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Chapter 3 has been revised and minor revisions. If you have seen it, you will read it again. Thank you, sorry. (3)

012: Fall in love in the rainy season (3)

“Cousin!” Shen Chenyu suddenly interrupted Shen Luoyan, her eyes were clear and shallow, and she smiled and asked her: “Three years ago, you and Leng Mo Yan married, why didn’t he

join in the end?” Shen Chenyu didn’t really want to get the reason why the marriage between Shen Luoyan and Leng Moyan failed three years ago.

She just didn’t want to be scarred again.

The six-month-old fetus was taken away by birth. It was a wound that could not be healed in her life, and it was always dripping with blood.

She actually wanted to ask, in person or in person, Leng Moyan, at the moment when he signed his name on the “Induced Labor Induced Consent Form”, was there anything in her heart, even if only a little bit of reluctance? Hesitate?

Shen Luoyan heard Shen Chenyu’s rhetorical question, his smile solidified, his face pale suddenly, and the words in his mouth stopped abruptly.

However, Shen Chenyu smiled more charmingly, with a little regret in her faint tone: “If my cousin married Leng Moyan three years ago, then this Shen’s crisis, maybe my dad doesn’t need to work so hard. The beauty of the cousin must be able to grasp Leng Moyan’s heart tightly, and let Leng’s invest 100 billion yuan. Isn’t it easy?”

“It’s a pity…Cousin, what happened back then suddenly changed the ironclad thing. What?”

Shen Chenyu asked again.

She would poke at people’s sore spots. She would poke wherever it is most taboo.

Shen Luoyan’s face turned paler.

Yes, Leng Moyan didn’t agree with the marriage in the first place, but after Tong Jin died, he suddenly agreed again.

She chuckles, it is a wise decision to get rid of Tong Jin.

But on the day she was happily preparing to become Leng Moyan’s fiancée, God gave her a bolt from the blue.

In a daze, she slept with other men, and was raped in bed by the Shen Leng family.

She cried and said that she was wronged, but the bed was full of messy and ambiguous traces, and she didn’t even believe her. Would you still expect others to believe her?

This matter was originally only known to the two families, but within a long time, it spread throughout the network. She went from being envied by everyone to being scorned by everyone.

Shen Zheng used various relationships to seek harmony, but intensified in the media. In the end, it was even reported that Shen Luoyan was dating more than a dozen boyfriends at the same time, her private life was chaotic, and she got X disease. She was pushed to the cusp of morality, and was insulted…

Shen The family lost face because of this. Uncle and Aunt didn’t say anything. Her mother beat her to death. After all, she couldn’t stand the spitting star of others who was about to drown her and fled the country embarrassedly.

She thinks that time can dilute everything, and relying on the status of the Shen family, it is not impossible to wait for the calm and the waves to marry again.

But yesterday, she actually saw the news about the imminent marriage of the two Shen and Leng families on the Internet. She was shocked and handled the foreign affairs immediately and rushed back overnight.

What shocked her even more was that Shen Chenyu, who never came back after going abroad at the age of 8, looked so much like Tong Jin who was already dead.

Shen Chenyu’s seemingly careless words made Shen Luoyan ashamed and angry as if he had been stripped naked.

There are not a few people who know about the joke-like marriage three years ago. You can know it by just a little bit. Shen Luoyan seems to see ridicule and contempt from Shen Chenyu’s face.

Gritting his teeth bitterly, Shen Luoyan kept his last smile with his last reason, “Sister, I…I was very tired when I hurried the plane last night, so I went back to my room and rested. Good night.”

Before Shen Chenyu answered, Shen Luoyan Flee in a hurry.

Shen Chenyu stared at the closed door quietly, and slowly released the bedding with his fingers, leaving deep scratches on the bedding.

She already knew the reason for the failure of Shen Luoyan and Leng Moyan’s marriage. It was not that she deliberately inquired, but she heard it from the tea room of the design center.

Oddly enough, Shen Luoyan was also working at the Shen Group Design Center at the beginning. There are many old qualified designers who know that Shen Luoyan’s scandal about her stall is the best joke after dinner.

The rain seems to be heavier outside the window.

