t care about anything when she was at home, and she wouldn’t spend money on her second elders.

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