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Chapter 23 Guidance for Going Down the Factory

The next day, Li Qian and the two drove back to the army. Li Qian and the others didn’t mention it here, but Lu Zhennan over there was anxious.

It turned out that Lu Zhennan had a meeting immediately after receiving the drawings and arranged for the staff to make a model. As a result, there were a few things that were done incorrectly on the way. The workers were unable to achieve the desired effect after reworking several times. As a last resort, Lu Zhennan followed. Li Qian found the military area compound at the address, and asked the little soldier standing guard at the door. The little soldier did say that there was this person, and he did not make a mistake, but he was not there and returned to his hometown. This made Lu Zhennan very annoyed.

Later, when I went to the factory myself, I wanted to follow the drawings, but it still didn’t work. I was exhausted when I was busy for a short time.

Today, Lu Zhennan came to the army again. Thinking of trying his luck, he can’t wait two or three days to come, and he has come three times. The little soldiers at the door should know him.

Lu Zhennan came by car, and when he got out of the car, he approached the little soldier standing guard and asked, “Are Captain Luo and Mrs. Luo back?” The

little soldier glanced at the man who always came to look for their sister-in-law, his face sinking. , The voice was loud, “No.”

All the team knew how good the sister-in-law was to the battalion commander. At that time, the battalion commander was hospitalized and the sister-in-law was inconveniently taking care of her clothes. Later, when she returned home, she could always hear her laughter. sound. It shows that the relationship between the two people is getting better and better. Now suddenly a white-faced man driving a small car comes here. Did this come here to snatch their sister-in-law? Such an upright person, really when our troops are empty?

At one o’clock in the afternoon, I saw a military jeep driving in the direction of the troops from a distance. Lu Zhennan didn’t pay attention at first. When he came before, there were also military jeep going back and forth from the troops. But when I looked up and found that the woman sitting inside was Li Qian, he immediately got out of the car and waved straight to the jeep.

Originally, Li Qian and Luo Jiangang had been on the train for two days, and they notified the troops to send a car to pick them up to the troops. But as soon as they arrived at the entrance of the troops, they saw a man standing beside a car waving at them. Take a closer look. It was Lu Zhennan, Li Qian said, “Stop.”

The little soldier who was driving stopped the car. Before Luo Jiangang could react, he saw Li Qian jump out of the car and walked over to the man waving at his car.

Lu Zhennan grinned when he saw the car stopped, and saw Li Qian get off the car, his smile a little bit bigger.

Luo Jiangang also got out of the car, watching the man’s smile at Li Qian was dazzling. I walked quickly to Li Qian’s side and asked, “Anyone you know?”

Li Qian nodded and introduced each other, “This is Mr. Lu from the Aili Shopping Mall that I said before.” Someone took Luo Jiangang’s arm to Lu Zhennan. “This is my love.”

Lu Zhennan smiled when he saw Luo Jiangang, realized his gaffe, and changed to an elegant rather than polite smile, stretched out his hand, and shook Luo Jiangang’s hand.

Luo Jiangang also stretched out his hand, “Looking up for a long time.”

“I have something to find Mrs. Luo this time. I don’t know if I have time.” Lu Zhennan saw his lover here and didn’t say anything else, and went straight to the subject.

Li Qian was struggling with this mess, and he really didn’t have the energy to deal with him, but he also knew that Lu Zhennan should have something to look for himself, otherwise he would not just wait at the door of the army.

When Luo Jiangang saw Li Qian’s appearance, he acted as the master for Li Qian, and said, “We were a bit tired after taking the train for two days.”

Lu Zhennan knew what Luo Jiangang meant, but he had been waiting for too long. If I don’t ask Li Qian for guidance, I’m going to sleep well again, tunnel, “Well, Captain Luo, can you please go with Mrs. Luo? I am really anxious.”

“What’s wrong?” Li Qian asked.

“There are many pieces of furniture that cannot be sampled now, and many details I and the workers are unable to fully show. This is about five days before the press conference, even if the work cannot be completed, the hard work is wasted.”

