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Chapter One Secret Garden

After university, I want to travel to Beijing. It just so happens that my parents also have time, and they don’t worry about me alone, so I plan to go with me.

My father qīn is a construction worker, and māmā is running a college entrance examination tutoring class. This time should be the busiest time, so he decided to ask for leave for me.

māmā is not my qīnmā, but she has been by my side since I can remember and treats me very well.

I have saved a small amount of money for four years in school, and I said I would like to give a gift to bàmā, bàbà didn’t like these, and asked me to give māmāmǎi two sets of clothes.

On that day, I accompanied māmā to mǎi clothes, and went to the inner clothing store. I still had some points. Sorry to

see me twisting. Niē, māmā laughed at me and said, “What’s the matter, is it too expensive or shy? What can I do if I have a girlfriend in the future?”

I never thought about finding a girlfriend, I just wanted to be with me. By bàmā.

māmā went to mǎi for two sets of inner clothes. I had never paid attention to it before, because she was my māmā, and I saw māmāi’s 36D corset that day. I observed māmā from the perspective of a man, and she was really plump , Fat tún, waist, two mountains high and raised. From

this point of view, those two sets of conservative inner clothes are not suitable for her at all.

So I chose a set of sexy and lace underwear for her, and I chose black tulle pajamas.

When I returned home in the evening, māmā put on pajamas after taking a shower. The inner and the clothes were gathered together, and the two white breasts were gathered together. The black tulle pajamas showed the māmā’s figure. It was full and round .Run’s fart. When I walked under my pajamas, māmā quivered and turned around in front of me, asking me if I look good?

It’s really pretty.

We got on the train at ten o’clock in the morning, there were still a lot of people, but we got a sleeper. I lay on the lower bunk with māmā, and bàbà went to the upper bunk alone.

I was lying on my bed, listening to māmā’s movements,

māmā had been packing up things, and seemed to be very busy. I said I wanted to help her clean up, but she refused. Around ten o’clock, the people in the car were basically asleep.

But I didn’t have any thoughts at all. I was filled with the look of māmā in front of me in black silk pajamas last night, with a plump chest. I

was thinking like two little rabbits , māmā suddenly exclaimed. , I quickly got up and asked her what’s wrong?

“I just shook it, and the water sprinkled on the bed.

There was a big watermark on the bed. I don’t want māmā to lie on it: “mā, come and sleep with me…” māmā blushed, to her, Although she treats me as a qīn son, she is not a qīn son after all.

“It’s okay, mā.

māmā ended up lying on my bed, and I lay with her, the smell of shampoo on her body rushed into my nose, and my whole body trembled.

Because I was worried that I would fall, māmā leaned on me and said quietly, “You will not fall when you sleep with māmā”.

So I took māmā from the bottom and left hand with my right hand and fell asleep, māmā. Although I am old, my skin is very soft and I feel good when I hold it up. I almost want to rub it into my arms.

māmā was still wearing the clothes I gave her. I didn’t mean it at the time. I pressed my left hand on māmā’s plump chest and rubbed it. Māmā didn’t dare to move for a moment. It’s also embarrassing.

Especially the underneath of me was hard. I didn’t wear pants when I got up. Māmā must have felt the bulging mass.

I was very nervous, and I felt very prickly. I even stretched my toes in a prickly and agitated way.

māmā moved a bit, and underneath my crotch was swept across, I couldn’t help but hum, and everyone was asleep at this time. I’m not worried that someone would hear it, especially my bàbà. , Snoring can be heard ten miles away.

“Let’s go to bed first.” It was māmā who broke the embarrassing face.

I nodded quickly, worried that I could not help but do something if I waited any longer.

I have always admired māmā since I was a child. I thought she was very powerful. Later, when I grew up, I didn’t feel any woman. Every time I hit the plane, the face of māmā appeared in front of me.

I know, I like māmā.

So we all closed our eyes and I didn’t dare to move, but I was holding my mother qīn in my arms, and my bottom was bulging, and it was tightly pressed against the māmā fart. I felt the māmā call xī sound at the time. It seems to be very nervous too.

The train was a little bumpy, and my little brother went up and down from time to time, passing between māmā’s farts every time, and there were bursts of thorns from below. Gratitude made me unable to resist the desire within. I called xī aggravated, uncomfortably pressing the double peaks of māmā. with my hands with the rhythm, I slowly increased my strength, eager to get a response.

At that time, māmā didn’t react

for half an hour. I thought that māmā’s fart moved when māmā was asleep, causing me to just pop out and slide between her two.

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