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Chapter 2 has been revised and minor revisions. If you have seen it, you will read it again. Thank you, sorry. (2)

After passing Ding Yajun, he walked toward his parking spot.

Ding Yajun was dumbfounded. She did not expect that she refused so simply and neatly. She hurriedly followed up: “Miss Shen…” Shen Chenyu

took out the car key from her bag as soon as he did not exist. She was about to press the button and she was about to pass by. The rear door of a black car suddenly opened, and the cold breath swept over in an instant. Shen Chenyu subconsciously stopped and turned his head to look. Unexpectedly, he saw Leng Moyan’s expressionless profile.

Shen Chenyu suddenly grasped the car key in his hand, his heartbeat became uncontrollably fast and chaotic at this moment, and his eyes fell on his face involuntarily.

Just like three years ago, Leng Moyan can always capture a person’s sight easily. Whether it’s facial lines, facial features, or temperament, they are impeccably perfect. If you have to say something is different from three years ago, it’s okay. It is these three years that have precipitated deeper maturity and stability in him, which makes him more masculine and makes it easier for people to indulge.

Shen Chenyu squeezed her nails into her palm, and only the sharp pain could keep her calm as she should.

A calm smile slowly bloomed on her face, and her voice was flat and did not fluctuate at the slightest: “Mr. Leng, it’s a coincidence.” In other

words, it is also a good idea to say hello to the person who is going to be engaged.

Leng Moyan sat on the back seat, folded his hands on his legs, looked straight ahead, and heard Shen Chenyu’s voice. He turned his head, his eyes were heavy, and the voice of his mouth underplayed: “Get in the car.”

Shen Chenyu smiled. “I’m sorry, Mr. Leng, I am sick and I don’t want to go out to eat.”

“Miss Shen, your attitude makes me doubt Shen’s sincerity in cooperation with Leng’s.” Leng Moyan’s two thumbs slowly moved around. In the circle, it was still such an understatement.

Shen Chenyu’s eyes tightened, but his smile was deeper, but it didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, “What does Leng mean?”

Leng Moyan’s mouth appeared sarcastically, “Literally, Ms. Shen has been abroad for too long to understand. Do you have Mandarin? Besides, I don’t think there is any obscurity in what I said.”

Shen Chenyu tightened her lips, watching Leng Moyan not speaking.

Leng Moyan turned back and didn’t speak anymore.

Ding Yajun silently wiped away the non-existent sweat, didn’t he say he was getting engaged? How do you say a gun with a stick?

Seeing Mr. Leng’s behavior, it is obvious that Miss Shen must get in the car.

Ding Yajun swallowed, very insightful eye Yan went to the door at the other side of the street cold, open the door, do ‘please’ gesture of dark fish, said:. “Ms. Shen, please get on the train”

at this time Although the distance It’s a long time after work, but there are still many people who haven’t left, and the elevator will ding -‘from time to time. People who walk in to pick up the car will always stare here strangely.

After a long time, Shen Chenyu moved towards Ding Yajun.

Seeing that she had compromised, Ding Yajun’s tight heartstrings quietly relaxed: He was really afraid that Shen Chenyu would be on the bar with Leng.

Just when Shen

Chenyu was about to walk to the car door, Leng Moyan said, “Assistant Ding, are you free?” Ding Yajun was taken aback, and immediately reacted. He immediately closed the car door and stood aside, looking at Shen Chenyu with sympathy. .

For the first time, I found out that my boss was such a must-see, and he refused to let Ms. Shen drive the door.

Shen Chenyu’s calm expression on his face stagnated when he heard the sound of closing the car door.

This man… this man is so careful, he clearly wants to embarrass her.

In just a moment, Shen Chenyu recovered his previous calmness, and gracefully walked over to open the car door, sat in, Chong Leng Mo Yan showed a bright and bright smile, did not take the embarrassment just now, his tone was brisk, “We Let’s go, Mr. Leng.”

☆, 008: Hello, this is Shen Chenyu (8) The

black car Cheetah drove out of the Shen Group underground garage agilely.

