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Chapter 4 has been revised and minor revisions. If you have seen it, you will read it again. Thank you, sorry. (4)

Most of it disappeared.

No matter how stupid, she could see that Leng Moyan was not willing to do this blind date.

Sitting down angrily, Tong Jin unconsciously behaved upright and straight. He was uncomfortable and mixed in his heart. From time to time, he took a peek at Leng Moyan. Later, when he saw that he had never looked up, naturally he didn’t notice her peeping, so he looked at him openly. .

Observing him more closely for the first time, she found that he had a better look at it carefully.

The bridge of the nose is straight and straight, and the thin lips are perfect, and they are pressed lightly, revealing coolness and alienation.

Especially the pair of thick and slender eyelashes, like two small hard fans, covering the light in the eyes, Tong Jin’s heartbeat gradually accelerated. At that time, she thought, when these eyes opened, they must be the brightest in the world. The diamonds are incomparable, and looking at each other with such eyes, I don’t know what a thrilling experience it would be?

It’s a pity that Leng Moyan didn’t lift his eyelids to look at her until the blind date was over.

There was a stalemate for about half an hour, and he said nothing, and left as if he had come.

Tong Jin opened his mouth towards his back, and finally said nothing.

Leng Moyan left, she was very melancholy, and the food on the table was also cold, she ordered the waiter to take it down and start a new one.

She likes to eat the drunk and fragrant prawns, and there is a little skill that is not for outsiders. She can eat the shrimps thoroughly while ensuring that the shells are intact. This is also a spontaneous awakening after her amnesia. Of small skills.

Food can always make people forget the unhappiness in her heart, eating and eating makes her heart less melancholy and bored.


Just when she was eating happily.

The box door was suddenly pushed open again, and Leng Moyan went and returned. Tong Jin had a shrimp in his mouth and forgot to react.

However, Leng Moyan still didn’t even look at her. He bent over to look for something in the place where he was sitting before. After a while, he picked up something from the ground. Tong Jin visually inspected it as a pen.

Leng Moyan let out a sigh of relief like a treasure again. When he turned and left, he inadvertently scanned Tong Jin, who was dangling a shrimp in his mouth.

Then, Tong Jin saw him turning around for a while, and then suddenly turned around, staring at her in surprise, staring straight at the pile of shrimp shells in front of her.

------Different words ------

The pen is the treasure in the heart of the scum man. You can’t throw it away or throw it away.

I don’t know who sent it.

☆, 017: Love in the rainy season (8) It

really is a pair, the brightest diamonds in the world can’t match the bright eyes.

Tong Jin stared at Leng Moyan’s eyes for a long time, only to realize that his hindsight was relieved, and immediately spit out the shrimp in his mouth, and then looked at the pile of shrimp shells in front of him, his cheeks couldn’t help. One red.

Is he stunned by how amazing she is?

She admits that in private, she is a little casual, and will not be as conservative, quiet and elegant as in front of outsiders.

Tong Jin has the embarrassment of being broken into a secret. The longer he is silent, the more embarrassed.

Leng Moyan’s eyes became hotter and brighter. After a long time, he said in an uncertain tone: “Mengmeng?”

Tong Jin’s reaction was very slow at that time. He didn’t understand what he said, and it took him a long time to return. One word: “Huh?”

Leng Moyan walked to the seat next to her, and the voice of her mouth was one of a million magnetism, and her tone was gentle, and asked her: “What is your name?”

His breath was almost immediately Tong Jin’s entire nose was filled, she was flattered, and her brain’s reaction became even more sluggish.

After a long time, he replied: “Tong Jin.”

That day, when Tong Jin went out, the sky was clear and the spring flowers bloomed.

Coming out of the drunken fragrance, but the sky is covered with dark clouds, the rain has wetted the road, and the whole world is full of patters of rain.

Standing under the drunk and fragrant door, Tong Jin looked up into the sky, dimly, and suddenly fell in love with the rain.

She met Leng Moyan three times, all accompanied by rainy weather.

A rainy day will bring her good luck.

After that day, they got in touch, and then they got closer and closer.

Later, on a rainy night, he kissed her frantically.

They formally confirmed the relationship, in that rainy season.

Just in time for the lyrics: Love in this rainy season.

Become Leng Moyan’s girlfriend, Leng Moyan treats her extremely well.

He clearly knows all her preferences:

knowing that she likes Ewha, show her every Ewha in Beijing.

