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Chapter 7 Time Is Quiet

Time is fast, a week has passed, and Li Wei and Li Qin really didn’t come again this week, maybe Luo Jiangang’s words worked.

The relationship between Li Qian and Luo Jiangang is also gradually developing towards a good trend. The two will hold hands for a long time, like an old husband and wife. Li Qian often thinks these days that it would be nice to live a lifetime like this, and the relationship between the two people has gradually become on the right track.

This day was Luo Jiangang’s inspection day. Li Qian asked for a wheelchair with the hospital and took Luo Jiangang for the inspection. Halfway through, Luo Jiangang looked unclear, and Li Qian didn’t notice either.

After the examination, the doctor said that the wound had healed better than expected. After the stitches were removed tomorrow, he could go home after one week of observation.

The two walked out of the doctor’s office. Li Qian said to Luo Jiangang, “After taking a nap in the afternoon, I will take you to the garden behind.”

Luo Jiangang nodded and said yes.

In the afternoon, Li Qian saw that Luo Jiangang’s nature was not high, and while pushing Luo Jiangang, he said to him, “You see the air outside is really good, and your bones will be crisp when you lie down in the ward.”

“Well, outside. The air is so good.” Some sigh, but also a little melancholy.

“You see that the flowers on the side of the road are also blooming. They are so beautiful.”

“They haven’t bloomed yet, what’s so beautiful?” Luo Jiangang is not high in nature, and his tone of voice is not turbulent.

This time Li Qian couldn’t ignore Luo Jiangang’s fault, stopped, turned to Luo Jiangang, squatted down, and said, “What are you thinking? You are in a bad mood today.” She said, holding Luo Jiangang’s hand.

Luo Jiangang looked at his Li Qian, her peaceful face. The sun shines on her body, coating Li Qian with a layer of gold, making her look more beautiful. Raising his hand slightly, the big hand attached Li Qian’s small hand, and he said softly, “We were married because of our parents’ fate and the matchmaker’s words,” Luo Jiangang paused slightly, and continued, “But let’s Ma has no feelings at first. I think that if I marry you, I should be responsible for you, but now I have my legs…”

Before Luo Jiangang could finish speaking, Li Qian placed her hand gently on Luo Jiangang’s mouth, not allowing him to continue speaking.

In fact, after hearing Luo Jiangang’s words halfway through, Li Qian already understood what Luo Jiangang wanted to say. Seeing that Luo Jiangang had been organized, Li Qian said, “I know what you want to say, your legs will be good.” The tone was soft, but firm.

“I know that my injury is very serious. I probably won’t heal in this life. I don’t have any abilities. In the future, I will retreat from the army and go home to farm. We haven’t done a husband and wife ceremony between us. You are still finished. You can always find another better one.” Luo Jiangang said seriously, staring at Li Qian’s eyes.

“Impossible, I can’t divorce you.”

“Li Qian!” It was the first time that Luo Jiangang spoke to Li Qian in such a harsh tone, with some helplessness.

“Luo Jiangang, if you fucking say something like this, I’ll just cut your leg directly. There is no need to raise it.” Li Qian stood up abruptly and said to Luo Jiangang in a harsher tone.

Hearing the firmness and ruthlessness in Li Qian’s words, Luo Jiangang jumped in his heart and muttered, “Why?” Then he raised his head, “Why? There is nothing between us except a marriage certificate.”

“I’m willing to stay with you like this,” Li Qian sorted out her feelings, walked behind Luo Jiangang, pushed the wheelchair, and continued to say in a calm tone as she walked, “The medical level will get better and better, and your injuries will also Good. Besides, it didn’t hurt the bones. It just took longer to raise than others. You are my husband now and the father of my child in the future. Even if you can’t stand up one day, we still have to stay with you.”

Li Qian pushed Luo Jiangang’s wheelchair and walked to the bench by the pond at the back of the hospital, stopped, sat on the bench, looked at the pond, and then said quietly, “I don’t know what will happen to you in the future, but I Knowing that I will come and stay with you,” Li Qian turned her head, “I will work hard to make money to support the family, so that our family will not fall apart. I am also willing to have further feelings with you.”

Seeing Li Qian’s affectionate eyes, Luo Jiangang’s heart trembles. Luo Jiangang recently discovered that Li Qian was different, but he didn’t expect Li Qian to be so determined. The two people have not gone smoothly since they got married.

When I was in the army, I received a letter from my mother from my hometown, saying that I had appointed a wife for myself and asked me to make a marriage report and go home as soon as possible. The family had already prepared everything, so I left myself. . I was a little confused at the time, but it was not sudden. After all, I was twenty-four years old. Boys his age were already married and had children. I was alone and alone, and my parents had already urged me to get married.

After receiving the letter from his parents, Luo Jiangang quickly returned home after typing the marriage report, and the wedding was held within a few days. Before getting married, I also inquired about the girl who was about to become his wife. The girl was named Li Qian, from the village next door. She was eighteen years old and six years younger than herself. I heard that she is very pungent and an unreasonable lord; I heard that she does not like marrying someone as old as herself; I also heard that the girl has a very small belly and a bad temper. I heard so much about her. None of the news is good, but I still feel that I need to obey the orders of my parents. This is the wishes of my parents.

The day before the wedding, someone from the army came and asked to return to the team. My mother tried to stay and said, “Tomorrow is the wedding. You leave at this time. Let the Li family see us. This is a major event in your life. You can’t leave like this.”

My mother also said forcefully, “You have to get married before you go!”

After the wedding, I didn’t even eat the banquet, so I went back to the army. My parents looked at me with reluctance, even my new wife. Before he could take another look, he set off on his way back to the army.

Until the next year, he never returned home to see his wife and parents.

At that time, my mother wrote, saying that her wife was at home and was arguing with her parents, and she wanted her own wife to accompany her with the army, and the two elders wanted to hug their grandsons.

I made a report with the army, and it has been another month when my wife came to the army.

Until now, Luo Jiangang remembered Li Qian’s eyes at that time, full of disgust and ridicule. His words were radical, and he didn’t have the consciousness of being a wife at all, and even drove himself to the study, not allowing himself to fall asleep with it. This has been nearly half a year, although it is not regarded as respecting each other as guests, but it is also peaceful.

Looking at Li Qian now, she sees her eyes full of peace, and there are some admiration and some things she can’t understand.

Today I talked to my wife about the divorce. I originally wanted to let Li Qian be free and not let herself miss Li Qian’s life, but I didn’t expect Li Qian to be so determined that she would be willing to accompany her dilapidated body.

Luo Jiangang has been looking at Li Qian, the thoughts in his heart have been turned back and forth, and he also made a decision in his heart, nodding, “Okay, according to you.”

Li Qian giggled after hearing Luo Jiangang’s words. The breeze blew across Li Qian’s cheeks, and the braids on her head fluttered happily, seeming to indicate her good mood, and she looked quite calm and peaceful.

Luo Jiangang and Li Qian were sitting by the pond, chatting about outsiders’ gossip, talking and laughing, time seemed to stop at this moment all of a sudden, making people who passed by saw the feeling that they couldn’t bear to break.

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