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Chapter 19 Luo Jiangang’s Interrogation

Li Qian and Luo Jiangang got off the dinner table and went back to the room. Luo Jiangang pushed Li Qian to the opposite side of him and asked her to sit down.

Looking at this posture, Luo Jiangang is going to have a long conversation with himself. He said, “Let’s talk, don’t look at me like this, it’s uncomfortable.”

Luo Jiangang said nothing, just staring at Li Qian in a daze, with no expression. But Li Qian felt that the temperature of the whole body was dropping. In this cold weather, the cotton-padded clothes she wore were not too thick. After being so frozen by Luo Jiangang, Li Qian finally put down her posture.

“I said, I can’t say anything?” Li Qian, who was defeated, couldn’t reach Luo Jiangang after all, and her tone was a little frustrated.

“Then you can talk about it first when you go to the hospital.” Luo Jiangang’s tone remained blunt.

Li Qian knew that what Luo Jiangang was asking was not a matter, it was a matter of spending money, so she began to babble, “When I arrived at the hospital, my mother lived in a six-person ward. So I changed my mom to a single room.”

Knowing that Luo Jiangang is a filial piety, he first told him what he thought was good. He raised his head and glanced at Luo Jiangang quietly. As long as his expression did not change, his heart became bolder.

“I heard the eldest sister said that she and Xiao Meng both asked her family for two hundred yuan to pay for the medical bills for her mother. I was afraid that they would be complained in the future, so I gave them a total of 500, and let them share it. I said that I kept the remaining money for my own private house. Later, I heard that we owed more than 200 to the hospital. I’m going to stop the medication for my mom, so I paid for the medical expenses and gave them dozens more.”

Listening to Li Qian giving money to her elder sister and sister as soon as she arrived at the hospital, I felt somewhat comforted. But a big man himself, with so much money, would not be able to repay it at all for a while. He was grateful for his wife and was also annoyed by his weakness.

Seeing that Luo Jiangang’s eyes were filled with melancholy, he continued, “Jiangang, don’t be angry, I was just anxious at the time, after all, Mom’s injury is not a minor injury.”

Li Qian stretched out her hands and hugged Li Luo Jiangang’s jumped arm, and put her head on Li Luo Jiangang’s shoulders, which seemed a little bit coquettish.

Luo Jiangang sighed, “You just spent so much money here, I’m afraid I can’t afford it.”

“Why do you want to pay?” Li Qian knew that the problem was here. She didn’t want to be entangled with each other because of the money. Continued, “My money is my money, and your money is still mine. What do you want to pay me back? Return my money to me, do you want to hide private money?”

Li Qian said in a witty word, In an attempt to divert Luo Jiangang’s attention, so as not to burden him. Sure enough, listening to Luo Jiangang said, “I don’t dare to hide private money, you can’t wrong me.”

Although Luo Jiangang said so, he knew what his wife meant. He didn’t want her to worry about himself, so he just followed his words. .

“It’s pretty much the same.” Li Qian seemed to think of something, lifted her head from Luo Jiangang’s shoulder, and suddenly said, “I recently felt that the dark color of the eldest sister is not quite right. When the big sister-in-law came, people were also fainting. What happened to his family, right?”

Listening to Li Qian’s words, thinking about the appearance of the big sister today, it seems that there is nothing wrong with Li Qian, but Li Qian is not a person who came from nowhere. , By the way, “I will ask my eldest sister later.”

“Okay, then you ask carefully, don’t let the eldest sister lose face.”

” Don’t worry, I know her better than you.”

“Cheng Chengcheng, You have the final say.” Li Qian waved his hand and asked Luo Jiangang to ask.

Li Qian Luo Jiangang then go see the house began to clean up the inside of the clothes themselves when he took two change of clothes, then that her mother is not serious, go back a few days here, it seems, probably It’s about to stay till the end of the year. It’s no good if you don’t have any clothes.

Looking at Luo Jiangang’s clothes again, he also took two clothes, not the army coat.

It seems that I need to go to town to buy some tomorrow.

In the evening, Luo Jiangang and Li Qian were lying on the kang. Luo Jiangang put his arm around Li Qian’s shoulder and sighed. It seemed that he was not in a good mood.

“What’s the matter?” Li Qian asked, raising her head.

“It’s okay.” Realizing his tense, Luo Jiangang quickly denied it.

Luo Jiangang didn’t want the bad things at home to tell Li Qian that Li Qian just came back from the army, one after another, and didn’t want her to worry about it.

“Is it the eldest sister’s business?” Li Qian thought slightly, and realized that it should be the eldest sister’s home.

“Don’t hide it from me. I asked you to ask about the eldest sister’s house before, so you will sigh.”

Seeing Li Qian insisted, Luo Jiangang did not hide it. “It’s the eldest sister’s business.”

“What’s the matter? ? ” “

then I’ll ask Sister seeking to empty these days there are what matter is not at home, do not want to start big sister said, was said to be the big brother big sister. that big brother factory to work layoffs recently, there is news that the big brother The name is also in it. The eldest sister and the eldest brother-in-law have been worried about this issue recently, so I don’t know what to do. After all, the family only depends on the eldest brother-in-law’s salary, and there is a child to support.”

Luo Juan That child is six years old this year, a boy named Han Chenyi, who should be in the first grade next year. The child is very smart. The last time Li Qian saw him, he was walking steadily, his long white and tender, and her mother’s big eyes were old. It’s just that the family is still a little weak, looking like a malnourished child, I don’t know how it is now. Li Qian had a child with Liu Qiang in her previous life, but at that time Liu Qiang was afraid that his daughter Liu Jia was uncomfortable, and the child was knocked out, and she never became pregnant. Li Qian sometimes sees other people playing with their children, and she also envy her very much.

“Adults can do anything in the future, but the child is suffering.” Li Qian followed with a sigh.

“The eldest sister said that the layoffs were only two days away. After two days of not being in the brick kiln factory, she thought about finding a job elsewhere. It is really impossible to have land at home, and if you take back your own planting, you can always have a livelihood. .”

Li Qian nodded. The eldest brother-in-law Han Xu gave someone else the land group because he had a job in the brick kiln. Now if he wants to come back, it will be more than a month before the end of the year, and he will definitely not be happy to give it.

If the eldest sister-in-law is willing to find a job, but don’t know where to go, the main point of elder sister’s anxiety should be that she is afraid that no one will be at home to support him.

Li Qian thought in her heart and said, “Is the eldest sister afraid that the eldest brother-in-law will get her and the children in the house?”

“It’s interesting.” Luo Jiangang nodded, “My eldest sister has no opinion since she was a child. I have been married to my eldest brother-in-law in the past two years, and my eldest sister decides some things in the family. But if the eldest sister-in-law is not around, the old sister’s weak temperament will be completely exposed, and she won’t need to talk about the child, even herself They can’t support themselves.”

“How can this be done? How about we take them to the city?”

“This is not good,” Luo Jiangang objected, “We don’t know what’s going on in the city, and we need to go there. Renting a house and the child has to go to school again. What should I do if I can’t

pass the school status and don’t find a job?” Luo Jiangang has his own ideas. He thinks it’s okay for men to go out to work and women to take care of the children at home. After all, there are many such things in the village, but Luo Juan is uneasy.

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