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Chapter Ten Secret Garden

I was in a panic at this time, and the pain below was already hard at this time.

But at this time, I was a little embarrassed.

I used to engage with māmā secretly before, but this time in the wilderness, I felt more irritating and true.

L.. Uh huh.” māmā’s fingers worked hard at the source of Taohuā, water stains splashed out on her hands, her chest was puffed up, her breasts trembled and moved from time to time, her eyes were reddish, and she looked with water. me.

I now have spilled, māmā see I’m not moving, like a little mother Gou as prostrate in front of me, the white high Gao Qiao. from the chest. Department completely quite towering in front of Bao shi .

“baby, māmā. chest good to eat, there are nǎi. water, do you want to try? “The

fire of desire in my heart defeated reason, so I rushed to hug māmā, wěn hugged her very ruthlessly, tiǎnshì wanton on it, and finally held back the huge fruit shǔn .xī .

“māmā, sweet, nǎi. water sweet ah! “

I held my chest, and hán said in a loud and vague voice: “Oh my God, this is the sweet nǎi. water I have drunk.

” As long as the baby likes it, māmā will be given to you.

You must…māmā…? sǐ point


nǎi. head ……… Jiao good light. ……… you really want to keep it up … māmā. …… fate of

my deaf to her call. sound, round liú kept xī.shǔn shì Jiao and I rubbed a pair of large rooms in māmā with my hands, and only heard māmā yelling again: “Oh,

good…baby…māmā…can’t bear it

A lighter … … Well … māmā will … ouch … you will be whole … the whole sǐ of ……… · ah

me …… – ah … “

I see her whole body shake while, looked down, a surge of transparent and sticky. The liquid body, from the slender flesh of māmā, first soaks, wets, a pinch of yin, and then liú drops her deep ass, thighs, ditch, and then liú.

I see on the ground . māmā is very interesting. I put my hand under her kuà., māmā puts one jade tuǐ on the back of the chair, and the other puts it on the ground, while the big tuǐ spreads out to the two sides and pulls her. The little meat of the seam appeared without concealment.

“Qīn love māmā! There is a lot of yín. water under you, it’s really like a flood.

“Bad things…you

caused māmā…liú…so much.

“That māmā is happy or not?” I deliberately pooled together. Play her in the past.

“I hate it…happy…oh…” Now I hug māmā tightly. The body of māmā is very hot, plus the plumpness of my body, it is very comfortable to hold. Looking at māmā’s small bright red mouth, I directly Go up and be with māmāwěn.

I was crazy xī. Allowing the fluid in the māmā mouth, māmā also began to moan and groan vaguely. Under the influence of the urge and emotion yào, the māmā body was constantly twisted and moved, and the sound was also made. Decoction is tempting.

My lips and māmā. slowly separated, a crystal of saliva stuck together, and then slowly pulled apart, I shifted my position, from māmā.’s cheek, qīn to her crimson neck, and finally hán. stayed māmā. The chest is already bright red and firm.

māmā ecstatically hugged my head, completely forgot the relationship between us, māi’s yín call, I can’t wait to get into battle right away and enter māmā’s body.

But I still held back, because the last time I saw my uncle’s violation of māmā., I always wanted to taste the taste of māmā. I shifted the heavy side and squatted again, while qīn.wěnmāmā. finally came to the lower abdomen. I have always

dreamed of qiú’s Taoyuan Land. At this time māmā started to stand, and I gently separated the māmā’s double tuǐ, thick and dense yin. In the máo, there was pink shellfish, completely bào exposed to mine. In the line of sight, māmā also seemed a little embarrassed, and moved my head, wanting to let my gaze look elsewhere.

In the face of such a beautiful scenery, how could I just grab and hold the hand of māmā. The more I watched, the more I loved it, and I hurriedly opened my mouth to hold that little fleshy nucleus, holding it with my lips, and with my tongue. , I shook my teeth gently, and from time to time I spit out the tip of my tongue into māmā’s yin dao, shì scraping the nèn meat around her yin daobi.

māmā was trembling all over by my super-stabbing, irritating, teasing, nòng, yín, screaming, and yelling: “Ah…qīn son, oh…I’m going to sǐ, oh! You have gotten me to support you, and you have made me……ah…I want to xiè again, ah…so beautiful!” The

hot, hot, and yín water with a bit of fishy and alkaline odor. ,From the small xué.xué of māmā., it bursts out of the bank. I don’t feel dirty and put it all into my belly because it is my māmā. It came out of the cave, so I don’t mind.

I continued to shìshǔn .xī. biting, and the māmānòng got yín. The water was liú and then burst out again, and I kept tūn into my belly again and again, only to make māmā keep wanting sǐ to squat alive. He said, “You are really killing māmā. qiú…qiúqiú, don’t shì… and don’t bite anymore.

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