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Chapter 1 has been revised and minor revisions. If you have seen it, you will read it again. Thank you, sorry. (1)

After occupying the pit for more than half a month, the change was finally opened. From now on, it will be updated at 6 o’clock in the morning every day.

003: Hello, I am Shen Chenyu (3)

Shen Chenyu has loved and hated.

It’s just that she doesn’t like those behaviors that make every effort and every means to avenge the guilty man after being disappointed.

Why revenge? If you are not blind, how can scum be hurt? If you want to blame, you have to blame yourself for having no eyes.

Saying goodbye three years ago, she just wanted to live out her own value, and then, far away from Leng Moyan, from then on, I will never see each other again.

Unexpectedly, the gears of destiny turned, forcing her to come back again to this place that gave her endless painful memories, with the appearance and identity of another person.

She once thought that after three years of precipitation, no matter how great the hatred, no matter how deep the love she is, she would be indifferent. Even if she can’t forget, at least, she can be safe and sound in front of him. I don’t want to, it’s just him. A ray of breath can cause intense pain in her heart.

She overestimated herself after all.

Shen Chenyu lightly closed his eyes, and slowly clenched his other hand on his knee into a fist, pressing down the violent emotions in his heart.


“Little fish? Little fish?”

Tian Tian hit Shen Chenyu with her elbow, Shen Chenyu raised her eyes, and the depths of her eyes were clear and calm, without any emotion and emotion.     Shen Chenyu glanced

at the people on the table staring at her, and asked in a steady voice, “What’s wrong?”

Tang He smiled playfully, “Miss Shen, we Ayan like to drink red wine, here, red wine is in front of you, trouble. You pour a glass for Ayan.”

Shen Chenyu’s gaze fell on the translucent green wine bottle with only half left in front of him.

Obviously, not before.

But no matter how the red wine bottle came to her, let her pour the wine to Leng Moyan?

To please him? Flatter him?

how can that be possible?

Thinking of what Tian Tian said before, that she would go to’Time Allure’ after eating, she didn’t know if Leng Moyan would follow, but no matter whether he would go or not, she had the idea of ​​leaving.

Suddenly, Shen Chenyu’s thoughts flipped in his mind, and then moved his gaze away from the wine bottle, and glanced at Tang He. Although he didn’t know what this person meant, it was undeniable that he gave her an excellent way to leave the dining table. Don’t let Tian Tian have a chance to blow up her hair.

Thinking of this, Shen Chenyu smiled politely again, reached out his hand to pick up the red wine bottle, and stood up slowly, seeming to have obeyed Tang He’s words.

Leng Moyan did not seem to hear Tang He’s words at all, nor did he notice Shen Chenyu’s movements. He just took out the smoke and lighter from the pocket of the suit hung on the back of the chair in an elegant manner, lit it, and swallowed the smoke like no one.

In the smoke, his eyes were not the slightest temperature.

Shen Chenyu was very close to Leng Moyan, and the cool breeze coming in from outside the window blew all the smoke towards her, choking her throat so itchy, she coughed hard, covering her mouth, and the red wine bottle in her hand was gone. Hold it steady, shake your hand, the bottle tilts, and almost half a bottle of red wine is spilled on her clothes.

She was wearing a plain dress, and the purple wine stains sprinkled on it were very eye-catching, but not embarrassed.

Tian Tian said in surprise, “Ah!” Shen Chenyu was like a okay person, and said indifferently: “Sorry, I’m going to the bathroom.”

Without waiting for anyone’s answer, Shen Chenyu put down the red wine bottle and walked out of the box. In the bathroom, he sucked up the liquor from the clothes with a paper towel, returned to the box, and said goodbye directly on the grounds of “going home and changing clothes”.

Seeing that her clothes were like this, Tian Tian couldn’t force her to stay, she could only watch her leave with regret.

Shen Chenyu didn’t let go of his tense heartstrings until he walked out of the golden gate of the Beijing Hotel.

Standing at the door, blowing the cool night breeze for a while, stunned for a moment, walked to the parking lot, and drove home.

As soon as Shen Chenyu left, Leng Moyan, who hadn’t spoken since entering the box, stood up suddenly, picked up his suit jacket and walked out.