The sky was not dark yet, it was just getting darker, the viscous gray dark, the sky was like a thick layer of yellow sand, giving people a sense of dullness and depression.

The camphor trees on both sides of the road are swaying in all directions and the wind is very strong.

Shen Chenyu squeezed her body into the small corner close to the car door as much as possible, and her breathing was consciously lightened. Because the breathing was a little heavier, she could smell the cold breath of Leng Moyan’s body, a bit like mint and snow. .

Involuntarily, she remembered the scene when she saw Leng Moyan for the first time: a glimpse of a young man and a drizzle of pear blossoms, like sunshine and white snow.

Shen Chenyu tilted his head, his eyes fell on the dark car window.

Suddenly, a slender rain wire silently hit the glass, and then two and three lines… more and more.

Finally it rained.


The gale didn’t know where it came from. A few white petals whirled and danced in the air with the wind, and occasionally brushed the car window glass accidentally, as if deliberately teasing Shen Yu’s eyes, and then mischievously followed the wind away.

Shen Chenyu saw that the petals were pear petals at a glance.

This scene is more like seeing you at the beginning of the year.

Leng Moyan kept his original posture, looked sideways at the car window beside him, and the smile of Shen Chenyu when he got into the car kept coming up in his mind.

For a long, long time, I didn’t see such a smile. It was so long in a trance that I had the illusion of past and present.

His eyes are getting colder and colder, and he keeps reminding himself: Even if he has the same appearance and body shape, even if he has a similar smile, she is not’she’.

It can’t be’her’ either.

As far as my eyes were, a thin rain fell suddenly, and suddenly, a pleasant voice echoed in my ears: Mo Yan, look! It’s raining, you don’t know how much I like rainy days!

“It’s raining.” The voice, as if traveling through a thousand-year-old ancient temple, came from far away in time and space, making Leng Moyan regain his senses, turning his head abruptly, and saw Shen Chen Yusu’s white fingers touching the window of the car. , The look out of the car window changed from the calmness of the past, became obsessed, and seemed to like rainy days.

Leng Moyan’s heart tightened, and calmly asked her, “Do you like rainy days?” Do you like rainy


If it were three years ago, and such a question was in front of her, she would answer without hesitation: I like it.

She met him for the first time, met him for the first time, and kissed him for the first time, all accompanied by the lingering rain, big or small.

For a long time, she was almost grateful for the rain.

but now.

“I don’t like it.” Shen Chenyu retracted his fingers, his eyes were calm and clear, and he calmly looked at Leng Moyan, and smiled and said: “It’s raining, humid and dark. I always hate it.”

Leng Moyan’s eyes were distinct. Something was disillusioned at this moment, and he looked at the car window beside him again, each speechless.

When the car came to a stop, the doorman came over with an umbrella.

The rain was not heavy, but the wind was strong. After entering the gate, Shen Chenyu’s body was wet.

Leng Moyan didn’t even look at her, and followed the waiter to the box.

Shen Chenyu followed, and when he walked to the door of the box, he saw Leng Moyan sitting on the dining chair smoking a cigarette, exuding an icy air of refusal, as if he was the only one in the world, with the arrogance of standing alone.

At this time, the sky was completely dark, and the European-style crystal lamp on the top of the box was bright and dazzling, illuminating the entire box transparently.

Each box of Zuixiangnong is classified by number, and only this box is called’ten years’.

In the past, Leng Moyan had booked this box every time he came, but later learned by accident that this box was exclusively for Leng Moyan, and no one except him could book it.

She asked him curiously: Why is your box called’ten years’?

He calmly replied: because of a ten-year appointment.

She asked again, but he always laughed without answering.

Therefore, she never understood his answer.

I still don’t understand.

“Miss, please come in.” The waiter’s voice pulled Shen Chenyu back from his memory.

In this place, this city, there are too many memories of her and Leng Moyan. Even if they try their best to forget, the memories are always overwhelming inadvertently, and she can’t stop them.

Shen Chenyu walked into the box and chose the place farthest from Leng Moyan to sit down.

Soon, the waiter started serving dishes.

The first plate, unexpectedly, was a first-class prawn.

