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Chapter 5 has been revised and minor revisions. If you have seen it, you will read it again. Thank you, sorry. (5)

He can learn fast and finely.

She often pity Leng’s life experience, such a smart child, if he was born in a good family, his future, what will be bright and open?

———————— Digression——————————The

collection is pitifully small, and I was full of confidence at the beginning, as if I had been poured cold water.

This is probably the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment…

☆, 021: Ten years of love (3) After

walking out of that dirty and cramped room, Leng Jiazi met his mother from someone else’s mouth for the first time.

“Look, he is the wild species of the prostitute, the one who has been kept in the room invisible.”

“I heard that the woman is still taking drugs.”

“What’s the matter with drug use? People have money. When do you come here? Luxury cars, I heard that she still gambles, and every loss is hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of people who are rich!”

“Since she is so rich, why not take her son to live a good life? Right?”

“Hey, don’t you say that. People are born so beautiful. You can make a lot of money when you sell them. If you sell a few more times, you won’t get the money!”

Prostitutes, drug abuse, gambling, this is the world for adults. The labels his mother put on, although he didn’t understand what these words meant at the time, he knew that they were all bad.

Because he still hears something like this:

“You have to be careful, don’t let your daughter play with that wild species. The damn sells it. Who knows if there is that kind of disease, be careful!”

“Really ! Disgusting, he is so young that he looks like his saucy fox mother, Niuniu come over, go home with her mother, don’t play with that kind of person!”

“He’s selling drugs, taking drugs, and gambling. This wild species is definitely not the same. What good thing, go away! Don’t spoil our children. This kind of people don’t know what to do alive? Do you harm a good person? Dead early and clean!”

“Ah! The wild species is here. My mother said he is sick and will be contagious. Let’s go!” At first,

Leng Jiazi was encouraged by Grandma He and tried to integrate into the crowd, but all he got was endless malice. Repulsion and disgust.

Gradually, his numb heart became more numb and cold.

His mother seemed to be missing, or she had forgotten his existence, she never came back.

Grandma He is his only warmth.

However, his warmth didn’t last long. When he was ten years old, Grandma He became seriously ill and soon passed away. He has lost even the stretched days. It seems that God just couldn’t see him live well.

Before she left, Grandma He did not know if she had foreseen something. She took Leng Jiazi’s hand and pointed to her only little granddaughter and said: My son, grandma has a request. If my granddaughter has any difficulties in the future, if you have Ability, please help her.

Leng Jiazi nodded blankly.

He doesn’t cry long ago.

Grandma He’s son and daughter-in-law are also kind people. They left the small house where Grandma He lived before her death to Leng’s family and gave him some money.

Leng Jiazi picks up waste products in exchange for money during the day, and looks hungrily at night holding the book left by Grandma He.

Grandma He said: My son, if you want to change your current life, you have to study and study hard. Knowledge can change your destiny, understand?

He remembered this sentence in his heart.

Ten-year-old children live harder than adults.

Later, the book left by Grandma He has been thoroughly read by him, almost back-to-back, and can no longer satisfy his thirst for knowledge, but he has no money, even the most basic clothes and meals can not be solved, let alone buy more than a dozen yuan. Money for a book.

A dozen yuan is a huge sum of money for the little Leng family.

He aimed his gaze at the bookstore.

Reading in the bookstore is free.

But although he is neat and tidy, cleanness does not hide the tatters and rottenness. He is like a beggar who can’t afford books. After one or two times, the owner of the bookstore will drive him away.

He changed bookstore after bookstore.

A bookstore owner saw that he had a very good-looking birth, so he started to seduce him with a book as a bait. At first, he didn’t know that the man had sinister intentions and was tricked into a house behind the bookstore. When the man put his hand into his clothes with a wretched smile, he suddenly realized that there are things in this world that are more chilling than those things he has encountered before.

He was disgusted and scared, resisted desperately, and finally bit the man’s ear severely and escaped.

At that time, it was another year for pear blossoms to bloom.

