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90’s Beijing Fantasy 我的青春也燦爛 Episode 19 Plot

Zhao Lei waited for Li Lili for a long time and didn’t see her come to see him off, so he had to get in the car to go to Hong Kong with the band members. On the way, he was told that his pass had not been issued and he would not be able to go to Hong Kong. Teacher Jin told everyone that the test is approaching and they must review well. Zhao Lei suddenly appeared in the classroom, everyone was surprised, and Li Lili was even more embarrassed.

After class, Li Lili pulled Jasmine aside and asked if she had given Zhao Lei what she had given. Jasmine said that she had given it, but she didn’t give it directly but put it in Zhao Lei’s bag. Li Lili estimated that Zhao Lei must have not seen her gift, so she asked Jasmine in which pocket she put it in, and she wanted to get it back immediately. Lili and Jasmine were lying on the classroom window. They saw Zhao Lei’s backpack on the seat. Zhang Jing was very excited to hear that Li Lili had written a love letter to Zhao Lei.

Lili asked Zhang Jing and Zang Moli to help her. Bring things back. After returning to the classroom, Zhang Jing and Jasmine deliberately dragged Zhao Lei with ice cream and soda, while Lili secretly came to Zhao Lei’s seat to get the gift back. They didn’t expect that the shout from the glasses made their efforts come to nothing. After school, Lili found that Zhao Lei had been following her, suspecting that he had seen his love letter, and wanted to avoid him. Unexpectedly, Zhao Lei caught up with her. He told her that although he did not go to Hong Kong this time, he was still very grateful to her for helping him.

He saw the pink watch on Lili’s wrist, and while envious, he lamented that no one gave it to him. Because what Lili gave him was the same watch. Hearing what Zhao Lei said, she knew that Zhao Lei had not seen her gift and the letter of confession. If you win the top three in the Olympiad, you will have the opportunity to become a special enrollment student of Tsinghua University. Zhang Jing thinks Wang Bo is very hopeful. Wang Bo feels very disappointed when he thinks that Lili is also hopeful and happy. Zhao Lei told Lili that he could not find his brother’s address in Hong Kong, but it was strange that his brother kept sending him things at that address.

After seeing the address, Lili remembered seeing it in the video store, and they came to the video store. In the shop, Brother Qiang said that those tapes were reprinted from Hong Kong and sold exclusively to the mainland. Zhao Lei asked Qiang about his brother Zhao Xin, and suspected that his brother might have sent the goods in Hong Kong, but Qiang strongly denied it because he knew all four people in Hong Kong, and he hadn’t heard of anyone with the surname Zhao. When leaving the video store, Lili saw Zhao Lei’s bag, and she excused that his bag was too big. When she went back, his mother had to say that he had to keep it for him temporarily, but Zhao Lei refused. Lili had been thinking about bringing things back, but she didn’t want to leave.

Jasmine gave her a bad idea and asked Lili to tear up the outline for Zhao Lei, and then went to the door to teach him homework, so that she would have the opportunity to get it back in her backpack. Things out. Lili blindfolded Zhao Lei under the pretext of testing his poems I stayed, trying to get back the things in my backpack secretly, but Zhao Lei stood up and forced him into the corner. Lily couldn’t break free for a while. An ambiguous mood spread in the room. Finally, Lili pushed Zhao Lei away and ended the embarrassment. Situation.

Lili was surprised to hear that Wang Bo mentioned that there was a special admission test for Tsinghua University. Wang Bo’s mother came to tell Lili’s mother the result of the examination. One result was a little uncertain, so she asked her to review it again. For Lili’s mother’s expectation, Wang Bo decided to help Lili learn Mathematical Olympiad.

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