It came suddenly and went inexplicably.

Tang He immediately followed.

Leng Moyan’s pace was a little fast, and Tang He ran after him.

Tang He didn’t catch up with Leng Moyan until he reached the gate.

It wasn’t that his pace became faster, but Leng Moyan stopped.

“Why don’t you leave?” Tang He walked over, and saw Leng Moyan standing in the magnificent lobby of the hotel, the golden light above his head hitting his eyes, making his eyes hazy.

He was staring at the door.

Tang He followed his line of sight and, as expected, saw a familiar shadow.

Hinky stepped forward, Tang He was filled with excitement that he was not afraid of death, “Felling on someone else?”

Leng Moyan didn’t respond.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you fell in love with her. She and Tong Jin look so alike. When I saw the villa in the Shen family that night, I was so scared that I thought hell, but it was a bit expensive. If you want to marry her, you have to bear it. The old fox of the Shen Zheng group had a debt of 100 billion yuan, and the old fox made a good calculation.”

In Tang He’s view, it is really worthless to spend 100 billion yuan to marry a wife. What about the Shen family’s daughter? No matter how noble the status is, isn’t it just a woman?

Suddenly remembering something, he smiled improperly: “I said A Yan, did you offend Shen Zheng in your previous life? You got a Chen Luoyan three years ago, and I wore you a beautiful green hat on the day of your engagement. I got a Shen Chen Yu, and I am preparing to scrape a piece of meat from you before getting engaged. Is this Shen Yu and Goose going to swallow you alive?” The

Shen family doesn’t know how many daughters there are.

While talking, the shadow outside the door has already left.

There was no emotion in Leng Moyan’s eyes, and he turned a deaf ear to Tang He’s words, lifted his leg and walked out.

This indifferent attitude made Tang He discouraged. How could it be so difficult to see expressions other than calm from Leng Moyan?

Three years ago, although he was cold, but at least occasionally laughed and fell in love, just like a normal young man.

Now, there is only calmness left, so calm that makes people feel terrible.

Tang He followed Leng Moyan out of the gate of Jingcheng Hotel.

The night breeze of early spring, with a hint of unknown floral fragrance, is fresh and pleasant.

Looking at Leng Moyan’s arrogant back, he felt that as a good brother, there were things necessary to remind Leng Moyan.

His face became serious, “Ayan, you have to be more sensible about the marriage. The outflow of 100 billion yuan is not a trivial matter for the company. This is not an investment. There will be a return. This is meat buns and dogs. , There is no return, and no matter how much this Shen family daughter looks like Tong Jin, it is not Tong Jin after all, because Tong Jin has already…” died.

Tong Jin is dead.

Tang He didn’t say this sentence.

Because he saw Leng Moyan stunned in place, his back was dyed with sadness.

Leng Moyan used to love Tong Jin, his brother saw in his eyes and described it in one sentence: Spoiled endlessly.

It’s a pity that the confidante is fateful.

☆, 004: Hello, this is Shen Chenyu (4)

Shen Chenyu came home, it was already nine o’clock in the evening.

Shen Zheng and Gao Yazhi were sitting on the sofa, looking like they were waiting for her.

Shen Chenyu smiled and stepped forward and sat down affectionately next to Gao Yazhi. Although she went abroad at the age of eight and has hardly returned to China in more than ten years, Shen Zheng and Gao Yazhi love her daughter very much. They make videos every day and fly every month. The country saw her once or twice, and the big and small things in life were arranged for her. The relationship between father and daughter has never been strange.

This is why she learned of the group crisis and did not hesitate to return to China.

“Dad, mom, are you waiting for me?”

Shen Zheng’s eyes were apologetic and distressed, and the smile on the corner of his mouth was full of exhaustion. “Little fish, if… tomorrow noon you don’t want to go to the Beijing Hotel, Dad won’t force it. You.”

Means: If you do not agree to be engaged to Leng Moyan, I will not force you.

Shen Chenyu smiled.

More than half a month ago, the headline of the Caijing Daily said that the Shenshi Group, the No. 1 company in Beijing, suffered a loss of 250 billion yuan and owed 100 billion yuan in foreign debt due to blind expansion of its industrial fields and investment failure.