At the door of the little room that Grandma He left for him, there was a pear tree with white petals all over it. It was beautiful and fragrant and faint.

He ran back into the room in one breath, vomited and gargle desperately next to the running water, shivering.

For several days, he dared not go out again.

However, life still has to go on.

Picking up scraps for money, reading books to gain knowledge, the same cannot be left behind.

Then he went to the bookstore to read. He deliberately avoided the bookstore of the man whose ear he bitten off. Every time he went a long way to read a book at a very large bookstore called Jingcheng International Book City. Very comfortable sofa chairs can sit on, there is water to drink when you are thirsty, and more importantly, that bookstore does not rush people.

It’s just that the bookstore owner whose ears were bitten off by him didn’t know how to find him. On a rainy afternoon, on his way home after reading a book, he was blocked by the owner with one ear and two strong men on his way home. In a remote, trash alley.

They tore his clothes, they punched and kicked him, no mercy, and the words in their mouths were harsh.

He was only ten years old. Long-term hunger led to malnutrition. How could his thin body and bones rival the six fists of three big men?

He feared for the first time, despaired for the first time.

Just when he was frightened and desperate, a little girl appeared in front of him like an angel falling from the sky. With her head held high, her little hand pointed at the three men who were bullying him, and she said grimly: “Go, Beat this lady so they are looking for teeth!”

Then, Leng Jiazi saw a man in black walking out behind the little girl, and knocked the three men down in twos or twos. Then, it was really hit. The three of them looked for teeth and knelt down to beg for mercy.

The little girl hopped forward and took his hand and pulled him from the ground. She did not dislike the dirty muddy water on his hand. She blinked her star-like eyes and said, “My name is Meng Meng. I am seven years old. What’s your name? How old is it?”

He looked at her warily.

She said again: “Don’t be afraid, they won’t dare to trouble you again in the future.”

He was silent.

Meng Meng pursed her pink lips, staring at him suspiciously for a long time, and suddenly “Ah”, recalling something, she took out a candy from her pocket, and her little hand peeled off the icing, regardless of him. Whether it’s willing or not, I just stuffed him in his mouth, smiled and asked him: “Is it delicious? Lemon flavor, my favorite flavor, my name is from the lemon lemon.”

From beginning to end, Leng Jiazi cherishes the word. Rujin didn’t say a word, but that didn’t affect Meng Meng’s enthusiasm in the slightest. She waved her little hand and said, “See you tomorrow.”

Leng Jiazi stood at the entrance of the alley, watching her being protected by someone in a very luxurious car. The car was like a noble king, leaving with an aura of contempt for the common people, leaving only the dirty splashing around. Muddy water.

In his hand, he held the umbrella left by her. The white one, with a delicate lace border, was the umbrella of the princess.

In his mouth, the sugar was still melting, sour and sweet, a taste he had never tasted before.

Leng Jiazi came home, lying on the old bedding, Meng Meng’s innocent and brilliant smiling face filled his mind, and her hands seemed to be soft and warm.

I thought that the phrase “see you tomorrow” when she was parting was just a casual talk, but I didn’t expect to meet her again the next day.

☆, 022: Ten Years of Love (4)

Still in the Beijing International Book City.

He reads in the place he usually sits.

The bookstore is really big, and he is not conspicuous in ocean-like books.

He was looking attentively, and a cheerful baby voice suddenly came into his ears.

“Brother, I knew you were here!” As

soon as Leng Jiazi looked up, a smiling face that was more delicate than a doll caught him off guard.

Mengmeng smiled brightly, handed over a carton of milk, and said as if offering a treasure: “I like drinking milk the most, Mu Yan said, there are good things to share with close friends, and you will be my close friends in the future.” , For you.”

Leng Jiazi raised his head and glanced at the black-clothed man who was behind the girl, did not pick up the carton of milk, and changed a place with a book in silence, ignoring the girl’s slightly stunned look.

Meng Meng quickly adapted to his indifference, and Pi Dian Pi Dian followed.

For several days, when Leng Jiazi was reading a book, there was always a small tail behind him, chirping, but unpleasant.

