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Chapter 10 has been revised and minor revisions. If you have seen it, you will read it again. Thank you, sorry. (10)

Said affectionately: “Eat slowly.”

Leng Tong’s eyes were bent into Xiaoyueya, which looked like little.

Shen Chenyu touched his little furry head, really liked it in his heart, and couldn’t hold back it, so he leaned in and kissed him.

She is very happy, for so many years, she hasn’t been so happy for a long time.

Time flies for two months.

In the past two months, Leng Tong will come to eat with her every other time.

However, she has been a little busy recently. On the one hand, PEAR wants to enter the domestic market to open up the market. On the other hand, the formal cooperation with Renjiu Group requires her to design a series of summer clothes before the Renjiu fashion conference.

On the day of Renjiu’s press conference, all the famous fashion magazines in China were invited, international supermodels, and well-known fashion personalities. In order to attract more attention, they also invited many entertainment stars.

As a designer, Shen Chenyu was naturally invited, but she did not want to expose her identity in front of the public. It was not that she liked to play mystery, but that she did not want to cause trouble for herself. Connie’s name was familiar to the entire fashion circle and wanted There are too many people asking her.

So that day, she wore a long dress that she designed temporarily, with a mask that covered half of her face, and put a lot of effort into her makeup. People who are unfamiliar cannot recognize her at all. Even if she is familiar, she must be careful. Only one or two can be distinguished by careful identification.

The conference went smoothly.

After the model walked on the show, she finally appeared with the model.

The media and fashionistas exploded all at once, and the flashing lights continued.

“Ms. Connie is so mysterious, why did she show up in Country Z this time? Why do we wear a mask? Can we take off the mask to let us see the truth?” During the

Q&A session, this was almost everyone’s question.

The red lips under the mask were slightly hooked, and she smiled and answered the wrong question: “If you want to ask me what the design concept is, I think I will be very happy to answer. As for other questions, I have to apologize, that is my personal question, then, What is my design philosophy?”

“It is for all women to be the most perfect self, thank you.” One

sentence is shocking.

No one dares to say so arrogantly that he can make all women the perfect self, but everyone doesn’t think she is arrogant, because she can really do it.

Shen Chenyu exited politely.

She didn’t stay too much in the background, went to the bathroom to take off her long skirt. Inside was a longer skirt, but the color was different. This is a dress that looks like two fake sets, but in fact, it is a real two sets. , The outside is taken off, and the inside is another skirt.

Taking off the mask, removing her makeup, and restoring her hair, she put away the skirt and mask she took off, and walked out with a bag.

As soon as she arrived in the parking lot, a man stood beside her car.

Shen Chenyu was taken aback.

Leng Moyan leaned against her car door lightly, with a leisurely posture. When she appeared, she fluttered and looked at her quietly, as if waiting for her to approach.

Shen Chenyu didn’t come and sank.

Suppressing the uneasiness in her heart, she calmly stepped forward and asked with a smile, “Is Mr. Leng waiting for me here?”

Because of the cold boy in the past two months, she and Leng Moyan are no longer so strange. .

Leng Moyan’s gaze was a bit sharp for some reason, fixed her fixedly, as if to look into her heart.

Such gaze made Shen Chenyu uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter?” she asked again.

“I know someone before.” Leng Moyan straightened up, took two steps here, and said: “She said that her dream is to create her own clothing brand. The name of the brand is PEAR, meaning pear blossoms. , She said she wanted to use Ewha as the brand’s LOGO, and she also said that she wanted all women to be the most perfect self, Miss Shen, do you think this person is very similar to Connie?”

Shen Chenyu’s heart sank.

He quickly recalled whether he might have exposed places before. The stage at that time was far from where Leng Moyan was, and he should have found nothing.

She pretended not to know, and said: “It is very similar, maybe it’s a person.”

Leng Moyan suddenly took her into his arms.

The night breeze in early summer is sultry.

Shen Chenyu was dumbfounded like a fool.

This embrace, she used to be so greedy, and then the child disappeared, she hated for three years, in the end the truth came to light, she didn’t know whether she should continue to hate, or tear off the coat of hate and love again.

It is undeniable that for three years, even if she hated her, she still could not forget the good memories with Leng Moyan.

After a while, she retrieved her voice and asked him again, “What’s wrong with you?”

Leng Moyan hugged her tightly, for fear that she would be gone as soon as she loosened it.

Hearing the question, he said: “You are back, A Jin.”

Shen Chenyu’s heart trembled .

He found out.

She thinks her disguise is good, how did he find that Connie was hers?

In fact, this was one of the reasons why she took the mysterious route at the beginning. She once told him about her ideals, and she was afraid that he would find that the brand, LOGO, and design concept she created were exactly the same as Tong Jin.

She didn’t want him to know that she hadn’t disappeared, because she hated him and didn’t even want him to know that she was alive.

“No matter how you pretend, I can recognize it.” Leng Moyan said.