He knew that she liked the drunk and fragrant prawns, and he took her to eat almost every day. In the box called’Ten Years’, watching her eat, his eyes were hot and bright.

He knew that she liked all lemon-flavored candies, hard candies, and soft candies, so he invested in a candy factory and only developed various lemon-flavored candies. He laughed and called her the candy princess.

He knew that she liked to drink milk, but unexpectedly she was allergic to milk and ordered her not to drink milk. Sometimes she would drink it secretly as before, and then suffer abdominal pain for half the night, and then he would be like Tong Minhuai, again Angrily and distressed, but she could only helplessly stay by her bedside.

Leng Moyan is cold-tempered and introverted. He has never spoken like other young people in love. He has never even said words like liking you or loving you. He only occasionally kisses the pale red pear-shaped flower on her left shoulder. The birthmark, whispered in her ear: “If one day we go away, I will follow this pear flower birthmark to find you; the girl with the pear flower print on her shoulder must be you.”

This is probably Leng Moyan said The words closest to love words ever, even though he didn’t say any sweet words, Tong Jin really felt Leng Moyan’s kindness to her. At that time, she felt that every breath was sweet.

Because the blind date was arranged by the parents of both parents at the beginning, their relationship was not hindered by family members, and it was very smooth.

After dating for more than half a year, they talked about marriage and prepared to get engaged. At that time, Tong Jin was sophomore.

But just as the two parties discussed the engagement news the next day, an accident happened that night.

To Tong Jin, the accident was nothing less than the collapse of heaven and earth.

Tong Minhuai died accidentally.

Tong Jin’s only relative in this world, the only relative who loved her and petted her, died.

From then on, she was an orphan.

She was distraught.

Shen Chenyu stood still in front of a tombstone.

Tears rained down.

On the tombstone, the three characters’Tong Minhuai’ are as kind and gentle as the old man in the black and white photo.

She knelt down with a puff.

Came in a hurry and didn’t have time to buy anything.

However, she knew that Grandpa would not mind.

I felt it in the inner pocket of my clothes and found out a lemon-flavored jelly, which was solemnly placed in front of the tombstone.

The clothes she wears are all designed and made by herself. For every piece of clothing, she will sew a small inner pocket in an inconspicuous place, and then stuff a lemon candy or two, so that when she wants to eat it, anytime. Can get it.

The wind in the morning after the rain, with a thin coolness and dampness, not far away is the rolling mountain peaks, trapped in the hazy mist, like an ink painting.

“Grandpa, it’s been three years. I only came to see you for so long. Did you miss me?”

“Grandpa, I gave you all my favorite candies. I don’t have one in my pocket. Don’t be too moved. “

Shen Chenyu’s voice choked.

The tears flowed more urgently.

“I’m sorry, grandpa, I failed to live Tong Jin’s life happily. I failed your expectations. You must be disappointed?”

Tong Jin has always been puzzled. Although Tong’s enterprise is well-known in the capital business community, Large companies like the Leng Group are simply incomparable. Small businesses like Tong’s are everywhere in the capital. How could Leng’s family find such a humble Tong’s marriage?

She didn’t know until later that it turned out that Tong Minhuai used Tong’s enterprise as a dowry to win for her through negotiation and cooperation.

At that time, the Leng Group was preparing to enter the biotechnology industry to share a piece of the pie. It happened that Tong Minhuai brought the Tong’s enterprise, which specializes in biotechnology, to the door and gave it away, just for a marriage between children and grandchildren.

There is no reason not to take a bite of the fat delivered to the door?

In short: The reason why Leng Moyan treats her tenderly is only to get Tong’s enterprise.

It’s just that Shen Chenyu still doesn’t understand, why did grandpa marry her out in such a hurry? And why did you go to Leng’s house?

The wind blew the tears on his face dry and uncomfortable.

Shen Chenyu wiped her tears, her eyes gradually turned sharp and calm from haziness, “Grandpa, I will definitely help you get Tongshi back. The Leng family bullies Tongjin so much and is not qualified to take your things.”

Kneeled quietly for a while.

She said, “Grandpa, I’ll go now, and see you later, OK?” She

got up, stood there for a while, waited for the discomfort in her knees to dissipate, turned around, and prepared to leave.


A low groan came from behind a row of short pine, which looked strange in this quiet and desolate environment.

The tomb is separated from the tomb by a row of dwarf pine, which is compact and dense, like a green wall, as tall as a person, completely separating the tomb from the tomb.