Finally, he couldn’t help asking, “Why do you always follow me?”

Meng Meng blinked her big shiny eyes, tilted her head and thought for a while, and said, “Because you look like Mu Yan, like Mu Yan. Very beautiful!”

Meng Meng was not very flexible, and when she said’Mu Yan’, it was pronounced’Mo Yan’.

Mu Yan: mù Yan

Mo Yan:

How did mòyǎn Leng’s family know?

When he returned home that day, he saw Mu Yan who had been talked about by the girl all afternoon.

It is indeed somewhat similar to him. It does not look alike, but it feels a lot like him. The same young age, with a cold complexion, and dark eyes that are not suitable for his age.

He heard the boy named Mu Yan correct it word by word more than once: “Meng Meng, my name is Mu Yan, not Mo Yan.”

Meng Meng smiled every time and replied, “I know, your name is Mo Yan, not Mo Yan. Mo Yan…”

Then Mu Yan always looked helpless, Leng Jiazi could see from his conniving face that their relationship was very good.

Leng Jiazi looked at the torn clothes on his body that could hardly cover his body, and then at the exquisite clothes on their bodies,

a feeling of inferiority welled up in his heart , and quietly walked away.

In his heart, he silently decided not to go to that bookstore to read.

He himself didn’t know why he had such an idea.

As soon as I walked to a junction, I met a few 13-year-old teenagers who used to laugh at him. As usual, they began to laugh at him when they saw him. All kinds of ugly words were endless, and they were always happy.

He bowed his head and hurried forward, he was afraid that the girl behind him would hear it, or she would hear his unbearable life experience.

However, things are often what is afraid of.

Yu Guangli, Meng Meng and Mu Yan walked over together, as well as the bodyguard behind Meng Meng. The teenagers saw the burly body of the bodyguard and ran away with interest.

Leng Jiazi was ashamed of his life experience for the first time, as if he was stripped naked and thrown on the street. He didn’t dare to look at Meng Meng’s eyes. He was afraid that he could see disgust and disgust in those delicate and bright eyes.

He almost fled that day.

No one wants to be friends with someone like him.

When I first walked out of that dirty and cramped room, it wasn’t that no one was friends with him, but when I heard about his life experience, everyone was afraid to avoid him.

Never thought of meeting Meng Meng again.

I never thought that she would pass a carton of milk enthusiastically and frankly as always, and said, “Hey, please drink it.”

Leng Jiazi was stunned and asked her, “Don’t you dislike me?”

Meng Meng smiled. Innocent and innocent, asked him: “Why do you despise you?”

“Because I am…” He couldn’t say anything .

“That’s not your fault, Mu Yan said, no one can choose their own birth.”

Leng Jiazi took the milk that Mengmeng handed over for the first time that day, and told her his name for the first time.

Since then, he has a friend.

He seemed to have a feeling that a lonely geese had found a partner, and that sense of belonging spontaneously made him feel that he was an individual and a normal person.

He has no money and often can’t afford to eat.

Meng Meng has no concept of money. He often takes him down to the restaurant and spends money like money. The cost of a meal is huge that he has never seen before.

The gap between the two gradually made him feel fear and low self-esteem, but later, in the middle of a certain night, that fear and low self-esteem suddenly became a firm motivation.

He thought that he had to work harder, and in the future, he must make a lot of money.

Only later, Meng Meng disappeared suddenly.

After his eleventh birthday, he disappeared without warning.

If it weren’t for the pen that Meng Meng gave him on his birthday, he would almost doubt that a girl named Meng Meng had never appeared in his world.

Just a month after Meng Meng disappeared, a row of luxurious black cars stopped at his door.

A graceful lady got down in the car and said that she would take him home. From then on, she was his mother.

Leng Jiazi looked at the row of shiny black cars, and nodded calmly for a while.

Then, he entered the door of Leng’s house, lived in a bright and spacious room, entered the aristocratic school, had his family, and got many things that he hadn’t dared to expect before, but there was still nothing that could replace Meng Meng’s friendship.

