Chapter 6 Hidden Attributes

“Qiao Yu, right?” Zhou Haoyu looked at Qiao Yu with satisfaction in his eyes, “Your audition was successful.”

Qiao Yu stood there indifferently, as if he already knew the result, and as if not caring, smiled and said, “Thank you.”

This newcomer is even more talented than the former entertainment queen An Qian! Not arrogant or arrogant, she will not be easy in the future!

He couldn’t find a satisfactory candidate, so he came to the Kyoto Film Academy to try his luck. He didn’t expect to meet a rare acting genius! With this talent, he has only met a few people, one is the late entertainment queen An Qian, two old movie stars who have won Oscars, and the myth of the entertainment industry Fu Xun!

Most of the people outside were stunned by the screen.

Isn’t Qiao Yu a straw bag? How could there be such a good acting? !

Looking at Qiao Yu, who was smiling on the screen, many people silently changed their minds. Qiao Yu, it seems to be pretty good.

Not as bad as they say…

Qiao Yu opened the door and walked out, and she saw Zhao Qi rushing forward. She blinked her eyes and said: “When did Qiao Yu act so well?”

“Natural.” Qiao Yu chuckled and took a piece of hand cake from Zhao Qi. After tossing for so long, she was also hungry.

After she left, a staff member came out and said to the people in the hall: “The role of Xia Ansheng has been determined and will not be used to audition Xia Ansheng.”

Many people showed disappointed expressions, but not angry, because they knew that their acting skills were really not as good as Qiao Yu’s.

On the other side, Li Qianqian gritted her teeth, her pointed nails sinking into her skin. Qiao Yu, you are really hidden! She stood up, tore the script in her hand to shreds, threw it into the trash can and left.

“Cici!” Qu Yueer bit her lip and followed.

Qiao Yu took the role of Xia Ansheng. Everyone knew it all afternoon, and many people didn’t want to believe it, but this is the case. And Li Qianqian is now laughed at by many people because of the big talk at the time. Probably, she won’t make a lot of noise in the past few days.

Qiao Yu walked on the small road on the campus, with flowers planted like stars on both sides, and his artistic conception was very romantic. She planned to go back to the dormitory, but… she ran into someone she didn’t want to see on the way.

Song Ciqian…

She frowned slightly, not wanting to face this person who had been entangled by the original owner, she lowered her head and planned to just walk over.

Unfortunately, he stood in front of her.

She raised her eyes, and the sun outlined her eyelids, and said, “Something?”

It was so cold, it seemed to be talking to a classmate who wasn’t familiar with it.

It’s not the same as Qiao Yu who entangled him and said he liked him before. Song Ciqian had cool eyes and smiled and said, “You played very well today.”

“You are fine too.” Qiao Yu smiled politely, estranged, making people feel out of reach.

Song Ciqian also passed the audition to play Lin Su.

Seeing Qiao Yu leaving behind, Song Ciqian felt very complicated.

Yes, it’s complicated, it’s not clear why.

When Qiao Yu returned home, he saw his brother Qiao Mingjing.

“Brother…” Qiao Yu said dryly.

Qiao Mingjing glanced at her and ignored her, the relationship was very stiff. Mother Qiao glared at her son and cursed: “Your sister doesn’t care about others when she comes home. Is there anyone like you as an older brother!”

Qiao Mingjing was indifferent, and then went upstairs.

“Really!” Mother Qiao was still scolding.

“It’s okay, mom.” Qiao Yu held her arm in favor and said, “I’m hungry!”

Mother Qiao immediately went to cook for her daughter.

Qiao Yu turned on the TV and watched, feeling a little worried. The relationship between Qiao Mingjing and her is really stiff, how can we alleviate it?

It’s rare for a family of four to get together for dinner. Mother Qiao has cooked a lot of hearty dishes. She used to learn how to cook for Qiao’s father. Mother Qiao looked at her daughter affectionately, took chicken wings to Qiao Yu, and said, “Come on, eat more, I’m all thinner!”

“Here!” Father Qiao gave her some vegetables and said kindly: “Eat more vegetables, it’s good for your health!”

They really love her… Qiao Yu smiled and said, “Thank you, Mom and Dad!”

“When you grow up so old, don’t you know how to pick up vegetables?” Qiao Mingjing watched and mocked coldly.

“Mingjing!” Father Qiao scolded.

Qiao Mingjing turned his head awkwardly, shut up and stopped talking.

After eating halfway, Qiao Yu put down his chopsticks and said, “Parents, I have an audition at school.”

Mother Qiao knew about her daughter’s acting skills and thought she would not pass, so she was worried and comforted: “No? It’s okay. After you graduate, let your dad be an investor and you will be the heroine.”

Mother Qiao really dotes on her daughter…

Qiao Yu snorted and said helplessly: “No, my audition was successful. It’s Zhou Haoyu’s movie. I’m going to film with him in a few days.”

“Really?” Father Qiao put down his chopsticks and said in surprise.

“Yeah!” Qiao Yu nodded.

They all know Zhou Haoyu, a gold director, and they have a very high vision! Mother Qiao embraced her daughter excitedly and said, “My daughter is awesome!”

Father Qiao said happily, and he planned to give his daughter a little more pocket money in his heart. Qiao Yu said that she would enter the entertainment industry, but they did not object, and they supported her dream, as long as she was happy.

Only Qiao Mingjing was very calm of the three. After eating dinner calmly, he calmly returned to the bedroom, then picked up the phone and clicked on the WeChat group of friends.

[Qiao Mingjing: Ah ah ah ah! ! My sister has a successful audition! ! ]

Found hidden attributes-sister control.

[Qiao Mingjing: Still Zhou Haoyu’s movie! ]

[Qiao Mingjing: My sister is really 6! ]

In fact, even though he is very bad for Qiao Yu on the surface, Qiao Yu is also his sister. How could he not hurt? It’s just that Qiao Yu is too uncomfortable.


There are four people in this group of friends, all of whom are good friends of Qiao Mingjing. They have realized since childhood that the relationship is very good now.

This ellipsis retire is Qiao Mingjing’s best relationship brother, named Gu Xuzhi, a big boss of a famous entertainment company, and a big man who Chinese actresses want to sleep with him. Coincidentally, he lives opposite Qiao Mingjing’s house, a neighbor.

After a few seconds, he sent another sentence.

[Retreat: Ha ha. ]

[Qiao Mingjing: What do you mean by sending huh? Don’t you think my Qiao Yu is 6? ]


A man in the villa opposite Qiao’s house looked at the cell phone in his hand with a dark face and smiled indifferently.

His sister is amazing?

What else can he say when his sister picked off his pants when he was young?

Whenever Qiao Yu was young and ignorant (deliberately) when he was a child, he took off his pants. Since then, Gu Xuzhi has never been to his house again, avoiding the little demon Qiao Yu.

He was standing on the balcony and suddenly saw the window on the opposite balcony open, and a woman in a bathrobe who had just finished taking a shower came out to let the wind blow her long hair. He couldn’t see her face clearly, only that she was very tall. it is good……

This person seems to be Qiao Yu, the younger sister of Qiao Mingjing? !