Countless times, when he looked at Shen Chenyu, he suspected that she was Tong Jin, especially after seeing the birthmark on her shoulder.

It’s just that Tong Jinming is already dead. He died under his nose. He held her body, feeling that she was getting colder and gradually losing all the characteristics of a living person. A Jin could not survive again, he once again. Convince yourself this way.

He also noticed PEAR very early, whether it is the brand name, LOGO, or design concept, they are exactly the same as Tong Jin.

That’s why he will appear here today.

The moment he saw her on stage, he could no longer convince himself.

The same looks can be said to be a coincidence, but if even the dream is the same, it must be the same person.

“This time, I will never let you go again.” The

kiss fell.

Anxious, lingering, and cautious.

Shen Chenyu didn’t deny it, tears slid down from the corner of her eyes, and a hot liquid suddenly fell on her face. Her body shook and the tears flowed more turbulently.

☆, 042: The finale.

Shen Chenyu never thought that one day he would let Leng Moyan clear his suspicions.

A kiss seemed to fill up their three years of blank space, as if they had never separated from life and death, but not long ago, they lost a child, nothing more.

That night, Leng Moyan took her to a villa hotel. Under a pear tree full of tiny fruits in the garden of that villa hotel, he told her a story that he had waited for ten years.

It was then that Shen Chenyu suddenly understood that the person he wanted to see when he returned home for his 18th birthday turned out to be him.

In the long years, she has forgotten the looks of the people she had made appointments with.

Two months later, they got married.

This time, there were no accidents.

Leng Anhuai should have been happy, he has been coveting the Shen Group, always thinking of letting Leng Moyan break into the Shen Group, disintegrate the Shen from the inside, and then cannibalize it.

But now, he is totally unhappy.

Just a week ago, the Leng Group suddenly experienced an economic crisis. Before he could react, the Leng Group had fallen into the hands of the Renjiu Group and was acquired at a low price.

Later, he accidentally learned that the manipulator behind the Renjiu Group was actually Leng Moyan that he had cultivated with all his heart. He was anxious and couldn’t afford to be sick.

On the wedding day, it was grand and romantic.

Standing on the wedding stage, Shen Chenyu looked at Leng Moyan on the opposite side, surrounded by happiness that had never been seen before.

Gao Yazhi didn’t expect her daughter to go around and still marry Leng Moyan. She was not optimistic about this son-in-law, but unexpectedly her daughter would fall in love with him, so she had to agree.

Leng Tong couldn’t be happy either.

He overheard the conversation between his father and aunt yesterday. He was not his father’s child, but his aunt’s child. He was very upset. He finally helped his father to get a daughter-in-law back. Finally, his father and mother were complete. As a result, I turned out to be a child without a father.

Why is life so difficult?

Especially for a good-looking kid like him who is smart, cute, sensible, and lively, it’s even more difficult.


Looking at the lively wedding scene not far away, Leng Tong sat on the steps in a daze with her cheeks in her hands.

After looking back for a long time, he saw a man in a dark blue shirt standing not far from him. The man was tall and tall and handsome. He liked it at a glance, just like Shen Chenyu at first glance. .

His eyes lit up, he stood up and ran over with his calf, carefully grabbing the man’s trouser legs, and asked him: “This handsome uncle, do you have a wife?”

Chang Yunye didn’t want to come to Shen Chenyu’s wedding, but Finally came.

Seeing the obvious happiness on her face, he was both happy and uncomfortable. He was happy that the girl he liked for three years would be so happy, and the man who made her happy is not himself.

At the beginning of the wedding, he walked away quietly, not far away, and couldn’t help but look back.

But at this moment, a kid ran over and asked him if he had a wife.

He lowered his head and saw a delicate and handsome baby face.

Somewhat familiar.

He was not in a good mood, so he didn’t pay attention and turned around and left.

Just at this time.

“Tong Tong! Why are you here alone!” Leng Jingdie found that Leng Tong was gone, and hurried out to look for it.

“Mommy.” Since knowing that his aunt is actually his biological mother, Leng Tong changed his tongue very naturally. One is that he has a very good relationship with his aunt, and the other is that he was also called Aunt Mummy before.

For him so easily accepted that he was his mother, Leng Jingdie was both distressed and gratified.

I feel sorry that he is so sensible at such a young age, and this is also gratifying.

“Mummy, do you think this uncle is handsome or not? Let him be my father.”

Leng Jingdie looked towards Chang Yunye following the direction of Leng Tong’s fingers, and said sorry: “I’m sorry, the child is ignorant and messy. That said, don’t go to your heart.” When

Chang Yunye saw Leng Jingdie, he understood why he looked familiar to this little kid.

I’ve seen it before.

He stared at Leng Jingdie with complicated eyes, “It’s okay.”

Leng Jingdie didn’t notice the difference in his eyes, smiled, and led Leng Tong towards the wedding scene.