Leng Moyan doesn’t like to eat this kind of food with shells. Every time she comes here, she eats it. Every time he eats a plate, he is watching from the side. The light in his eyes is bright and compelling. He still remembers that. When he looked in his eyes, her heart trembled.

Before, he ordered this dish for her once.

Now, for whom?

Shen Chenyu pinched himself secretly: For whom, what does it matter to you?

Plate after plate of delicious delicacies were served on the table, the air was full of fragrance, but she was not in the mood to enjoy it. She took a few sips of the tea that was poured by the waiter at hand, and sat at the same table with Leng Moyan. After a round table, she still feels difficult, and life is as difficult as years.

There was also the smell of smoke lingering in the air, which made her throat uncomfortably itchy.

She only hopes that the date will end quickly. She doesn’t want to develop a relationship with him. Even if she gets engaged or married in the future, it will only be a marriage that uses each other and does not interfere with each other.

What’s more, his kind of person, in order to achieve the goal without compromise, tenderness and affection can all be disguised, she has been taught a lesson, and will never fall twice on the same man.

This time, she will protect her heart.

The rain outside the window increased, the box was quiet, and Shen Chenyu heard the patter of rain.

There is also the wind of’whooping’.

for a long time.

The food is cold.

Leng Moyan, who kept repeating the actions of smoking, throwing cigarette butts, and lighting cigarettes, suddenly said: “Ms. Shen is so slow to not eat, is it to get along with me for a while? It is really painstaking.”

Shen Chenyu: “…!”

Although This was a bit awkward, but it also reminded her, when can I go back without finishing the meal?

She smiled and replied: “Zong Leng is really confident.” The

implication: Don’t be affectionate.

After talking about whether Leng Moyan eats or not, she picked up the chopsticks and grabbed something to eat, chewing slowly, her movements were elegant and noble, showing her good family education and accomplishments.

Zuixiangnong is indeed a leader in the catering industry. He was not in the mood to eat, but suddenly he is in the mood.

Leng Moyan looked at Shen Chenyu through the smoke and said, “Drunk and fragrant first-grade prawns are very good, won’t you taste it?”

Shen Chenyu looked up and saw that the automatic turntable on the dining table was approaching the first-grade big prawn. The shrimps were delivered to her, they were delicious in color, flavor, and fleshy. Just looking at them, they made people’s tongues grow fluid.

She swallowed calmly and smiled, “I never eat shrimps, I have allergies, thank you for kindness.”

Leng Moyan’s face sank for some reason, and he pressed the remaining cigarette in his hand into the ashtray. Said: “Pay the bill!”

Shen Chenyu stretched out the chopsticks that wanted to pick up the dishes, just so awkwardly stagnating in the air.


number of collectors was already small, so it was very sad to return it.

☆, 009: Hello, this is Shen Chenyu (9)

The temper of this man is too inexplicable.

Shen Chenyu’s sticking out chopsticks stopped halfway, embarrassing for only a second, then calmly retracted the chopsticks, took out a tissue and wiped the corners of his mouth slowly, picked up the brand-name bag he put aside, and made a posture to leave.

The waiter handed over the bill, but Leng Moyan didn’t look at it, so he signed it directly.

Walking out of the box, Shen Chenyu was reluctant to think of going back in his car later.

Take the elevator to the first floor lobby, seeing the door around the corner, thought, she said:. “I’m sorry, I suddenly a bit uncomfortable, go look at the bathroom, your total go cold, I’ll think of ways to go home,”

do not give When Leng Moyan reacted, she turned to a waiter, asked about the location of the bathroom, and then kept leaving Leng Moyan’s sight.

Leng Moyan looked at the slender back that disappeared, his face darkened.

At this moment, the elevator ding- rang, the elevator door opened, and two beautiful young girls came out, talking and laughing towards the door. One of them saw Leng Moyan and shouted in surprise: “Brother ! “

cold Yan unfamiliar look to recover the bathroom direction of the line of sight, to see the girl, gloomy looking slightly closed, replied:” Jing butterfly, so late to go home. “

full of attitude strict father.