The pattering voice was endless.

Shen Chenyu was stunned for a long time, stood up and walked to the window, opened a corner of the curtain, the street lamp outside the window was bright, the light was shining, the rain was silky, and the mist was misty.

The leaves were shaken on all sides by the wind, and the black shadows flared their teeth and claws, as if a group of demons danced wildly.

Without opening the window, she could also feel the dampness and coldness.

Those moldy pasts buried deep in the bottom of the memory are eager to move, rushing to the outside.

Shen Chenyu’s eyes were cold, and he put down the curtains.

What a terrible weather!

Shen Luoyan returned to the room. Shen Yu waited in her room for a long time, and saw that she was late to come back. He stretched out a face and said, “Why did you come back so long?”

“I’m going to make sure something.” Shen Luoyan was in a bad mood. , Now a blue color, she hasn’t closed her eyes since she learned that the two families of Shen and Leng were married again.

Just now Shen Chenyu didn’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional, which made her feel more irritable.

“What are you sure? Are you sure?” Shen Yu’s expression still didn’t look good.

She couldn’t argue with this daughter.

How good is the chance of marrying into the Leng family and becoming the mistress three years ago? It was so ruined by Shen Luoyan.

Especially since the Leng Group has grown stronger in the past three years, she has become even more regretful.

Shen Luoyan sat weakly on the sofa and muttered to himself: “Shen Chenyu is so much like Tong Jin back then. I was really restless in my heart. When my aunt prepared milk for her, I took the initiative to ask her to serve it. In the past, to make my aunt think I was sensible and please my aunt…”

“…Secondly, Tong Jin is allergic to milk. Drinking milk will soon cause unbearable abdominal pain. I only have to watch Shen Chenyu drink milk with my own eyes, and determine with my own eyes whether she is allergic to milk, then I can rest assured.”

“You Are you sure? Are you relieved?”

“Well, she drank a large glass of milk in front of me. I stayed for a long time on purpose. She has no allergies, but…”

Shen Yu was a little impatient with her suspiciousness, her voice was not Consciously increase the volume: “Just what?”

“She and Tong Jin are so alike, I’m afraid Mo Yan will really fall in love with her…”

Just like Tong Jin back then.

Shen Yu hates iron for not making steel, “What about Leng Moyan falling in love with her? What does it matter to you? I have asked someone to arrange a blind date for you, and now the Shen group has turned the crisis into peace, and is married to the Leng family, wanting to curry favor with the Shen family. There will only be more people than before. When you look back, you quickly pick an heir from a wealthy family to marry me, and become a mistress in the future, so that I will also be in the light of your master.”

“I don’t!” Shen Luoyan almost got off the sofa Li jumped up, “Except Mo Yan, I will not marry anyone!”

☆, 013: Fall in love in the rainy season (4)

“I don’t!” Shen Luoyan almost jumped up from the sofa, “Except Mo Yan, I will not marry anyone ! “

Shen Yu laugh:”? marry the street cold Yan you think he will not say to you that he is now getting engaged, engagement, if not, he would not want you to be a man does not want you, if I were a man?! I won’t want you either, you quickly take your thoughts from him to me, waste three years, it’s enough, I will go on a blind date tomorrow! “

Three in a row, “I won’t want you”, let Shen Luoyan succeed. His face was pale again, and even his lips were gone.

After being silent for a long time, and almost biting blood from her lips, she was relieved from the embarrassment.

There is nothing more chilling and embarrassing than saying this by the biological mother.

“But, mother, if I marry a man who is not as good as Mo Yan, wouldn’t I have to be short and sinking for the rest of my life? Similarly, don’t you want to be inferior to aunt forever? My aunt is just from a small door, how can I compare to you? , You are the daughter of the Shen family who was once held by the stars. Why are you inferior to her now?”

Shen Luoyan’s voice was bewildered: “In this capital, who can compare to Mo Yan? If I marry him, I will be cold. The hostess of the house, Mom, who will not be polite to you in the future, mothers, ladies and daughters?”

Shen Yu sneered, “You said it nicely, but will Leng Moyan marry you?”

