Yue Female Sword Chapter 1

“Please!” “Please!”

The two swordsmen turned their sword tips upside down, holding the hilt in their right hands, resting their left hands on the back of their right hands, bowing in salute.

The two of them hadn’t stood upright, and suddenly white light flashed. Following a clank sound, their swords intersected, and they each stepped back. All the audience members whispered “Huh”.

The Tsing Yi swordsman splits three swords in a row, and the Jinshan swordsman opens the grid one by one. The swordsman in Tsing Yi yelled, and the long sword drew straight down from the upper left corner, impatiently. The Jinshan swordsman was agile and jumped back, avoiding the sword. He just touched the ground with his left foot, his body bounced, brushing two swords, and attacking his opponent. The swordsman in Tsing Yi stayed still, sneered slightly at the corner of his mouth, his long sword swung lightly to fend off the sword.

The Jinshan Swordsman suddenly rushed, spinning around the Tsingyi Swordsman, his feet getting faster and faster. The Tsing Yi swordsman stared at the tip of his opponent’s long sword, and when the enemy sword moved, he swung his sword down. The swordsman in Jinshan suddenly turned left and right, his body style changed. The swordsman in Tsing Yi turned him slightly dizzy, and shouted: “Are you a sword or escape?” He brushed his two swords and slashed straight over. But the swordsman in Jinshan rushed around in a hurry. When the sword arrived, the man had already left.

The swordsman in Tsing Yi turned his sword back and squatted slightly on his right leg. Seeing the flaw, the swordsman in Jinshan jabbed his left shoulder with a sharp sword. Unexpectedly, the Tsing Yi Swordsman’s squat was a trick. The long sword suddenly circled and took the enemy’s throat, his momentum was incomprehensible. Under the horror of the Jinshan swordsman, the long sword dropped his hand and shot at the enemy’s heart. This is a helpless style of play. If the enemy continues to attack, the sword must be hit in the heart. In this situation, the other party has to withdraw the sword, and he can get rid of this irreversible desperate situation.

Unexpectedly, the Tsing Yi swordsman didn’t stop and dodge, his wrists tremble, and with a puff, the sword tip pierced the Jinshan swordsman’s throat. With a sound, the thrown sword pierced his chest, and the sword fell to the ground. The swordsman in Tsing Yi smiled, retracted his sword and stood up. It turned out that he had a heart-protecting iron mirror hidden on his chest. Although the tip of the sword was stabbed, it was intact. The Jinshan swordsman’s throat spurted with blood, and his body couldn’t help twisting underground. At the moment, a follower came to lift the corpse and wiped the blood from the ground.

The swordsman in Tsing Yi returned his sword to its sheath, took the first two steps, bowed and saluted a king sitting high in a large chair in the north.

The king was wearing a brocade robe, with a clumsy appearance, a very long head and neck, and a sharp mouth like a bird. He smiled and hissed: “The strong swordsmanship is exquisite, and he gives ten pounds of gold.” The Tsing Yi swordsman knelt on his right knee and said with a bow. “Thanks for your reward!” The king waved his left hand, and a tall, thin, forty-year-old official to his right shouted: “Wu Yue swordsman, a second test!”

The Dongshou Jinshan Swordsman Team walked out of a burly man with a large sword in his hand. This sword is more than five feet long, and the blade is extremely thick, which is obviously heavy. Xishou walked out of a Tsing Yi swordsman, of medium build, with sword scars all over his face, one east and one west, or less to say, there are twelve or three. A face has no humanity. How many times have people beaten swords. The two first bowed their knees to pay tribute to the king, then turned around, stood facing each other, and bowed in salute.

The Tsing Yi swordsman stood up straight with a grinning face. His face is already very ugly, and such a smile is even more ugly. Seeing his ghostly appearance, the swordsman in Jinshan couldn’t help but make a cold war. He let out a long breath and stretched out his left hand slowly, and put it on the hilt of the sword.