Leng Jingdie shrank her neck and said with a smile: “Aren’t you going home? And I’m 23 years old, I have graduated from university, not a 3-year-old kid anymore.” As if

thinking of something, she will be next to another girl. Pulling forward, he introduced: “This is my classmate, Qin Shenshen.”

Leng Moyan swept over lightly and nodded lightly.

Qin Shenshen smiled cautiously and said, “Hello, Mr. Leng.”

“Brother, will you go home later? Wait for me, I’ll go to the bathroom, and go back with you later.” Leng Jingdie didn’t have anything to say. Seeing Leng Moyan’s cold face, he dragged Qin Shenshen to the bathroom.

Shen Chenyu spent a long time in the bathroom before coming out of the cubicle.

The cubicle she chose was inside. When walking towards the sink, a cubicle in front of her opened, and the people who came out froze the moment they saw her.

With her eyes facing each other, Shen Chenyu clearly saw intense panic and unbelievable in the person’s eyes.

“Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, sister-in-law…” Leng Jingdie’s eyes opened wide, her pupils tightened sharply, and her voice was trembling. “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, sister-in-law, yes, sorry…Don’t blame me…I I, I…I’m sorry…Woo…”

Leng Jingdie weakly leaned on the door panel between the grids and spoke incoherently, causing Shen Chenyu’s eyebrows to frown.

In the past, her relationship with Leng Jingdie was pretty good, even if she mistakenly thought she was Tong Jin, it shouldn’t be this frightened look.

Just about to explain, there was a sound of water pumping in the other grid, and the door opened, revealing the face of another acquaintance.

Shen Chenyu said to his lips: What happened today? People who are familiar rushed together.

Qin Shenshen also looked at Shen Chenyu in surprise, “Tong Jin?”

Shen Chenyu’s eyes floated to the mirror not far away, looked at his own face in the glasses, and then glanced over Leng Jingdie and Qin one by one.

Shen Shen , laughed, and said: “You have admitted the wrong person, I am not Tong Jin.” Regardless of the faces of the two, she washed her hands calmly and walked out of the bathroom.

In the hall, Leng Moyan had left as she wished.

With an inexplicable emotion in my heart, I called a special car with my mobile phone and walked to the door to wait for the car.

After a while, Leng Jingdie and Qin Shenshen came out, and they talked about something, Leng Jingdie’s face was ugly.

They didn’t notice Shen Chenyu standing on one side of the door eaves. After waiting for a while on the other side of the door eaves, a black car drove over and they got in.

When the car slowly drove in front of Shen Chenyu, Shen Chenyu saw Leng Moyan in the driver’s seat from the open car window. Then she knew that he hadn’t left yet. So just now, she stood here for a while, he See it too?

After all, from the angle that the black car was driving over, the drunk and fragrant eaves of the door could be seen unobstructed.

That kind of inexplicable emotion was about to move, Shen Chenyu bit her lower lip forcefully, pressing down the bad emotions, her eyes became colder and colder.

Soon, the special car came and she got in the car and left.

Upon returning home, Aunt Wu smiled and told her, “Miss, Miss Luo Yan is back, and Miss and Grandpa are also here.”

The eldest lady in Aunt Wu’s mouth refers to Shen Chenyu’s aunt, Shen. Yu.

And the Miss Luo Yan in her mouth refers to Shen Chenyu’s cousin, formerly named Qiao Xiang, later renamed Shen Luoyan.

Shen Chenyu smiled at Aunt Wu and said, “I know.”

Whispering softly, Aunt Wu also smiled. Shen Chenyu was obviously noble and elegant. When she didn’t speak, she looked like a cloud in the blue sky. It was her. This kind of vulgar person can’t reach, and when she opened her mouth, the cloud drifted down and fell into the heart of the listener, soft and warm.

Shen Chenyu didn’t know Aunt Wu’s mental activities, changed his shoes in the hallway, and walked into the living room.

There were many people sitting on the sofa in the living room, talking and laughing, seeing her come in, Gao Yazhi called her to sit there, and then introduced to her: “This is your little aunt and your little uncle. This is your cousin, Luo Yan, for so many years. No, I don’t know if you still remember.”