“Mom… “…” Shen Luoyan sat next to Shen Yu, hugging her arm affectionately, acting like a baby: “…It’s a human being. Three years ago, Mo Yan didn’t agree to be engaged with me. Didn’t he agree to it later? If there was no such accident , I’m not sure now that I’m the hostess of the Leng family. As long as Shen Chenyu is removed, the Shen family will be left alone. Then the responsibility of this marriage will naturally fall on me?”

“Businessmen value most. It’s about interests. Outsiders don’t know why Mo Yan married the Shen family. Don’t you know? He will not ignore the interests of the Leng Group for the sake of his children’s personal affair. Whether he likes me or not, as long as I am married He will definitely be able to grasp his heart…”

Shen Yu thoughtfully, half a moment, raised his head and asked Shen Luoyan: “What good idea do you have?”

Shen Luoyan glanced at the dark window, “Mom, you said, three What happened on the day of my engagement a year ago was repeated on

Shen Chenyu . Will Leng Moyan still be engaged to her?” Speaking of this, Shen Yu looked serious, “Luo Yan, haven’t you imagined who actually killed you back then?”

However, although the rape was caught in bed in Nian, no one knew how much her daughter liked that Leng Moyan better than her mother, so Luo Yan would never do that stuff with another man on the day of the engagement.

Certainly, someone deliberately sabotaged, but who would it be?

Don’t want to Shen Leng’s two successful mall enemies? Have a crush on Leng Moyan and don’t want Luo Yan to marry him? Or is it the enemy that Shen Luoyan offended casually?

They also looked for detectives to investigate back then, but the other party acted carefully and did not leave any flaws.

Shen Luoyan unconsciously grasped the lapels of his clothes tightly. There seemed to be something flashing in his eyes, and there seemed to be nothing, his lips clicked, and the sound was like a mosquito replied: “I don’t know.”

This night, some people quietly slept, some people, Tossing and turning.

After the spring rain, the coolness easily penetrates into one’s skin and cools into one’s heart.

There is a pear forest in the back garden of the Shen family villa. I heard that it was planted by Shen Chenyu’s grandmother when she was alive. At this time, it was the pear tree blooming period. A sea of white flowers looked far away, like a fairy dress.

A gust of wind passed, and the snow-colored petals were showering with dew.

Shen Luoyan wore plain sportswear, running along the cobblestone path in the pear grove in the morning. It was rainy last night before resting. There was clear water on the ground, and the water splashed and the air was fresh and pleasant.

At the end of the morning jog, a thin layer of sweat appeared on his body.

During these years abroad, her living habits have been very good, going to bed early, getting up early, and getting up in the morning to exercise.

Wipe off the sweat with a dry towel hanging around his neck, turn around and walk back, ready to go back to take a shower, and then eat and go to work.

At the foot of the stairs, Shen Luoyan called to her.

A flash of condensation flashed in Shen Chenyu’s eyes, stopped and turned around, but smiled

flatly , “Cousin is something?” Shen Luoyan walked up to the front with a worried look, and whispered: “I have something to tell my sister. It’s inconvenient here. Can I go to your room?”

Shen Chenyu still smiled indifferently: “No.”

Shen Luoyan was taken aback, obviously she did not expect that she would refuse so straightforwardly.

“Sister, I really…”

“At six o’clock, I need half an hour to take a shower, dress and make-up, half an hour to eat, 40 minutes to drive to the company, 20 minutes to pick up the car and park, and it will be exactly 8 o’clock to the company. If I delay with my cousin any more, I I’m going to be late.”

“But, the company goes to work at nine…”

Shen Chenyu smiled, turning around and said: “That’s someone else, not me.”

Shen Luoyan raised his head and watched Shen Chenyu walk upstairs one step at a time. Obscure eyes.

“Luoyan.” Gao Yazhi’s voice suddenly sounded. “What are you doing here?”

Shen Luoyan was startled, and hurriedly lowered his eyes to cover the emotions in his eyes, “Good morning aunt, I just…”

He wanted to say again. only.

Gao Yazhi was the most annoyed to talk, “

Just say anything.” “Aunt still remember the engagement of Mo…Leng Moyan three years ago?” Although it was a shame, she had to mention it again. .

