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Chapter 26 Door-to-door

That snow fell all night, Luo Jiangang also tossed with Li Qian all night, knowing that Li Qian was exhausted, Luo Jian was completely satisfied just now.

Maybe Luo Jiangang also found something wrong with Li Qian, but couldn’t tell what was wrong.

Li Qian stayed asleep until the snow stopped in the afternoon, and only woke up when the sun came out. Often outside the sky, she sighed alone and complained, “It’s really begging.”

Li Qian packed up and went out as planned and went to the mall to buy I had a sewing machine, and I told someone what time to send it to. I went to the sewing shop and bought several colors of thread and the needles for the sewing machine before I returned home.

Recently, Li Qian’s house has always been a big move. The last time I bought new furniture, I had been tossing for nearly a day, and today someone came to my door to give me a sewing machine. The sewing machine is one of the three big things used by wealthy people for marriage in this era.

Many people are envious. Others are not familiar with Li Qian and don’t want to come. In this way, Li Qian is also happy. She herself doesn’t like the family members in the compound. Everyone thinks that she is better than others. What kind of urban and rural people are divided into, this is better than this, and that is better than that.

Li Qian was unwilling to associate with them in her previous life. At that time, she was arrogant and unwilling to pay attention to the kind of flattering people. Now she is too lazy to take care of them. When the time comes, she will have to find herself. I am so busy now that I am really tired of dealing with them.

Early this morning, someone knocked on Li Qian’s door. It’s been a long time since I knocked on my door, and Li Qian was also very surprised.


“Sister Luo family, it’s me, your sister-in-law of the Li family.” As

soon as she heard it was the sister-in-law of the Li family, Li Qian was not idle, and hurried to the door to open the door.

Opening the door, Li Qian let the sister-in-law of the Li family enter the house, and the two of them were doing things on the sofa. Seeing the sister-in-law of the Li family being hesitant to talk, she said, “Sister-in-law, what can I do?”

Sister-in-law of the Li family’s male position is the head of the group, so many times he will not go too close to a certain army’s sister-in-law, but he is not too far away. He is a sleek and generous person, but I don’t know what happened today. It will look like today’s hesitation and cessation.

The sister-in-law of the Li family was sitting on the sofa, a little fidgeting. She came to Li Qian because there were rumors in the army that Li Qian was carrying Luo Jiangang on his back to seduce wild men to come home and sent them home. Some people say that Li Qian was taken care of by men other than Luo Jiangang, and only then have the money today to buy these things in the house. Then Li Qian bought a sewing machine again, which made everyone more sure.

Some people say that Luo Jiangang is taking advantage of others and doing things for others.

Some time ago, Luo Jiangang was responsible for recruiting new recruits in the army. Many army wives didn’t know it, but men knew it. Once this spread, the taste changed again.

This matter was raging in the army, although there was no discussion about Li Qian in person, but in private they were all looking at their eyes and talking.

Li Qian doesn’t like to go out. Luo Jiangang is also a battalion commander. He has a high position in the army, and no one will offend him when he is idle. But Luo Jiangang was not blind. Sometimes there were people in the army talking, and Luo Jiangang could hear some of it. After a long time, he slowly pieced it together. Although I didn’t take it to heart, it was inevitably uncomfortable.

The sister-in-law of the Li family thought for a while without speaking, and Li Qian just sat there quietly without urging.

Li sister-in-law pondering for a long, mouth said, “brothers and sisters, sister-in-law wanted to ask you, your family this time for a furniture thing.”

“This is the thing ah? Sister-in-law you had to say ah, my furniture is one of my friends gets here Yes, many people saw it that day,” Li Qian knew that the sister-in-law of the Li family would not ask this for no reason, so she planned to say more, “I used to help him spend some furniture look, he likes it, so I bought it from me. Later, his furniture sold well, so he brought me and Jiangang over, saying that he was going to give it to our couple.”

“But how can this work? Jiangang is a soldier, and you can’t ask for anything ordinary people. Even if they are big bosses, they don’t care about the money. Sister-in-law, do you think this is the reason? Then we discussed it and gave it to my friend. A cost price, so we don’t count as taking the common people’s things, he also gave the things, these two best things, how good.”

Li Qian originally wanted to let the Li family’s sister-in-law pass the words out and let others listen. I knew that there was too much noise during the furniture move. I’m afraid the whole army knew about it. Since the Li family’s sister-in-law spoke this time, it should be the matter. I’m afraid there are bad rumors in the army.

“My younger brothers and sisters are making money?” The sister-in-law of the Li family was relieved when she heard that, but she still asked in confusion. Knowing that this is inappropriate is like coveting other people’s money.

Li Qian smiled, “Yes, some time ago, I bought some gadgets and sold them, and earned some money. Then I met my friend who sells furniture, and I sold him some drawings.” Li Qian Speaking of this, he paused for a while, and his tone began to heavier, “Sister-in-law, you know, the life of the family is not easy now, Jiangang just drove a little bit, and most of it will be sent back to his hometown. We are not here. It’s okay to let the old man live better. I just want to make some money and make up for it.”

“This time I really got it right, sister-in-law. Didn’t Jiangang and I go back to our hometown a few days ago? It’s my mother-in-law. , I fell a leg when I went to the ground. If it weren’t for me to earn some money, then I would be full of debts.” After

that, Li Qian still touched her tears, as if no one else understood her.

Li Qian is prepared for this, and she always feels that there is nothing good about Li’s sister-in-law when she comes home. This time, she said everything, and she has something to say after a while. She found it difficult to go around in circles, and it was annoying to explain herself.

“Sister, I also know that you are not easy, don’t cry, look at the sister-in-law.” Seeing Li Qian’s tears, the sister-in-law of the Li family was a little at a loss. “The sister-in-law is here to ask questions. There are some bad rumors in it.” I didn’t say what the rumors were, let Li Qian imagine.

“Okay, I would like to thank my sister-in-law. Look at me, I’m still gaffey.”

“Okay, don’t cry, it’s late, I should go back to cook too, my child is still at home waiting for me.” Then, he stood up and went home.

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