At that time, Leng Anhuai had two sons, the eldest son Leng Yizhou, and the younger son Leng Yiqun. Leng Anhuai preferred the younger son, and even the children who liked the younger son more. He ignored the Leng family.

The reason why Hui Xian took back the son of Leng’s husband and another woman was because she was pregnant because of an accidental miscarriage, which led to infertility. In order to stabilize her position in the Leng’s family, she took him back to Leng’s family and declared him to the public. It was the lost child of the Leng family many years ago.

Fortunately or unfortunately, half a year after Leng’s family was picked up from Leng’s family, the Leng Yiqun’s family suffered a car accident while driving and had no survivors.

The Leng family suddenly became the only grandson of the Leng family, and his worth doubled.

Leng Anhuai finally set his sights on him. Leng Yizhou is casual and fun. The typical second generation of rich dudes is difficult to achieve. Leng Anhuai has no choice but to train the Leng family in the direction of the heir. Sometimes he will Take him to some banquets.

When Leng Jiazi attended the banquet for the first time, he met Meng Meng who hadn’t seen him for half a year.

When Meng Meng rushed over, he cried out the word’Mu Yan’. Although he didn’t understand what happened, but vaguely, he felt that something bad had happened. Meng Meng completely regarded him as that. The boy named’Mu Yan’.

Leng Jiazi couldn’t tell how he felt, but he was very upset that she called him Mu Yan, so when he saw him for the second time, he handed him a crystal pendant with his name on it.

He wanted to remind her that his name is Leng Jiazi, not Mu Yan.

But he didn’t expect that that would be the last time he saw Meng Meng. Just before parting, Meng Meng told him that she was going to a far place and would not come back until she grew up.

Leng’s family asked her: how to grow up?

She said: It’s a grown-up as an adult.

She came of age at the age of eighteen. At that time, she was only eight years old. So they had a ten-year agreement. They agreed that they would meet again when she was eighteen, at the hotel where they were separated. Under the hundreds-year-old pear tree in the hotel garden.

They were separately under the century-old pear tree.

Later, Leng Anhuai felt that the name of Leng Jiazi was too petty and he wanted to change his name. Leng Jiazi remembered the name “Mu Yan” in Mengmeng’s mouth. She pronounced it as “Mo Yan” every time, although she was very upset. She regarded him as someone else, but he still changed his name to’Leng Moyan’, but hoped that in the future, when she heard the name of’Leng Moyan’, she would be able to think of him.

Ten years later, Meng Meng did not appear as promised, she disappeared completely into his world like a world of evaporation.

Later, he met Tong Jin.

The girl who was so similar to Meng Meng and was eventually determined to be Meng Meng.

Leng Moyan recovered from the memory and lit a cigarette for himself.

Until the very end, the girl still left him, this time, it was a farewell.

For him, Meng Meng was the salvation of the unbearable period of youth and the only beacon for him in the long years. All his efforts were to get close to her.

So, teach him how to forget her?

☆, 023: Ten Years of Love (5)

Shen Chenyu received a call from the Shen family servant, saying that a girl with the surname Leng was looking for her.

“Miss Shen, this is Leng Jingdie, Leng Moyan’s sister. My brother is sick and hospitalized. Do you have time to see him now?” A slightly anxious female voice came over the phone.

After a moment of accident, Shen Chenyu faintly refused: “Sorry, the company is very busy today, let’s take another day.” I

just wanted to hang up.

“Miss Shen, my brother is very ill. It is estimated that it won’t heal in a while, and maybe we won’t be able to attend the engagement banquet a few days later.”

Shen Chenyu was stunned.

Unexpectedly, after three years of absence, the enthusiastic and innocent Leng Jingdie actually learned to threaten people?

She pursed her lower lip and asked, “Which hospital?”

It was easy to ask for leave from the director.

After half an hour, Shen Chenyu appeared outside Leng Moyan’s ward.