Gao Yazhi’s eyes changed when she looked at Shen Luoyan. The incident three years ago also caused her to be pointed out. She was a little unhappy and said, “Remember, it’s all the past, what do you do with this?”

Shen Luo Yan pondered Gao Yazhi’s face, “Actually, there was something I concealed from you and uncle. Leng Moyan actually had a wife, Tong Jin…”

“What?” Gao Yazhi was shocked. Leng Moyan has a wife? How could it be possible?”

014: Fall in love in the rainy season (5)

Gao Yazhi looked at Shen Luoyan with shock.

Shen Luoyan continued: “At that time, Leng Moyan and Tong Jin were secretly married. Nobody outside knew about it. I discovered it accidentally. I was afraid that you would not agree to marry the Leng family, so I didn’t dare to tell you. I know, I…really loved Leng Moyan…”

Gao Yazhi couldn’t help interrupting Shen Luoyan. She didn’t want to hear this. She just wanted to know, where is Leng Moyan’s wife?

If Leng Moyan really has a wife, what is the matter if Xiaoyu married him?

“Then his wife now…”

“Dead.” Shen Luoyan replied simply and neatly.

“Dead?” Gao Yazhi was shocked again. After being shocked, there was a vague premonition in her heart, “How did

she die?” “At that time, Tong Jin was pregnant for six months. He had to marry the Shen Group. The doctor removed the child in Tong Jin’s belly. Aunt, do you know how a six-month-old fetus miscarried?”

Every time Shen Luoyan said a word, Gao Yazhi’s pupils tightened. “First, use a syringe. Injecting a drug that can kill the fetus into the head of the fetus, waiting for the child to die… and then induce labor… Isn’t it cruel? Leng Moyan could do such a frenzied thing for his own benefit. Let it go.”

“Tong Jin couldn’t stand the shock. He jumped to death in the hospital. Auntie, now the Shen family is still worthy of use. Once the Shen family has nothing to use, then there will be another daughter of a more powerful family. Who knows if his sister will Is it the second Tong Jin?” At the

end, Shen Luoyan was full of sadness, as if he was really worried about Shen Chenyu’s happiness.

Gao Yazhi was shocked by the news. Was the man who was very arrogant and arrogant in the mall, actually the executioner with his own child’s blood on his hands?

If it is true, then such a man is terrible.


“Luo Yan, what you said is true? If such a big thing is true, how can there be no wind at all outside?”

“Auntie, this kind of family ugliness, the people of Leng’s family naturally have to cover it and hide it. How did it come out? Besides, it’s not easy if you want to determine the authenticity? That weak Mrs. Leng, and the brainless daughter of the Leng family, it’s easy to get some information from them.”

“You can ask. Ask them, who is Tong Jin? How did he die?”

Asking bluntly like this, they will definitely not answer directly, but sometimes the answer is not necessarily in words, but the expression, demeanor, and reaction of hearing something. All may be the answer.

Shen Luoyan’s appearance is not like lying, Gao Yazhi pursed her lips, her face is solemn, and turned and walked towards the restaurant.

Shen Luoyan looked at her heavy back, with a triumphant smile on his lips.

As long as a mother who dotes on her daughter, she will definitely not allow her daughter to marry such a vicious man.

Originally, she was going to tell Shen Chenyu the remarks just now, and since Shen Chenyu didn’t listen, it was the same for Gao Yazhi.

With a triumphant smile, turning around, Shen Chenyu stood on the stairs, looking down at her coldly.

The look in his eyes was like two sharp knives thrusting straight in, and Shen Luoyan’s heart contracted for a while, unconsciously stepped back, and the corners of his mouth cracked and smiled.

She felt that Shen Chenyu’s vision was like X-rays, and her dirty and careful thoughts had nowhere to hide under Shen Chenyu’s sight. There was no cause for embarrassment and guilty conscience. Her eyes moved around, but she did not dare to fall on Shen Chenyu. Face.

“Sister, younger sister, what do you, what are you looking at me like this?”

Shen Chenyu remained motionless, looking straight at her.