Shen Chenyu’s heart shuddered, her figure paused, and she listened attentively, her moaning intermittently, with a sense of pain.

Blinking her eyes, she raised her foot and continued to leave.

It’s not that she is unkind, but the whole cemetery is empty and there is some trouble, so don’t provoke it. When passing by the duty room for a while, she can tell the duty officer and let them come and check.

However, she had just walked two steps, and a sound of words came over.

Shen Chenyu’s footsteps suddenly stopped again.

There was a needle-like fine and dense pain in my heart.

After she heard the short pine, a male voice whispered: “A Jin…” The

voice was hoarse, but familiar.

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There are many details clues, I don’t know if you found them?

For example, milk, shrimp, lemon candy, birthmarks, bookstores…

☆, 018:

Fall in love in the rainy season (9) “A Jin…”

Another murmur passed into Shen Chenyu ‘s ears.

There have been countless times, this voice whispered the word’A Jin’ in her ear.

Every time, it can arouse the softest emotions in her heart, and that voice is gentle and intoxicated.

But now, after three years of listening again, there is only dense pain in my heart.

Not knowing what the psychology was, she turned and turned back, crossing the low pine wall, and another tomb suddenly opened up.

On the damp open space in front of the tombstone, either standing or pouring an empty can, a man in a black suit, with his back against the tombstone, leaned slantingly, as if he had been in the rain for a long time, his hair stuck to his head , Seems to be dry, with a heavy feeling, the suit on his body is wrinkled, and there is also a heavy damp feeling, and a few white petals are stained.

Even in such an embarrassing situation, Leng Moyan’s face was still beautiful and thrilling.

Shen Chenyu’s gaze stayed on him for less than two seconds before he was attracted by the inscription and photos on the tombstone.

‘Tomb of Beloved Wife Tong Jin’.

On the tombstone, in the black-and-white photo, the face exactly like Shen Chenyu’s lips smiled, his eyes were calm, his long hair dangled from his shoulders, and his bones revealed an elegant and noble temperament.

In front of the tombstone, the petals of a pear flower were knocked down by the rain and scattered all around, leaving only the thin, thin branches with three or two white petals falling lonely, shaking in the wind, beside the flower branches, there are neatly arranged candies, and a few pieces are covered. The rain disrupted the formation, the light yellow packaging, like the color of lemon.

In a trance, Shen Chenyu recalled that when Tong Minhuai had just passed away, she was as anxious as a dehydrated fish. Once on a whim, she said to Leng Moyan: In the future, if I die first, you must bury me. Next to grandpa, with grandpa there, I won’t be alone anymore.

How did Leng Moyan answer at that time?

He stared at her fiercely at the time, looking like he wanted to reprimand her, maybe it was pitiful to see her tearful, and finally he sighed slightly and hugged her into his arms, his voice softly returned a word: it is good.

Shen Chenyu looked back and forth between the tombs of Tong Jin and Tong Minhuai, suddenly feeling inexplicable.

“A Jin? A Jin!”

Leng Moyan did n’t know when to open his eyes. Those beautiful eyes faded away from the cold and fierceness of the past, filled with pain and sorrow, and the strong aura no longer existed, and the whole body was sad. lonely.

The moment he saw Tong Jin, his lifeless eyes suddenly burst into light, like the rising sun on the east horizon, full of hope.

He called A Jin’s name hastily, got up and staggered towards Shen Chenyu.

Shen Chenyu frowned, and subconsciously stepped aside.

Did not hide.

He was hugged by Leng Moyan.

The clothes on his body were cold, but the cheeks clinging to her shoulders were incredibly hot, and the temperature from his palms was also hot.

“A Jin, you’re back? I…I’m not dreaming, am I?” Leng Moyan hugged him tightly, as if to crush her into his body.

Shen Chenyu couldn’t move away, so he could only let him hold it, staring coldly at the tombstone not far away.

Beloved wife?


If he had a little bit of love for her, even if it wasn’t love, but just a little bit of love or pity, he would not have been so cruel to ask the doctor to remove her and his child.

Nor, when she lost her child in pain, disappeared.

Three years ago, she had no children. She lay alone in a hospital bed for three days. Life is better than death. During those three days, the entire Leng family seemed to have forgotten her existence. No one showed up, including Leng Mo. Yan.

So, what qualifications does he have to erect a monument to her once as her husband?