The Tsing Yi swordsman suddenly screamed like a wolf howl, and thrust his sword at his opponent. The Jinshan swordsman also shouted loudly, lifted the big sword, and slashed at him. The Tsing Yi swordsman leaned away, and his long sword swung across from left to right. The swordsman in Jinshan wielded his sword with both hands, and a big sword danced violently. This big sword weighs fifty or so catties, but his tricks are still extremely quick.

As soon as the two got their hands on them, they took 30 moves in an instant, and the Tsing Yi Swordsman couldn’t help backing backwards under his heavy sword power. Standing at the west end of the main hall, more than fifty swordsmen in Jinshan had a happy face. Seeing that this competition had been won.

The swordsman in Jinshan just heard a loud shout, and the sound was thunderous, and the sword swept across. The Tsing Yi swordsman was inevitable, holding a long sword and struggling to block the grid. With a sudden sound, the two swords intersected, and half of the big sword flew out. It turned out that the long sword in the hands of the Tsing Yi swordsman was so sharp that he cut the big sword into two. From his throat to his lower abdomen, he made a two-foot-long cut. The swordsman in Jinshan roared wildly and fell to the ground. The swordsman in Tsing Yi stared at the burly figure underground for a moment, then returned the sword into its sheath, bowed his knees and saluted the king, his face couldn’t hide his pride.

An official beside the king said: “The strong man has swords and skills, and the king bestows ten catties of gold.” The Tsing Yi swordsman thanked him and walked away.

There are eight Tsing Yi swordsmen in a row on the west side. Compared with the more than fifty Jinshan swordsmen on the opposite side, the number is very small.

The official slowly said: “Wu Yue swordsman, three times!” One of the two swordsmen teams walked out, saluted the king and stood facing each other. Suddenly, the glaucoma was dazzling, and everyone felt cold. But seeing the three-foot long sword in the hands of the Tsing Yi swordsman trembling, it was like a silky ribbon. The official praised: “Good sword!” The Tsing Yi swordsman bowed slightly as a salute, thanking him for his praise. The official said: “I have watched two games alone, this time two against two!”

One of the Jinshan swordsmen team came out and drew his sword out of its sheath. The sword was as bright as autumn water, and it was also a sharp weapon. One more person came out of the Tsing Yi Swordsman team. After the four saluted the king, they saluted each other, and fought with the light of the sword. In this two-to-two competition, the fellow swordsmen looked after and cooperated with each other.

After the count, with a sneer, the long sword in the hand of a swordsman in Jinshan was cut by the opponent. This man was extremely brave, carrying a half-cut sword, and flying towards the enemy. The Tsing Yi swordsman’s long sword flashed, and with a sneer, he shaved his right arm shoulder-to-shoulder, followed by a patch of sword, and pierced his heart.

The other two struggled endlessly. The victorious Tsing Yi swordsman watched by, and suddenly the long sword was handed out. With a sneer, the sword in the swordsman’s hand was cut off. The other man walked straight into the palace with a long sword, penetrated his opponent’s chest, and pierced his vest.

The king laughed loudly, clapped his hands and said, “Good sword, good swordsmanship! Wine reward, bounty! Let’s watch a four-to-four contest again.”

There were four people from each side of the team, and after saluting, they fought with swords. The Jinshan swordsman lost three games in a row, and four people died. At this time, the four who ended up fought a sumo wrestling, and they had to win one game if they said anything. I saw two Tsing Yi swordsmen flanking a Jinshan swordsman from left to right. The remaining three Jinshan swordsmen stepped forward to invite the fight, but they were blocked by two Tsing Yi swordsmen. These two Tsing Yi swordsmen took a purely defensive position.

They had strict tactics. They didn’t even fight back, but they ordered the three Jinshan swords. The soldiers could not go to help their companions, and the remaining two Tsing Yi swordsmen killed their opponents in a two-to-one manner, and then attacked another Jinshan swordsman. Previously, the two Tsing Yi swordsmen still used the old law, only defending but not attacking, blocking the two Jinshan swordsmen, letting their companions to kill the opponent two to one.