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Chapter 28 How Do You Know I’m Poisonous in My Body

How do you know that my body is poisonous?


Seeing Gu Cheng’s fist was about to be swung down, Lin Suer’s eyebrows tightened slightly.

Her hand calmly squeezed the newly bought gold needle in her pocket, and she was about to pinch Gu Cheng’s acupuncture points to teach him a lesson, but she didn’t want to be at this time–

a hand with well-knotted joints suddenly protruded from one side. , Grabbed Gu Cheng’s wrist.

It was just such a light grip, but the slender fingers carried great strength, and Gu Cheng’s original fierce fist suddenly stopped in the air.


Gu Cheng had intended to teach Lin Su’er this little girl who didn’t know what to do, but didn’t want to be stopped suddenly. He couldn’t help being even more angry. He looked up and wanted to swear, but he didn’t want to turn around and met those cold eyes that didn’t have any temperature.

Looking at the handsome and angry face in front of him, Gu Cheng only felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar, cold from head to toe.

“Thin, thin?” Gu Cheng couldn’t believe his eyes, and the whole person was stunned.

Gu Cheng’s family can be regarded as a figure with a face in S city, otherwise he would not dare to be as arrogant as Yingzhen High School.

So naturally he has seen Bo Qingang, but he really never dreamed that he would meet Bo Shao here!

Bo Qingang looked at Gu Cheng, but his eyes showed cold disgust.

“Get off.” He shook off Gu Cheng’s hand. A seemingly random movement made Gu Cheng stagger back several steps and sat down on the ground.

But he didn’t care to feel embarrassed, just scrambled to get up, and ran away with the little net celebrity beside him.

After Gu Cheng left, Bo Qingang set his eyes on Lin Su’er in front of him.

After confirming that she was not bullied, he said solemnly, “Are you okay?” But

Lin Suer didn’t answer his question. She just looked at Bo Qingang’s beautiful hand curiously. “Have you ever practiced martial arts?”

Lin Su’er could tell when Bo Qingang made a move just now. This skill is definitely practiced.

Bo Qingang raised his eyebrows in surprise when he heard Lin Suer’s words.

“I’ve been in the barracks.” He answered briefly.

The Bo family came from a military family. Although most of them have now turned to politics and business, the Bo family’s descendants still threw themselves into the military camp for practice since they were young. This has always been a tradition.

“So that’s the case.” Lin Suer nodded clearly, and looked up at Bo Qingang. “Thank you just now.”

Although Bo Qingang was not there, she would not let herself be bullied by Gu Cheng, but Bo Qingang made a move. It helped her save some trouble.

Bo Qingang didn’t answer Lin Su’er’s thanks. He just fixed his gaze on the big bag next to Lin Su’er, frowning his pretty brows, “What do you buy so many medicinal materials for?”

“Of course it’s decocting medicine to make pills.”

Bo When Qing Ang heard this, her face finally changed slightly, “You know Chinese medicine?”

“Yes.” Lin Suer squatted down to check if the medicines were broken, and answered casually, but suddenly she thought of something and again. Raising her head, “But I can’t

deal with the toxins in your body.” Lin Suer said the truth, the poison of the cold, her master was helpless, let alone her.

She was worried that Bo Qingang would misunderstand her ability to detoxify, so she said something specially.

I don’t want Bo Qingang’s pupils to shrink violently when he heard her words.

The next second-


Lin Su’er’s wrist was suddenly caught. She was taken aback. Before she could react, she was heavily overwhelmed by the wall next to her.

She raised her head in shock, and saw Bo Qing’ang staring at her, her black eyes full of defensiveness.

“Lin Su’er.” His voice was low, with a slightly dangerous aura, “How do you know that there is poison in my body.”

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