As soon as the news came out, Shen Group’s share price plummeted, the stock market was down, banks refused to lend, partners questioned, and many partners even wavered their cooperation ideas. In order to stabilize the partners, Shen Zheng released the news, and the marriage of Shen Leng and Leng was imminent.

After that, Shen Zheng tried his best to raise funds, but bumped into walls everywhere. Even if someone was willing to help, he could only helpless when he heard the literary numbers that day.

Because of this loss, the product that was originally going to be listed in the next quarter has no capital investment, and has been forced to stop production. In addition, the creditor of the debt, Renjiu Group, has given a deadline, and it will not be able to pay after ten days. , It was necessary to go through legal procedures. At that time, Shen could only declare bankruptcy.

These were later Gao Yazhi told Shen Chenyu.

So, at this critical moment, how can she stay out of the matter with peace of mind?

She could only agree to this marriage and stabilize the cooperative relationship between Shen Leng and Shen Leng. Then, Shen shared the resources accumulated over the years, Leng contributed money to help Shen repay the huge debt, and then borrowed from the bank. To resume production.

“Dad, I’m fine. The Shen family is the hard work of your grandfather and you all your life. As the children of the Shen family, you have this responsibility to protect the Shen family. I believe that after this hurdle, the Shen family will definitely improve. Dad, you Don’t worry too much.”

These words made Shen Zheng very heartfelt and a little bit sad.

He squeezed Gao Yazhi’s hand, with gratitude and gratitude in his eyes: “Yazhi, you have given birth to a good daughter.”

Gao Yazhi smiled and said, “It doesn’t seem to be your daughter.”

At this moment , Two people walked in the hallway.

Shen Chenyu’s eldest brother Shen Qingshu and his sister-in-law Ye Xi.

Shen Qingshu was a little wilted. After seeing Shen Zheng, he lowered his head and shouted: “Dad.”

Ye Xi called out one by one, “Dad, Mom…Sister.” I

don’t know if it’s Shen Chenyu’s. Illusion, when Ye Xi was calling her, the look in her eyes was a little strange, but it was only a flash. She didn’t care. She stood up from the sofa and smiled politely: “Big brother, sister-in-law.”

Gao Yazhi It is Shen Zheng’s second wife. Shen Qingshu is the child of Shen Zheng’s ex-wife. Shen Chenyu’s half-brother has not lived in the same place for many years, and the relationship is dull.

Shen Qingshu did not call Gao Yazhi, Gao Yazhi didn’t mind, and even took the initiative to say: “Qingshu and Xiaoxi are back, have you eaten dinner?”

Ye Xi smiled, “Mum, thank you.”

Gao Yazhi Nodded with a smile.

Shen Zheng’s sharp eyebrows wrinkled tightly, his tone changed from his previous gentleness and kindness, and became severe: “Shen Qingshu, all your skills are used to harm the company, do you not even have the most basic courtesy?” The

Shen Group lost money. More than two hundred billion, the culprit is Shen Qingshu.

This is also the fault of Shen Zheng himself. In order to allow Shen Qingshu to independently take charge of the group earlier, Shen Qingshu was given too much power, which caused him to be blindly arrogant. Many major investment projects were not reported to the board of directors, and he did it alone. The decision, as a result, lost the individual’s skin.

Shen Qingshu was not convinced, “How did I know that this would happen? I also want to make the company develop better. Originally, the Shen Group was the No. 1 enterprise in Beijing, but you can see that the Leng Group and the Renjiu Group have developed momentum in the past three years. It’s fierce, and keeps pace with the Shen Group so soon. If we don’t develop, we won’t be able to keep the reputation of this No. 1 company.”

“You…” Shen Zheng’s chest was ups and downs with anger, “How can I have you a no-brained son! It is right to have the heart to grow a business, but this also has to pay attention to methods and strategies, instead of acting blindly like you I’m so angry! From tomorrow, get me off to the sales department!”

Shen Qingshu’s eyes widened, “Dad!”

Shen Zheng squinted: “Why? Want to get out of the Shen Group?”

Shen Qingshu shut up. After a moment of silence, he turned and walked upstairs.

Ye Xi smiled and said “good night”, followed closely.