Shen Chenyu said hello politely: “Good aunt and uncle, good cousin.”

Little uncle Qiao Liang smiled and said, “How old was the little fish when he left? He is 8 years old, and she will be the big girl again.”

Gao Yazhi gently touched Shen Chenyu’s hair and said with a sigh, “Yes. No, it’s been 15 years in the

blink of an eye .” In a blink of an eye, I saw Shen Yu and Shen Luoyan’s strange faces, Gao Yazhi frowned, “Sister, Luoyan, what’s the matter with you? Your face is so ugly.”

Shen Yu whispered “Huh?” , Regained consciousness, a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, the surprise in her eyes disappeared, and she said, “It’s nothing, it’s the little fish that looks so good. I was shocked and forgot to react.” She smiled and turned to Shen Yu, jokingly: ” Xiaoyu doesn’t blame Auntie?”     Shen Chenyu

‘s smile revealed inadvertent estrangement, “How could it be, auntie.”

Shen Yu pulled Lashang Shen Luoyan in a state of surprise, and said, “Luoyan, dumbfounded. What are you doing? If you don’t say hello to your sister, you will stay together under the eaves in the future. Your sisters should get along well.”

Shen Luoyan returned to his senses, condensed the overly shocked expression on his face, smiled shyly, and handed it to himself. I brought a gift and said, “I’ve been abroad before. I heard that my sister had returned to China yesterday and was preparing to get engaged. This is a little bit of my heart. I hope my sister will not dislike it.”

Shen Chenyu’s gaze fell on Shen Luoyan’s face. Years ago, Leng Moyan abandoned her six months of pregnancy in order to marry Shen Luoyan, known as the Shen family daughter.

It was really ridiculous. In the end, she herself was the only and decent daughter of the Shen family.

And Shen Luoyan was just a foreigner who changed his name and changed his surname and insisted on packaging himself as the daughter of the Shen family.

Shen Chenyu thought about learning that Leng Moyan personally ordered the doctor to remove her child. It was this Shen Luoyan who stood by her hospital bed, looking down on her with paleness and distress, proudly and triumphantly. Her: Mo Yan took your child away to get engaged to me.

☆, 010: Fall in love in the rainy season (1)

Shen Chenyu climbs a layer of coldness in the depths of his eyes.

Call her sister?

But, she doesn’t have a sister yet.

In this Shen family, she is the only daughter.

Shen Chenyu glanced at the exquisite gift box that Shen Luoyan handed to him, and did not decline. Luo Luo generously reached out and took it with a pleasant smile: “Thank you cousin.”

Shen Yu listened to Shen Chenyu’s cousin, a bit unhappy, but on his face. I didn’t show it, but just jokingly said: “It’s unfamiliar to call my cousin. Just call my sister. I will be a daughter of Luoyan. In the future, she won’t have any siblings to support her. I need you, Qingshu, and memories. Take care of it.”

Back then, because she could not give up the aura and glory brought by the “Shen Family Daughter “, she gave her daughter a new surname, and took the name of “Luo Yan” and “Shen Yu ” as her own sisters. He was sent to Shen’s house to raise him.

For so many years, after her deliberate guidance by outsiders, everyone thought that Shen Luoyan was the daughter of the Shen family, and she was a fan of the stars, making her a mother and proud.

She had spent so much thought, but she couldn’t let Shen Chenyu’s “cousin” be ruined.

Shen Chenyu handed the gift box to Aunt Wu to her room, pretending that she didn’t understand the meaning of Shen Yu’s words, and said, “Don’t worry, aunt, we are relatives, so naturally we should help each other.”

Relatives? The smile on Shen Yu’s face almost couldn’t be stretched: Shen Chenyu’s mouth, if he goes out, he would say so nonsense, that Shen Luoyan’s identity as the’Shen Family Daughter’ still doesn’t wear a gang?

She originally wanted to use the name “Shen family daughter” to get a good relationship for Shen Luoyan, but she couldn’t find Leng Moyan like that, at least she must be the heir of a wealthy family, not like her, married. A young man who is nothing, he is still a useless person! Even with her, the phoenix became a hairless phoenix.