Shen Luoyan changed his mind. Those words just now were meant to be told to Shen Chenyu, she was a guilty conscience!

Thinking like this, she felt a little more confident. She looked back at Shen Chenyu and said, “Have you heard the sisters I just said? I didn’t want to say it, but I really can’t just watch you marry such a man…”

Shen Chenyu Still no response, the straight line of sight was like two big mountains, so heavy that Shen Luoyan couldn’t lift his head.

After a stalemate for a long time, Shen Chenyu’s eyebrows moved slightly, his eyes turned from cold to sarcasm, and his voice was hoarse: “Shen Luoyan, do you want to marry Leng Moyan so much?”

Shen Luoyan was taken aback, but didn’t follow her for a while. Step, it took a while to react, Shen Chenyu had already walked up to her and was about to rub her shoulder.

She hurriedly defended: “There is no sister, you have misunderstood what I mean…”

Shen Chenyu stopped, turned his head, leaned toward Shen Luoyan’s ear, and said in a volume that only two people could hear: “Do you admit it or not? It doesn’t matter, anyway, in this life, you don’t even want to marry him!”

Shen Luoyan’s face changed suddenly.

At this time, Gao Yazhi returned from the restaurant. When Shen Chenyu saw her, she immediately took Shen Luoyan’s hand and said happily, “Mom, cousin just blessed me. She said Leng Moyan is a good man. , Said that I would be happy in the future. I was still very worried. After all, I didn’t have any relationship foundation with him. But when my cousin said that, I suddenly felt relieved.”

“Cousin had a relationship with Leng Moyan before. I know him, she said Leng Moyan is a good man, then he will definitely be a good husband.”

Gao Yazhi was surprised at first, then looked sharply at Shen Luoyan.

A few minutes ago, Shen Luoyan told her that Leng Moyan had killed his own children and forced his wife to death for profit. He turned around and said to Shen Chenyu that Leng Moyan was a good man. What was Shen Luoyan so happy about?

Shen Luoyan did not expect that Shen Chenyu could turn black and white so subconsciously, he wanted to explain to himself, but before he could say anything, Gao Yazhi spoke first: “Xiaoyu, come here, I have something to tell you.”

“Also, Luo Yan has just returned home, haven’t you? You have been abroad for three years. Your grandparents must be thinking of you too. After breakfast, go home and see them. Stay with them for a while. They are getting old. , I always hope that my children and grandchildren will accompany me more.”

This is to drive Shen Luoyan away from Shen’s house in disguise.

Shen Luoyan bit her lip, daring not to speak.

How did Gao Yazhi say that she is also the mistress of the Shen family. Shen Zheng has always been very affectionate and respectful of her, and basically listens to her except for important matters.

Before Shen Chenyu followed Gao Yazhi’s departure, she showed a sneer of sneer at Shen Luoyan, which made Shen Luoyan almost unable to stretch his well-behaved and sensible mask, wishing to rush to tear Shen Chenyu’s nasty face!

Shen Chenyu followed Gao Yazhi into the studio on the first floor.

Gao Yazhi’s face was heavy. She had just confirmed that what Shen Luoyan said was true.

Leng Moyan really had a wife, and it was really because she couldn’t stand the shock because of the loss of her child, and committed suicide by jumping off the building.

Seeing her mother’s serious face, Shen Chenyu knew what she was thinking, but pretending to be ignorant, asked: “Mom, what’s wrong with you? His face is so serious.”

Gao Yazhi struggled for a moment, or said her own thoughts, “Xiaoyu, You can’t book this marriage.”

☆, 015: Fall in love in the rainy season (6)

Shen Chenyu quietly looked at Gao Yazhi.

Gao Yazhi thought she didn’t know yet, so she explained: “You don’t know, Leng Moyan killed his own child and forced his wife to death three years ago in order to marry the Shen family. This man is terrible, Xiaoyu, you You can’t marry such a man!”

Shen Chenyu’s fingers trembling slightly on his side.

Again, the scars were uncovered again.

The child who was born and taken away for six months…

However, this person is her mother. The mother did not know that the woman in her mouth who was killed and forced to die was her. The mother’s starting point was also for her, and she could not blame her mother.

