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Chapter 21 Ideas

Luo Juan came with the child the next day, and did not see her husband. Luo Juan said to Li Qian, “Your brother-in-law went to the factory today to ask for a leave. It is estimated that he will be able to come over this afternoon.”

“Okay, I have thought of a few ways. Come back, you pick and choose, and see which one is suitable.”

Li Qian is building a chicken coop with Luo Jiangang at home. It is too cold. If the chicken is always left in the open air, it will freeze.

Luo Jiangang fixed a few planks on the basis of the original chicken coop frame, and fixed them to ensure that they would not fall under strong wind. Then he found a lot of reed grass from the river and tied them into straw mats and spread them around the chicken coop. , That’s it, but when Li Qian tied the straw mat many times, Luo Jiangang was so distressed that he kept watching with his hand.

“Okay, don’t look, what’s the matter with this.” Li Qian withdrew her hand, her ears were all red. Thinking that there are still parents and elder sisters in the room, I feel even more embarrassed.

“By the way, the eldest brother-in-law came in the afternoon and called them to the couple. Let’s go to the town outside to show the eldest sister and the eldest brother-in-law what good business they have. Then we both buy two more cotton-padded clothes. It looks cold. Now, we didn’t bring any cotton coats.”

Li Qian quickly changed the subject, a little bit blunt, but she also talked about business.

“Okay.” Luo Jiangang thought for a while. He really didn’t go shopping with his wife, so it’s good to take advantage of this time to go shopping.

It was already one o’clock in the afternoon when Han Xu arrived home. Li Qian didn’t say what she thought, but just went to town and talked about it when she came back.

Four people were walking on the street. At this time, it was said to be shopping, but in fact it was nothing. A road was not too wide. On both sides were three-story buildings. On the first floor, there were the door faces of various shops, and small signs hung beside them. Just know what it is. The second and third floors are basically where the shopkeepers live. There are still several shantymen on the first floor, most of them selling fruits. When I walked down like this, Li Qian also had a bottom line. Don’t look at their small town, but they have a good selection of things. They sell everything. Kind of shops, theaters.

Several people circled around a few times. When they came home, Li Qian and all four of them got into Li Qian’s room. Seeing your mother Luo next to him, her tone was a bit bad, “These people don’t know what they’re doing. With big bags and small bags, this is what I want to do.”

Father Luo, who was sitting on the steps, knocked the cigarette stick in his hand on the ground, and said, “What do you care about them? Young people always have What you want to say.”

“What can they say?” Mother Luo muttered and walked slowly into the back room.

After more than a month of training at home, Mother Luo’s legs are already good, but she can’t stand for a long time.

Mother Luo has been a child in the countryside since she was a child. She works all day long. Now she is uncomfortable when she is idle. She moved slowly while her legs and feet were able to move, but she didn’t dare to make big moves for fear of something wrong.

The four people in the room sat cross-legged on the kang, with a kang table in the middle, and took a break. Han Xu couldn’t wait to speak first, “Sister, do you think you have any ideas? I want to talk about mine first. “

Li Qian nodded and said, “Brother-in-law, I just give you an opinion.”

Han Xu was a little excited and said, “I don’t think there are any roasted seeds and nuts on the street. My parents have that kind of machine. I

Let’s get some more stuff that you haven’t fried before, rent a stall.” “Where do you want to rent the stall from, brother-in-law?”

“I think it’s fine just at the mall entrance.” Han Xu continued.

The mall that Han Xu said was the mall where Li Qian and the others bought clothes. It was not big. It occupies three shops and a small three-story building. It is considered a place with a lot of traffic on their side.

“Brother-in-law, how much does the booth cost over there? Can you only rent one floor?”

Hearing this, Han Xu was a little discouraged, and he didn’t have much money in his hands.