I didn’t know how I was deceived by Qiao Liang.

Shen Yu still wanted to say something, Shen Zheng first said: “Xiaoyu, didn’t you say that you were uncomfortable before? Why did you come back now?”

Shen Chenyu truthfully replied, “I met Leng Moyan in the parking lot and had dinner with him. . “

“? Yan cold street, “Shen Zheng frown,” how? “

lifeless fish:” it was probably cold Grandfather forget to tell him. ” “

No, when I call you to discuss cooperation with the golf course are things, just When I met Old Man Leng and Leng Moyan, Leng Moyan was beside you when I said you were uncomfortable.” Shen Zheng thoughtfully, “Did he say anything when he came to you?”

He said something that didn’t make sense. What happened? Shen Chenyu didn’t want to talk about Leng Moyan anymore, shook his head and said, “No.”

Shen Chenyu did not ignore Shen Luoyan’s clenched fists when she said the words’Leng Moyan’ and Shen Yu’s ugly expression.

Gao Yazhi heard that Shen Chenyu was uncomfortable, so she touched her forehead nervously, and asked, “Where is she? Did you see a doctor? Aunt Wu! Aunt Wu! Call Dr. Gong to come over!”

Shen Chenyu hurriedly stopped. “Mom, you’re too nervous, I’m fine, maybe I didn’t get a good rest, some headaches, just sleep.”

“Then you don’t want to go upstairs to rest, Aunt Wu, give Xiaoyu hot water. “

Looking at Gao Yazhi’s nervousness, Shen Chenyu was very warm in her heart, shook her hand gently, and yelled softly, “Mom…you will spoil me like this.”

Even if you act like a baby, it is also revealing. The elegance and nobility exuded from the bones.

Gao Yazhi nodded Shen Yu’s eyebrows, and said with a smile: “You are my daughter, who do you not spoil? Go upstairs and take a bath and go to bed early, be good.”

Shen Chenyu and the others said “good night”. Back to his room.

Aunt Wu just filled the bathtub with water, said “good night, miss” and went out.

Soaking in the bathtub, the warm water wraps her, the light fragrance of the shower gel lingers on the tip of the nose, the pores open all over her body, and she feels refreshed in her body and mind. Such comfort makes her drowsy.

Half-dreaming and half-awake, she was keenly aware that someone was standing in front of her.

He opened his eyes suddenly, his eyes were sharp, and the person standing by the bathtub took a step back in surprise.

Shen Luoyan was holding a tray in his hand. On the tray was a transparent glass filled with milky white liquid that was half full. The viscous liquid swayed on all sides due to her movements, and it was about to overflow several times.

Shen Chenyu caught the strange color on her face that didn’t have time to hide, but it quickly disappeared.

“What is my cousin doing here?”

“Sister, my aunt asked me to give you milk so that you can drink it to sleep, which will help you sleep.” Shen Luoyan smiled purely.

Shen Chenyu remained silent: If she hadn’t experienced Shen Luoyan’s greatness, her harmless face would really make people unable to be wary.

Thinking of all the things three years ago, Shen Chenyu’s eyes turned cold: “Thank you, cousin, but I need to get dressed.”

Shen Luoyan seemed to be surprised that he was trespassing into other people’s bathroom, and his white cheeks were flushed and busy. Said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t break in intentionally. I yelled several times outside, but you didn’t respond…”

Shen Chenyu’s eyes became cold again: So, is it her fault?

When Shen Luoyan left, Shen Chenyu came out of the bathtub. The crystal water drops along the porcelain-white skin. Her figure was exquisite and graceful. The pale red birthmark on her left shoulder was like a blooming pear blossom. She was charming and beautiful. , From the black and beautiful hair to the round, plump and crystal-clear toes, everything is exquisite and perfect.

Dry the body, cover the birthmark on the left shoulder with a special concealer, put on the champagne silk pajamas, and walk out of the bathroom.

In the bedroom, Shen Luoyan was standing in front of the coat rack before he left, staring at the spring and autumn coat that Shen Chenyu casually hung on it.

