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Chapter 24 Additions

Luo Jiangang and Li Qian, who were also driven by Lu Zhennan when they returned, sat in the car, speechless. Lu Zhennan spoke first, “Mrs. Luo, I’m really sorry for what happened today. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen first.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just some old antique.” Li Qian knew that Lu Zhennan was not to blame, but Lu Zhennan was also at the time. Without helping myself to speak, even though I knew that he was the president, it was impossible to do things like quarreling with workers, but I felt uncomfortable.

Seeing that his wife’s anger had not subsided, Luo Jiangang also said, “It doesn’t matter Mr. Lu, my spouse is just like this, and it will be fine in a while.”

Lu Zhennan said yes.

When they arrived at the military area, the two got off the car and left Lu Zhennan and entered the house. Luo Jiangang reached out and hugged Li Qian, put his head on Li Qian’s shoulder, and said lightly, “Don’t let things affect you. After all, if you cooperate in the future, you still need is there such a thing, “

Li Qian nod, hands clasped equipped Luo Jiangang big hands of his waist, whispered,” I know, I just can not stand those antique nothing. “

the next day is to Calm, Li Qian draws a few pictures when she has an idea, and makes a few clothes when she is okay, and wears everything for herself and Luo Jiangang.

On this day, Li Qian received the remaining money from Lu Zhennan, and became more active in her heart, knowing that she can’t always draw pictures, and that she has to have a fixed career of her own. After thinking about it, I finally decided to open a shop in the city to sell clothes. I saw many types of clothes in my previous life. I also caught up with the trend at that time. Now I can make money if I draw pictures and make clothes with my own ideas.

As soon as he thought of it, Li Qian went out to see the store by herself, and then went to the bookstore to buy books, intending to learn a little bit.

Li Qian is bound to win the store opening this time, and she must do it.

It turned out that Li Qian had to go out to buy vegetables every day. Now that the weather is cold, I don’t need to go out often. I buy a lot at a time, and there are few types. A few days ago, I bought another 100 catties of Chinese cabbage. Li Qian flooded with spicy cabbage and sauerkraut. Now Li Qian will not go out.

In addition to cooking and eating every day, I lie in front of my own one-third of an acre, reading books and drawing pictures. Sometimes Luo Jiangang was angry that Li Qian ignored him, so he stretched out his hand and hugged Li Qian away from the table, and directly overwhelmed him on the bed. Although the following days were better for a few days, they started again.

I don’t know if Li Qian encountered any problems today. When eating, the whole person was awkward and couldn’t lift the energy.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?” Li Qian put her hand on Li Qian’s forehead and felt relieved when she saw that she didn’t have a fever.

Li Qian waved Luo Jiangang’s hand, “I’m fine, just upset.”

Luo Jiangang looked at Li Qian with doubts.

“I want to open a clothing store.” Li Qian said the final decision.

Luo Jiangang frowned and said, “Why do you have this idea? Those furniture pictures are not enough for you to work on? I have ignored you during this period of time, and let you mess around. Are you still okay? If you have nothing to do, just give birth. Child.”

Li Qian was very angry at first, thinking that Luo Jiangang would not support herself. When she heard the last sentence, Li Qian’s face was ashamed for an instant, and she muttered, “Does the child say that a child can be born?” As he

said, someone knocked on the door, and Luo Jiangang left a sentence, “Look at me for a while. You.” So he got up and opened the door.

Opening the door, it was a man of about forty years old, dressed very plainly. Luo Jiangang didn’t know this person, and he said, “Who do you call?”

“Are you Captain Luo? I’m sent by Chief Lu, here’s You buy a set of furniture.”

Luo Jiangang didn’t understand why Lu Zhennan wanted to add furniture to his home, so he said, “Wait a moment.”

Turning to face Li Qian, “Did you ask Mr. Lu to add furniture to us?”

Li Qian also looked confused, “No, what’s the matter?”

Then, Li Qian walked to Luo Jiangang and saw the man outside. , The man said, “That’s it, Mr. Lu said that thanks to Mrs. Luo this time, let our brothers send you a set, and the car is downstairs.”

Hearing this, Luo Jiangang and his wife I was very confused and didn’t know this matter.

Then I heard Lu Zhennan’s voice, “Captain Luo, Mrs. Luo, this is what I sent you.”

Lu Zhennan came up from the downstairs, heard Li Qian’s inquiry, and heard the voice of his own workers, and said.

“It’s not so good, Mr. Lu?”

“It’s nothing, you see that I have sent them all, so you can change the furniture by the way. Don’t let me run for nothing.” Lu Zhennan stood with a smile. At the door, what he said was also irrefutable.

Li Qian looked at Luo Jiangang, and Luo Jiangang also looked at Li Qian. The two exchanged glances, and Luo Jiangang said, “Okay, since this is President Lu’s heart, let’s pull it up. It’s just that I’m a soldier and cannot accept other people’s things. I’ll give you the money, and you count it.”

“No need, this is my gift to you.” After speaking, he made a color to the people around him, and he went downstairs to move furniture.

Luo Jiangang greeted people to the room.

As soon as he sat down, Lu Zhennan couldn’t wait to say, “Mrs. Luo, this time you can go to our factory to instruct the workers to let those people stop, and this press conference is very successful, the income is very good, I just want to give you one. The furniture sets are all matched by my own hands. Don’t ask me for any more money. I don’t want it. It’s better to ask Mrs. Luo to draw me two more pictures.”

Luo Jiangang waved his hand, “One thing belongs to the same thing. I am a soldier. If I find out that someone gave me this, I will receive punishment. It is better to give the money. If you can’t give us a discount, We are all worthwhile.”

Hearing Luo Jiangang said that there would be punishment, he agreed and asked them for a factory price.

The workers moved back and forth several times, and Luo Jiangang and the others were unprepared. They moved the furniture while cleaning up, and tossed for a whole day. The three of them ate from the army canteen at noon. The house was really messy, and there was no place to eat.

Today Luo Jiangang also took time off from the army because of this, so he couldn’t let his daughter-in-law be with a lot of men. Except for those rumors, I feel uncomfortable in my heart.

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