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Chapter 9 Li Wei Comes to the Door

Within a few days from the second day after Luo Jiangang was discharged from the hospital, people started coming and going at home. They all came to visit when they heard that Luo Jiangang was discharged from the hospital. Some are true, some are false, and some are just looking for trouble.

For example, Li Wei.

This afternoon, the sister-in-law of the Li family, the sister-in-law of the Wang family, and the younger sisters of the Zhang family and Li Qian were sitting in the living room.

“Now that the weather is getting hotter and hotter, please don’t get inflammation of your Battalion Chief Luo’s injury.” The sister-in-law of the Li family cared about Li Qian.

“Yes, it’s okay these days, it’s not particularly hot, I’ll pay attention to him too.”

“Eh, sister Luo, I heard that when you were in the hospital, a young nurse cared about Captain Luo. “This is the gossip voice of Wang’s sister-in-law.

The wife of Wang’s sister-in-law is called Wang Yuheng, who is the commander of the third company of the army. Wang Yuheng is very loyal. Even though the various units have a competitive relationship, even though his temper is softer, he knows that Wang Yuheng’s character is good and he does not talk about the right and wrong of others, and is willing to make friends with him.

Wang’s sister-in-law and Company Commander Wang’s personalities are exactly the opposite. They are outgoing and open-minded. Although they are not friendly enough to others, they are warm-hearted. Whoever has something, only asks for her, and she can do it for everyone. It’s just that this argument, the gossip-like problem, is nothing like her Wang Yuheng.

Li Qian suddenly heard this person, was stunned, and replied with a smile: “Fortunately, the little nurse is very enthusiastic,” took a sip from the water glass, and continued, “She and Jiangang’s former comrade’s comrade are friends. No, Jiangang is hospitalized, and the girl will go and have a look.”

“This relationship is really messy, how did they meet?” Wang’s sister-in-law continued to gossip.

“What are you doing with this?” The sister-in-law of the Li family stabbed the people around her with her arm, and motioned to the sister-in-law of the Wang family not to talk nonsense.

“Nothing, Li sister-in-law.” Li Qian smiled and continued, “That girl is art troupe, built just before his comrades after a presentation on understanding people over time talking to troops serving our side of it.”

“That’s very good

Yes , there is a response.” “Yes, my family

Jiangang is enthusiastic.” While everyone was talking and laughing, they heard a knock on the door. Li Qian stood up, “Sister-in-law, younger siblings, sit down first, and I’ll open the door.”

“Go and go.” Everyone waved and motioned Li Qian to open the door.

Li Qian walked to the door, opened the door and saw someone stunned, then she smiled and said, “Li Wei? Why are you here? There are guests in my house.” There was no intention of letting Li Wei in.

Li Wei didn’t care, and smiled and replied, “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, I have two things I want you to say.” Li Wei spoke reluctantly and called his sister-in-law.

When Li Wei heard something, she asked someone to walk into the house, “Come in quickly.”

Li Qian also heard Li Wei’s reluctance in her words, which was a bit funny. Always put the husband of other people’s family to heart, and now I have to call my sweetheart’s wife a sister-in-law, which is really embarrassing for her.

Li Qian led Li Wei into the house, and several military sisters-in-law sitting on the sofa stood up.

“Xiaoqian, sit down first, your brother Wang should go home.”

“Yes, my child is still at home by himself. I have to go back and have a look. It just so happens that you are having a visitor, and I will come another day.”

Three people watched When the people entered the house, they all said they were going home and let the two people talk.

When Sister Zhang walked to the door, she also opened her mouth and said to Li Qian, “Sister-in-law, I’m going back.”

“Okay, you guys slow down, come often when you have time, we are so close.”

Seeing that all three of them had gone, Li Qian closed the door, turned back to the living room, and sat opposite Li Wei.

“What’s the matter?” Li Qian opened her mouth first.

Li Wei didn’t expect that Li Qian would ask her own intentions straightforwardly. He hesitated and said, “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, you first heard that Captain Luo was discharged from the hospital. I will come to see him.”

Li Wei said. Within Li Qian’s expectation, she could guess one or two of her next words.

I remember that Li Wei also came to see herself in the last life, but Luo Jiangang was still in the hospital at that time and had not been discharged. At that time, there was a message in the hospital saying that Luo Jiangang was going to divorce himself. Luo Jiangang was injured and Li Wei took care of him. In the hospital, it was rumored that Luo Jiangang and Li Wei were a couple. Misunderstood and other nonsense. At that time, I simply believed in nothing, and drove Li Wei out very angry.

When Li Wei came to the door this time, there might be some rumors in the hospital.

Li Qian didn’t take Li Wei’s words, knowing that the first sentence was just a pretense for Li Wei, and the next thing was the key point, so she nodded and motioned Li Wei to continue.

Li Wei was a little surprised when Li Qian didn’t answer.

I heard that Li Qian was unclear, or a native girl from the countryside, so she should be a fool. I didn’t pay attention last time, but when I saw her like this today, it seemed a little bit different from the rumors.

“I have a friend named Li Qin in the military area hospital, who is a nurse. We are all in the same compound. You saw my sister-in-law last time.” Li Wei slowly opened her mouth.