The coat looks ordinary, but people who understand clothing design can see that no matter the material, color, or shape, they are all ingenious, especially the pear-shaped logo on the left shoulder, which shows its extraordinary.

It comes from the hand of Connie, a well-known international fashion designer. I heard that Connie is very mysterious. No one knows it, only a woman.

All the clothes of the fashion brand PEAR founded by Connie are sold in limited quantities, with each style and each size limited to one piece.

Because it is scarce, because it is mysterious, and because every style can well highlight the best side of women’s body, it can also conceal every shortcoming of body shape, so that every woman wearing PEAR can have it. The most perfect figure, so it is highly sought after by high-class ladies, daughters, and celebrities. The price of PEAR is even closer to luxury brand clothing.

Many designers want to imitate Connie, but they all fail; many fashion magazines want to interview Connie, but no one can find her.

Shen Luoyan is also a fashion designer and has always admired Connie. Like most designers, he hopes to have the opportunity to get Connie’s guidance. Even if it is just a word, it will not be exhausted.

So she pays attention to every fashion conference of PEAR, and is familiar with every style and design concept of PEAR.

Hearing Shen Chenyu’s footsteps, she turned her head, her eyes were a little hot, “Sister, this coat is made by Connie personally? Have you seen her?”

———————————————— --

Connie: Connie.

Chapter 003 was slightly revised on June 8, 2017. If you’ve seen it, please go back and check it again if you like. Sorry.

I used a flashback in this article. Everyone can see that there was an indescribable love-hate relationship between Shen Chenyu and Leng Moyan three years ago. What happened that year will be revealed slowly, probably in Chapter 015. Announced.

It’s the first time to write in flashback style. Some readers said that I didn’t understand it until now… Maybe my narrative is not in place, because I know the cause and effect of the incident and the development of the overall story. I really don’t know where it will confuse everyone. Would you like to talk to me?

I’m really afraid that someone will tell me: I didn’t understand it from start to finish.

I… just want to shit.

☆, 011: Fall in love in the rainy season (2)

Shen Chenyu’s eyes flashed slightly, and she asked curiously: “How do you know that this dress is custom made?”

Shen Luoyan smiled, and said playfully: “This is me The little secret discovered, all PEAR clothes are embroidered with the pear flower logo on the right shoulder, while the privately-made ones are embroidered on the left shoulder. Although embroidering the logo on the shoulder will affect the overall effect of the clothes, Connie has the ability to make it a finishing touch. Some people have imitated her, but they have become superfluous and nondescript…”

“By the way, have you met Connie, sister? You have been in country M, and it is rumored that Connie is also in country M…”

Shen Chenyu raised her eyebrows, “I haven’t seen it, this dress was given to me by a friend of mine.”

Shen Luoyan’s face was obviously disappointed.

“Is my cousin okay?” Shen Chenyu pressed the remote control and closed the curtains. It was ten o’clock and it was time to go to bed.

Shen Luoyan looked startled.

She actually, because she saw a dress designed by Connie, forgot her purpose here?

He walked quickly to the coffee table and brought the milk to Shen Chenyu. “Sister, drink the milk while it is hot. Aunt warmed it herself.”

Shen Chenyu glanced at the milk cup, her long eyelashes drooping, covering the black ones. Tongren’s face was faint, and there was no emotion.

After a moment of silence, she took the milk cup and said, “I can drink the milk. Cousin, please go back to the room and rest.”

Shen Luoyan’s eyes wandered, falling on the milk cup from time to time.

“Sister, drink quickly. I’m going downstairs in a while, just to help you take the cup downstairs.”

Shen Chenyu’s thumb slowly rubbed the cup.

The temperature of the palm is very weak, and the milk is almost cold.

She has always liked drinking milk, the kind she likes very much.

With a smile, she raised the milk cup, took a sip, and drank the whole cup of milk without rushing. At the end, she stretched out her pink tongue to clean the milk on her upper lip, and squeezed her lower lip. Drink, thank you cousin.”

She handed the milk glass back to Shen Luoyan naturally.

She would not be disappointed if she did everything possible to serve her.

