Chapter 8 Ye Molan

[Qiao Mingjing: What do you want to do to my sister? ]

He began to be cautious.

[Retreat: Shouldn’t you worry about whether I will be stripped of pants by your sister again? ]

Gu Xuzhi sat in the car, gritted his teeth. He looked at the bright road ahead, he just suddenly wanted to add Qiaoyu’s WeChat, nothing more!

There is absolutely no wrong idea!

Yes, exactly.

[Qiao Mingjing: Want me to give you my sister’s WeChat? ]

[Qiao Mingjing: Think beautiful! ]

Gu Xuzhi: Ha ha.

If you don’t add it, don’t add it. He doesn’t want to add that non-mainstream.

Gu Xuzhi’s face was black and asked the driver in front to drive faster, this Qiao Mingjing!

Qiao Yu returned to school. Because of the audition, she undoubtedly became a figure in the school. No one dares to doubt if she used the unspoken rules, everyone has seen her acting skills.

Professor Wu Hexu specifically called Qiao Yu over, patted her hand kindly, and said, “Okay! Awesome!”

He also watched Qiao Yu’s audition, which was amazing. Unexpectedly, students who were ordinary or even bad-behaved before suddenly became so good at acting.

Qiao Yu looked at him, smiled like a lotus, and said, “It’s okay.”

Wu Hexu stared at her, eyes full of nostalgia, and sighed: “You…really like a former student of mine.”

After he finished speaking, he smiled kindly, with sadness and expectation in his eyes, and said: “Hope, don’t be like her.”

Qiao Yu knew that he was talking about his previous life, An Qian.

Moistening her eyes, she quickly held back her tears and said, “Okay.”

Teacher, I won’t let you down again.

She is no longer the silly An Qian before.

An Qian is dead.

Qiao Yu has signed a contract with Zhou Haoyu, and is going to shoot next week. There are two days left.

After class that day, Qiao Yu took Zhao Qi out to eat hot pot. Zhao Qi is her only friend now. With this temperament of the original owner, he has few friends and is easily lonely.

She is lonelier than anyone else.

Zhao Qi failed the audition, and Lin Shu was played by another student from the school. She is not disappointed, but feels that the opponent is so strong, and the enthusiasm is getting bigger and bigger.

The two of them ate hot pot and their mouths were red. Qiao Yu is okay. She can eat spicy food, but Zhao Qi cries when he eats a little bit of it. But she insists on eating it. .

Zhao Qi hiccuped, with Yan Yanyan’s mouth open, and said, “Qiao Yu, did you know that An Qianchu died in a car accident the other day?”

Seeing her talking about her in her previous life, Qiao Yu was drinking soup and nodding silently.

People in China should know it.

“I’m a fan of An Qian.” Zhao Qi drank Wang Laoji and said sadly: “I like her so much, she is my goddess, no one can surpass it! Later, she was hacked. What did you say to become that Deng? Director Wuju’s lover, became a junior?!”

The more Zhao Qi talked, the atmosphere grew. He patted the table and said, “How could my goddess be that kind of person! In the end, she died…”

She frowned sadly.

My beliefs are gone.

Qiao Yu was moved inexplicably when she heard it, wanted to cry, but couldn’t cry. When he died, some people still miss her, and some people feel sad.

Zhao Qi was sad for a while, then continued to eat hot pot, suddenly raised his head, and saw a familiar person!

“Qiao Yu, it’s Ye Molan!” Zhao Qi pointed to a woman in front of her and said in surprise. She came to eat hot pot too? She looked at Qiao Yu worriedly, the two of them had quarreled.

Lin Shu’s actor is Ye Molan.

Qiao Yu raised his eyes and looked at Ye Molan. She came to eat hot pot alone, so lonely without anyone to accompany her.

Ye Molan was the person who mocked Qiao Yu after the original owner sent a love letter to Song Ciqian, causing Qiao Yu to accidentally fall down the stairs. I heard that the head teacher gave him a good education.

Qiao Yu doesn’t blame her. After all, Song Ciqian is Ye Molan’s bamboo horse, and she still has a crush on him, so she sends a love letter to the other bamboo horse. It is only strange that Ye Molan is not angry!

Moreover, this matter was also added to the jealousy by Li Qianqian.

Ye Molan looked at the boiling hot pot soup, it was red and spicy, and she looked very appetite, but she was not in the mood to eat it. She looked down at the phone and called Song Ciqian. The phone was tangled up in entanglement.

After a minute, the call was connected.

“Hey–” Song Ciqian’s voice came from the phone.

She happily replied: “It’s me! Mo Lan. A Ci, come and eat hot pot.”

“No, my classmates and I will go out to eat.” After Song Ciqian finished speaking, no matter how she felt, he hung up the phone.

Ye Molan lowered his head sadly.

Since the last time she quarreled with that Qiao Yu because she was jealous and caused others to fall down the stairs, Aci hasn’t said a word to her. She also knew she was wrong, and she didn’t mean it.

She is…because of him!

The more Ye Molan thought about it, the more sad it became, the more he thought about it, the more angry she became. After eating the hot pot, her throat was so hot that she coughed violently. so spicy!

She covered her mouth.

Suddenly, one hand passed a bottle of Wang Laoji, she quickly opened it, and poured it down in one breath, so that her throat felt better. She wiped the water stains off her mouth, raised her head and said, “Thank you…”

When she saw the person in front of her, she stopped talking.

Isn’t this Qiao Yu? !

These days she also heard that Qiao Yu has become beautiful, and now that she saw it with her own eyes, she knew that the rumors were true! It’s really beautiful, it’s as beautiful as the beauty that can only be found in the painting, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it is stunning! The eyes are like autumn water, cold and gentle.

Ye Molan opened his mouth wide in surprise.

“Is it all right?” Qiao Yu sat next to her, picked up a tissue to help her wipe the oil stains from her mouth.

Ye Molan blushed, turned around proudly holding her chest, and said softly, “What can I do? No! Why are you so good to me all of a sudden?!”

She turned her head suspiciously and looked at her warily.

She didn’t want to retaliate against her, right…

Qiao Yu smiled enchantingly and stood up, wearing a lazy retro apricot dress that lined her skin as white as snow. She smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I’m not angry about what happened before. We will have to do it later. Cooperate in filming together, and give me some advice.”

She stretched out her hand.

Ye Molan looked at her, only felt that there was convincing power in her eyes, and couldn’t help holding her hand.

Qiao Yu smiled, touched her head, and said, “What a good boy!”

Ye Molan’s face became even more red, ashamed that he didn’t know what to say.

Zhao Qi stood and watched, starting to commit a nympho, she felt that Qiao Yu was good offensive! Fooling sister skills against the sky! She looks so handsome!

The day before he was going to take a flight to film, Qiao Yu asked for leave with the head teacher. She returned home to pack her luggage, and when she was done packing, she opened the curtains and looked at the night sky tonight.

She is going back to the entertainment circle.

With the memories and hatred of her previous life, her mouth was grinning and her eyes darkened. You have to wait for Deng Wuju and her so-called good sister in her previous life.

At this moment, she was like the queen of revenge from hell.

Licking red lips, very enchanting.