Not long after walking, someone caught up behind her and introduced herself to her: “Hello, my name is Chang and Yunye, I don’t know how to call a girl?”

Leng Jingdie turned his head, the man turned his head against the light, tall and tall, I don’t know. Why, she saw the shadow of Chang Jun already from him.

Is the surname Chang?

It’s a coincidence.

“My name is Leng Jingdie.” She smiled slightly.

Leng Tong raised his small face and narrowed his beautiful eyes, as if he had worked hard.

Alas, I made a mom for my dad, and now I want to make a dad for my mom. He is really a busy little baby.

Many years later.

At the end of the year, when a family gathers together.

Ten-year-old Leng Tong shouted: “Mom!”

Shen Chenyu and Leng Jingdie said at the same time: “Hey, what’s the matter?”

Leng Tong: “…” Forget it, let’s call Dad.


“…” No one answered.


“…” Still no one cares.

Huh, how about people? Just still there.

“Grandma Wang, have you seen my father?” Grandma Wang is an old servant in the family.

“Which father did the young master ask


“Where’s my dad?” “In the nursery room.”

“Uncle Dad?”

“In the nursery room.”


Leng Tong came to the nursery room and saw His two dads, all surrounded by his new-born little cousin’s bed, looked fatherly radiant.

“Dad!” He was angry, he felt left out.

“Shhh! Don’t be noisy!” Leng Moyan and Chang Yunye turned their heads at the same time, and gave Leng Tong a displeased look.

Leng Tong: “…” Sure enough, he was left out.

“Dad, this is not your girl, what are you looking at?” This was obviously addressed to Chang Yunye.

Chang Yunye didn’t look up: “I’m learning how to take care of the child, and let your mother give me a

baby later .” Leng Tong sneered, “You haven’t gotten my mom done yet, just want her to give me a younger sister? Dad, can you clarify whether the primary and secondary are okay?” After

so many years, the people of the Leng family have accepted that Chang Yunye is Leng Tong’s biological father, but Leng Jingdie can’t accept it.

I don’t know what the awkwardness is.

Chang Yunye looked at the sky forty-five degrees, and after a while, he said, “I am going to propose another marriage tonight. You will be there to help me up when the time comes. Maybe Xiaodie’s brain gets hot and he agrees.”

Lengtong : “…”

Leng Moyan disdain: “Naive!”

Leng Tong: “…”

As the saying goes, some people are happy and others are sad.

At this time of nationwide celebration, there are always one or two places where sorrows are raging.

In a small house, Shen Yu was so angry that he shattered everything that could be thrown in the house.

Six years ago, her husband, Qiao Liang, was kicked out of the company by the head of the Qi family because of a mistake. She and Shen Luoyan were also rejected by the Shen family. Their family was ridiculed like mice crossing the street.

There was no income, so I had to sell my house and do business. After six years of hard work, I finally got some improvement. As a result, the company went wrong yesterday, and the money I earned in six years was completely lost.

Can she not be angry?

I blame Qiao Liang for his useless uselessness!

“Mom, don’t be angry, I still have some money, or you can use it first.” Shen Luoyan comforted.

Who knows, Shen Yu turned his head and stared at her fiercely, “I told you to marry Li Mingzhen, don’t you, if you marry him, do I still need to be so exhausted by your mother?”

Shen Yu His body trembled, “Mom, that Li Mingzhen, he is fifty years old, and his son is older than me…”

“Isn’t he just a bit older? He is rich, what’s wrong with marrying him to eat and drink spicy food? Now one is poor and the other is strong, right? Look at you and learn what fashion design. In the past few years, how many decent clothes you have designed? Which serious clothing company is willing to use you? You still don’t find a good one for yourself Is someone married? So that I can get caught up too!”

“Mom! To find a good person to marry is to marry an old man who has been halfway into the earth?”

“Otherwise, who else do you want to marry? This capital, who wants to marry? You? A poor shoe, who will marry you? You still picked one?”

Shen Luoyan’s lips were pale.

Is this her mother?

She ran out of the suffocating house, with lights and festoons everywhere, beaming with joy. She seemed out of place with this joyous moment.

The capital is very large, but there is no place to accommodate her.

She knew she was wrong and shouldn’t try to do something that didn’t belong to her.

A car roared from a distance, and her mind suddenly went blank for some reason. When she reacted, the wheels had run over her body.

The peace of mind has never been before.

So be it.

She thought, it was for Tong Jin to pay for her life.

Everyone thought Tong Jin committed suicide, and even the dead Tong Jin thought so.

No one knows that it was she who secretly listened to the forbidden song to Tong Jin, amplifying the sadness and despair in Tong Jin’s heart, disturbing Tong Jin’s brain, and causing Tong Jin to choose to die.

Karma reincarnation will eventually be rewarded. She didn’t believe it before, but now she believes it.

If she can live again, she must live a good life for herself, do not fight or grab, and live in peace.

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