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Chapter Six Secret Garden

“Xiaocheng, what’s wrong with you?”

māmā heard my scream and immediately flushed out of the toilet. My aunt and I quickly regained our previous distance. I quickly put on my pants, māmā came out and looked at us nervously.

“Just now, Xiaocheng He said he was thirsty, so I brought him water and accidentally poured the water on him. I was really embarrassed


Māmā did not doubt, let me go back to my room and change my clothes. I changed my clothes. I felt very sorry for māmā when I thought about the absurdity with my aunt.

My mind for māmā. has never changed, so why did I become eager for my aunt?

When I was lying on the bed, my mind was like my aunt for a while, and māmā for a while, and finally I got up from the bed. I really missed māmā’s body so much that I was holding the soft cotton. , elastic big chest. prolyl, there was a fascinating source peach huā

I walked out the door, opened māmā. room, no lights in the room, I thought māmā asleep, but it actually sounded panic room At the same time, I turned on the light. When I saw me, her face was ashamed and flustered. Her watery eyes and slightly upward-looking red lips made me unable to walk.

“Mā, I’m scared alone and want to sleep with you.

“How old are you, and you want to sleep with me?” “Māmā whispered the blame, but I heard the embarrassment inside.

I know that māmā must also like me . Sajiāo herself will always be a child in front of her. While climbing onto the bed, māmā half-pushed and half agreed. Just let me sleep well, and turned over to fall asleep. When I heard the sound of xī, I turned around and hugged māmā, and mō with my hands tentatively put on māmā’s chest.

Māmā seemed to be asleep, sleeping It’s still fragrant.

In this way, I became more presumptuous. I niē spinning the two red and bright fruits, put a hand into her pajamas, rubbed her two peaches, and then moved down, stroking her thin. Waist, Feng Tún, finally broke through her thin little briefs, grabbed a few thick yin máo, and stroked the yin Fu that was protruding like a steamed bun. The bottom of me also stood up instantly, and the sǐsǐ was between the two tuǐ of the māmā. I did not wear underwear, the trousers were loose, and my brother stood very long without hindrance. I felt māmā’s body tremble a bit, and I could no longer take care of the others. I firmly held down the back of her hand, and pressed her hand to move and caress on the Daji Ba, although There is still a layer of cloth, but the power of that soft hand still makes me breathless.

Gently rubbing the niē with the sensitive, high-sensitivity and convex clitoris with my index finger, preparing to rub my middle finger into the private place, but found that an object at the entrance was blocking my movement.

I immediately thought of what it was, and when I thought of how māmā put this thing inside to masturbate, I was so excited. I reached out my hand to hold the object and pulled it out. There was a sound of love in the room, māmā. He also snorted, seems to be very nostalgic.

I know that māmā is already awake at this time. It’s just that the mother-child relationship is about to turn into the flesh. The body relationship is still a bit resistant. Although she is already willing, on the surface, she still can’t hold back this face and lose the dignity of māmā to spend the Spring Festival with me.

I turned māmā.’s body to the right, māmā still closed her eyes, but her face was flushed, she was lying on my chest, and her face was so charming and shameful that I was really fascinated. , So I didn’t do two things. I opened my arms endlessly, and hugged the plump, flabby, and sensual body tightly into my arms, and blocked it with my mouth hot, spicy, and spicy. Her red lips, with my lips and tongue madly, wěnshì every inch of skin and organs on māmā’s face, then rubbed her middle finger into the huā garden, gently digging and clasping it.

These actions of mine made me tremble. My eyes were half-open and half-closed, and my red lips were slightly opened. I panted hurriedly, as if the Buddha wanted to burn her whole body, hot, crisp, and numb, from the mouth. There was a hum, and the throat was grunting, and it was hard to tell whether it was painful or happy.

Dragging down māmā’s pajamas, I carefully admired māmā’s snow-white and plump carcass. The body is thin, nèn and white, with a pair of fat nèn, tall, tall, double peaks, and two crimson sè like grapes. The big round head stands on the top of the dark red halo. I opened my lips and took a mouthful of the big head. The head was xī and shǔn, shì and bite, I opened my lips. Excited. This is the first time I have eaten nǎi head. I cuō. knead. mō.niē with another peach and the nǎi head on top of it with one hand, screaming hard.

māmā eyes are slightly closed, red, lips are slightly open, the whole body is fiery, hot, crisp, and soft, the bottom is like a flood flooding

my brother’s excitement and excitement trembling liú water, I can’t help it, and dug a few times again. , I

pulled my fingers out and made a leaping motion, and pressed māmā’s plump body under me, and separated her two large tuǐ, which are round, thin and nèn, in a triangular area. Fascinating scenery. I saw even the infinitely fascinating Taoyuanchun hole, and vaguely saw a long thin fleshy seam, aiming at her crimson little fleshy hole with force

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