Shen Luoyan stretched out his hand to take it, and a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth: “You’re welcome, sister.”

Shen Chenyu went to the bathroom to rinse her mouth, and when she came out, Shen Luoyan was still standing still, a touch of impatience passed between her eyebrows, but her tone was still Calm and indifferent: “Is there anything wrong with my cousin?”

Shen Luoyan looked at Shen Chenyu with a strange look. After a while, he asked her, “Sister, have you seen Mo Yan?”

Mo Yan? It’s kind of affectionate.

It’s just that this question is a bit useless, I haven’t seen it, how come we have dinner together? Shen Chenyu sat on the bed, with her long, straight and white legs overlapping, her whole body exuding a lazy breath, like an elegant noble cat, noble and lazy.

“I’ve seen it a few times, what’s wrong?”

” Did he tell you that you…look like a person?”

Shen Chenyu’s hand placed between the futons, calmly tightened, and clenched into a fist.

Like who?

Is it like Tong Jin?

Oh, it’s more than like, she is.

“No.” The

expression was faint, and there was no curiosity that he should have at all.

Shen Luoyan’s eyes tightened, the crystal lamp was just above her head, and the direct light cast a heavy shadow on her eye sockets, and under the cover of her bangs, resentment grew.

Shen Chenyu is very beautiful, just like Tong Jin back then, even his temperament is exactly the same.

If she hadn’t confirmed that Tong Jin was dead, she would have thought that the person in front of her was Tong Jin.

How can there be two people who are so alike in this world? Why is it still similar to Tong Jin?

At the beginning, she obviously met Leng Moyan first, and she gave her sincerity first, but she tried her best and couldn’t get close to him.

Later, she discovered that she was not alone, and all the women who wanted to get close to him had failed.

She was slightly balanced, at least, she was not the only one who was ignored and treated coldly by him.

She didn’t realize that she was wrong until Tong Jin appeared. Leng Moyan didn’t treat everyone coldly, at least one person was warmed by him.

That person is Tong Jin.

She was not the only one treated coldly by Leng Moyan, but Tong Jin was the only one treated tenderly by him, which made her crazy with jealousy.

Therefore, when an opportunity that ruined Tong Jin came, she took it without hesitation.

Unexpectedly, after getting rid of a Tong Jin, another Shen Chenyu came. The moment Shen Luoyan saw her downstairs, the alarm bell sounded in his heart.

Holding the milk cup’s fingers slightly hard, she said: “Actually, three years ago, the Shen Leng family planned to marry. At that time, my uncle wanted me to marry Mo Yan, but at that time Mo Yan had a wife and was pregnant. Do you know what he did to marry me?” At

this point, Shen Luoyan paused deliberately, waiting for Shen Chenyu to ask.

Shen Chenyu was still in a lazy posture, arranging the hem of her pajamas slowly, and sighing gracefully and lazily while covering her lips, and did not intend to pursue any further questions.

Even, she didn’t want to listen at all.

Shen Luoyan’s purpose was clear to her.

It is nothing more than to provoke Leng Moyan’s image in her heart, and want her to reject him, it is best to regret the marriage and let Shen Luoyan marry her instead.

However, no one knows who Leng Moyan is better than Shen Chenyu.

Moreover, even if she didn’t really want to marry Leng Moyan, as long as Shen Luoyan really wanted to, then her marriage would be settled.

Three years ago, Shen Luoyan sprinkled a handful of salt on her wound. This account will be calculated three years later, and it will not be too late!

Shen Luoyan saw that Shen Chenyu showed no signs of curiosity and questioning. There was a sense of powerlessness in his heart as he punched the cotton, his eyes were dark, but a pure and innocent smile appeared on his mouth, “Leng’s was far worse than Shen’s back then. If you marry the Shen family, it will be of great benefit to the Leng family. Therefore, in order to marry me, Mo Yan put his wife in the belly…”

“Cousin!” Shen Chenyu suddenly interrupted Shen Luoyan, his eyes were clear and shallow on Shen Luoyan’s face, and she smiled and asked her: “Three years ago, you married Leng Moyan, why didn’t you end up again? “

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