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Chapter Twelve Secret Garden

When I returned home, everyone seemed as if nothing had happened, but I always felt embarrassed. So the next day, I left Beijing with bàbàmāmā because of other things at home.

The train journey was very long. We still sat in the sleeper. At night, when I saw māmā who was sleeping next to me, I suddenly felt a little nourished in my heart.

Because of the ticket partition, bàbà slept next to us, so I had the courage to mō to take the position of māmā.

“Mā, I want to sleep with you.” I whispered into māmā’s ear.

māmā shrank his neck, but didn’t make any sound. I was overjoyed, and I went straight up and got into māmā’s quilt.

Māmā did not drag clothes, but wore a pair of sexy silk stockings, matched with a long skirt, which was particularly sultry. I wrapped māmā.’s soft waist, and my hands became dishonest, and I was behind māmā’s top. , Wiping oil on māmā’s breast.

The soft and soft double peaks were transformed into various shapes by my hands. I had a great time playing by myself, but a few minutes later, māmā suddenly murmured and gently turned sideways, not knowing if it was intentional. Yes, māmā.’s hand is just on my crotch.

Because the weather is not very cold this season, so I don’t wear much. I can feel the wēn degree from māmā’s hand that is

already strong through the pants. The strong little brother. The younger brother is even more touched at this time. My hand beat a few times slightly, my heartbeat speeded up uncomfortably, I grasped māmā.’s hand, and directly let māmā’s hand grasp my little brother. My younger brother gently slipped on.

And I slowly stretched my claws toward the māmā plump tún. Across the long skirt, I could still feel the māmā fart. plumpness. I mō and niē, occasionally crossing the māmā. Ditch, touch her most mysterious area.

It didn’t take long for māmā.’s panting sound to become heavy. I’m not welcome. I pulled up māmā.’s long skirt and pulled māmā.’s silk socks off, separated by māmā’s panties. I started to caress the piece of peach huā

from the hand. Mām should be wearing a pair of lace underwear. This is a kind of full temptation to all men.

I am almost obsessed with caressing all the places in the bag of mōmāmā underwear, from the plump beauty tún to the beautiful source of peach huā, and then to the inside of the underwear, find the dense forest, touch. The mysterious hole. The mouth, at this time, there is already liú water gurgling.

I took a little with my finger, then took it out and put it in front of māmā’s eyes.

“Māmā, you have a lot of water.”


māmājiāo buried your head in shame, and did not dare to see me

completely conquered by māmā. Then I quickly dragged off my pants, revealing my swollen purple brother. Brother, rub against māmā’s underwear.

Although I wanted to go in, I also wanted to tease māmā, so I temporarily held back my urge.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for māmā to be squandered by me. I took the initiative to drag off the underwear, exposed the hole and the mouth, and tightly clung to my little brother.

But I was still hovering near the mouth of the māmā cave, and the tortoise’s head was even full of māmā’s yín fluid, but I just didn’t wipe it in.


you… why don’t you come in? “Māmā feels a little uncomfortable.

“Huh? Where are you going? “I deliberately looked at māmā without understanding.

māmā whispered, but didn’t answer. I was completely helpless by me. I could only twist, move, and let my younger brother in.

But without my cooperation, māmā could only be in a hurry. I looked at māmā. with a satisfied smile on my face.

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