Shen Chenyu was bleeding from heartache.

It was a long time before I found my voice.

“If you don’t marry, what will the Shen Group do? The 100 billion debts have not been paid off; “The funds for the new products have just been in place and there hasn’t been time to resume production; 15% of the group’s shares are in Leng Moyan’s hands. Can you rest assured, dad?”

“Part of the reason why dad agreed to the marriage is that I want me to use this relationship to monitor Leng’s side. In case there is something unfavorable to Shen’s over there, we are too early. Make plans.”

“Luo Yan can do this. Luo Yan likes Leng Moyan so much and will definitely be willing to marry him.” Gao Yazhi said without saying a word, “she chose to tell me this at this stall because she wanted me Prevent you from getting engaged with Leng Moyan, and then let her replace you?”

Gao Yazhi is not stupid, Shen Luoyan’s mind, she understands.

Shen Chenyu laughed at her stupidly: “Mom, you also said that your cousin likes Leng Moyan, then you can guarantee that between Leng Moyan and Shen’s family, she will choose Shen’s family? In the face of love, women can ignore everything.”

Gao Ya Zhi sat in a chair in frustration, “What should I do? Marrying a man like that would not be happy, and my mother doesn’t want you to be unhappy.”

Shen Chenyu squatted down, holding Gao Yazhi’s hand, moved in his heart, anyway. , Mom loves herself.

“Mom, don’t worry, this marriage is just a deal to me. Leng Moyan uses me, so why am I using him? Two people who have no feelings and use each other are together, how can we talk about it? Happiness or not? When we all use each other enough in the future, what is my mother worried about?”

“But…” There were

tears in Gao Yazhi’s eyes, and she wanted to say something, Shen Chenyu interrupted her, “Mom. , Don’t worry, I’ve decided, you don’t worry about me, I will take care of myself, and never let anyone bully me, well, it’s getting late, I have to go to work.”

Shen Chenyu He drove away from the villa in a hurry.

The car drove fast.

She was afraid one step later, she would cry bitterly in front of Gao Yazhi.

why? Why does someone have to expose her scars over and over again?

Before the morning rush hour, the car drove far away smoothly, and Shen Chenyu’s eyes were blurred. She didn’t even know where she had driven the car, but when she stopped, there was a desolate cemetery in front of her.

She got out of the car, followed the memory, and walked towards Tong Minhuai’s tomb.

Everyone thought that Shen Chenyu went to Country M at the age of eight and never came back until this time.

Actually not, she came back.

Five years ago, on her eighteenth birthday, she came back.

However, on the day she came back, she suffered a car accident as soon as she left the airport and was in a coma. Later, after rescue, she failed. The doctor said that she had been brain dead and advised her family to give up the treatment. Shen Zheng angered the doctor on the spot. She was sent back to Country M and sent to the most authoritative hospital. She spent huge sums of money on the most expensive drugs every day, and kept her heartbeat.

Only Shen Zheng and Gao Yazhi knew about this.

They hope that Shen Chenyu will wake up one day.

Shen Chenyu had been lying down for two years. Until three years ago, she miraculously woke up and once caused a sensation in the medical field of M country.

But there is one thing that nobody knows except Shen Chenyu.

During the two years when her body was in a coma in the M State Hospital, her soul was reborn in the body of a girl named Tong Jin.

The love and hatred between her and Leng Moyan happened in the two years when she reborn as a childlike spirit.

When she first became Tong Jin, Shen Chenyu lost her own memory and failed to inherit Tong Jin’s memory. She was like a ignorant child, completely unaware of who she was, full of hesitation and helplessness in this unknown world.

The first person she saw when she woke up was Tong Minhuai, Tong Jin’s grandfather.

She is like a young bird that has just broken its shell, and she has a strong dependence on the first person she sees.

Tong Minhuai told her that her name was Tong Jin, and he was her grandfather. In their family, only their grandparents depended on each other.

Later, Tong Jin learned from the servants that it was his eighteenth birthday, and he wanted to drive out to play by himself. Then he was in a car accident and was in a coma for three days and lost his memory.