“Leng Moyan.” Shen Chenyu said softly, her tone containing no feelings or emotions, “Guess, how much I hate you in the past three years?”

Leng Moyan stiffened and hugged her tighter.

“A Jin…”

“Leng Moyan , I never knew that Xiao Huangli and I were a hindrance to you. You should tell me three years ago, as long as you tell me the truth, I will never haunt you. , I can take Xiaohuangli to go far and never come back. It will never hinder your marriage to the Shen family, but…”

Shen Chenyu’s voice has gradually become calmer and more intense for so long. The depressed emotions exploded at this moment.

When Leng Moyan was drunk and confused, he broke out.

If he was sober, she would not dare to be so unscrupulous.

“…Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you ask the doctor to remove my child? It was also your child, did you feel any pain? You can tell me, tell me not to hinder your bright future, tell me Let me roll, I will roll, I will not rely on you to death, I will roll far away with the little yellow pear, and I will never show up in front of you again. Is the end of the world far enough? Is a lifetime long enough? “

Shen Chenyu’s dry eyes are wet again.

She choked with a stern voice: “I hate you!” With

a sobbing question, Leng Moyan let go of her arms, staggered back, and looked at Shen Yu with complicated emotions in her eyes, which seemed to be painful. Some people can’t believe it, seem to have self-blame, seem to have guilt, seem to have regret…

His lips were pale and moved several times. Just when Shen Chenyu thought he was going to explain something, he trembled and uttered three words: “I’m sorry…”

Shen Chenyu’s heart instantly sank to the bottom.

For so many years, although I hate him, deep down in my heart, there is still a trace of luck.

Perhaps, Leng Moyan did not kill their children to marry the Shen family, as Shen Luoyan said. Perhaps, he had some lasting difficulties, perhaps, she had misunderstood.

Up to this moment, his apology strangled the last trace of luck in her heart.

The blood on her face disappeared little by little, and her body was stiff with cold.

Leng Moyan stepped forward, took her hand, and whispered like a child who made a mistake: “A Jin, I’m sorry…”

Repeatedly, there was only one sentence.

Shen Chenyu opened his eyes to the fullest, and couldn’t get back the tears in his eyes, and his heartache was almost suffocated.

“I’m sorry? I’m sorry, can my child survive? I don’t need to be sorry, I want my child! Leng Moyan! I hate you!”

She shook off Leng Moyan’s hand forcefully.

She wants to leave.

Leave this vicious man, immediately! immediately! She was afraid that she would completely collapse if she stayed one more second.

Leng Moyan’s eyes became flustered, he reached out and hugged her, begging in his tone: “Ajin don’t go, please don’t go, you can hate me, beat me and scold me, but please don’t go, three years now, I …”

Before finishing the words , Shen Chenyu didn’t know where his strength was, and he pushed back vigorously, and Leng Moyan was pushed, and hit his head on the cold and hard marble steps, and the words in his mouth came to an abrupt end.

Shen Chenyu didn’t want to wait too much for a moment, and ran away quickly.

Leng Moyan was confused, and the last glance before unconsciousness was the back of the beloved girl who had left unfeelingly. He stretched out his hand and wanted to catch it. In the end, he did not even have the ability to catch a mass of air.

My heart is full of helpless despair, just like three years ago, watching the beloved one die in front of me, but unable to return to heaven.

The remaining three or two petals of the pear branch were blown off by the wind and fell into the mud.

------Digression ------

Three years ago, Tong Jin’s child was gone, why didn’t the Lengzha man show up? There is a reason for this, alas, speaking out, it is another distressing reason.

Although I am a bit entangled in the article, this article is really favorite!

☆, 019: Ten Years of Love (1)

Hospital, VIP ward.

Leng Moyan woke up.

Leng Jingdie’s choked and excited voice first sounded: “Brother, you are awake! Doctor! Go and call for a doctor!” The

doctor came over quickly and performed an examination, and it was no problem.

“Brother, you don’t cherish yourself too much. Do you know that you have been in a coma for two days? I was drunk and exposed to rain all night, and it was almost burning to 40 degrees, and I fell and hit my head. Fortunately, the cemetery’s The staff found you in time and took you to the hospital again. If something happens to you, what do you want us to do?”

Leng Moyan stared at the ceiling with hollow eyes, without saying a word, without blinking.

