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Chapter Three Secret Garden

The māmā. is too tight, it is difficult to squeeze in.

But the feeling of being wrapped in the meat wall is too comfortable. I was stunned from head to toe. Ma

māmā didn’t seem to be satisfied, so I lifted it and squeezed it towards me, my hands pinched māmā. Waist, when he was about to get angry, bàbà called me.

I was so scared that I immediately put on my pants, stood up and asked bàbà what’s the matter.

It turns out that bàbà just woke up thirsty. When I got him

water and lay down, I was already sober. I was awake a lot. This is my post-mā. Although there is no xuè relationship, after all, there is morality. Relationship, let alone I’m still alive, his old man knew that I

could n’t beat sǐ so I went to Beijing without incident. I walked out of the station with a big bag of things, and kept my head down and did not dare to look at māmā, but māmā. But it’s as if nothing happened. Didn’t māmā know what happened last night? Suddenly, I felt frustrated.

When we arrived at the hotel, we booked a suite because it was not easy to book a room this season. I slept in one room by myself and bàmā in the same room.

I was still reminiscing about what happened last night, recalling the softness and softness of māmā’s secrets, I couldn’t help but laugh out.

“Xiaocheng, what do you think?” Māmā knocked on my forehead, a pair of fullness The shuangfeng almost hit my face, and the woman’s body fragrance from her body, like bursts of fragrance from the empty valley, came into my nose, drunk people, and made me crazy.

I found a reason and went to clean up the bed, but my eyes couldn’t help but stare at māmā, māmā returned to the room and I followed behind, the door was hidden, and I started to drag off my coat, revealing two large snow-white dumplings.

I’ve been mō last night, but it’s the first time I saw Hikari. I couldn’t help but look back at that full breast, imagine its hand, feel, and that little bulge, and play with it. When the sound of māmā’s gasping

bàbàmāi came back, māmā was also dressed, and if nothing had happened, we continued to work on what we were holding.

bàbàmǎi came back with a few bottles of wine, and in the evening, I deliberately pulled me to drink a few glasses, and then I fainted on the excuse of going to bed. I fell asleep because of the toss of the night before.

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by a panting sound.

The source of the sound was in my bàmā. The bed was creaking and rattling, and māmā.’s voice rang quietly: “The small town is still next door, so bear with me.”

“Don’t worry, this kid in the small town doesn’t drink too much and is dizzy.

I couldn’t sleep. I used to be unable to drink. After four years of college, I drank and ate with friends, friends and friends, and gradually became more drunk.

I secretly opened the quilt, got out of bed and went out, and found that the door of bàmā was open. I I leaned over and saw the scene that made my pulse

burst. The bedside lamp of bàmā. was still on, and both of them were red. They were naked. The body was wide open. The body was wide open. There were two pieces of powder. White circle. Slippery, thin, plump, plump, big tuǐ, and the plump yin. Fushang, overgrown with a large thick, dense, black and hairy yin, about three inches long, extending to about below her belly button. It stopped at two fingers wide. It was the first time that I saw a woman’s lower body nakedly. It really was very different from our men. No wonder people say that the eyes are eating ice cream, this kind of eye-catching lens. I

caught my eyes all at once, causing my little brother to stiff up like an anti-aircraft gun. bàbà was eating one of the fruits, he sucked very hard, but māmā liked it very much, closed The upper eyes were dry.

bàbà put his finger into the source of the peach huā, māmā couldn’t help but groan.

With bàbà rubbing and rubbing, māmā could not help but fry my hair, and my throat overflowed with cat-like moaning and

I became jealous. I can’t wait for the person on my māmā to be me, so that I can play under me very hard. nòng my mother qīn, thinking of this, I masturbate with my hands. I imagine that māmā is giving me bàbà with her hands

. The bottom was also tilted up. It was small and thin, and it was black. He suddenly sat up, tightly all over, grabbed the little thing and stuffed it into the huā garden of māmā.

“Wife… your bottom is good.” Tight, oh my good. Shuǎng, you are going to pinch your husband… ah, I can’t stand bàbà and started to hit quickly. There was a pop of water in the room. After a while, bàbà lay on his body like a twitch. On māmā.’s body, that thing also slipped out of māmā.’s xué

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