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Chapter Five Secret Garden

When I was enjoying the scent of māmā, my uncle did not come out of the shower and wore a short nightdress, showing the two long tuǐ of white huāhuā, her whole body seemed to grow on her ass. The fart strands are big and round, and when walking, they jump with a full sense of flesh, like a Q-bomb candy. My aunt smiled at me, sitting next to me, and I was almost bounced.

Māmā and his aunt briefly talked about the daily routine, and the aunt suddenly turned around and asked me if I had a girlfriend, and said that I should find a girlfriend at this age. Enjoy my girlfriend.

I didn’t speak, uncle asked me in no surprise at my age.

I nodded and shook my head again, very embarrassed.

After laughing for a while, māmā got up and went to wash his hands.

Uncle didn’t take the opportunity to come over and ask me if I was the real thing.

I thought that night, I went to māmā Taoyuan, and in my heart I gave māmā for the first time, so I denied it and shook my head. The aunt laughed. Shuangfeng trembled: “I knew you wouldn’t be

okay anymore. It’s just that you don’t have a girlfriend to solve it alone. Isn’t it lonely?” “Fortunately.” Since growing up, I have used Wugu brewing. It’s all māmā. in my mind.

Just as I remembered, my aunt was very soft. Soft hand grasped. I took my hand and put it on her snow-white big tuǐ. Her pair of tuǐ is matched with Nafeng. Tún, so beautiful, I am so awkward. With a strong grasp, it really felt soft and soft, not the same as māmā.

“Xiaocheng should hurry up and find a girlfriend. It’s easy to do it yourself.” The aunt still said with a smile, but she grabbed my hand and mō inside her.

This is my aunt! I resisted. When I was about to retract my hand, my fingers touched a dense forest. I was surprised that Uncle Wu didn’t even wear underwear! The feeling is a bit piercing, but fascinating.

When I got there, my aunt opened her tuǐ, raised her fart, hit my finger, and smiled: “Only find a girlfriend to enjoy the fun between men and women, that kind of You don’t understand the thorny excitement of climbing together.”

“Aunt “, “Aunt

” is to show you a long time, so that you won’t be ashamed in front of your girlfriend in the future. “My uncle’s mother tongue became severe: “I will test you, what must be there where there is a forest?” “

My aunt’s peach huā source is in my hand, my hand is covering it and I dare not move, my aunt grabbed my hand and put it down, a moist feeling came.

“Water.” “I replied.

I understand at this time that my aunt is the same as my māmā. It is the cause of long-term emptiness, but my aunt is more open

. “

My aunt chuckled. I am a normal man, with normal needs. From mō. to the source of my aunt’s Tao huā, the small steel cannon underneath stood up. Seeing this, my aunt put a jade tuǐ over the chair. On the back, the other one was placed on the ground, and the big tuǐ was opened to both sides, revealing her little flesh without concealment. At

this time, even though I knew she was my aunt, I could bear it. I can’t

stop. Open the dense forest, from the forest mō. to the seam, I pulled out the soft and wet two pieces on both sides, along the creek liú all the way through the block at the entrance, I took my hand again I wiped my finger. I entered the huā garden of my aunt and dug it up, sometimes rubbing the little meat and nucleus, while the aunt kept liú. The water coming out was wet, moist, hot. Almost. I stubbornly sold my hands all over,

“The weather is so hot, the town should also take a bath in the water.” “My aunt smiled and raised her hand, holding her underneath me through her pants, her eyes were a little surprised, she didn’t seem to expect me to be so big, “Good nephew, it’s no wonder my aunt likes you so much when she sees you.” “

I like my aunt too.” “

My aunt pulled my trousers apart, and the little brother immediately bounced it out. She held it in her hand with a face, rubbing it up and down, and then circled the dragon with her fingers. I was in a hurry. After taking two breaths, I was afraid I could not hold back the shot. Come out.

“Good guy, I haven’t seen such a big brother in a long time. If you put it in, you won’t be able to sustain it.

” Aunt , stop.” “

I remembered that this is the living room, māmā is in the bathroom, but I did such ridiculous things with my aunt. The more I think about it, my underside becomes more swollen and swollen.

“Good nephew, let my aunt hurt you.” “My aunt lowered her head and hánd my strong and purple dragon, and my dragon stuffed her lips and mouth. Her mouth was full, and she used her fragrant tongue to shì the big giant from time to time. The dragon and the longan kept squeezing the ditch of my giant dragon with cherry lips xī.shǔn and shell teeth, and shuǎng made me scream.

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