“Besides, the clothes sold there are basically cheap clothes. I think there should not be many people selling this kind of snacks where we are the ordinary people. What if there is a lot of speculation at that time, and the result is broken. “

Li Qian thinks about it a lot. The ones sold there are basically the places where people who don’t buy a set of clothes for a year go. Those who buy clothes will not buy them in the town. Most of them go to the city or If you make your own clothes, if you put the stall over there and no one buys it, you will still lose money.

“The younger brother and sister, please tell me what you think.” Han Xu was a little discouraged. No matter where he is, as long as he wants to rent a stall, he has to spend a lot of money. In addition to management fees and the like, it is not economical to get in at least half of the time before selling the goods.

“Brother-in-law, the roasted seeds and nuts are okay, but don’t sell a lot of them. Just change the location.” Li Qian looked at Luo Jiangang and looked like he was asking for his opinion. When Luo Jiangang nodded, Li Qian continued, “Brother-in-law, I have one. Thoughts, you buy a tricycle, put things on the tricycle, and go to the cinema, opera house, etc. As long as there are people passing by our stall before the opening, basically the rich people or those who watch movies and operas I went with my girlfriend. If the woman wants to buy it at this time, the man can’t put it down even if she is reluctant to buy it.”

Listening to Li Qian’s words, several people suddenly realized, Han Xu motioned Li Qian to continue.

Li Qian was not polite, and continued, “If you are not too troublesome, just fry at your own home, copy it and sell it in town, and see what time the movie is. There should be a lot of people 30 minutes before the movie. When I go, I will sell it at this time. There is also the opera house. The opera house is not available every day. If you ask about the time, you can also set up a small stall there, so you can earn two cents.” Li Qian I was too thirsty, drank my mouth water, and said, “You can also sell some popcorn. Some people may think that roasted seeds and nuts have shells and don’t like to eat them. But popcorn is good, just use that kind of oil paper bag. Bags of three cents and five cents will do, and the roasted seeds and nuts, use smaller oil paper bags, and sell three and five cents. Seeds, peanuts, and soft drinks. When you get there, place a board horizontally on the side armrest of the tricycle. Just go to the halfway of the tricycle, put something in it, and swing a part of the stuff up, and shout twice when there are people, or put a sign next to the tricycle.”

Li Qian thought of the entrance of the movie theater in his previous life . The small vendors, as well as the things sold in the cinema, have come up with everything they can think of.

“Brother sister, this is good for you. My dad has a tricycle on his side, and I went to him to pull it over, and then there is the machine for frying melon seeds. But brother and sister, I don’t know how to popcorn, and you said it. Where can I buy sodas? And do people buy that melon seeds for 35 cents in a small bag?” Han Xu was a little bit troubled. The 35 cents is quite a lot of money, and a movie ticket is only one yuan.

“There must be. They eat there instead of melon seeds, but passion/interest. In that place, turn off the lights and play the movie. Who cares what they eat and how much they cost.” Li Qian said that he remembered a lot in previous lives. People take advantage of the fact that they don’t watch movies in the cinema and do other things. Most of them are young couples. Later, the cinema has become a holy place for dating.

Li Qian had spoken a bit before, and Luo Jiangang, who was on the side, coughed. He didn’t expect his wife to think so much. She turned off the lights, and she was not her own Kangtou.

Luo Juan, who was on the side, kept listening carefully, and blushed when she heard Li Qian’s words, but Han Xu was nothing.

Realizing that she had a problem with her speech, Li Qian was also embarrassed. This era is not the era of openness. You should pay attention next time when you speak.

“Gangzi, Xiaoqian, I will go and get the things you said tomorrow with Han Xu. At that time, do you think you are going to our side or let’s ride the bike over?” Luo Juan looked a little embarrassed in the atmosphere. Interrupted to rescue.

“Tomorrow we will go to your side in the afternoon. You can pull things over and see if there is any way. After all, it’s been a long time.” Luo Jiangang took the conversation and decided the result.

“Yes, Gangzi, this is the case. Your sister and I will go back and pull things first.” Han Xu took Luo Juan off the kang.

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