Chapter 9 Nice to meet you

Filming in the same city, but also far away from school, sometimes late at night filming, so Qiao Yugan asked the head teacher for a few days off.

When I came to the crew, I couldn’t see Song Ciqian and Ye Molan. If I want to come, there may not be their play today.

“Qiao Yu!” Zhou Haoyu was communicating with the cameraman, when he suddenly saw Qiao Yu, he called her name out loud.

Qiao Yu walked towards him.

Zhou Haoyu has a loud voice and is a director. The staff and actors present at the scene looked at her at the same time when he called out.

She wore a simple long dress of pure color, fresh and elegant, without makeup, but suffocatingly beautiful. When you look at her, you will think of a white lotus in the pond, aloof and pure.

“Director.” Qiao Yu looked up at him neither humble nor arrogant.

“Are you nervous?” Zhou Haoyu looked at her and asked.

Qiao Yu smiled and shook his head. How could she be nervous when she relived her life?

Zhou Haoyu nodded, and then called the makeup artist to come over and put her makeup on. A woman in a black dress came over, smiled at Qiao Yu, and said, “Hello Qiao Yu, I’m makeup artist He Mina, just call me sister Mina.”

Qiao Yu nodded and followed her to the dressing room.

He Meina helped her make-up and was surprised. She was also someone who had seen many big stars, but she had never seen such a good skin as Qiao Yu. Her skin was as delicate as that of a newborn baby, with no pores visible. !

Looking at Qiao Yu’s facial features, they are extremely exquisite, like a carefully carved porcelain doll. The eyebrows are very marked, the eyes are beautiful peach eyes, the nose is straight and the thickness of the mouth is just right, like a petal.

He Meina darkened her eyes and seriously helped Qiao Yu make up. Because Xia Ansheng’s character is a pure first love, she made her makeup very light, she only applied pale pink eye shadow and lipstick on her. There is no need to paint her eyelashes at all, because Qiao Yu’s own eyelashes are very long.

“Okay.” He Meina set makeup on Qiao Yu, and then combed Qiao Yu’s long hair.

“Thank you.” Qiao Yu said.

After He Meina left, the smile on Qiao Yu’s mouth disappeared immediately, and she looked at herself in the mirror with cold eyes.

Her makeup technique is really good.

Her characteristics are highlighted.

However, Qiao Yu sneered and touched his face. He Meina moved her hands and feet on her face. As long as she is under the camera, her complexion will become very dim and pale, and she is not very photogenic!

Qiao Yu curled her lips, she had seen this little trick more in her previous life.

However, she really wanted to know who was targeting her newcomer who had just arrived!

Next, it seems to be very interesting.

There was a red light in Qiao Yu’s eyes, like a vampire drinking blood, glamorous and enchanting.

Luo Jia is the staff in charge of props in the crew. At this moment, he was passing by the dressing room with a box of props. He suddenly heard the door opening, and he looked over it subconsciously.

Unexpectedly, with this look, he would stand still.

What came out was a pure and tender girl, wearing a white school uniform, with fluttering long hair, and a delicate face, so tender that she could almost pinch out water. The eyes seemed to hide a lot of affection, making the person staring at her as if deep in a peach blossom forest, surrounded by a faint fragrance of flowers.

Luo Jia was amazed!

Is there such a beautiful person in this world?

He bit his tongue and looked around, then turned his head to look around, and found that other people were also staring at Qiao Yu in a daze like him.

Zhou Haoyu looked at Qiao Yu, who put on makeup and changed costumes, smiled with satisfaction, and praised Qiao Yu: “It looks good.”

All the people present looked at Zhou Haoyu with eyes like seeing ghosts. Did such a harsh Zhou Haoyu actually boast? Usually he either complains about the actor’s make-up too thick or criticizes the actor’s acting skills for too bad.

I have never heard him boast about a person…

Luo Jia hurriedly put down the props, took out the phone from her pocket and sent it to the people in the circle.

[Luo Jia: Guimian Director Zhou actually praised people just now! Correct! You heard me right! (Shock)]

[Shao Shi: Are you a lie? The director of the ghost face will also praise people? This is the funniest joke I have heard this year. ]

[Bud Baby: I don’t believe it +1]

[349: do not believe +2]


Zhou Haoyu likes to scold people because of his bad temper, and was called the director of the ghost face by people in the circle. He scolded all the actors who filmed in his hands.

Luo Jia was unhappy, he really saw it!

Before it was Qiao Yu’s turn to play, she found a place to sit down and rest while studying the script.

She has memorized the lines.

“You are Qiao Yu?” Soon, someone took the initiative to greet her.

Qiao Yu put down the script and looked up.

There are two people. The person who talked to her was Xie Xuannan, who played the leading actor. He was tall and handsome. He was wearing a white school uniform for filming. He looked like a sunny boy. The woman standing next to him was charming and lovely, with curly hair, like a delicious doughnut.

“Hello, this is Xie Xuannan.” He stretched out his hand to Qiao Yu, smiled friendly, and his eyes were amazing. Unexpectedly, the newcomer who played Xia Ansheng looked so pure.

“Hello.” Qiao Yu stood up and held his hand politely.

After shaking her hand, she retracted her hand and looked at the woman beside Xie Xuannan.

“I’m Xue Moxin.” The woman smiled sweetly at her, stretched out her hand, and said enthusiastically: “It’s nice to meet you.”

Qiao Yu’s eyes deepened and raised his eyebrows.

“Nice to meet you.”

There are three stories and three heroines in “Those Youthful Years”. Now I’m filming the first first love story, so I won’t see the other two heroines for the time being.

After Xue Moxin greeted Qiao Yu, he and Xie Xuannan went to check the script, and soon it was their turn to play.

She looked at Xie Xuannan cautiously, and asked softly, “Brother Xuannan…what do you think of Qiao Yu?”

Xie Xuannan looked at the script and said admiringly: “The person is beautiful, the temperament is good, and it’s pretty good.”

He was telling the truth.

“Oh…” Xue Moxin lowered her head, a little absent-minded.

“Okay, I’ll leave, you can read the script yourself.” Xie Xuannan received the call and left after talking to her.

“Okay.” Xue Moxin smiled sweetly, and seeing him leave, the original sweet smile turned into a gloomy smile. She stood alone, looking at the script in her hand, her hands were squeezed, and the script was crumpled.

Why! She gritted her teeth. This role was clearly prepared for her by my father! Her father is an investor, so it’s easy to get a role! However, Zhou Haoyu only said that she was inappropriate and changed the role? Let her play an inconspicuous little role.

And, replaced by a college student who hasn’t graduated to act?

Qiao Yu, I would like to see what you are so good about! She suddenly thought of something and smiled viciously.

Are you more suitable for the role of Xia Ansheng than me?


She smoothed the script, turned around, and put up a sweet smile on her face, as if she was just an illusion!