Li Qian nodded and motioned for Li Wei to continue.

“Li Qin told me a few days ago that there was a rumor in the hospital…” Li Wei said this, and when she heard it again, it seemed difficult to tell her.

“What rumors?” Li Qian asked, her expression calm and she looked a little confused.

Li Wei just waited for Li Qian to ask herself, her head down, looking a little tangled.

“Some people say…Some people say that Battalion Chief Luo and his sister-in-law are going to divorce!” It seemed that it had taken a lot of courage to say the same thing just now.

“Oh? Why?” Li Qian said neither salty nor indifferent.

“Said it was because I got involved in your lives,” Li Qian looked at Li Qian’s appearance, although she was a little bit incomprehensible, but she could only continue to say, “Said my sister-in-law has a bad personality. I visited Captain Luo last time. Sometimes someone said that I was going to replace you…”

She looked a little embarrassed, and her sentence was a little messy, but it also made it clear what she meant.

Li Qian nodded, “Thank you.” Li Qian thought slightly and said, “Thank you for telling me this time. I was next to the hospital last time, so I won’t get you wrong. After all, I and Jiangang It’s a military marriage, and we have no plans to divorce.”

“Sister-in-law…” Li Wei raised her head with tears in her eyes, “Sister-in-law, are you blaming me?”

“Why do you blame you? You didn’t say that.” Li Qian continued, “You are a good girl and a literary soldier. I believe that many men are pursuing you? You should settle your personal problems earlier, and things will be broken.”

Li Qian smiled. , As if suddenly remembering something, she suddenly increased her voice, turned her head and shouted at the bedroom door, “

Jiangang , come out soon, there is a guest at home.” Li Wei did not expect Luo Jiangang to be at home. I heard that Luo Jiangang was already at home. After being discharged from the hospital for several days, I didn’t see Luo Jiangang in the bedroom just now, so I thought he was going to train.

Luo Jiangang walked out of the bedroom with a cane, and said with a smile, “I thought you wouldn’t let me come out to see people.” His tone was teasing and intimate.

“Nonsense, I’m busy, so I forgot. Didn’t I think of you?” Li Qian stood up, walked to the side where Luo Jiangang didn’t have the crutches, and helped Luo Jiangang to speak. The words were full of coquetry. The meaning.

The two went to the sofa and sat down.

Without waiting for Li Wei to speak, Li Qian said, “Did you hear it in the room just now? Our soundproofing is so poor, should I hear it? There are rumors in the hospital.” Li Qian said, covering her mouth and giggling.

When Luo Jiangang saw his wife say this, he straightened his face and said, “Nonsense!”

“I think so too, but Ms. Li felt that the misunderstanding was too big, so she came to the house specially.”

“Captain Luo, sister-in-law, so did I.” I didn’t expect such rumors. I was afraid that my sister-in-law would misunderstand me, so I came.” Li Wei lowered her head slightly, looking aggrieved.

“What’s the matter with this?” Li Qian said, “We know that Miss Li is here to prevent me from misunderstanding. When others don’t know, they heard you say that and thought you came to grab a man with me.” He giggled. Up.

Luo Jiangang reached out to stop Li Qian’s waist, put a support on his side, and bowed his head and said to Li Qian, “Do

n’t talk nonsense, they’re still a girl’s house, don’t ruin their reputation.” “Well, I’m not talking nonsense. This is not true. Are there no outsiders?” Li Qian said helplessly.

Li Wei looked at the hand that Luo Jiangang put on Li Wei, feeling a little sad.

Li Wei first saw Luo Jiangang during the Chinese New Year five years ago. At that time, Luo Jiangang was not a camp. He and his father visited the army. From a long distance, he saw Luo Jiangang shouting to the soldiers, saying, “The country needs us. The people need us, and we can only protect our family and defend our country through continuous training and improvement of our abilities! Today, during the Chinese New Year, I will not say that if you pass the 300-meter obstacle run, you can rest!”

Look serious, The tone has unlimited tolerance and encouragement.

Then I saw the soldiers booing. It should be said that Luo Jiangang was allowed to demonstrate once. Luo Jiangang took off his jacket and did a few warm-up actions. There was a time-keeping soldier next to him. They all ran down. Luo Jiangang was sweating on his forehead. When someone called the time, Luo Jiangang gave another encouragement to cheer the soldiers.

Li Wei was seventeen years old and saw such a man like Luo Jiangang, and felt that no words could describe how handsome Luo Jiangang was at that time.

From that time on, Li Wei pestered her father and wanted to serve as a soldier, but her ability was not enough to enter Luo Jiangang’s army. In the end, because her father didn’t suffer like herself, she went to the art troupe.

It was also from that time that Li Wei began to recognize Luo Jiangang and his determination to marry Luo Jiangang was getting bigger day by day.

When both Luo Jiangang and Li Wei looked at Li Wei’s pensive state, they were a little puzzled. They called Li Wei twice. Li Wei woke up from the memory and was shocked for a moment. When he remembered where he was, he nodded, “Sister-in-law. That’s right,” he said, stood up, “I’ll go back first, there are still some things on my army’s side.”

After speaking, he turned and left . She seemed very calm, but Li Wei knew that she felt a little bit of escape.

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