Leng Jingdie seems to be accustomed to him like this, and feels sorry for him like this, sitting on the bed, crying with tears in his eyes: “Brother, please don’t be like this…”

“Three years, brother, three years already. Now, why can’t you… forget your sister-in-law?”

Leng Moyan still said nothing.

Leng Jingdie’s tears fell quickly and urgently. Turning to see Lengtong sitting on the sofa playing Rubik’s Cube, she hurriedly carried him to the bedside, “Tongtong, Dad is sick, you can talk to Dad.”

Leng Tong disagrees: “You should take a good rest when you are sick. It’s not right for you to always pester your dad to talk. Aunty. I wanted to sleep when I was sick. How can I have the strength to chat with others? Aunt, you don’t know how to take care of the sick. Now.”

Leng Jingdie choked.

Looking down at Leng Tong, his expression was in a trance for a moment.

The little baby, who is just over two years old, talks in a different way. She is clever and doesn’t know… who?

Suddenly remembered the woman who looked like Tong Jin that she met in the bathroom of’Zui Xiangnong’ that day. Later, she realized that that woman was actually the daughter of the Shen family who was going to be engaged to her eldest brother.

So like Tong Jin…

“Brother, I, I will find Miss Shen to accompany you, you are waiting for me!” So like Tong Jin, let her stay with Big Brother, Big Brother should feel better, right?

Turning around and telling Leng Tong: “You are here to stay with Dad, remember to pour Dad some water later, understand?”

Leng Tong nodded sensibly.

Leng Jingdie gently touched his little head with brows and eyes, turned and walked out of the ward.

As soon as the door of the ward was opened, Tang He put a wooden pestle on the door, raising one hand in a gesture of knocking on the door.

“Brother Tang He, you came just right. I’m going out for something, you go in and persuade my brother.”

With a casual smile at the corner of Tang He’s mouth, he raised his eyebrows at Leng Jingdie and said, “Good sister Jingdie, go now. Come back soon.”

Leng Jingdie instantly got goose bumps, glanced at Tang He in disgust, and walked away quickly.

Tang He walked into the ward and saw Leng Moyan’s lifeless face as expected.

Again, there are so many days every month, Leng Moyan has to run to Tong Jin’s grave and get drunk. TMD is more punctual than the woman’s aunt.

Walking to the sofa and sitting next to Leng Tong, Tang He used an impatient tone of ferociousness: “I said Leng Moyan, can you have a better life, isn’t it just a woman! You need such a dying? It’s been three years, just keeping filial piety, the three-year deadline has passed, right?”

“Don’t you already have Shen Chenyu? In terms of appearance, you look exactly like Tong Jin; in terms of family history, it is better than Tong Jin. I don’t know. How many times; in terms of fate, TMD is your official partner, and no one will oppose you again this time, and the old man in your family will not oppose it. What a good thing, why do you have to hold the dead Tong Jin? Don’t let it go?”

Tang Heyue said the more excited.

Although he and Leng Moyan did not grow up together, since Leng Moyan helped him keep the Datang Group, he decided to wear a pair of pants with Leng Moyan from now on.

The more he gets along, the more he admires Leng Moyan’s methods and wisdom in the market.

However, how can he not sigh with a sigh because of a man who is decisive and can not change his appearance before Taishan collapses, but because a woman has become so decadent?

But seeing Leng Moyan’s pathetic look, Tang He couldn’t bear to speak harder, his tone softened, and continued to persuade: “Besides, how sad Tong Jin should be when you are like this? She will also be uneasy underground. You…”

“I saw A Jin.”

Leng Moyan suddenly said, his voice hoarse.

The words in Tang He’s mouth stopped abruptly, startled.

“Have you hallucinated?”

“A Jin said she hates me.” Leng Moyan’s voice trembled fiercely, “She thought it was me who took our child away, and she thought it was me to marry the Shen family, so she took it away. Our child.”

Tang He looked at him: “That’s just an illusion.”

“She said she hates me.” Leng Moyan seemed to be immersed in her own world, repeating this sentence repeatedly: “She said she hates me… “

Tang He had a bad temper. He couldn’t see the sadness of Leng Moyan’s death the most, and he couldn’t help but start yelling again: “Then tell her that you never thought about marrying that Shen Luoyan three years ago. You told her that the child died. It doesn’t matter to you at all, she killed your child by herself…”

“No!” Leng Moyan sat up all of a sudden, and the fierce reaction frightened Tang He.


Tang He didn’t understand: “Why not? The child was killed by herself!”

