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Chapter 20 Inquiry

When Luo Juan returned home in the evening, she thought about what she said to her younger brother Gangzi in the afternoon. After thinking about Li Qian’s ability to make money, she felt a little more active. Although Luo Juan is honest, she is not stupid. Although his younger brother is thoughtful, he would not care about his elder sister at will. Li Qian must have seen that he was wrong and asked the gangster to ask about it.

Seeing that my husband returned home, he told Han Xu that he had told his brother about the matter. Han Xu suddenly

became sullen , “What are you doing with your family?” “I’m in a bad mood recently because of this. I showed it over there. Maybe my younger brother and sister found out and asked the

gangster to ask me.” Han Xu has a respect for Luo Juan’s younger brother. His younger brother is a soldier, and he is not slow to get things done. The whole person has a feeling that strangers should not enter. When I went to the old man’s house together, I didn’t have much contact with Luo Jiangang, and I also felt that his cold face was really difficult to get close to.

Besides, Luo Juan’s younger siblings have never been in contact with them much. I heard that they are arrogant and arrogant. Even with that, the impression of Li Qian is not good. She paid two hundred yuan for her daughter-in-law to return it to herself. It was a little bit better, but she didn’t like to ask about her sister-in-law’s problems.

“I heard that both Gangzi and Xiaoqian said that Xiaoqian did business in the city and made money, or let’s do it with her, but I don’t know what she is doing there.” Luo Juan said to her own thoughts. Said it.

“Ask what she is doing? We are not handless.” Han Xu is also an arrogant man, unwilling to take advantage of this kind of advantage.

“I’m not afraid that if your name is on the list, you go outside and we are left with our orphans and widows at home. I am afraid.” Luo Juan touched her eyes and continued, “You I also know that I have a soft personality. If you are not at home, I will not have the backbone. Who will give me an idea?”

Han Xu was so afraid that his daughter-in-law was crying. He heard that he could not do without himself, and he softened his tone. “Juanzi, I know you can’t live without me, but I have to earn money to support my family. I see Chen Yi is about to go to school. If I don’t have money, I can’t do it. I still want him to go to university. I have a good way out in the future. .”

Han Xu is a man with a strong idea. He eats soft but not hard, and Luo Juan is a soft temper, and the two complement each other.

“Then let’s go with Gangzi and the others to the city, then go and ask if they have a good head office? Now that we are going to enter the 9th place, I guess the things about your factory will be there by the end of the year. Let’s It’s better to prepare in advance and feel at ease when the time comes.” Luo Juan said that Jinjiu was a northerner’s saying, and there was a rhetorical saying, “One nine ninety-nine don’t make a move, three ninety-nine ninety-nine walk on the ice, five, nine, sixty-nine look up.

Liu, Qijiu River opens, eighty-nine swallows come, nine-nine plus one-nine, and more cattle walk everywhere.” People say that the number of cold days refers to this. A “nine” is nine days, and the first four coldest nines take one and a half months, and the cold is very fast. By the time of 1969, only the wicker began to sprout, and the weather did not warm up much.”

Okay , you go and ask first. In a few days, my factory arranges to be off work and I will go again.” “Okay, then go to sleep.” The

two reached a tacit understanding and agreed to have a good night’s sleep.

The next day Li Qian was mending a cotton-padded jacket in the room. This was Luo Jiangang’s. There was a thread on the elbow. Li Qian was also idle when she was idle, so she took the needle and thread to make it up.

At this moment, Luo Juan opened the door and came in.

“Xiao Qian, where are you sewing clothes?” Luo Juan was a little embarrassed, and when she saw Li Qian mending clothes, she started talking.

“Jiangang’s clothes are torn. I’ll make up for him.” Li Qian looked up at Luo Juan and continued to sew the clothes.

Luo Juan’s embarrassment aggravated again, and she gritted her teeth and said what she wanted to say.

