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Chapter Eleven Secret Garden

I heard her saying that it was pitiful, so I stopped the shì bite and said, “Okay! Mā! I can spare you, but you have to eat this for me!”

māmā said with a panic and ashamed. I…I can’t.

“You can. I believe māmā

māmājiāo has been ashamed for a long time before biting his lip and saying, “Hmm

? I do this

kind of embarrassing thing, really take you… I didn’t finish, I gently held my dajiba with a jade hand, opened her small mouth, slowly and slightly Afraid to hán my purple-red sè, cū, and sturdy underneath, my big underside was stuffed with her lips and small mouth full of swelling, and then she followed the instructions I just taught her. fǎ, she used her fragrant tongue from time to time to shì to shì the big underside and the horse’s eye, and kept using the cherry blossoms. The lips and the teeth were light. Biting the ditch under my big underside, shuǎng made me shout,

“Ah…māmā ………It’s so comfortable, and hán… a bit deeper… Put the whole stick into your small mouth, quickly…. Use force… Oh

… small. The mouth is really… really tight… and how are

you? Hot…oh…oh…”

māmā is a chaste woman. She has been married to bàb for more than ten years. Apart from the normal posture and posture of intercourse between men and women, she has never tried any other methods, and she has no red apricots. She has been out of the wall, so her sexual thoughts are quite conservative, and the first time she stole a love, she played with me, and although I haven’t really had a relationship with a woman, but through my classmates whispering legends and videos After informal education, I might know more than her! However, māmā is a woman, and she may not be as embarrassed to show that she understands, so give me the cāo Zongquan. At this time, māmā listened to me asking her to put the whole hán in, so she also followed my instructions, tūn kept coming in and out xī .shǔn is holding my Daji Ba.

I yelled with joy: “Yes…Yes…Okay. Great māmā…you have to…I…good…comfortable…oh…shuǎng…”

māmā did exactly what I said xī my big foundation. Ba, slowly she became more proficient, and then she became more comfortable with practice making perfect encounters. Daki Ba has now reached the maximum limit and a little bit of pain, not rubbing into her. In Xiaofei.xué, オ can be a xiè as soon as possible. So I hurriedly pulled out of mine, a leaping motion, pressed māmā’s plump body under me, and separated her round, thin, nèn two big tuǐ

at this time we are already. Forget about it, and forget that there are bàbà and uncle mā not far away. We are looking for thorns, excitement and disagreement in the primitive movement. I feel

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly a voice rang from the side, like a one As if the basin of cold water was poured on my head, uncle mā stood not far away, looking at me and māmā with a playful expression on his face. Looking at this, uncle mā seemed to have watched it for a long time. what!

When māmā saw his uncle mā, his face was flustered, and when he rolled his eyes,

my brain was buzzing. My little brother was still exposed, and māmā was lying naked on the ground. The explanation for this scene is not clear anyway, Wan-uncle mā told māmā, then māmā and I will be finished playing.

“Uncle mā, I…” I was still struggling to explain something, but when the words came to my lips, I couldn’t think of a suitable reason.

“Don’t be nervous, Xiaocheng, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t expect that your mother and son went here to steal the fishy. Seeing this, it shouldn’t be the first time for you.” Uncle mā looked at me with a playful look.

“No…” “You don’t need to tell me this, I’ll go back first, and you can continue.

Uncle mā turned around, swaying sex, feeling full, full of beauty. Tún was about to leave, I rushed to hold uncle mā, now let uncle mā go back, if I missed something, then it’s all over.

“What’s the matter, Xiaoyu, is there anything else?” Uncle mā glared at my younger brother who hadn’t put it away, and asked with a smile.

“Uncle mā, don’t tell bàbà and uncle about this.” There was a trace of sorrow in my tone.

“Oh? This is not bad, but it depends on your performance. When

uncle mā said this, his hand was actually on. My little brother took a niē, and I instantly understood what it meant. I was a little angry. At this time, my uncle mā not only disturbed the good things between me and māmā., he even threatened me to have a relationship with her.

It seems that Bàbà didn’t satisfy her at all, looking at the faint scars on her body, thinking of the appearance of her little mother just now, I couldn’t help but want to conquer her.

Anyway, māmā has fainted, so I just cāo.sǐ this sāo.

I was so excited that I couldn’t help but wonder what I was thinking. Uncle mā winked like silk, jiāo. The desire that had fallen in my heart before laughed. The fire burned again. After she came over, I found her tuǐ I also wore silk stockings.

?? The skin touch and uncle mā coming through the silk stockings irritated my beasts, sex and desires, fire, I stretched out my right tuǐ and tried harder. .tuǐ. inter mill. wiping her wringing. and moving to cater to the jiāo. footer, so my right tuǐ been more crowded. pressure, but she felt that degree of wēn so?.

