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Chapter Four Secret Garden

bàbàThe physical strength is not enough, this is over. I was struggling to fall asleep under the aching pain, and my brain was full of pressing māmā under my body, māmājiāo. My body trembled, and my eyes were half open and half closed, red. Lips were slightly open and rushing. The ground was panting, and the Buddha wanted to hum the fire, hot, crisp, and numb all over her body, and groaned in her throat. It was hard to tell whether it was pain or happiness.

When I woke up in the morning, māmā was staring down at me. I was holding it in a daze, but I felt something sticky in one hand.

I shot when I was asleep and was discovered by māmā. I was shy and excited.

Today we went to Beijing, Beijing, Tian, Anmen, the Forbidden City. We were so hungry after a round trip. We wanted to find a place to eat, but Bàbà took me to the home of an uncle Li Jian who is far away, saying that this uncle has a way out. Can help me find a good job in Beijing.

When I arrived at the place, I found that this uncle was indeed very rich. After all, the people who can live in the city center are not ordinary people sitting at the table and talking, knowing that we are living, sǐ will take us to his house.

His house is organized in order. Māmā is very grateful. Uncle Li Jian said that he raised his hands while staring at Māmā’s chest, his eyes almost straightened.

When māmā was young, he used to be brilliant, but now he still has the charm when he is old, and he is the favorite of men. Uncle is also regarded as māmā’s cousin, and he also covets māmā.

After arranging a place to live, Li Jian took bàbà out to eat and drink, and my aunt came to entertain me and māmā.

I couldn’t help but marvel when I saw my aunt. Her aunt was about forty or so cold, but she looked like she was only in her early thirties when it was properly maintained. The northern woman in China has not much flesh but a big skeleton, especially the tún circumference is amazing, almost half larger than māmā. “You said these two men are good for shopping, and they want to drink again!”

māmā said: “It’s okay. If you want to go out, I will come down and see my aunt’s eyes wandering over her tún. The aunt straddled my arm, and my arm was pressed in a big exaggeration. Chest. “Just in time, let Xiaocheng go too, someone is carrying something.

māmā glanced at me, the tenderness in his eyes. My little brother has a tendency to raise his head. As long as he can accompany me, I will go all the way.

My aunt took us to the shopping mall. There are clothes and other popular products, and I followed māmā. She has a beautiful appearance, a smooth and white skin, a plump, mature carcass, and a charming and timid body. Fengzi couldn’t help but reach out and hold māmā’s fingers, māmā did not refuse, māmā walked with me like my sister.

My aunt walked us to a store for human use. Māmā and I walked in to find out that I subconsciously looked at māmā’s face and found that māmā’s face was reddened but very calm.

My uncle stepped on māmā.’s arm and showed her around these things, discussing matters between men and women: “Our husband is not physically strong enough at this age. We can’t satisfy us at all. We can only use some gadgets to make ourselves happy, you Does this suit you?”

My aunt took a pink genitalia, measured the size, and whispered it to my māmā’s ear: “This is bigger than He Sheng?”

He Sheng is my bàbà, this birth. The genitalia is almost bigger than my bàbà. māmā glanced at me and brushed my hair, saying that it was the same size.

Māmā was a good woman. She knew that to save face for bàbà outside, this genitalia was about the same size as mine, and bàbà’s was far worse than it.

My aunt’s eyes showed a beautiful lady: “Li Jian is small and short, it’s still early. Xiè, I can’t be satisfied at all. I always use this to solve it, but this thing is really comfortable and it’s electric. Putting it in is like playing with an electric motor. It’s very comfortable when you’re in a high tide.

My aunt liked this very much and gave me a mǎi and māmāmǎi.

I went shopping in other places for about three hours. When I went home, the woman’s physical strength was terrible

when she came back. Bàbà and Li Jian didn’t come back. We simply ate and māmā went to take a shower.

After māmā took a shower, I wore a conservative dress in an outsider’s home, with long hair hanging down on my body and sitting quietly on the sofa. I sat next to māmā, smelling the fragrance of māmā, and my mind was swaying.

māmā is talking to me while watching TV dramas, red lips are closed, the fragrance exhaled from her hole, and the woman, body, fragrance from her body, fascinated me like huā.

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