Shen Chenyu poured a

glass of water and handed it to Shen Zheng: “Dad, don’t be angry.” Shen Zheng took a sip from the water glass and sighed, “If Xiaoyu was a boy, it would be fine.”

Gao Yazhi on the side listened. His eyes flickered slightly, and he opened his mouth to say something, then closed his mouth and said nothing.

After a while, Shen Zheng said: “Xiaoyu studied fashion design in country M. I will go to the company with me tomorrow. I will arrange for you to enter the fashion design center.”

Shen Chenyu had no objection, and responded, “Okay.”

After entering the company the next day, Shen Zheng called Huang Ying, the director of the Fashion Design Center, and handed Shen Chenyu to her.

Shen Zheng did not indicate the identity of Shen Chenyu, but the chairman personally confessed to him, no matter what his identity, no one would neglect.

Huang Ying led Shen Chenyu to the fashion design center, and at the same time asked Shen Chenyu’s opinion: “I don’t know what kind of position Ms. Shen likes?”

Respectfully, but not flattering.

Shen Chenyu smiled and handed over his resume, and said in a hurry, “This is my resume. I am just an unemployed person who is here to apply. You are the director. You will arrange it.”

Huang Ying’s face was a little surprised. The chairman personally arranged it, but even prepared a resume?

Her gaze fell on Shen Chenyu’s face, and she saw that the girl was very young in the next year, but her gaze was calm, elegant and generous with the calm and capable of a mature woman, with a small smile on her mouth, which was obviously a polite smile, but She just felt the sincerity in it.

This is a beautiful girl who makes people look very comfortable.

Huang Ying secretly commented that the slight contempt in her heart because Shen Chenyu was walking in, disappeared most of the time.

Reached out to take the resume in Shen Chenyu’s hands.

Graduated from Parsons School of Design in Country M, where he also won the highest honor, and once served as the chief designer of a luxury brand…

Huang Ying was directly astonished this time.

I thought it was just a useless person who came in by relationship, but I didn’t expect to have served as the chief designer of a luxury brand.

This condition is more than enough to serve as the chief designer of the design center.

The main consumers of Shen’s clothing brand are women of low- and middle-level consumption. The focus is on high quality and low price. The design of clothing is far less difficult than that of luxury brand fashion.

It’s just that there is no vacancy for the position of chief designer, but one of the position of designer was vacant some time ago.

After thinking for a moment, Huang Ying spoke in a deliberate tone: “There is still a vacancy in the position of designer in the design center. How about Chen Yu as a designer?” The

title suddenly changed from Miss Shen to Shen Yu.

Shen Chenyu smiled: “Yes, thank you Director Huang.”

Not picky or arrogant.

The smile on Huang Ying’s face deepened by three points, “It should be.”

Shen’s clothing design center is an open office, full of design and fashion sense, with clear lines and bright colors.

Shen Chenyu’s position is by the window, and as soon as he looks up, he can see the blue sky and white clouds outside.

In the morning, Shen Chenyu got acquainted with the various duties and work content of the design center.

After get off work at eleven, Shen Zheng and Shen Chenyu went to the Beijing Hotel.

At the entrance of the hotel, I happened to run into Gao Yazhi who came from home.

The three of them entered the box together, but the Leng family hadn’t arrived yet.

After waiting for about a quarter of an hour, Leng Moyan’s parents Leng Yizhou and Hui Xian brought Leng Moyan into the box.

The visitor dressed up and showed his attention to the meal, but Leng Anhuai didn’t come, and Shen Zheng’s eyes dimmed slightly, and immediately stretched his eyebrows, stood up and said hello with a smile.

Hui Xian originally smiled gently and decently, as soon as she touched Shen Chenyu’s eyes, her smile faded, and the whole person even took a big step back in a gloomy manner.

“Tong, Tong Jin?”


Come here, please collect it.

☆, 005: Hello, this is Shen Chenyu. (5)

Hui Xian did not attend the Shen family banquet that night. Today, she saw Shen Chenyu for the first time.

Leng Yizhou had seen Shen Chenyu at the banquet. He frowned and looked at Hui Xian, somewhat displeased: “What are you talking about? This is Miss Shen Chen.”

The smile on the corner of Shen Chenyu’s mouth remained unchanged, his eyes lighted. Bright, with a clear voice: “Hello, Mrs. Leng, I am Shen Chenyu.”

