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Chapter 18 Luo Jiangang’s Return

After returning home, Luo’s mother started to instruct Li Qian to feed chickens and pigs, clean the yard, cook, and give Li Qian a lot of work.

Luo Juan seems to have said something to Luo Meng. She started to say something good about Li Qian like Luo’s mother. Luo Meng is a very thoughtful person. Because she is a young daughter, she is very spoiled at home. What she said, Luo’s mother will listen more or less. . He also thinks that the youngest daughter is married well, and the youngest son-in-law is the teacher in the town. He has a lot of salary, and he is also worthy of speaking.

Luo Juan is honest and mellow, although she is not as popular with her parents as her younger sister, but the two elders have never treated herself harshly. Speaking of, Rovro’s mother is a family with good children. At this time, her son Jingui and her daughter are called money losers. It is really rare to treat her daughter like Rovro’s mother.

Luo’s mother has recently seen Li Qian’s busy schedule, and her heart has also become a little loose. She has long tolerance for patience, not to mention that she also liked this daughter-in-law very much at the time.

After dinner in the evening, the Luo family had already begun to sleep, and someone knocked on the door.

Li Qian was stunned when he opened the door, it turned out to be Luo Jiangang.

Luo Jiangang was also very happy to see Li Qian, but he needed to

say hello to his parents, “Who’s here? Xiaoqian, why don’t you greet others?” Luo father and mother also got up without hearing outside voices, planning to come out to see Look.

“Daddy, I’m back.” Luo Jiangang replied and strode towards the door of the house.

Li Qian turned around and went to the kitchen. Luo Jiang just arrived home at this time and must have not eaten.

Li Qian walked into Luo’s father and Luo’s house with a bowl of noodle soup, placed the kang table on the table, and said to Luo Jiangang, “You have to eat some food first. Fill your stomach, it’s already this o’clock, you must have not eaten.”

Luo Jiangang picked up. Chopsticks, “I really haven’t eaten it.” After speaking, he gulped.

“Eat slowly, there is still in the pot. After eating this bowl

, I will serve it for you.” “Okay, I will serve it myself. You can boil some water, and I will take a bath later.”

Knowing that he had something to say to his parents, Li Qian walked out with interest.

evening at eight to enter the house, nearly ten points only to his room.

Li Qian was sitting on the kang head and was reading, and seeing Luo Jiangang came in, she quickly got off the kang to give Luo Jiangang a bath.

Luo Jiangang stopped Li Qian, stretched out his hand to pull her to his chest, hugged her tightly, and murmured, “Daughter-in-law, I miss you.”

Li Qian felt Luo Jiangang’s breathing, listening to his words, her face changed. Consciously red, he said, “Me too.” “I have

embarrassed you during this time.”

Knowing that Luo Jiangang was talking about Luo’s mother, Li Qian shook her head and said, “It’s good if you come back.”

Luo Jiangang took possession of it. Li Qian’s lips were entangled in Li Qian’s lips and teeth.

This kiss was very domineering and full of longing. It burned Luo Jiangang and Li Qian like a fire.

Originally a simple kiss was transformed into a strong passion/desire, which made two people want to stop.

It was late for the two to toss, and the water was about to cool down. Luo Jiangang hadtily cleaned himself up, and put his arms around Li Qian and fell asleep.

Luo Jiangang was in the dust on the road, and he didn’t stop for a minute on the road. He worked overtime day and night to deal with the affairs of the troops, and finally finished it and asked for leave in advance.

When I finally got home to see Li Qian, I really wanted to take her into my arms and love her. But since I just entered the house, I had to say hello to my parents, so I endured it.

Between the words of the parents, I can hear that they are still a little dissatisfied with Li Qian. Li Qian is busy with all the things in the family. Although my sister and sister come to help every day, there is only a small amount of time and cannot be shared. How much, after all, are already married,

When I arrived in my room, I saw the person who was thinking about it day and night, and finally couldn’t help it, and after a lot of caressing it, I solved my similar suffering.

? Wake up the next day, Li Qian found no one around, look at the outside of the day, have all bright, as well as her mother’s voice complaining, “This is how ah Xiaoqian are not from the time it is ? ” “

mother, she was tired yesterday, more rest will be. ” “

you spoiled it. “tone was her mother, earnestly taste.

