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Chapter 27 Getting stronger and stronger

Li Qian didn’t expect that not only did the matter fail to be suppressed, but that it got worse and worse, and Luo Jiangang was forced to suspend his job within a few days.

Because of this, Li Qian hadn’t made any clothes for several days, and she wandered around the house like a headless fly.

Seeing his wife like this, Luo Jiangang was very helpless. He didn’t expect that the matter would become a political issue next time. Luo Jiangang was also very angry now that his job was suspended.

Reaching out his hand to hold his wife, Luo Jiangang said, “It doesn’t matter, there will be troops to make decisions on right and

wrong , and they will never frame people.” Li Qian smoothly reached Luo Jiangang’s side, “I didn’t expect things to become like this. If it’s not bad,

I’ll just suspend my job. It’s just deceiving too much.” “It’s like this when I’m in my position, otherwise the public opinion is too loud and I will be forced to retire.”

Luo Jiangang comforted his wife here, and he also had doubts in his heart. , Suspect who made the ghost.

The two had a peaceful life at home. On this day, Luo Jiangang was called away and did not come back in the evening. Li Qian was very anxious and wandered around the room. Li Qian wondered in her mind who made it. Rumor, who on earth wants to harm Luo Jiangang so much. It wasn’t until the latter half of the night that Li Qian was so tired that she couldn’t stand it, so she went to sleep.

Early the next morning someone knocked on the door, thinking it was Luo Jiangang who didn’t bring the key, so he went to open the door. When the door opened, it was three soldiers. “Who are you looking for?” The

soldier saluted and said in a blunt tone, “Excuse me , yes. Does Captain Luo love someone?”

“Who are you?” Li Qian’s voice was a little wary. Luo Jiangang didn’t come back last night, and someone he didn’t know came to find him today. It was impossible for Li Qian to think more about it.

“Please come with us.” The leading man continued to say bluntly, completely disregarding Li Qian’s vigilance.

“Who are you? Why should I go with you? Who asked you to come? Do you have any documents?” Li Qian knew at this time that she had to go for this trip, but she just left, feeling very unhappy in her heart. Reconciled, and I don’t seem to be able to come back soon after this trip.

“You don’t need to know this, you can just follow me.” Then he would stretch out his hand to Li Qian. The soldier’s eyesight showed a look of contempt, and he didn’t care about Li Qian’s words.

Li Qian stretched out her hand and slapped the man’s hand, “Enough!” The tone rose, “This is the military compound, what are you doing to me? Is it to molest the military in the public? Then I will I need to ask your leaders.” Li Qian straightened her back, her tone was blunt and domineering, she seemed to be a cheetah ready to go, which shocked people.

“Comrade Li Qian, please come with us.” The soldier was startled for a while, and then immediately recovered, his tone became colder, his eyesight seemed to burst into flames.

“I said, I can go with you, but I need to know who asked you to come and why you are here.” Li Qian argued for reasons.

“Comrade Li Qian, we are just following orders.” The soldier’s tone eased.

Li Qian knew that it would be useless to say it like this, “Then you wait a moment, I’ll change my clothes.” With that, Li Qian turned around.

Before Li Qian closed the door, the man stretched out his hand again. Li Qian’s temperament, stretched out his hand and patted the back of the man’s hand heavily, “Should I change my clothes in front of you?”

The three people at the door didn’t expect Li Qian to say such a thing, and their eyes seemed to shout. Thousands of troops and horses, always rushing towards them.

The soldier who stretched out his hand withdrew his hand, stunned, the arrogance just extinguished completely.

Li Qian, who turned to enter the room, took a deep breath, stretched out her hand, and saw her hands trembling unceasingly. I was really scared just now. Li Qian was really afraid that the person would take her away directly. If she took her away, her home would definitely be searched.

Regardless of her trembling hands, Li Qian stumbled back to the bedroom, looked around and found that there was nothing suspicious, then changed her clothes and opened the door.

“Let’s go.” Li Qian’s voice was cold, without a trace of temperature.

Turned around and went downstairs and walked in front, and the three people behind also followed.

Along the way, Li Qian was thinking about what problems to deal with next, how to deal with them, and how to make Paul build up without involving herself.

Li Qian and the others were talking in the corridor. Many people heard it. It was just after breakfast and when the army wives were going out for a walk, they did not go out after hearing these movements, but waited with bated breath.

Everyone thought that Li Qian was crazy, and even talked to the soldiers like that.

In their hearts, not only their men are soldiers, so they are in awe, but other soldiers also make them tremble.

Until I heard Li Qian say let’s go, and heard their footsteps going downstairs, everyone came out of the house one by one, and everyone living on the same floor looked at each other. Guessing each other is because of what can make things so big.

After Li Qian left, there was a new wave of rumors in the Military District Family Home.


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When he bumped into her, it was like

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As a victim, she has the right to know the routine, “What happens when I am in public? What happens when I am in private?”

“If you touch porcelain, I will send you to the prison cell if you are a public person. If you are a private one… you don’t need to change one hundred yuan.” He threw a hundred yuan arrogantly, just like the king rewarded his minion.

Her small universe burst out, “Is my life worth one hundred yuan? You get off the car, and I promise not to kill you.”

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