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Chapter Eight Secret Garden

I took advantage of my uncle’s return to the room and ran back to the room from the cabinet. I just entered the room and heard the sound of the door closing next door.

Thinking that today is still short of the door, I feel very nourished, but I know I still need to wait, māmā should know that I am entangled with her.

When I woke up the next day, māmā still called me to eat as usual, as if nothing happened. I felt frustrated again.

My uncle and bàbà were talking in the living room. When I came out, my uncle praised me for being a talented person in the future. I looked at him with a righteous expression, and he really couldn’t connect him to the wretched and affectionate man last night.

Today, my uncle is going to take us to Beijing. Māmā and my aunt went back to the room to change clothes after dinner.

When we came out, the eyes of all three of us were straight.

māmā is wearing a cheongsam today. She is fat, tún and thin. The waist and D’s chest make the cheongsam very charming, and the bottom is split to reveal a pair of snow-white tuǐ. The split should be sewn by māmā, otherwise It should be able to drive to the big. Aunt Tuǐ

wore a professional shirt. The shirt couldn’t cover her big bear at all, and the buttons almost stretched out. Seeing my eyes look at her, my aunt deliberately came over and rubbed my arm: “Does Xiaocheng think

my aunt looks good? I laughed again and again, thinking of the things that we were out of the ordinary last night, let alone uncle is still here, I dare not presumptuous, let alone My māmā looks the best in my eyes.

I looked at māmā and found that my uncle’s eyes were always on māmā, those eyes were round, and I wished to make a hole in my chest. I sneered in my heart, wishing to take the uncle’s eyeballs off.

We set off to the mountain, packed up and prepared for camping . We have all the things we brought . We just need some branches to make a fire. I went to pick up branches with my uncle and aunt. After walking for a while, I found that I walked away with my uncle and aunt and I picked up the branches. I was going to go back. On the way back, I saw my aunt and uncle arguing, and I was listening.

“I was very happy last night. I finally put your cousin to sleep. I don’t know if you rubbed your cousin so loudly and screamed. Oh, I forgot that you didn’t have that ability.” The aunt said sneerly.

“What are you talking about!” Uncle shouted in a low voice, “I didn’t make you comfortable!”

“Also, your sister and husband are not much worse than you in sexual ability, and finally hold the massage. It’s a great

thing to make old people feel comfortable!” I was dizzy when I heard it. Could it be that when my uncle did that to māmā last night, bàbà was also doing that kind of thing to his aunt?


, you will feel better ! “I want to see what you guys can do to make me feel better, do you take the useless things of both of you! I think the town is pretty good! “

You slut. Woman still thinking of Xiaocheng!” “

I couldn’t help but feel happy after hearing

this. My thing is much

bigger than the two of them. But what do they want to do tonight? I saw that my uncle and aunt became more and more quarrelsome. When I hesitated to come forward and persuade me, my uncle suddenly Pressed the uncle to the ground, unwrapped the skin, and stuffed something as big as a black thumb into the aunt’s mouth. The aunt, who was furious just now, immediately shook his fart. She opened her mouth and stopped. That thing, I vomit from time to time. Thanks

to my aunt’s efforts, my uncle’s thing gradually grows up. Although it is a little different from me when it grows up, it’s still not bad. My aunt gave him a fart while holding his mouth. Moaning and groaning in her mouth, I know that this kind of sexual and lustful woman has become a river, and my uncle also closed his eyes and enjoyed it, unbuttoned his aunt’s shirt, and had a pair of plump, big breasts. It came out, shaking in the air a few times.

“Wife, hello sāo… the husband of the mouth is so comfortable…” The uncle stretched out his hand and rubbed the niē into a different look.

My aunt’s fart shook harder, and her mouth was stuffed with waves and screamed from time to time.

I was watching with gusto, but I accidentally stepped on a tree branch. There was a crisp sound. Uncle Wu also got up in a panic and put on my pants. I was so scared that I turned around and ran back to our camping area to start

a fire, and my uncle and aunt came back. I also asked where I went and looked for it. I didn’t find me for a while. I apologized and went to look for the ingredients, but found that they brought a lot of alcohol. Māmā had a bad drinking volume, so I would faint when I drink. What did bàbà and uncle think tonight? , I guessed it too. “Xiaocheng, what’s the matter with you?” māmā walked over and stood beside me. I looked up, through the slit, extending all the way to see māmā’s panties. What māmā is wearing today is a pink lace inner The trousers, māmā’s yin, máo is too thick and dense, and many of them have come out of the lace.

I couldn’t help being chī fascinated, māmāwēn smiled softly, and said peacefully: “Hurry up and get things, everyone is hungry.” When māmā spoke, he did not leave, but pulled his hair behind his ears, and moved tuǐ away if there was nothing. Point, this makes my sight even more unobstructed. The dense mao hair almost completely covers the pubic area, and only a fleshy spot drags out from the mao hair. At the same time, the pink lace panties seem to be a little wet. I can’t help but feel excited. I look wet.

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