Chapter 4 Dad is dead

Xia Xingchen was about to rush over, a wall of people blocked her, two men in black stopped in front of her with both hands, and said blankly: “Miss, please step back, that is not a place you can approach.”

“Is my son kidnapped by you? Why are you kidnapping my son? I warn you, you will release them now, or I will call the police right away!” Xia Xingchen said and took out his mobile phone. The other two did not seem to loosen up, “Mr. Ge… took away his son without breaking any laws.”

“Own son?” Xia Xingchen was stunned for a moment.

Could it be…

This is the person sent by Da Bai’s father?

Xia Xingchen looked sideways in the direction of the third Bentley. The window was not completely lowered, she was far away, and she could see a man sitting in the back seat.

The side face is calm, and the figure is tall and straight. It seems that he heard the movement on her side and turned his head slightly, her secret eyes were sharp and cold, full of deterrence. Xia Xingchen was set on the spot in an instant, a little breathless. When the car drove away slowly, the man completely disappeared from her eyes, and the other people in black also got into the car behind and left, she suddenly recovered.

He… is Dabai’s father?


“Xia Dabai!”

She panicked and caught up. Knowing that he could not catch up, he threw away his high heels and ran forward like crazy.

Do not! He can’t take her child away so cruelly! Even… Until now, she didn’t know who this man was!

“Xingchen, don’t chase after you! The people are gone! Let’s find the police quickly and adjust the surveillance video!”

“Yeah, you haven’t seen such a large-scale robber. You haven’t offended any forces, right?”

The neighbors were talking babbledly, Xia Xingchen’s thinking was completely confused. She once hoped that the child’s father would show up, at least to give her a chance to slap back that slap. But now…

He appeared, but snatched her confession effortlessly. So high-profile, so upright, so righteous!

Son of a bitch! Is this damn guy a god or a ghost?

Xia Xingchen spit in bitterness, and furiously threw the high heels toward the direction of the disappearance of the convoy, but his anger remained. When she really saw him, she would want him to look good!


the other side.

Inside the villa, the atmosphere is rigid.

On the luxurious leather sofa, a man and a boy sat face to face, staring at each other.

Each has its own scrutiny.

“Have you seen enough? If you have seen enough, please send me back.” It was Xia Dabai who spoke first. He was very calm and sat there without any panic of being’kidnapped. If you are not home, Xia Dabao will be very sad. If Xia Dabao is sad, the consequences will be very serious!”

He is likely to be punished to kneel on the washboard! That would make him quite faceless!

Bai Yeqing’s handsome eyebrows were constricted in majesty, and there was no sound, just a slight glance at the Secretary-General Leng Chuang behind him.

Leng Chua took a step forward and respectfully said: “Little Master, this is your home from today.”

Xia Dabai looked around and lit his head in a serious way: “Okay, our family Xia Dabao is worried that I can’t find money to buy a house for me. If I can’t buy a house, I won’t be able to marry a wife. With this big house. In the future, I can live with 10 wives.”

10 wives?

Cold coffee wants to laugh. 10 wives, his small body, can HOLD hold it?

Bai Yeqing, who hadn’t said a word, snorted, “Human small aspirations are quite big.”

“That must be. 10 wives are used to serve my Xia Dabao.”

“…” Isn’t that sure it’s not a servant?

Leng Chua did not interrupt, but continued: “Master, from today, you will change your surname. Your surname is Bai.”

“Bai Dabai? It’s so ugly, I don’t want to change my surname.” Xia Dabai’s tangled little face showed disgust, “Besides, why should I change my surname?”

“Your Excellency is your father, your surname is Bai, and you naturally follow the surname Bai.”

“Father?” Dabai chewed on these unfamiliar words, tilted his head and looked at the man who looked very nice and looked a little like himself, but was also very indifferent to approach him, “Are you sure you want to be my father?”

What to do?

“I am.” The man’s words are rare. Every word is thrown to the ground, no beak is allowed.

“That’s weird, Xia Dabao said that my father is dead. Are you a ghost?”

“…” The man narrowed his eyes, tapped his fingers on the armrest of the sofa, and the atmosphere in the whole hall suddenly froze a few degrees.

This woman taught his son this way?

Cold Sweat broke on his back, “Little Master, you must not talk nonsense! Don’t talk like that next time!”

Isn’t this openly cursing the president of Country S? This is a big sin!

“People didn’t talk nonsense! What Xia Dabao said was right, she never lied to me! I am going back now, and if you bring me back, you are responsible for sending me away.” He finished speaking, and moved his arm to the sofa. After a brace, the calf swayed twice before sliding off the sofa. He walked out like an uncle with both hands behind his back.

Looking at that figure, Leng Chuang couldn’t help laughing.

It really is your son, this gene is absolutely incredible! so similar!

Bai Yeqing also looked at the back, his eyes getting deeper and deeper, and an imperceptible light flashed.

His son is four years old!


Obviously, that woman has contributed a lot!

“Butler, take him upstairs!” Following his order, the little guy who was walking out was suddenly carried on his shoulders. No matter how he kicked his short legs, he couldn’t get away.

“Bad guys! You bad guys! Let me down! I hate you!” For a long time, I could still hear the children screaming with resentment and madness.

Bai Yeqing sat on the sofa, glanced upstairs, thoughtfully.

“Your Excellency, what do you do next?” Cold Coffee stepped forward and asked.

Bai Yeqing ordered: “Arrange courses for him, starting with the most basic etiquette.”


“So, Young Master’s mother, Miss Xia Xingchen…”

“I will arrange it again.”

Xia Xingchen felt almost crazy. That day, under the eyes of everyone, such a long convoy passed by, and it was obvious that no one could be concealed. However, when they went to the police station, the police said there was no record.

She was like a headless fly, in the vast sea of ​​people, she didn’t know where to find someone.

She is still an intern at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has to ask for leave temporarily. Although it is very unfavorable for her to ask for leave, there is no other way.

However, no matter how many people she mobilized to look for, even if Xia Guopeng personally went out as the mayor, the man and the child, as if the world had evaporated, left no trace or warning.

That day.

As soon as Xia Xingchen walked out of the police station again lost, five black cars came slowly and stopped abruptly in front of them.

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