Li Qian quickly packed up her things and got up, opened the door, and saw Luo Jiangang wearing a military-green gown on top and a pair of black trousers on her bottom, holding his trouser legs, feeding the chickens next to the chicken pen.

“I’m going to cook, what do you want to eat in the morning?” Li Qian walked up to Luo Jiangang, and then whispered, “Why don’t you wake me up?”

” I can’t let you sleep more?” Luo Jiangang leaned in Li Qian’s ear and whispered softly. He said with a smile, “You can order anything.” The latter sentence was for Mother Rovrom.

“Okay, then I’m going to cook some gnocchi soup.” He pinched Luo Jiangang’s arm secretly with his hand, and ran to the kitchen.

In the afternoon, Luo Juan and Luo Meng came together, and Li Qian greeted him and called the eldest sister, Xiao Meng.

The two sisters who used to be smiling are not very good at this time, and they smile reluctantly. As they walked in, they saw Luo Jiangang, and their eyes lit up, “Gangzi, when will you come back? Why not advance? Say something?”

“Sister, I came back last night.”

Li Qian saw their sisters together, Li Qian didn’t mix with them, went into her room, and went to read a book.

At the dinner table, Luo’s mother thought that Li Qian would not live, “Why do you put so much oil in your cooking? This tastes wrong,” and yelled, pointing at the bone soup on the table with chopsticks, “The bone soup doesn’t taste. It’s delicious, and it costs money. Li Qian, do you really think our son’s money came from a strong wind?”

Li Qian is eating with her rice bowl, she is used to Luo’s mother’s chattering and responsibilities, even if this kind of name and surname is called It doesn’t matter.

Luo’s mother was so angry with Li Qian. Just about to throw his chopsticks, Luo Jiangang said, “Mother, I didn’t give Qianqian money.” Luo Jiangang knew that his mother was not good to Li Qian, but he didn’t know it was so bad. The dinner table was still so overwhelming, “Mother, when Qianqian came, I didn’t get a salary at all. I was injured before that, because Qianqian earned her own business.”

“Doing business? What kind of business can she do?” Luo Although my mother heard Li Qian talk about the money she made from doing business before, she didn’t believe it. She always thought that Li Qian spent money from her son.

“Mother, didn’t Xiao Qian say that she was in business a long time ago? Xiao Qian still paid for your medical bills.” Luo Juan was speaking fair, and Luo Juan kept remembering the last thing. Her kindness.

“Isn’t it just five hundred medical expenses? My son can’t afford it.” Luo’s mother couldn’t help but insisted.

“Just repaying the loan and giving me and Xiaomeng is more than 700, can my mother make trouble unreasonably?” Luo Juan knew that she had said something wrong after speaking, and she lowered her head and ate.

“More than seven hundred? Why has it become seven hundred again? How much is it?” Luo Mu would stop talking about Li Qian’s food and start to talk about money.

“Didn’t I tell you? I don’t need to pay for it. What are you asking?” Luo Meng knew that her sister had said the wrong thing, and was also in the middle.

“You two bastards, have you raised you for nothing? You still don’t tell the truth with your mother?” Luo mother realized that something was being kept in the dark at this time.

“Mother!” Luo Meng stopped eating, put down his chopsticks, and said, “My sister-in-law gave me and the eldest sister five hundred as soon as she came to the hospital, and the hospital owed more than two hundred, and when she was discharged, she had more than 800 sets. It adds up to one thousand and fifty-six.”

Luo Meng has always been a quick-mouthed temper. After his sister told this, it is impossible for his brother to have so much money. Luo Meng wanted to say it a long time ago, and now I always hear my mother say that my sister-in-law would not save money so spending his brother’s money, and I have just said it in a few years.

“Mother, don’t you know how much money your own son can open? If this money belongs to my brother, how much debt do you want him to pay? How many years?” After

listening to these words, Luo’s mother shook his heart. A lot, she has never seen so much money before. Pointing at Luo Jiangang and Li Qian, he trembled slightly, “Say, where did the money come from?”

“It’s all about doing business.” Li Qian muttered, knowing that this matter can’t be covered, Luo’s mother will definitely accept it. No more. I was so defensive of my daughter-in-law, but what my daughter-in-law did really slapped me in the face.

“Mother, don’t ask, you don’t understand, Qianqian is not short of that money.” Luo Jiangang had never heard how much his wife spent, although he was shocked in his heart, but he pretended to persuade with a calm face.

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