Hui Xian also realized her gaffe, she immediately converged in surprise, and straightened her figure, but her smile was a little stiff, “Sorry, Miss Shen is long.

It looks a lot like a girl I used to know. I lost my attitude for a while. Please forgive me.” Gao Yazhi had doubts, but did not show it. She smiled: “It’s okay, Xiaoyu looks like someone you know, which means you are quite good. Fate.”

Hui Xian’s smile became more rigid, and she kept looking at Shen Chenyu, but she said to Gao Yazhi, “Hehe, it is very fate.”

I just don’t know whether this is a good fate or a bad fate.

Everyone was humbled and took their seats.

Intentionally or unintentionally, Shen Chenyu was arranged to sit on Leng Moyan’s right hand.

She had a faint smile on her mouth, her eyes were calm, she couldn’t see any strange emotions, but only she knew it, since Leng Moyan appeared in her field of vision, she was tight, her hands were invisible to others Angle, wrinkled flat skirt, palm sticky, sweaty.

Leng Moyan’s breath is just like his person, cold and cold, with a faint smell of tobacco, everywhere, wantonly penetrated into her nasal cavity, evoking the past that she tried to bury.

Once, because she couldn’t smell the smoke, Leng Moyan quit smoking. Later, he no longer smelled of tobacco.

Although the matter was small, she was very touched. Once in a dream, she would wake up with a smile.

It’s just that the so-called sweetness, at this moment, turned into a gentle but sharp blade, gently scratching her heart, crisscrossing and dripping with blood.

“Fifteen percent, one point can’t be less.” A

cold and deep voice suddenly sounded in the ear, making Shen Chenyu’s trance-like mind suddenly clear, and the flat skirt was a little more wrinkled: she had just been indulged in… once again past.

Because goodbye, in these short few days, she did this frequently, which made her a little irritable.

The voice in my ears continued: “In the past half month, your company’s stock price has continued to fall. Today, your company’s stock price, 15% of the group’s shares have a market value of no more than 30 billion, and I have to bear your company’s 1,000 million shares. No matter how you calculate the huge debt of 100 million yuan, it is a good deal for your company.”

Shen Zheng smiled calmly, “Mr. Leng seems to have forgotten that in addition to the shares of this group, the Shen Group has to share the business resources accumulated over the years. It’s like a gold mine, which is not measurable by money.”

Leng Moyan put his right hand lightly on the solid wood tabletop, and his slender fingertips silently tapped the tabletop from time to time. His expression was faint, but he gave people an inexplicable pressure.

“Don’t say it’s a gold mine, even if it’s a gold mine mountain range, you have to create value for people who know how to develop. Otherwise, it’s just a pile of rubble and wood. Does Shen always think?”

This is clearly speaking, Shen’s Shen’s commercial resources are just rubbish like rubble in Shen’s hands, insinuating the inefficiency of Shen Zheng.

When Shen Zheng has been insulting the mall for decades, when he has been subjected to such insults, it is also out of the mouth of a junior.

His face darkened, “Since Mr. Leng admits that it is a gold mine and its potential value, do I have reason to think that it is not right to take out 15% of the group shares on the basis of sharing resources? Reasonable? Eight percent, this is my limit.”

No one will not bargain in business.

Even if the Shen clan wanted to ask others, he couldn’t sit still and let others kill him.

Leng Moyan raised his eyebrows carelessly, “15%, this is also my limit.” After a

pause, he added: “The lowest limit.” That

attitude seemed to have nothing to do with him, success or failure. It doesn’t matter in general.

The outside world feels that the Shen Group tightly grasped the Leng Group’s thighs in times of crisis and tried to transfer a huge debt of 100 billion yuan to the Leng Group by way of marriage. It is really idiotic and shameless.

But who knows, Shen has to pay such a high price.

15% of the shares are only 5% less than the chairman of Shen Zheng, and he has become the second largest shareholder of the group. As long as Leng Moyan buys another 6% through other channels, then Shen will be inevitable. The risk of changing owners.

Also share the business resources accumulated for so many years…Shen’s future is worrying.

