Chapter 10 Qiao Yu is the little fairy!

Xue Moxin played Xia Ansheng’s best girlfriend Bai Meng. She helped the actor Ye Yi catch up with Xia Ansheng, and finally comforted her when Xia Ansheng was broken in love. She was a very good girlfriend.

Now I am shooting a scene where Xia Ansheng and Ye Yichu met. I chose to shoot at a financial university. This university is famous for its scenery and is very suitable for shooting youth campus dramas.

On the playground, the staff were clearing the playground, but there were still many students watching by the playground, and some even picked up their mobile phones to take pictures. Zhou Haoyu told them that the content of the movie was not allowed to be filmed, and those students nodded like a slapstick.

When Qiao Yu came to the playground, he got the attention of many people.

She just stood there quietly, pure and beautiful, with long hair fluttering, and even the flowers of their school were not half as beautiful as hers!

“Who is she? Which star, how come I haven’t seen it?”

Someone has started to whisper.

“Xie Xuannan, Qiao Yu, Xue Moxin came over to film.” Zhou Haoyu cried.

The three looked at each other and walked over.

Xue Moxin saw that everyone’s eyes were looking at Qiao Yu, and couldn’t help but furious, clenching his fists. Why? Obviously, this role belongs to her!

Qiao Yu narrowed his eyes and curled his lips confidently, not as timid as those newcomers who filmed for the first time.

Xia Ansheng and Ye Yi met in the playground on a rainy day. She and her best friend Bai Meng went back to the dormitory holding an umbrella, and met Ye Yi, a young sunshine boy running in the rain, and fell in love at first sight.

Seeing that the props and actors were ready, Zhou Haoyu began the countdown: “Ten, nine, eight, seven…”

Xue Moxin held an umbrella and looked at Qiao Yu next to her. She showed a dark smile in the shadows. She has filmed a lot of scenes. She doesn’t believe it and can’t hold this Qiao Yu!


The blue sky that was still clear just now was suddenly covered with dark clouds, and raindrops emerged from the clouds and fell on the playground.

“Why is it raining suddenly?” Xue Moxin complained as she read the lines, pouting her mouth.

Qiao Yu lowered his head and smiled softly.

Zhou Haoyu squinted and pulled into the camera. Qiao Yu looked at the camera with a pure smile, like a gardenia after the rain, fresh and elegant. Her eyebrows were gentle, her extremely long eyelashes trembling, and her clear eyes seemed to have been washed by rain, clear and bright.

Raindrops fell on her face along the umbrella, and she smiled in the rain, exquisitely beautiful.

Zhou Haoyu took a deep breath and looked at the camera seriously.

The rain wetted the red gum track, splashed on their pants, splashed on a pair of white sneakers. In the distance, a teenager ran over. He was in the rain, but he didn’t see the slightest embarrassment, raised his clean face and smiled, the sun was shining brightly.

He seemed to be a sun in the whole rainy day, warming Xia Ansheng’s heart. Qiao Yu raised his head and looked at the rainy young man in a daze. His face gradually rose to an ambiguous pink, which was the throbbing of youth.

At this time, Xue Moxin blocked the camera, smiled sweetly, and said according to the script: “An Sheng, look at that man.”

Zhou Haoyu frowned, unhappy.

She is grabbing the camera.

Her position just blocked Qiao Yu, only half of Qiao Yu’s face was exposed.

Qiao Yu watched her little movement, and there was a dim light in her eyes where the camera couldn’t take pictures. Is this Xue Moxin asking the makeup artist to target her? She chuckles.

Is this to grab the camera? it is good.

Qiao Yu lifted his steps, blushing, looking expectantly at the teenager running from a distance. She stood in a very good position and allowed the camera to fully capture her. Qiao Yu raised her face in silence, revealing a nice snow-white neck and extremely delicate profile.

Zhou Haoyu’s eyes lit up, and he quickly brought the cameraman’s lens closer.

Her profile is really perfect! The forehead is full and white, the eye contours are like peach blossoms, the eyelashes are like butterfly wings, the nose is extremely curved, and the lips are pale pink.

There were still a few drops of raindrops on her face, which slid down at this time, contouring her face, and then running down her neck.

So tender to pinch out water!

She looked at Xie Xuannan, her eyes bright as stars, her face flushed.

The girl who seemed to be in crush saw her sweetheart.

Shy and expectant.

Xie Xuannan ran, and suddenly saw two figures in front of him, and he fell into the enemy just by looking at the long-haired girl.

Never seen such a beautiful girl!

The roots of his ears started to turn red, and on a rainy day, he felt that the surrounding temperature was very high and the wind was very hot!

“Ka!” Zhou Haoyu finished. The people at the scene never recovered. This…is too beautiful!

The students in the University of Finance looked at Qiao Yu and forgot to take photos.

When Qiao Yu heard the director say card, he walked out and prepared to wipe the rain off his face with a tissue. The water was spilled by a waterwheel, and the crew couldn’t wait for the rain to come before filming, so the waterwheel was used for the effect.

Zhou Haoyu looked at the content just shot, the effect was so good! He looked at Qiao Yu who was about to leave, and quickly called her: “Qiao Yu!”

Qiao Yu walked over helplessly, and had to wipe the water off his face with his hands.

“Your acting skills just now were really great!” Zhou Haoyu had a serious face, there are really not many people in the circle with such acting skills! She will be a big fire in the future!

Xue Moxin smiled forcefully and followed him, watching the replay, his face turned green, how could it be possible? Why is she taking so few shots? ! Is it all blocked by Qiao Yu? ! strangeness? She obviously asked the makeup artist to do tricks on her face, why is Qiao Yu still so photogenic! She gritted her teeth, pointed at Qiao Yu, and said unconvincedly: “Director! She grabbed the shot!”

She became angry from embarrassment.

Zhou Haoyu listened, turned his head and said with a cold face, “Don’t think I just couldn’t see what you were doing?”

It is clear that Qiao Yu is the protagonist. That shot was to take a close-up of Qiao Yu, but she blocked Qiao Yu?

Xue Moxin didn’t expect Zhou Haoyu to find out, blushing, his face turned red and green, and soon ran away.

Qiao Yu wiped the drops of water on her face. She treated others as they treated her. She was not a Virgin or a good person.

I filmed a few more scenes, and that’s it for today.

Qiao Yu went to the room to change her school uniform and remove her makeup. As soon as she went out, she saw a girl looking at her with bright eyes. Looking at the school uniform she is wearing, she should be a student of this university.

“Is your name Qiao Yu? I’m Gu Ruanruan! You are so beautiful!” This college student is called Gu Ruanruan, who loves to chase stars and is still a face-controller. When she sees a good-looking star, she wants to fan her. That is justice!

Today, she heard that a crew came to the school to make a film, so she came to have a look. She didn’t expect to see such a beautiful young lady!

Beauty is dead!

Qiao Yu touched her head and said, “Hello.”

“Your acting skills are great!” Gu Ruan softly blushed and said embarrassedly: “Can you sign me?”

It is said that this Qiao Yu is still just a newcomer, but she is sure that Qiao Yu will be hot in the future! Will become the goddess of the whole people! She wants to fan her! Starting today, Qiao Yu is her only goddess!

Now that I saw Qiao Yu, she felt that the actresses she used to chase were all vulgar fans, and Qiao Yu was the little fairy!