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Chapter 25 Snow

After Lu Zhennan and the others had finished moving the furniture, it was already more than 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Li Qian had to pack up some other things. The furniture was new and had not been used yet. It was just some floating soil and it was not difficult to clean up. It only took a while. Luo Jiangang packed up together.

The two of them sat on the newly moved sofa and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Tired?” Luo Jiangang leaned in Li Qian’s direction, and put his arms around Li Qian’s waist.

“Well, Lu Zhennan, I don’t know to say it in advance, and don’t ask if we need it.”

“This is also the kindness of others. We received his love, and it won’t be like this next time, otherwise he still has to send it. Come.”

Li Qian nodded, “That’s right, Lu Zhennan has been stubborn from the first time I contacted him.”

“How do you know him so much?” Luo Jiangang narrowed his eyes, and his upper body was tighter from Li Qian. some.

Hearing Luo Jiangang’s dangerous voice, Li Qian was shocked. Just as soon as she turned her head, her lips were sealed, “Um…”

This kiss was extremely overbearing, with a slight dissatisfaction. Li Qian still knew between her lips and teeth. Rebelling, he stretched out his hand to push Luo Jiangang, but Luo Jiangang’s arm tightened and his lips were still sealed, so he gave up the resistance.

This kiss took a long time, until Luo Jiangang had left Li Qian, Li Qian was still dizzy.

Seeing his wife’s appearance, Luo Jiangang didn’t feel angry anymore. He became proud of himself. The little wife liked him, not others, otherwise, why would he be kissed by him and drift off.

Today N side of the city under the snow, a big flower a big flower from heaven fluttering snowflakes falling leisurely, a little bit bathed the earth, there are more than a month will the New Year, Li Qian stand alone in the In front of the window, looking at the scene outside, I suddenly remembered the last time I saw snow in my previous life. It was also this kind of feather-like heavy snow, as if the whole world turned white in a while.

Through the window, I saw children in twos and threes on the street playing on the street, holding snowflakes, either putting them in their mouths, or rubbing them to throw them at each other. The children were frolicking and looked very carefree.

Now that Li Qian thinks of herself at that time, she feels extremely sad, even if her current life has been filled, she feels that her current life seems to have been stolen.

In the dead of night, I always wondered why, why I returned to Luo Jiangang’s side, why I was reborn, and why I had to face that kind of pain in my previous life.

Think about the original life and marriage, and then think about the family and warmth now, yes, warmth. Li Qian is warm now, both physically and mentally.

Luo Jiangang takes care of himself in life, Luo Jiangang loves him emotionally, and even Luo Jiangang satisfies him physically, and now he is plunged into a kind of endless happiness. Even if Luo Jiangang has never said that he loves himself, he has never said that he likes him, but he can clearly feel Luo Jiangang’s tolerance and love for him.

Whenever I wake up in a dream at night, I will be comforted by Luo Jiangang and Wu Nong’s soft words. At that time, I would always stretch out my hand and hold his big hand tightly. Only when I feel his presence can I feel a little stable and feel that I am still alive.

If the opportunity God gave me was for me to compensate, then Li Qian would do it. Compensation for the original debt to Luo Jiangang, distrust of him, and love for him.

Li Qian now feels that she should have done it, but every time she feels that she has done it, she feels that something goes around in her mind, and she needs to fill it up and grab it. This kind of shortcoming makes Li Qian really weak, even if Luo Jiangang is by her side.

Li Qian is always so twisted, so unconfident, one feels real, another feels nothingness.

Misty, in a trance.

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