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Chapter Nine Secret Garden

My eyes were always reluctant to turn away, and I didn’t take the ingredients until my father came over.

After baking the food, my uncle brought a few bottles of wine over before I started eating. They wanted to get me drunk first. After all, they were only able to plan if I was asleep. I had a good drinking capacity in the university. I drank two bottles. Just pretending to be drunk and lying on the ground to sleep, my uncle patted me on the face and called me a few times and I ignored him.

Now my uncle started calling me māmā to be drunk again. Although māmā was blocked in every way, he still took a few sips, and soon became a little dizzy.

At this moment I secretly opened my eyes.

māmā’s face turned red when he was drinking, his eyes blurred, and he looked like he couldn’t sit still. At this time, my uncle hurriedly approached and hugged her with his hands on māmā.’s chest and asked with concern: “Cousin, are you okay?

” Cousin, I am a little dizzy. “Māmā was covering her forehead, and her face began to sweat thinly. She was feeling hot all over her body. She was pulling her clothes from time to time, and her body was rubbing against her uncle from

time to time . Only then did I know that her uncle was in order to get māmā. There was also a reminder in the wine. There was also a moan on the

other side. I secretly changed the direction, but saw the pedantic bàbà. At this time, he was holding Zhengxiang, who was holding his aunt’s breast. A bright red head, one hand on the breast of the aunt and rubbed it niē.

“You are good or bad, you are hurting others~” Aunt jiāo groaned, she lifted her body slightly, and put the two balls together. Big breasts move towards bàbà’s mouth, holding his own fingers between the two tuǐ, from time to time in and out, bringing out a lot of water.

“Sāo. Goods, you are too sāo, I can’t wait for cāo. sǐ you. “Bàbà said fiercely, pulling the leather belt out and squeezing her aunt very hard, and a scarlet mark appeared on her aunt’s white body.

My aunt was beaten and bewildered for a while, and then recovered my aunt’s excitement. She knelt down on the ground, shaking the huge fart like a little mother, and the water dripped down to the ground. “Ah, a good fight. Great, sister. Husband, I am your mother, I am your slave. Li, hit me well.

Bàbà At this moment , my eyes are also red, and the skin in my hand is very cruel. I hit my aunt’s body, rubbing her meat with my fingers, and I looked at my aunt Xuebai’s fart. There was also a pair of nǎi. sons who swayed because of excitement. It’s amazing!

Look at my meat. The stick quickly filled the hair. It rose and became hard. Bang. Bang. I put my hand on it to relieve the discomfort, but I heard māmā.’s exclamation.

“Cousin, no… we can’t do this.

” Cousin, I want you, do you know how much you attractive, I want to get into your body. body

“no, absolutely not cousin …” māmā sorrow qiú the uncle, he was uncle sǐsǐ of pressure in the body

I can not Looking at me, I don’t know where the courage came from. I rushed up and took the stone zá on my uncle’s head.

My uncle just fell down. māmā looked at me in panic, and I watched māmā being stripped naked. Human ketone body, swallowed very hard, and ran into the woods holding māmā.

Māmā’s head rested on my chest, and the exhaled heat cooked on my body, making me feel like an electric shock.

“Xiaocheng, Xiaocheng, hurry up and let māmā come down. “I spread my coat on the ground and placed the charming māmā on it. My eyes couldn’t help but stare at her chest. The pair of hill-like breasts trembled, making people want to love her.

Xiaocheng… …” māmā blushed when I saw it, and couldn’t help but jiāo: “Can you turn around?”

Of course I don’t want to turn, but thinking that this is māmā’s will, I can only turn around and look down at my elder, tall old man. Second, my mind is all on māmā behind me.

After a while, I heard a gasp from behind, and I turned around curiously and worriedly, but saw a scene that made my pulse burst.

māmā is actually masturbating!

She opened and exposed the peaches in the middle with one hand and pushed the lush and dense moo into the Yin. Red secret meat. In the hole, in and out, the sound of water popped. The sound of the waves splashed out, and the other hand was placed on the chest and rubbed vigorously. The two fruits were big and swollen, and the room was rubbed red. There was a fleshy figure up and down. The ups and downs, the hum from time to time in the mouth, it is more like a qiú dissatisfaction.

Although her fingers were inside and she could scratch the walls, she couldn’t relieve her heart.

She opened her eyes and looked at me with soft, tearful eyes, her face flushed, moist, and red.

Mouth open . Opening a small town…māmā uncomfortable…how

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