? my 2 The left hand wandered around her plump and plump tún, and the right hand boldly stretched out between her pair of tuǐ, tearing the pants and socks of uncle mā. . To her.? I don’t care about it, my fingers leaned into her fat valley even more inches, a thought of desire hit my forehead strongly, and I pushed my middle finger across. Hole. mouth.

Uncle mā.’s call xī was swift and swift, she took the initiative to hold my little brother and brother, and began to gently massage, while I rubbed the big nǎi of cuō uncle mā., while moving towards the source of peach huā below her Leaned out.

The yin máo under the uncle mā is denser than that of the māmā. The black yin máo is stained with a little crystal, and the red abalone meat inside is faintly fascinating.

I searched for the scallop meat with flexible fingers, and rubbed the small nucleus that was hidden in the front with my flexible fingers. It was so numb and fast that she groaned frequently, and the liús made her tuǐ. It is completely nòng. wet, and the cloth sticking to the front completely outlines the beautiful shape of her enchanting beauty.

? ? 2 The wet and hot touch made my Hu xī hastily, and my big hands could not hold back her wet clothes.

My fingers began to go in and out of Taoyuan Cave, which was warm and slippery. After all, uncle mā just did it with bàbà. The body and the child’s unrestrained love and caressed my uncle’s whole body. He twisted and moved uncomfortably. She grasped my big tuǐ, yín, swaying posture in front of me with impatience. Show off.

My aunt’s groan made the xuè fluid in my whole body more concentrated on the giant python in the tuǐ. It made the already high fire, heat more swollen, swollen, throbbing, and moving.

“Uncle mā, mō. I…”

Uncle mā caught my abdomen, which was stiff, very low and above the hot cū. The length made her amazed.

Xiaocheng…you…you are so big…just give my

uncle mā groan. The groan is louder, and I am not afraid of others hearing it. She still has the scars on her body that were just hit by the skin. It’s a little broken, bad beauty, but I have to say, this is also a kind of temptation for men.

My cū.bào separates the double tuǐ of my uncle mā. This hand sometimes squeezes in deeply and pushes in and pushes the long and bigger tuǐ more open; and sometimes gently slides over the tip of the small body máo, It made her feel sour and intolerable.

“No way, Xiaocheng, I want it, hurry up and give me uncle māo!”

“Break the good things between me and māmā. Today I have to cāo you can’t walk!”

I mentioned my little brother. , I aimed at the hole. The mouth directly tǒng.

I entered. My uncle mā and I made a sound of shu shuǎng at the same time, and I was wrapped tightly by her son. Palace huā. Heart, and also loosely xī.shǔn Holding the big tortoise head makes me very happy and beautiful, so it is even bigger. I rubbed it up and wiped it out again and again. The roots were exhausted, and the flesh underneath, and the fierce and courageous continued to dry her for more than hundreds of times. As a result of this hard work, uncle mā Su Ma Di desperately swayed her fat nèn’s big fart, to welcome me violently twitching, rubbing, and every time I bumped, she shook her whole body and her chest. The first two fat .nǎi are even more trembling.

“Oh… ah… Xiaocheng, you are so amazing.

Uncle mā shook the plump. plump beauty. tún to try to cater to me, and at the same time, his hands were also vigorously kneading. cuō his own The chest part changed into various shapes. I saw the uncle māyín swaying, and the rubbing and rubbing movements became more powerful.

Oh…the town…the bottom of you is so big…” Uncle mā.’s waves are called constant thorns. The feeling that excites me is reflected on the younger brother below, making me attack even more frantically, and I can clearly feel that there is constant love and liquid underneath the uncle mā.

Two of my bullets kept colliding with my uncle’s vulva, making a yín depressive sound. Soon, my uncle’s yín water actually fell down my big tuǐ root liú.

Xiaocheng… Uncle mā is going to be fucked by you. sǐ, it’s dys…

Suddenly, I felt a squeeze underneath my uncle mā, and there was warm liquid cooking on my little brother. This kind of irritation made me scream.

“Uncle mā, I want to shoot!”

“nòng come in, all nòng come in, I want Xiaocheng to shoot. In the body of uncle mā.!”

Uncle mā called loudly, and I hesitated a little bit at this time. I can’t control the fine door. After the yelling, the younger brother suddenly arched in his uncle’s body, and the warm liú suddenly cooked out, and all shot. It entered the deepest of the uncle’s body. Place…

I slowly pulled out my little brother. At this time, my uncle mā.’s lower body was a little red and swollen, and the body of honey in the hole was rǔ.white.sè liquid. It took a while before I came out. Just now, I seemed to be The semen. Cum is very deep…

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