It turned out that after receiving the drawings, Lu Zhennan wanted to use these products to open the market in other regions, so he prepared a product launch event and found many merchants from all over the country to come to N City. The time for the launch event has come in a blink of an eye. The product is not yet available. Landing, how could Lu Zhennan not be anxious.

Li Qian thought a little bit and felt that she should go with him. After all, the drawings were drawn by her, and many details need to be known by her. This time her mother-in-law was ill and was hospitalized and she was no longer here. The loss to Lu Zhennan’s arrival was really great. of.

After a little thought, Li Qian nodded, “Okay, then I will go with you now,” turned to look at Luo Jiangang, “Jiangang, you can go with me, we can come back together tonight.”

Luo Jiangang nodded and agreed . .

Several people got into the car driven by Lu Zhennan. Lu Zhennan kept saying on the road that the things the workers in the factory had made are always good. This time he added a few of his own to the batch of drawings. It was expected that last week. Can do it well, but workers really don’t know how to do some details.

Li Qian listened quietly beside her, after all, she didn’t know what was going on.

A few people went directly to the factory. When they got there, Lu Zhennan talked about the factory’s current factory model and model, as well as the main person in charge of this batch of products. Luo Jiangang followed Li Qian, not talking, just listening quietly. With.

When she arrived in the factory, Li Qian found that almost every product had some minor problems that needed to be solved, so she walked through them one by one and pointed to the wardrobes. “This is a side sliding door. This method is wrong. The side sliding door saves space and has a novel look. Make a recessed groove in this position, which is convenient when sliding the door.” Li Qian held it while holding it. The drawings, while talking.

Seeing Li Qian talking so arrogantly about what needs to be changed in the wardrobe, several persons in charge were a little unconvinced. “How do you get this horizontal sliding door? Then, isn’t it in vain that we have made this kind of thing now? Can’t we change it on this basis?”

Someone whispered beside him, “This little girl doesn’t know where it came from. Let President Lu see you like this.”

“Oh, which big boss doesn’t have Xiaomi now?”

The person behind the door laughed. The voices of several people were not loud, but not too small, so that the few people around them could hear clearly. Luo Jiangang heard it too, walked over to Li Qian, his eyes swept coldly, and several people suddenly closed their mouths.

Li Qian smiled coldly, holding the drawing and holding it up, “I designed every home here, what I am like, and now you don’t understand my design and can’t make the style I want. Do you still need me to beg you?” Turning his head, said to Lu Zhennan, “Unexpectedly, Mr. Lu still has this kind of trash

that he doesn’t understand.” What Li Qian said was really ugly and domineering, making the surroundings The faces of people have changed. The people in charge at the scene are all people who have been living at home for several years or even more than ten years. They have seen everything before asking themselves, but this little girl speaks too badly.

Among them, a middle-aged man who looked like a head came out, “Looking at what you said is right, you have to explain the picture you designed.” This seems to be towards Li Qian, but this is it. When she said two sentences, it seemed that she was making troubles unreasonably.

Li Qian sneered, pointed to the drawing, and asked, “You seem to have been doing this business for years, right?”

The middle-aged man raised his chin proudly and said, “Sixteen years.”

“Okay .” Since you have been working for sixteen years, you should be able to understand the drawings and signs, right?” The

man continued to nod his head without speaking.

Li Qian pointed to the words written on the drawing and said, “The horizontal sliding door is clearly written on the upper side, and the sliding door is clearly drawn next to it. The upper and lower rails of the sliding door are clearly drawn. May I ask this master, are you sure you really understand? Huh?”

The man paled and felt that he had lost face.

Without waiting for the man to answer, Li Qian turned her head and continued to everyone, “I drew my own pictures. Of course, I know what each product looks like. I also wrote the labels clearly. Now you don’t understand. Do whatever you want, what do we designers do? I think that several of them are not young anymore, it’s time to take care of their lives.”

Then he turned his head and walked to the next piece of furniture.

Originally, Li Qian didn’t have a good rest on the train, but now they are questioned by these people. Only when she is young can she bully herself. Li Qian has the skills and is not afraid of them.

On the way, Li Qian’s tone was not good, and the words she said were quite sharp, so that everyone present got to know Li Qian again.

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