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Chapter 8 Discharge

Luo Jiangang stayed in the hospital for nearly half a month. The doctor announced that he could be discharged, and said a lot of things to pay attention to, as well as food and drink.

Li Qian also finished the clothes made for Luo Jiangang in this nearly a month. At this time, Luo Jiangang was sitting in a wheelchair, wearing that navy blue suit, and she felt a little handsome and handsome. The dark blue matches Luo Jiangang’s complexion and temperament, which is very attractive.

Luo Jiangang was somewhat impatient to direct Li Qian to pack things up, and it was clear that he wanted to leave the hospital as soon as possible.

Li Qian what seems to be going up, facing Luo Jiangang, “you must be a transfusion, and losers today was discharged again, I go to the market next trip, do you go home to eat.”

“Line , Then you go early and return early, I can finish the infusion at about ten o’clock.” Luo Jiangang waved his hand and motioned Li Qian to leave.

When I arrived at the vegetable market, Li Qian wanted to buy a live chicken, and planned to go home and kill it and stew it to eat, but unfortunately, she has to go back to the hospital later. It is not convenient to bring live chickens, and she will not kill chickens. I bought the chicken that had shed its hair, and bought some vegetables.

Luo Jiangang has a salary of 80 yuan a month. Li Qian herself had asked Luo Jiangang many times for money and saved more than two hundred, so she didn’t intend to lose herself in terms of food.

On the way back to the hospital, Li Qian looked at the things she was full of. Some of them couldn’t laugh or cry at herself. She was obviously discharged from the hospital, but bought these things. People from the army will come to pick them up. Otherwise, she doesn’t know what to do.

Back in the ward, Luo Jiangang saw a lot of things in Li Qian’s hand, a little speechless, and he held his forehead, “What a coincidence you came back, you just finished the infusion.” He raised his hand to indicate that he had just finished the infusion. But also for Li Qian said, “how do you buy so many?”

Li Qian put things, said, “I am wondering do you good, and I do not want to go out often to buy things, too bother.”

Said, Someone knocked on the door, it was a soldier who came to pick them up.

“Hello, Captain Luo, good sister-in-law.” He said he saluted. “I’m here to pick you up, Captain Luo, are you going now?”

“Let’s go.” He

helped Luo Jiangang get out of bed to the wheelchair, and took the things into the military jeep that the soldiers drove.

When I arrived at the military district family yard, I wanted to keep the soldiers for dinner, but the soldiers refused, saying that he still had things to do and left.

There was no one living in the house for a long time, and there was dust everywhere, so Luo Jiangang sat in the living room without moving, turned around and fetched water, and began to clean up the dust in the house. After the living room was cleaned up, I went to the kitchen and started preparing to cook. The cooking was very simple. I fried a bean sprout, fried meat, green vegetables, and steamed buns. Taking advantage of this effort, Li Qian changed the sheets and covers in the bedroom again.

Seeing Li Qian busy in the house, Luo Jiangang’s eyes were full of joy. Life should be like this, right? There is a wife who is busy for herself, watching her tossing back and forth, I also feel at ease in my heart.

After Li Qian cleaned up the house, the steamed buns were also hot, brought out the food, and had dinner with Luo Jiangang.

“Why didn’t you clean up the study?” Luo Jiangang suddenly thought that Li Qian had left the study, and the rest of the room was cleaned up.

“I’ll talk about it later in the afternoon. You don’t want to live in the study room anymore. It’s time to go back to the bedroom.” Li Qian was a little bit shy. This kind of invitation in disguise made Li Qian feel embarrassed for a while. Although he was prepared in his heart, he did not dare to look up at Luo Jiangang.

Luo Jiangang was stunned and replied, “Okay.”

Luo Jiangang went to the bedroom to take a nap, waved to Li Qian, patted the other side of the bed, “Come here.”

Li Qian didn’t know, so he went to the bed and sat down and asked. “What’s the matter?”

Luo Jiangang stretched out his hand to pull Li Qian to his chest, wrapped her arms around her, and said, “Thanks for your hard work.”

Luo Jiangang wanted to do this when he was in the hospital, because he was sick and inconvenient to move, and it was a public place like a hospital.

Li Qian was suddenly dropped into Luo Jiangang’s arms, and when she reacted, her heart throbbed and blushed, and she smiled happily when she heard Luo Jiangang’s words. Li Qian also hugged Luo Jiangang back, her face buried in Luo Jiangang’s arms and said in a dull voice, “It’s okay.”

Seeing that Luo Jiangang didn’t let go, Li Qian simply kicked off the slippers on his feet and went up. Luo Jiangang was lying on the bed together.

“Go to sleep, I’ll be with you.” Li Qian said.


Both of them slept very well this time, as if they were just like this.

When the sun was over, Li Qian opened his eyes and saw that she was still in Luo Jiangang’s arms, only to remember that she and Luo Jiangang were hugging and sleeping together. After brushing his face, he turned red again, and moved a little, I heard a voice above my head, “Wake up.”

“Yeah.” The voice just waking up was a little hoarse, with some unidentified feelings hidden.

Li Qian got up from Luo Jiangang and sat up, “Why did I fall asleep? I haven’t washed my clothes yet.” Her tone was a little annoyed.

Luo Jiangang chuckles, “You have slept longer than me.”

Li Qian lowered her head down, got out of bed, and ran out of the house.

Luo Jiangang laughed more happily, and he could hear clearly in the loud living room, and Li Qian was annoyed. He didn’t show Luo Jiangang’s face until dinner at night.

At night Luo Jiangang dragged Li Qian to the bed. , Put her in his arms. Although the two hugged each other to sleep in the afternoon, Li Qian was still slightly uncomfortable. Even though such feelings are what I want, they are extremely shy.

Luo Jiangang was lying on his side, with one hand wrapped around Li Qian’s neck, one hand was placed on Li Qian’s waist and gently rubbing, he lowered his head and looked at Li Qian’s red ears, feeling extremely excited.

When in the hospital, Luo Jiangang often woke up from leg injuries at night. He turned to see Li Qian’s sleeping face and felt that Li Qian’s appearance was extremely peaceful. That way, she was not as aggressive as she used to be, nor was she as busy as during the day. Just lying there quietly, as if having a good dream, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, which made people feel a kind of physical and mental pleasure.

For Li Qian like that, Luo Jiangang always wanted to hug her in his arms, see what she dreamed of, and continue that sweet dream with her, and never wake up.

Luo Jiangang often thinks about when he can embrace his wife to sleep in an open and honest manner. Sometimes he thinks that we are husband and wife, as long as I want to. Sometimes I think again, forget it, don’t scare her, let her change back to her original appearance.

Luo Jiangang hugged Li Qian and said softly, “Go to sleep.”

After speaking, he really kept silent and began to fall asleep.

Li Qian in his arms moved slightly, but Luo Jiangang held him tighter. I sighed helplessly. Although I had never touched this pose before, I accepted it without disgust, and gradually fell asleep.

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