“Xiao Qian, my sister-in-law wants to beg you for something.”

Li Qian raised her head when Luo Juan said this, and said, “Sister Zah? If you have anything you can say, I will help you if I can do it. We are all a family. I ask for anything.”

Luo Juan’s embarrassment was not reduced by Li Qian’s words, and she said, “It’s your brother-in-law,” Luo Juan rubbed her hands, paused and continued, “Your brother-in-law is going to be laid off by the factory. After coming out, I don’t know what to look for. Good job, originally wanted to go to work in other places, but you also know that I am a timid person.

If your brother-in-law is not at home, I don’t know how to live. Last time you said you did a small business by yourself and made some money. , I wonder what you are doing, and we want to do it with your brother-in-law here.”

Li Qian thought about Luo Juan’s words. Although Luo Juan’s words are somewhat reasonable, there are also contradictions. If you don’t want to let your brother-in-law go out. , I dare not live alone, why not go to her in-laws? Is there something that I don’t know? Luo Jiangang didn’t receive the letter from his father-in-law in his last life, or Luo Jiangang received it, and didn’t tell him, he didn’t know, so he didn’t know how the Luo Juan couple lived in the previous life.

My own business is those weaving coasters. I don’t have any craftsmanship, and it’s troublesome. What’s more, my own knitting business is not good. I still make money from those drawings. What should I say? Why do I draw pictures by myself? None of these words can be said.

“Sister, I’ll take this down. I’ll help you figure out a solution. Tomorrow you will let your brother-in-law come, and we will discuss it together.” Li Qian thought about it for a while, and said, “As for my own business over there, It’s not that I don’t want to tell you my sister, but I work for others and help others with commissions. The boss over there didn’t open my mouth, so it’s hard for me to tell. When I came back, I wanted to tell the truth, but you see Mother’s attitude towards me, I want her to take a high look.”

Li Qian’s half-truth is even believed by herself . She is indeed doing work for others, just drawing pictures. The boss and herself also signed an agreement. , Can’t be exposed, so it’s not a lie.

Luo Juan nodded after hearing this, and felt that what Li Qian said was okay, so she agreed, “Sure, I will let your brother-in-law come here tomorrow, let’s discuss it together. But Xiao Qian, you have to help sister. Think about it.”

“Yes, sister, don’t worry.”

When Luo Juan left, Li Qian didn’t feel in the mood to sew clothes. She sat down for a while, thinking about some business with low cost but quick return.

Seeing Luo Jiangang walk in from the outbuilding, he put down his things and let Luo Jiangang do it quickly.

“The eldest sister came to me just now.”

Luo Jiangang picked up the water glass on the table and drank his water . ” What’s wrong?”

Li Qian said what Luo Juan said when she came, and what she said. “I always feel like I’m deceiving people, but I think it’s the same thing. It’s just that I just thought about this way to make money, but I didn’t think of a great one.”

Seeing the little daughter-in-law, I was relieved again. I am also sad. What is gratified is that the daughter-in-law treats her family honestly and does not adulterate. What is sad is that she has to think about everything by herself. At this time, she still can’t think of her own masters. Just talk about it.

“Then tell me about how you can make money?”

“There are a few, listen to it,” cleared his throat, Li Qian said, “The first one is to sell vegetables, and we can take it directly from our own house. There is no cost to sell it outside, and you can eat the leftovers, but the elder sister and brother-in-law do not have a vegetable plot at home. The second is to go to the construction site or the construction place to sell box lunch, which is low cost, but it’s just too hard. There is no construction team when it’s cold.

Another one is to sell snacks. The prepared snacks are sold in open places such as opera houses, squares, or parks. It is okay, but it is troublesome. You have to step on it in advance, in case there are few people. I’m waiting there for nothing. The opera house is fine. It’s just that people in such places buy snacks at the door. I have to discuss these three methods tomorrow when my eldest sister and brother-in-law come.”

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