“She will blame herself. I know how much she values that child. If she knows the truth, she will suffer. It can’t be done.”

Tang He couldn’t help reminding: “Ayan, Tong Jin is dead…” How can the dead man blame himself? He said before that Tong Jin would be uneasy seeing Leng Moyan like this, but it was just a word of comfort.

“I don’t want her to hate myself, hate me, just let her hate me.” Leng Moyan covered his face, Tang He saw his shoulder twitching, and a sad voice overflowed from his fingers: ” I would rather she hate me than she hates herself.”

Tang He closed his mouth.

He has never loved, and he really doesn’t understand Leng Moyan. Even if the other party is dead, he will do everything possible to consider the other party’s thoughts. What kind of feeling is this?

There was a long silence, the ward was very quiet, the floor needles could be heard, only Leng Moyan’s sobbing occasionally sounded.

Leng Tong didn’t know when he had fallen asleep. Tang He gently hugged him onto another bed, then covered him with a quilt and tucked the corners of the quilt.

Tang He stared at Leng Tong’s sleeping face for a moment, this child…really heartless!

Turning around, Leng Moyan had recovered his usual cold expression. If it weren’t for the tears on his face and the slight redness in his eyes, Tang He would almost think that everything he saw before was just an illusion.

But Tang He knew that in his heart, it was not good at all, it was just superficial.

Returning to the sofa and sitting down, thinking about the matter between Leng Moyan and Tong Jin, Tang He said while mentally calculating, “Ayan, after all, you and Tong Jin went from realizing that you fell in love to getting married, and then to her. It’s only been a year and a half to leave, right? In just one and a half years, can’t you forget it in three years?” Is

love really so unforgettable?

This thought flashed in his mind, and Tang He couldn’t help but “fuck” in his heart. When did he become so suspicious?

He didn’t notice, Leng Moyan’s indifferent eyes suddenly turned into a trance after hearing what he said.

A year and a half?

Leng Moyan shook his head slightly invisible.

No, it’s not just a year and a half. Before that year and a half, there is still a decade to wait.

Leng Moyan’s ten-year wait.

------Digression ------

If Tong Jin’s little Huangli died, then who is Leng Tong?

Believe me, Leng Tong is not an insignificant person, he may be the key to the accident that year.

Is this a spoiler?

☆, 020: Ten years of deep affection (2)

Nowadays, in the capital business community, the three words’Leng Moyan’ represent the power of life and death. Everyone is in awe. His every move is enough to affect the overall situation and can easily decide a family For the life and death of an enterprise, both military and political circles must be courteous.

But who could have imagined that such a hot, important, and wealthy person once had a childhood when he could not even afford a meal and had no money to buy a book?

He knew Tong Jin during that period of poverty and destitution and unbearable youth.

Only at that time, he didn’t know Tong Jin’s name, he only knew that her name was Meng Meng.

From the time he was sensible, Leng Moyan knew that he was different from other children.

Other children have their parents, and other children can play coquettishly with their parents. He doesn’t have a father, only a mother, and his mother doesn’t like him.

Many times in his memory, he was locked alone in a messy and dirty room. The coquettish and revealing woman sometimes put a dozen steamed buns in the room, and sometimes threw a box of instant noodles. Or a bunch of discounted bread in the mall, and then leave, rarely come back, let him fend for himself.

Little Leng Moyan…No, at that time, he was not called Leng Moyan, he was called Leng Jiazi.

The Leng family, as the name suggests, is the child of the Leng family.

Little Leng Jiazi, at first, would do her best to hug the woman’s leg, crying “Mom don’t go”, the woman always pushed him away with a look of disgust, and then walked away, the door With a’click’, the lock was released without mercy.

The little Leng Jiazi can only step on a stool and lie down on the window to see the wonderful world outside. Whenever a child walks by the road under the window holding the hands of his parents, he is very envious. He often imagined that he was the child. Sometimes, he would laugh, and sometimes he would cry, cry for father, and cry for mother.

Until a later time, Leng Jiazi hugged the woman’s leg and begged her not to go, but was pushed one head against the shoe cabinet in the hallway, fainted, and when he woke up, the room was empty and dark, and he was cold all over. He got up and touched his painful head, and felt a sticky and damp hand.

He did not cry, stepped on the stool to turn on the light, went to the bathroom obediently to wash away the dark blood, then took a piece of hard bread, and ate it with tap water with relish. From start to finish, his face was expressionless and quiet and obedient.