However, Shen Zheng really couldn’t sit back and watch the Shen Group go bankrupt…

He looked at the void in front of him, his eyes struggling obscurely.

Shen Chenyu, who hadn’t spoken after sitting down, turned to look at Leng Moyan with a cold expression. In this negotiation, he was a complete winner.

But… there is

no absolute in the world.

Red lips lightly asked, she said: “Zong Leng must have 15% of Shen’s group shares. Sima Zhao’s heart is really obvious. Renjiu Group once proposed that the debt of 100 billion yuan should not be recovered, as long as Shen accepts it. The investment made it become the holding group of the Shen Group. My father’s position remains the same, and the power remains…”

Shen Chenyu smiled gracefully and continued: “…so you see, Shen’s is not without other To choose, if the Shen family must change ownership, then it does not make any difference to us whether the owner is Renjiu Group or Lengshi Group. Even the Renjiu Group holding Shenshi is more beneficial to us.”

“But. For the Leng Group, it was a huge loss.”

“Eight percent of the group’s shares are now far less than 100 billion, but when Shen comes back to life, the long-term value of this 8% is definitely more than 1,000. million, not to mention the interests of Shen’s business resources will bring to the cold’s cold is always a wise man, which fertilizer is flowing into their fields, or flow into others fields, to see how cold the overall decision today. “

Shen Zheng stared closely at Leng Moyan’s face, and secretly squeezed Shen Chenyu’s sweat.

The Renjiu Group has never said that it wants to invest, let alone that his position and power remain unchanged. The Renjiu Group said that it would go through legal procedures and let Shen directly go bankrupt.

Shen Chenyu handed him a look of “reassurance”, success or failure, try to know.

Moreover, she has analyzed the pros and cons very clearly, as long as she is not stupid, she will not make a choice that harms herself and others.

Leng Moyan’s cold eyes fell on Shen Chenyu’s face faintly.

The gaze was so sharp that she could see into Shen Chenyu’s heart, making her feel nervous for a while, but the smile on her face became more confident and determined, and the light in her eyes became more and more amazing.

Shopping mall negotiations cannot lose momentum.

Leng Moyan looked at her for a moment, and a touch of mockery suddenly evoked on her lips, “Ms. Shen is trying to promote the cooperation between Shen and Leng?”

Shen Chenyu only saw the mockery of his lips, with a natural expression: “Very well. Obviously.”

Leng Moyan’s lips made a deeper mockery: “Miss Shen is so impatient to be engaged to me?”


Who is Tong Jin?

☆, 006: Hello, I’m Shen Chenyu. (6)

Leng Moyan’s mockery on his lips is deeper: “Ms. Shen is so impatient to be engaged to me?” The

topic turned a bit suddenly, and Shen Chenyu was stunned for a moment to react: If the cooperation between Shen and Leng and Leng is successful, in order to consolidate this level of cooperation, she will marry Leng Moyan.

It turned out that the mockery on his lips actually meant this. The smile on her face was three minutes colder, and she was about to fight back…

Leng Moyan spoke again, even too lazy to give alms, her tone didn’t matter, even with a little contempt. “Who is the ultimate master of the Shen family? The fertilizer will eventually flow into the Leng family, or the Renjiu Group. I don’t care. If the Shen family wants to cooperate, 15% of the group’s shares, if you don’t want it, please. “

After speaking, before everyone could react, they got up and walked out of the box.

The meal broke up unhappy.

Leng Yizhou, who came out of the Jingcheng Hotel, told Leng Anhuai of the whole process one by one. As soon as Leng Moyan entered the gate of the Leng Group, he received a questioning call from Leng Anhuai.

Leng Moyan’s expression at the moment was colder than when he faced Shen Zheng, and he dropped the sentence “What’s the rush? Grandpa? Before seven o’clock tonight, Shen Zheng will definitely come to the door with a 15% contract transfer.” Up the phone.

Leng Anhuai on the phone heard the busy tone of’toot–‘, and his slightly gray eyebrows frowned.

Leng Moyan’s words, Thaksin.

Nowadays, the capital business sector is divided into three parts of the Leng Group, Shen Group, and Renjiu Group. It is Leng Moyan’s three years of credit that Leng Moyan has today. What Leng Moyan has said has never failed.