It seemed that she had ran into a girl, but the matter had been handled by Tong Minhuai, and no one would come to hold her accountable.

Tong Minhuai really loved Tong Jin. When he was young, he founded the Tong Group. Although it is not as big as the Shen and Leng companies, it also has a place in the capital business community. He treats Tong Jin as a princess in a fairy tale. Spoiled like that, lived in a castle, and wore gold clothes.

At that time, it was spring, and Tong Jin was about to take the college entrance examination. After more than half a month of training, she went back to school and didn’t know why. She obviously didn’t remember anything, but the content of the teacher’s lecture seemed to be familiar to her. Generally, you can understand it as soon as you listen.

Soon after the first monthly exam, she took the first grade, which shocked not only her teachers and classmates, but also Tong Minhuai.

You should know that Tong Jin’s previous grades were notoriously poor, and he was firmly seated on the’throne’ among the bottom three in the grade. How Ren Tong Minhuai asked her a tutor to make up lessons, with little effect.

In addition, Tong Jin did not like flowers and plants before, and suddenly fell in love with pear flowers, so Tong Minhuai replaced all the green plants in the yard with pear trees.

In the past, Tong Jin was the most noisy. She liked to prank others when she had nothing to do. From servants to Tong Minhuai, she had suffered her “bad hands”. After losing her memory, she suddenly became quiet, and in her free time she picked up what she used to be the most annoying. All kinds of books.

Tong Jin was the least fond of drinking milk before. After amnesia, he had a soft spot for milk. He had a long stomach that was allergic to milk. When she drank it, her abdominal pain was unbearable. Tong Minhuai refused to let her drink it. She couldn’t stand it anymore. , Just drink secretly, and then have abdominal pain for most of the night, Tong Minhuai is angry and distressed, can only accompany her by her bed, and spend most of the night with her.

In the past, Tong Jin did not like to eat sweet and greasy candies and foods with shells. After losing his memory, he fell in love with eating lemon-flavored candies. He also liked eating shrimps and crabs, especially shrimps.

In short, after Tong Jin lost her memory, she changed a lot. Tong Minhuai felt that some changes could not be desired, and some changes were irrelevant, so he gladly accepted her changes.

In Tong Minhuai’s kind love, Tong Jin gradually forgot the hesitation and helplessness brought by amnesia, and gradually merged into Tong Jin’s life.

In early May, the flowering period of pear blossoms in Beijing will end.

Tong Jin met Leng Moyan and tasted love at first sight.


Yes, the heroine was born again, did you guess it later? Tong Jin died, and Shen Chenyu came back alive.

This article is one-on-one, and both men and women are clean.

☆, 016: Fall in love on the

day of the rainy season (7) , it was a weekend, and the sky was gloomy and drizzle began in the morning.

Tong Jin has a hobby of going to bookstores, and her favorite is the Beijing International Book City, which is known as the largest bookstore in Country Z.

It was almost noon when Tong Minhuai called to urge her to go home for dinner. Tong Jin was seeing Xing’s head and didn’t want to go back. She couldn’t hold back Tong Minhuai crying and complaining that his widow and lonely old man was pitiful at home and there was no one to accompany him, so he had to go home.

The book city is very large, with a dedicated parking lot. The driver drove in the parking lot waiting for Tong Jin. Two rows of pear trees were planted on both sides of the road from the gate of the book city to the parking lot. The flowering period ended, the petals were swaying, and the wind passed. One after another like snow.

Holding a transparent umbrella, Tong Jin walked towards the parking lot under the rain of petals. When it was almost there, he inadvertently raised his eyes and glanced at him. Not far in front, he saw a man coming in a drizzle of pear blossoms, just like coming out of a comic. Beautiful boy.

At that moment, Tong Jin had the illusion of time to freeze, and thousands of voices were drawn away from the world. She only heard the rumbling heartbeat in her chest, fast and enthusiastic.

She stood there blankly and followed the man’s gaze until he disappeared inside the gate of the book city.

At that glance, Tong Jin took his intestines and lost his stomach.

Before that, she never believed in love at first sight. How could two complete strangers meet at once?

