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Chapter 17 Luo’s Mother’s Demonstration

When it’s time for dinner, Li Qian asked Luo Juan and Luo Meng’s two sisters to go back to their homes. She stayed and served the two elders by herself. During the meal, Luo’s mother said that Li Qian would not live and don’t take the money from his son .

After dinner, Li Qian said that she would wipe Luo’s mother, and Luo’s mother said that Li Qian was neurotic and would deliberately let herself catch a cold. It was finally time to go to bed. Li Qian intended to let Luo’s father go back to sleep, or ask for a bed in the hospital. Luo’s mother said that she was a white-eyed wolf, and let Luo’s father walk the night alone at night, and said that she wanted to sleep with her father-in-law. A room, shameless. An angry Li Qian turned around and left, ignoring Luo’s mother’s shout at all.

Li Qian stood in front of the stone platform at the entrance of the hospital, thinking of her mother-in-law’s unreasonable troubles, she felt a deep sense of powerlessness, and suddenly wanted to continue to do that, no matter what, the wayward Li Qian, no matter who, no one.

But Li Qian can’t. Li Qian wants to have a good time with Luo Jian. Since two people want to live a good life, they can’t just talk, respect and take care of the elderly on both sides. Even if what my mother-in-law said is really ugly today, I have to endure it, not quarrel with her mother-in-law, and maintain a good relationship. For Li Qian It’s really difficult, but Li Qian can only endure it.

Although the two people’s life is not considered honey, it is better than the relationship of respect and respect.

Li Qian found a hotel in the hospital and stayed in a hotel. The next morning, she brought breakfast to the hospital. When she saw Li Qian, Luo’s mother had an ugly expression, “Where did you run away at night? Why are you not here? Are you annoying me? Or go out to find a man?”

Seeing her mother-in-law’s unreasonable face, Li Qian felt weak, “I didn’t want to cuckold your son yet.”

Listen. At these words, Luo Mu suddenly choked, and quickly said that Li Qian was a scam.

Li Qian couldn’t stand the scolding anymore, stood in front of Luo’s mother, looked at Luo’s mother and said, “If you are so energetic, then I don’t care about you, what

do you like .” “You, you, you… …” Mother Luo pointed at Li Qian, you haven’t come out for a long time.

At this moment, the father-in-law interrupted from the side, “Eat.”

Seeing her father-in-law look like this, Li Qian didn’t say anything anymore. Anyway, the couple stood together, and she was a foreigner, and it was no surprise that she was not seen.

At noon, Luo Meng came and spoke with Luo’s father and Luo’s mother. Luo Juan also came off work in the afternoon. She was going to spend the night with Luo’s mother, but Li Qian refused. He said that there are still children to take care of, what should Luo Juan do with the children. When it was late and everyone was gone, Li Qian began to clean up the house, wipe her face, wipe her hands and feet on Mother Luo, and asked him not to go to the ground at will at night, and then went back to the hotel.

Li Qian wanted to stay in the hospital, but when she remembered what Luo’s mother said last night, it was too ugly, so she walked out.

Li Qian can’t be a good wife, but she won’t be a bad wife and let others poke her back. When that happens, whether she is the mother-in-law, Luo Jiangang, or she will become the laughingstock of the whole village.

next month Li Qian Luo mother always hear the sarcasm and ridicule, Luo father innocuous scold, Luo sister of indifference.

Li Qian consciously is now a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and can completely ignore their bad tempers. Sometimes Luo’s mother can’t speak to the edge, it is really hurtful, Li Qian answered a few words. I was really bored, so I walked in the hospital with Luo’s mother’s wheelchair and said some thoughtful words.

Mother Luo sometimes wonders if Li Qian is really willing to live with her son seriously, is she no longer in trouble. But I can’t help but think of what Li Qian has done before. I’m really easy and difficult, so I want to say something awkward. Sometimes I feel that those unpleasant words are too much. Faced with Li Qian’s disputes, I forget what I said at the beginning, arguing with Li Qian in more intense language, and yelling at her.

Li Qian knocked on the door and walked into Dr. Luo’s office. Hearing that Luo’s mother’s examination results were very good, and there were no signs of repeated illness, she began to go through the discharge procedures.

Li Qian and Luo’s father and Luo’s mother told Luo Juan and Luo Meng to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, let Luo Juan and Luo Meng clean up, leave in the afternoon, and she will pay the bill.

Hearing that there was a fee, Luo’s mother let her eldest daughter follow. Although she didn’t say anything else, she also knew what Luo Mu meant, because she was afraid that she would be greedy for money, Li Qian smiled and said nothing.

When I arrived at the payment office, the final total amount was more than 800. There are many, but it does not exceed Li Qian’s imagination. After all, the environment in the single room is good, and the medicines used have been replaced with the best ones, and it is normal to be more expensive.

Luo Juan, who was on one side, covered her mouth and said in surprise, “Why is this so much money?”

“I changed the medicine my mother used to the best. This disease is no better than others. If the bones do not heal well, they will be in the future. Leave

something wrong.” Luo Juan only heard Li Qian say that she had done some small business, but she didn’t expect to be able to spend so much money all at once, and she knew how much money her brother could save, so this must be It’s Li Qian’s.

Last time Li Qian gave herself the 200 yuan she had brought from her mother-in-law’s house, and gave another fifty dollars, which made herself very proud. She bought clothes and food for her parents-in-law and husband respectively, and said It was given to her by her brother, and the days after that she had a better life. She sincerely thanked this younger sibling for making herself face and treatment better.

“Sister, don’t tell your mother that you spent so much when you go back. Just tell them that it cost five hundred.” Li Qian turned to Luo Juan after paying the fee.


“No, I’m afraid that my mother is worried, and I’m afraid that they will talk to me.”

Facing such Li Qian, Luo Juan was a little ashamed. At that time, she really wanted to follow Li Qian to see how much money she spent. I was afraid that Li Qian would report too much, but I didn’t expect it to be such a result.

When I returned to the ward, Luo mother heard that it had spent five hundred, and then lost his temper, “Why spend so much money? I said at the beginning not to move the ward, you have to move! Are you going to ruin my son? You Prodigal.”

“I don’t know how to change the ward and medicine for you.”

Hearing Li Qian’s answer, Luo’s mother became even more angry, “Why do you change my medicine? Do you want me to die sooner? I’m pooh! I’ll live well and let my son divorce you sooner or later.”

“Mother,” Luo Juan couldn’t help but interject, “My younger brother and sister gave you the best medicine.”

I was a little embarrassed when I heard the eldest daughter said that I changed to the best medicine. Said, “That’s all my son’s money. What kind of good person is she pretending to be here?”

” Whatever you think.” Then Li Qian asked Luo Meng again, “Xiao Meng, where else can I not clean up?”

Xiao Meng Listening to click on her name, “Clean up the sister-in-law.”

Luo Meng hasn’t called her sister-in-law for a long time, maybe because of the two hundred and fifty yuan, or because of other things, Li Qian didn’t care, and turned to Luo’s father. He said, “Father, I’ll go outside and call for a taxi. You first bring your things, and your mother and sister Xiaomeng will go first. I can get on the station and take the car by myself.”

Father Luo thought for a while and nodded. He was in the ward. There are a lot of things, some pots and pans, clothes, and a bunch of nutrients that Li Qian bought. If you go to the station, you will not be able to get it.

Li Qian got permission, went outside and called the car, and asked the driver to help take the things into the car. Li Qian first gave the money, let the driver take care of it, and delivered it to the door. The driver agreed.

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