However, the feeling that the young eagle has full wings and is not easy to control gives him an inexplicable sense of crisis.

Leng Moyan returned to the office and did not deal with the documents piled up on the desk. Instead, he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and lit a cigarette.

After taking a sip, he seemed to remember something, and hurriedly squeezed out the cigarette in his hand. Only when he threw the cigarette into the ashtray did he remember that the girl who could not smell the cigarette in his memory was gone.

Stunned for a while, he returned to his senses and lit a cigarette again.

Leng Moyan swallowed clouds and fog, his eyes calm but deep and sticky, as deep as the midnight sky.

In the smoke, a pair of surprisingly bright eyes slowly emerged in front of his eyes.

The girl in the memory also has a pair of eyes that become especially bright when lying.

Leng Moyan’s eyes were still calm and deep, but the round cigarette was slightly deformed between his slender fingers.

It’s six forty in the evening.

The cold house welcomes guests.

In the early spring night, Leng Anhuai was wearing loose and thick pajamas. While instructing the servants to serve tea, he said apologetically: “I’m really sorry. I originally planned to see my future granddaughter in person at noon. I didn’t expect to be physically active.


something goes wrong temporarily, will Shen always mind?” Shen Zheng laughed: “The old man’s body is important. Those are things for the juniors, not worthy of your old people ‘s troubles .” “I heard Yizhou talk about everything at noon. Ayan is too ignorant, President Shen must not be offended.” Leng Anhuai turned his head and stared at Leng Moyan, “Hurry up and apologize to your future husband!”

Leng Moyan was indifferent.

Leng Anhuai groaned: “You child!” He raised the jade crutches in his hand and was about to hit him.

The play is very well made.

Shen Zheng stretched out his hand to stop the crutches, and said with a smile: “Master, don’t be angry, I’m here to disturb you so late, there is something important…” After

all, 15% of the transfer contract was signed.

There is also a contract for the sharing of commercial resources.

Shen Zheng didn’t know what it was like in his heart at the moment.

Shen was saved, but at the same time, he was also caught in another chronic crisis.

He couldn’t say what he wanted to say if the marriage could be cancelled.

Going back in the afternoon, after thinking about it, instead of watching Shen go bankrupt, he might as well take a gamble. There is still a glimmer of hope.

But thinking of Leng Moyan’s indifferent attitude, Xiaoyu will never have an easy life after marrying. Shen’s originally paid such a high price to get a daughter in, wouldn’t it be even worse?

He is just such a daughter. She was hurting on the cusp of her heart when she was young, and he couldn’t bear it after all.

But now…

if Xiaoyu can hold Leng Moyan in the future, then Shen…

Shen Zheng raised his head and glanced at Leng Moyan who was sitting diagonally across from him, a young man, restrained and serious, with deep and transparent eyes. With a faint stern look, he, a person who has been in shopping malls for many years, can’t see through the emotions and thoughts in it. He has to admit that Leng Moyan is the king of the natural shopping mall. Since Leng Moyan has developed in just three years, Leng’s development has been like a broken bamboo. , You can get a glimpse.

Such a man may not be easy to handle.

Withdrawing his gaze, Shen Zheng looked at Leng Anhuai, “Since the contract has been signed, I don’t know when the 100 billion will arrive?”

Although the terms of the’commercial resource sharing’ contract are stated, it will be three days from the effective date of the contract. Within a day, but Shen Zheng still hopes as soon as possible.

Leng Anhuai smiled and said: “Although 100 billion Lengs can get it, it is not a small amount after all. A Yan will let the finance department arrange it as soon as possible. In addition, A Yan and Ling Qianjin will get engaged. I also hope to get engaged as soon as possible. After letting the two children get along with each other, and then get married, I had to hug the grandson earlier, haha…”

“Haha.” Shen Zheng smiled and looked at Leng Moyan, seeing that he heard Leng Anhuai’s words and did not show any signs of disagreement. Yue’s emotions echoed: “I also hope to hold my grandson earlier.” The

engagement is arranged in ten days, which is a good day.

When Shen Zheng asked Shen Chenyu’s opinion, Shen Chenyu nodded and said nothing.

The weather became the same as people’s mood, gloomy and gloomy, as if it was about to rain.