After that, she believed, because there was someone who was destined.

Later, she often went to the Beijing International Book City, but never met the man who made her worry about her. For a long time, she was regretful. Why didn’t she catch up with him and asked for his name and contact information. ?

In the blink of an eye, the college entrance examination is coming.

On the eve of the exam, she went to the exam room like other students.

At that time, she had a female classmate named He Chanjuan who got along well. The day when she saw the examination room was not beautiful, it was rainy since the morning.

When Tong Jin and He Chanjuan finished watching the examination room and were about to go home separately, there was a commotion in the crowd, and there seemed to be a girl’s suppressed whispering vaguely, revealing inexplicable excitement.

Under curiosity, follow the sound to see.

Tong Jin instantly felt that his world was blooming.

She saw the man who made her never forget, walking in the drizzle, under the gaze of countless pairs of eyes, surrounded by the people behind him, calmly and unhurriedly, walking out of the world and leaving him alone.

The rain did not make him feel embarrassed, but added a touch of different style.

From He Chanjuan’s mouth, I learned that the man, Leng Moyan, was a myth from the high school she attended. At the age of fifteen, he was admitted to the B major, which is known as the number one institution of the country Z.

Tong Jin hears the name Leng Moyan almost every day, because his mythological name, even if six years have passed, he is still every teacher who likes to mention it in class to encourage his current students to work hard. Upward legend.

When it comes to his grades, every teacher is full of praise. At the age of fourteen or five years old, he took the college entrance examination with those eighteen or nineteen adults and got the top score in all subjects, the first person in history.

At that time, Tong Jin knew that the one who learned God that the teacher mentioned in their ears every day was the one who made him never forget.

Missing is ink, love is writing, her world is written in three big characters: Leng Moyan.

The longer the years, the clearer and sharper the handwriting.

After the college entrance examination results came out, Tong Minhuai was pleased to set up a banquet to celebrate her. The liberal arts champion must be celebrated.

The prestigious schools have thrown olive branches to Tong Jin, and Tong Jin finally chose B University.

Because Leng Moyan once studied at B university.

Tong Jin’s mood was not happy because of the success of the college entrance examination, because she found that she and Leng Moyan were separated by thousands of gulfs.

Leng Moyan is the heir of the famous Leng Group in Beijing. He emerged in the business world at the age of sixteen. The most talked about was that he helped Leng Anhuai acquire a bankruptcy company when he was seventeen. The hotel has brought it back to life in just one month, and its net income has doubled in just two years.

And now, when he is only 21 years old, he is already in the business world and everyone is in awe.

To Tong Jin, he is a touch of white snow on the top of the mountain, which is out of reach.

However, sometimes fate will surprise you occasionally.

Half a year later, a semester of freshman year, just in the spring, Tong Minhuai said that she had found a good relationship for her, and asked her to go on a blind date. She mysteriously assured her that she would not be disappointed.

Of course, Tong Jin didn’t want to. In the end, Tong Minhuai was so soft and soaked that he couldn’t help it, so he went.

The blind date was arranged by Tong Minhuai. It was in Zuixiangrong. Because Tong Jin loved to eat their first class of prawns, Tong Minhuai ordered a large plate of shrimps for Tong Jin.

Tong Jin waited in the box for nearly an hour, but the blind date hadn’t come yet.

She didn’t want to go on a blind date, and the other party didn’t come, just as she wanted.

Picking up the chopsticks, he was about to move towards the plate of shrimps. The box door suddenly opened, and a tall figure came in with a cool breeze.

Tong Jin subconsciously raised her head and looked over. As soon as her gaze touched the person’s face, the chopsticks in her hand fell straight on the table, making two uneven, crisp noises.

Her blind date was actually Leng Moyan.

She reflexively stood up, feeling helpless, and didn’t know where to put it, but in her heart, apart from shock and surprise, there was a lot of joy.

She wanted to say hello to him, but before she could say anything, she found that Leng Moyan was already sitting in the farthest position from her, and never looked at her from start to finish.

The cold man is full of indifferent aura that resists others.

When Tong Jin reached his lips, he disappeared dumbly, and the surprise in his heart was also

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