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Chapter Two Secret Garden

Then I felt a force, which clamped under me. The source of this power was that

her movements were not heavy, as if they were unintentional, but they brought me great excitement.

I heard the symmetrical sound of māmā hu xī. I was very impulsive. I started mōmāmā’s double peaks while she was asleep. Her two white rabbits wrapped in corsets were very resilient. Sex, it feels like jelly in the hand.

When I was a child, I didn’t have qīnmā. Although Hou mā was always by my side, there was no nǎi. water for me to eat. This seemed to be a pity in my heart. At this time, I mō. The feeling she put in her mouth, while imagining, teasing with her fingers turning around the peak of the peak.

I knead the niē with excitement and enthusiasm, transforming the full and large double peaks and kneading the niē to satisfy my little psychology.

In this way, I was rubbing the double peaks of māmā.

Under me, the sound of “Uh-huh” māmā overflowed from my mouth, and I stopped immediately in fright.

After māmā hum, there was no sound. After waiting for a few minutes, my left hand reached into her clothes. When I reached the smooth and elastic skin, I almost shot. I came out, so excited.

The top of my bottom was between the two tuǐ of māmā. I moved my waist carefully, one in and one in, rubbing against my little brother. I didn’t dare to call, but at this time māmā was asleep. I dragged her pants down and touched the secret place with my fingers.

What I didn’t expect was that māmā fell asleep. She is so wet. The water dripped on my fingers. I couldn’t help looking for the secret huā garden. I opened the huā petals on both sides and wiped my fingers slowly. It’s

good, tight, and hot! I screamed in my heart, the feeling of being warmed by wēn is too shuǎng.

After māmā married my bàbà, I didn’t have any children, and the reason why my bàbà was relatively short and thin, that’s why it is so tight.

I couldn’t help but move my fingers, in and out

…” māmā groaned again. I was so scared that I wanted to pull it out, but I didn’t know if māmā had. Intentionally or unintentionally, he leaned over and put my finger. Stay tight. At

that moment, I think māmā is a need, bàbà has not worked at home for many years, she is also a normal woman. I want to yell happily, but I can only endure it, I can only use the fastest strength to come. Satisfy māmā to express my love.

My fingers quickly rubbed against her inner wall. The more water in her body, the more and more humming, and the plump farts kept moving towards me from time to time.

Leaning over. I can’t help it anymore. I want to use the bottom to satisfy māmā, and use my cū. to take her to the top. I also put my pants down at that time and popped out underneath, pattering māmā.

Her fart. On the thigh… māmā couldn’t help shaking. Shaking down, she was still lying calmly. But her tuǐ was rubbing under the pinch. Her mouth was babbling, and I didn’t hurry. After all, she is me māmā, and I still don’t dare to

do it . We didn’t move too much, so we wiped it slowly. She doubled. Every time I wiped the māmā, I would clamp it tightly. It’s really too comfortable and

gradually, I don’t know if māmā is dissatisfied. When I topped it, I opened my double. My old man immediately arrived at the secret entrance.

At that time, I was very excited and excited, feeling the softness. Soft entrance.

I couldn’t help it anymore, and I used my strength to push it in.

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