Shen Chenyu sits in his place in the design center, holding a copy of the “Financial News” in his hand. The Shen Group and the Leng Group are about to marry, and the news that Leng is willing to fund Shen’s 100 billion yuan dominates the headlines. This news As soon as it came out, the share price of Shen Group began to rise after the market opened this morning.

Just now, Shen Zheng told her on the phone that several banks have come to the door and expressed their willingness to lend to Shen. The batch of products that were forced to stop production will soon be able to resume production, and then go on the market, and then the funds are returned.

The atmosphere in the office is obviously more relaxed than in the previous two days, probably because everyone finally sees hope.

However, she is going to be engaged to Leng Moyan again.

Yes, yes again.

Three years ago, no, it was three and a half years ago, she was engaged to a marriage with him, but at that time, she was full of joy, and now, her mood is so deep and gray in the sky.

Before leaving get off work in the evening, Shen Zheng called Shen Chenyu, saying that Leng Anhuai had booked a box for her and Leng Moyan at’Zui Xiangnong’ and let them have a meal together, with the nickname “cultivating feelings.”

Shen Chenyu heard the words’Drunk Xiangnong’ and slightly stabbed her heart.

In the past, Leng Moyan often took her to’Drunk Xiangnong’ to eat a plate of prawns.

In addition to the fact that the prawns of’Drunk and Fragrant’ are known as a must in the gourmet world, but also because she loves to eat them.

Those sweet memories had thought, so heavy fish heart rejection, denial blurted:

“? Dad, I …… a little uncomfortable today, can not” —— —— digression

cold big Scumbag rice, is it something you don’t want to eat if you don’t eat it?

☆, 007: Hello, I am a heavy fish (7)

those sweet memories had thought, so heavy fish heart rejection, denial blurted: “? Dad, I …… a little uncomfortable today, can not go.”

Moreover, every Leng Moyan was obviously insincere when someone passed the news to her, and he probably didn’t want to eat with her.

After all, the current Shen family is no longer the Shen family that he needed to cling to three years ago; the Leng family now is no longer the cold family that needed to cling to others three years ago.

Shen Zheng heard her lack of energy, and did not reluctantly said, “Then you go home from work and take a good rest.” After

hanging up the phone, Shen Chenyu stared at the computer’s blackened screen, his brain confused like a bunch of cotton.

After work, everyone waited for Huang Ying to leave with their bags before turning off the computers.

Shen Chenyu’s mind was messed up, and she sat in the position without moving. The assistant came over and said “goodbye” to her. It took a moment for her to reply with the word “um” slowly.

The assistant was arranged for her by Huang Ying. I heard that it was the assistant of the designer who had left before. Because there was some difficulty in the family, and with Huang Ying’s help, the designer left. She stayed. She saw Shen Chenyu’s face. Not very good, wittyly said nothing, turned and left.

People disappeared quickly, and the huge design center was empty.

It took a long time before she turned off the computer, and the sky outside the window turned into a dark gray.

This rain, I don’t know if it will fall.

Shen Chenyu took the elevator directly down to the underground parking lot.

As soon as I got out of the elevator door, I was blocked by someone.

Shen Chenyu lowered his head slightly, and was the first to see a pair of black handmade leather shoes covered with a thin layer of gray.

Looking up, there is a young man’s face with bright eyes and clever energy. He laughed so hard that he lifted two rows of white teeth, “Hello Miss Shen, I am Ding Yajun, the assistant of Leng’s group, Mr. Leng let I’ll pick you up to’Drunk and Fragrant'”.

Shen Chenyu frowned when he came to report to his home.

“Assistant Ding, if I remember correctly, tonight’s appointment has been cancelled.” My

father told her to go home early to rest after work. It must be that she would tell Leng Jia that she was unwell. Now What does it mean to have someone come to pick you up?

Ding Yajun glanced at a black car not far away, and said hesitantly: “No…no.”

Shen Chenyu’s frowning eyebrows were already stretched, and his tone was gentle but he couldn’t refuse: “Sorry, I am not feeling well today. I have already told Chairman Leng to cancel the appointment tonight. Please tell Mr. Leng, if he has any questions, please ask Chairman Leng.”

After finishing, she wiped it.

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