Leng Jingdie looked very happy when she saw her. He pulled her into the ward and said cheerfully: “My brother just took the medicine and fell asleep, Shen… Sister-in-law, just sit on the sofa and wait for my brother to wake up. Just talk with him. By the way, you didn’t have lunch, right? I’ll call someone to bring food over…”

Shen Chenyu was sitting on the sofa not far from the bed, and she could just see it from her perspective. Leng Moyan’s cold profile.

The man’s eyes closed lightly, a bit less indifference in the usual days, and more vulnerable to illness.

With just one glance, she immediately turned away.

Glancing around, the very luxurious VIP ward, if it weren’t for Leng Moyan with a salt water bag hanging on his hand, Shen Chenyu would almost think it was a five-star hotel room.

Leng Jingdie walked over to sit down beside Shen Chenyu after the phone call, looking at her hesitantly.

Shen Chenyu smiled, “Miss Leng has something to say, please speak straight.”

“I have nothing to say.” Leng Jingdie smiled and said: “I just think you are…very familiar, as if I knew you a long time ago.”

Shen Chenyu Smiling, did not answer.

Leng Jingdie went on to say: “I heard that Ms. Shen went to country M since she was a child, and she just returned to China not long ago. Why did she go abroad at such a young age? Uncle and Auntie wanted to train you to become M Chinese? You really never came back. Ever?” After

asking, Leng Jingdie stared closely at Shen Chenyu’s eyes.

Shen Chenyu looked the same, and looked back calmly: “For some reasons, I had to go abroad. I really never came back during the period. If it weren’t for the crisis in the Shen family, I think I would stay in M country.”

Leng Jing Die’s tense heart was loosened, and she couldn’t tell whether she was lucky or regretful.

Someone delivered food soon.

While I was eating, the phone rang, Shen Chenyu’s.

She checked her phone, got up and walked to the balcony, and moved the door up with her hand.

Answer, “Hey.”

“Xiaoyu, what you asked me to check is complete. Three years ago, Leng Anhuai merged Tong’s enterprise into Leng’s subordinate and changed its name to Antai Pharmaceutical, but just two years ago, because of The accident caused Antai to almost go bankrupt. It was acquired by Renjiu Group at a low price. It is now renamed Jinhe Biotechnology. Tong’s enterprise can be described as twists and turns…”

Shen Chenyu listened quietly, and his eyebrows frowned slightly when he heard Renjiu Group. .

Why is Renjiu Group again?

“Thank you Tang Li, please help me to find out about Renjiu Group’s tone, if someone buys Jinhe Biotechnology, are you willing to make a move.”

“You don’t design, you want to switch to medicine?”

“Speaking seriously ? Yes, don’t be poor, by the way, let’s find out if you want to change hands, what is the lowest price of Renjiu.”

Just after hanging up, another call came in.

It was Chang Yunye, Shen Chenyu hesitated for a moment, but still took it.

“Xiaoyu, why don’t you tell me something like this? Shen needs funds, I can help you…”

Shen Chenyu sighed quietly. This is why she didn’t tell him the matter. She didn’t want to owe others favors.

Moreover, what Shen needs is not a small sum.

“Thank you for your kindness, Brother Chang, I can solve my own business by myself.”

“How to solve it? It means to lose my life’s happiness to solve it? You have always been calm and steady, why are you so sloppy and confused this time?”

Shen Chenyu was silent.

The tone over there was a little serious: “I’ll board the plane right away, and we can meet tomorrow. Let’s sit down and talk about the matter.”

“Chang…” Just said a word, the other side hung up.

Shen Chenyu stared at the words “call end” for a long time in a daze.

In fact, to solve the dilemma of Shen’s cash flow exhaustion, there is no other way… I

don’t know how long she regained her consciousness, turned around, through the bright glass door, saw Leng Moyan sitting by the bed, a pair of deep The eyes are staring at her side.

His eyes met, and for a short while, Shen Chenyu turned away.

Through a glass door, she deliberately lowered her voice when answering the phone, not afraid that her words would be heard.