It’s just that since then, he never yelled’Mom’ again.

He was only six years old that year.

He is like a bird in a cage, living sadly in that dirty little room.

day to day.

Finally, as the New Year was approaching, his so-called mother gave him a fragrant hot bath, put on clean and beautiful new clothes, took him out of the dirty and cramped room, and took him to the barbershop to cut him. Hair.

After all, he was still a child, and deep down in his heart still yearning for warmth. He was flattered by this move and thought quietly: Maybe, maybe his mother didn’t hate himself so much.

However, reality has never been cruel.

He was taken by his mother to a luxurious and beautiful house. The yard was in his eyes, like heaven. However, the people in the house were not as kind as angels. Everyone used a kind of disgusting and contemptuous. Looked at him.

The man called his father looked at him as if he was looking at a pile of rubbish.

He heard his mother say: The Leng family is your Leng family’s child, so you have to pay for the support…no money? We won’t leave today without paying the money. I will let Leng’s family kneel and die at the gate of your Leng’s house. When the time comes, Leng’s illegitimate child will kneel and die at the gate of Leng’s house to see who is ashamed!

He saw his father, took out a thick wad of banknotes, and smashed it on his face so hard that he was sitting on the cold hard ground with gold stars in his eyes, but he didn’t know why. , It’s obviously the face that was smashed, just fine if the face hurts, why is the heart hurting so badly? It hurts even more than the face?

Only then did Leng Jiazi know that he didn’t have a father, but his father, like his mother, didn’t like him.

Only then did Leng Jiazi realize that he was just a cash cow for his mother.

Look, how smart and young he is, he actually knows what a cash cow is.

Later, every once in a while, he would be put on new clothes and then taken to that beautiful house where he was humiliated again and again, but his mother received a sum of money for support.

His life has not improved because of that expensive alimony, and even worse than before. Sometimes he can’t eat a hard bun for a few days.

In this way, Leng Jiazi lost all illusions about his father and mother, and would never lie on the window again, looking at other people’s family of three with envious eyes. He never laughed, let alone cried, in Ben At an age of ignorance and anger, he lives like a puppet doll with no emotions.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he almost died later and was rescued by his kind neighbor’s grandmother, he might have been living so sadly forever.

He was nine years old the year he was rescued.

He remembered clearly that the pear blossoms bloomed very well that year, and the pear blossoms were white all over the city.

His mother didn’t know how long it had not been back. The little bun she left didn’t last long, at least it didn’t support her back.

Leng Jiazi was in extreme hunger and lost consciousness. He didn’t know if he was numb from hunger, or death was the best relief for him. He didn’t feel too uncomfortable. Through the gray window, he gave the last look. What he saw were large expanses of white pear flowers under the blue sky and white clouds, and he even thought it looked pretty.

Woke up again, in the hospital.

There are police officers, doctors, nurses, and one grandmother who he sees from the window every day.

The old grandma’s muddy eyes were full of pity, and Leng Jiazi felt that those eyes were much better than the phoenix eyes that his mother had carefully painted.

Later, he learned that the grandmother noticed that he would be standing by the window every day, but she didn’t see it suddenly. She faintly felt uneasy, so she called the police. He didn’t expect that something really happened and he almost starved to death.

The police didn’t find Leng’s mother, so the incident was nothing.

After Leng Jiazi was discharged from the hospital, she was taken home by her grandmother.

The grandmother was an empty nester. Her late husband’s surname was He, so she asked Leng’s family to call her grandmother. Maybe it was because her old life was too lonely, or because of kindness, grandma He treated Leng’s son as her grandson.

Although Grandma He’s son will also pay alimony, he is also an ordinary person who is paid in the factory. He also has wives and children to support, so he can’t give much. With the meager pension, there is no problem with Grandma He’s life alone. An extra mouth will inevitably be stretched, let alone send Leng’s family to school.

Leng Jiazi is nine years old and has already reached the age of enrollment.

Fortunately, Grandma He was a high school teacher when she was young. Most of the teachers in that era were used by several people alone. Grandma He didn’t say she was proficient in every subject, but she taught a lot of things from linguistic mathematics to politics, history, physics and chemistry. The students have no problems at all.

Leng Jiazi became Grandma He’s’closed disciple’.

What made Grandma He surprised and delighted was that Leng Jiazi’s cleverness was beyond ordinary people. What did she teach?

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