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Chapter Fourteen Secret Garden

māmā seemed to be very afraid of being heard by other people, and he immediately stunned the pillow, so that I stopped making a sound.

I deliberately teased māmā, and the movements on my body began to increase, every time I almost pulled out my little brother. At that time, no matter how hard you tǒng to the deepest point, so down, no matter how strong māmā’s endurance is, you can’t help but make a sound.

“Little enemy…you…ah…you slow

down māmā and still can’t help it, loosen the pillow and say to me,

but I don’t listen at all, I still pump it vigorously. Seeing this, māmā can only bite on the pillow. , Try to minimize

my own voice. I happily pumped it in the back. It didn’t take long for both of us to sweat. On the back of my qīn.wěnmāmā., the incense fell into my mouth. , Some success, but also very fragrant.

My claws stretched out to the front, grabbed the big nǎi of māmā, and smashed up severely, māmā seemed to be reaching the limit. I felt her meat. The wall was there. Constantly retracting the clip makes my little brother very comfortable.

And after such a long time of pumping and sending, I was almost reaching the limit. I grasped the beauty of māmā., and the panting became more and more heavy.

“mā, I am about to shoot.” . “I lowered my voice and wore a cū breath in māmā’s ears. My

enemy…ah…it’s okay for you to come in.

This is the biggest encouragement for me. I speed up the rubbing and rubbing speed, māmā yín on the pillow. The sound of shaking, when I reached the limit, my spirit couldn’t help it anymore, my body trembled, and I felt that all the spirit in my whole body seemed to come out, and my brain poured into the body of māmā. In the body,

māmā’s honey hole began to twitch, constantly pinching my little brother. It seemed that I would not be squeezed dry.

A few minutes later, I took my little brother out, quickly nòng a few pieces of toilet paper, and wiped it under myself for a long time.

“You little enemy, these are all your masterpieces.” Māmā put the liquid on the toilet paper in front of my eyes and shook it, looking at me with an aversion.

“Hey, this is not where māmā let me nòng in, I also listen to māmā.” I cobalt into māmā.’s arms, constantly xī.shǔn māmā.’s rǔ.head.

“Okay, the little enemy, I will be long in the future, don’t mess up your body. Go back and rest first.” Māmā gently pushed me away.

“If it is broken, it will be spoiled. Even the charm of māmā. sǐ is also worthwhile for māmā.” I chuckled, but honestly left māmā.’s bed and returned to my own bunk.

I looked at the other people. They were still asleep and were not awakened by our actions, so I was relieved.

Closing my eyes, recalling the scene just now, there was a body full of seductiveness. That was the body that I dreamed of the most. My little brother, my brother jumped again at this time, and I hurriedly Suppressing, restraining the inner desire, fire, and falling asleep.

The next day, I woke up and looked at māmā’s eyes. She was already awake. She glanced at me and didn’t say anything. She still talked and talked as usual. After bàbà came over, my eyes were a little evasive, but māmā did. Without being affected, he walked up to me unintentionally and pinched me.

“It’s almost at the station, the town is packing up, we are going to get off.” māmā reminded me.

I hurriedly packed my things and got out of the car. Bàbà had already called the car with my mobile phone. We were home in two hours.

Back home, māmā took a shower on the grounds that he had been in the car all night, bàbà certainly did not doubt, but I remembered the charming scene yesterday.

At this time, my mobile phone rang suddenly, and I threw off the picture in my mind and picked up the mobile phone. It turned out to be my high school classmate.

“Brother Cheng, are you back? Today we are going to have a dinner together, so come here too.” The voice of my high school sǐdǎng Sun Xiaohu came over the phone.

“Okay, you send me the address, I’ll be over in a while.” Without thinking about it, I just responded.

I simply pulled it out and it faded, and then hung up the call, and soon the address over there was sent.

I cleaned up, and māmā just came out of the bath room. I had just taken a shower. Māmā was still warm and slippery. His skin was white and creamy, and the fullness of his chest was full of imagination.

“Is Xiaocheng going out?” māmā saw me cleaning up, and asked quickly.

“Mā, my classmates are going to have dinner at noon, so I won’t eat at home.” I informed.

Then I ran away and left home, with māmā this stunner, I was really afraid that I would suddenly be unable to control myself.

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