“Sister-in-law, is the call over? Come over for dinner, the food is going to be cold.” Leng Jingdie called her.

Shen Chenyu was still a little uncomfortable with the name Leng Jingdie, and smiled and corrected: “I’m a few months older than you, so I might as well call my sister. After all, I am not from the Leng family.”

☆, 024: Ten years of deep affection (6)

Shen Chenyu is still a little uncomfortable with the name Leng Jingdie, and smiled and corrected: “I am a few months older than you, so let’s call my sister. After all, I am not from the Leng family.”

Leng Jingdie was surprised: “How do you know?”

Shen Chenyu pointed to an ID card on the coffee table.

Leng Jingdie patted his forehead, flipped through the wallet before, took it out and forgot to put it away.

Picking up his ID card, he stuffed it into his wallet and asked, “What month is your birthday?”

“April 1.” As

soon as the words came out, not only Leng Jingdie’s movements froze, but also Leng Moyan’s movements to eat. pause.

The two looked at Shen Chenyu together.

Shen Chenyu didn’t notice their abnormal emotions, and checked the time on the phone, it was almost one o’clock.

“Sorry, I made an appointment in the afternoon to talk about things, so I’ll leave first.”

After speaking, they smiled politely at the two of them, picked up their bags and left.

After coming out of the hospital, Shen Chenyu did not leave immediately. Following the path in his memory, he walked around to the back of the hospital building, raised his head, and looked at a certain window against some dazzling light.

Three years ago, my desperate self just jumped down from the open window and ended a miserable life.

At the last moment of her loss of consciousness, the memories she had forgotten before the age of eighteen flooded into her mind, but it was a pity that it was too late.

I never thought I would wake up again.

After waking up for a long time, she wondered whether those suffocating memories were real, or were they just a terrible dream made by sleeping for two years?

She asked Tang Li, who had met in Country M at the time, to help her investigate. The results of the investigation showed that her memories were not dreams, but real.

She also wondered whether she was Tong Jin or Shen Chenyu, but this doubt was quickly relieved. The servants of Tong’s House always said that she was like a new person after losing her memory, so she was Shen Chenyu, and she was Shen Chenyu from beginning to end. , It’s just a blunder, I have been a child for two years.

When I got home at night, as soon as I walked in, Shen Yu’s roar came from the living room.

“Gao Yazhi, what do you mean? Just when Luo Yan returned to China, you drove her back. Did she eat yours here or wear yours? This is not my Shen family’s stuff like this? Sure enough, it came from the small door, all over her body. I’m so petty, I can’t go on stage!”

Gao Yazhi: “Sister, Luo Yan has been abroad for almost three years, and has never come back once. The grandparents at Qiao’s family must also miss his granddaughter. Why should I let her go home to accompany the elderly? ?”

Shen Yu: “Don’t think I don’t know. You just don’t want Luo Yan to stay in Shen’s house. My parents were still alive, and I told them to send Luo Yan to Shen’s house. The old man had no objection. I’m afraid that Luoyan will divide the property of the Shen family in the future! I said at the beginning how you would rather marry in under the name of a third party. The co-author is a picture of the money of the Shen family. I see a lot of women like you, so I am just me. Brother silly, really married you in.”

“Aunt.” A cold voice suddenly came in.

Shen Yu turned his head and saw Shen Chenyu who walked in. Shen Chenyu’s appearance was worthy of her name, she did have the appearance of Shen Yu and Yan Yan, Shen Yu’s eyes were slightly dark, and she said displeasedly: “When the elders speak, there is no reason for the juniors to intervene, sister-in-law, Your daughter is really a good tutor.”

Gao Yazhi has been holding back, not wanting to make troubles ugly and disturb Shen Zheng.

But when it comes to his daughter’s head, I am afraid that no mother can bear it.

Just about to speak, Shen Chenyu’s voice sounded again: “Speaking of tutoring, aunt, as a sister-in-law, disrespectful eldest-in-law, it seems that someone with tutors would not do it.”

Shen Chenyu walked to Gao Yazhi and sat down, