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Chapter Seven Secret Garden

“Yeah~” A hint of shuǎng overflowed from māmā’s throat. He groaned quickly.

I was happy as if I had received a response. There was a shuǎng from head to toe. Hurry, I said, don’t worry, I have to squeeze inward

, and the sound of opening and closing the door rang out. You don’t need to think about it. Father qīn and uncle came back, and I was still in the māmā.’s sticky little flesh. I was torturing me without going up and down. I was shocked. If bàbà found out, his old man would definitely get out of the kitchen. I took the dāo and smashed me. I had no idea for a while, but māmā turned around like sleeping and turned over, and my brother dragged away from the meat hole.

Bàbà’s footsteps sounded at the door. I didn’t care about that feeling. I hurriedly lifted my pants and drilled into the closet. As soon as I closed the door, the room door was opened. I looked through the door of the closet, and I didn’t expect that the one who came in was not bàbà, but uncle.

Uncle walked a little swayed, his face was full of spring, and he seemed to have drunk a lot. I hid in the closet not to make any noise.

Uncle came directly to the bed and slowly leaned down. Through the gap in the closet, I clearly saw that uncle’s hand was actually placed on māmā’s chest.

I almost rubbed it gently. I yelled, and my heart became angry, but in order to avoid being out of explanation at this time, I endured it.

Uncle’s movements got bigger and bigger, but māmā did not resist. It seems that māmā should have regarded uncle as bàbà. Because of this, uncle became more and more courageous, and finally slowly lifted the quilt. māmā The snow-white skin bào. exposed to the light, and a pair of snow-white plump bodies stood upright like a hill even though they lay.

Uncle let out an exclamation, opened his mouth and hánd the red fruit that was puckered by me.


māmā made a slight humming sound, Hongyan’s mouth was slightly open, spitting fragrance, and his uncle’s hands were not idle, one hand was rubbing. niē the other was full, and the other hand was white and plump along the snow. The full body, through the dense forest, went straight down, and opened the petals on both sides of the fat nèn, the water inside immediately blew down, the uncle was obviously taken aback, and then he scolded. One sentence: “Sāo.

He cursed silently, while dragging his pants down, he took out a guy with a thin finger and threw it up and down, but even so, he was old. Nothing happened.

At this moment, I felt nothing in my heart. I understand why my aunt relies on pressing and sticking. My uncle’s sexual abilities are so bad that I can’t harden it when I see such a beautiful māmā. I am relieved to see this. Since he can’t get an erection, then I won’t get into the body of māmā. I stayed in the cabinet with peace of mind. While enjoying māmā’s beautiful ketone body, I placed my hands on the magnificent old man’s body.

Uncle’s complexion became very bad and he failed. The old man abandons the old man, looking at the beautiful young woman on the bed, and the woman is reluctant to leave, xiè angrily rubs the room on the māmā. niē for a while, and when he is about to leave, he sees the bed. One of the things that seems to be the toy

I pulled out from the lower body of māmā before. I became more and more eager. I already know what uncle wants to do, and the lower half of the body is also high and salute, and I can’t hold it back. I dragged down my pants, and watched how my uncle uses the toy, while comforting my lower body. I love māmā, as long as it is not for other men to go in and use this kind of treatment to make her happy.

Uncle smiled and said Holding the toy in his hand, he jumped up and knelt down between māmā and tuǐ, carefully admiring the scenery between tuǐ.

māmā seemed to be a little embarrassed, his body was slightly twisted. The niē was slightly twisted, and his uncle might have continued to drink, and directly separated the māmā’s two tuǐ, opened his mouth to hold the small fleshy nucleus, and use his lips xī .shǔn, using tongue, head shì, and gently squeezing with teeth, from time to time I spit out the tip of my tongue into māmā.’s meat. The hole, shì scrapes the nèn. meat

māmā quilt around her. Uncle’s super prickly, irritating, teasing, nòng made his whole body tremble constantly, and his whole body was also stained with a layer of crimson, yín, loudly, whispered, “Ah…ah…”

I listened When I got to the bed, there was a humming in my head. At the same time, my younger brother and younger brother became more and more upright, and I have been ignorant of māmā many times. I have never tasted the deliciousness of māmā’s lower body. , This time was even preempted by my uncle.

Uncle’s finger also reached into the huā garden and kept digging and digging. I seemed to have seen the crystal clear liquid. The body was cooking in the lower half of the māmā. In the scene in the entrance, I became more and more excited, and the movements on my hands began to intensify.

At this moment, Uncle suddenly straightened up, grabbed the toy placed next to him, and wiped it off the bottom of the māmā. Ah,

after the previous lubrication and slippery; māmā.’s lower body is already very moist and moist. The huge and big thing went in smoothly. Uncle began to gently rub and wipe, and then opened it even more. The electric switch above.


The sound of the electric toy was accompanied by the clashing and rubbing with the love liquid, which constantly pierced and stimulated my auditory spirit, and then reacted to my hands, my body was flushed red, The green veins are all exposed, and the movements on the hands are getting stronger and stronger.

Māmā was lying on the bed, her eyes closed tightly. She thought that the man on the bed was a bàbà, so she didn’t have any precautions at all, and she let out fierce gasps.

A few minutes later, my uncle suddenly pulled out the electric toy, and the movement of his hand suddenly accelerated.

Māmā’s body suddenly trembled on the bed. The electric toy was still buzzing, and she was climaxing. In the process, she was still irritating her mouth, the love liquid was completely cooked and sent, and the entire bed sheet was soaked and wet.

At this moment, I was paralyzed in the closet with contentment on my face. In such a moment, māmā and I reached a climax at the same time.

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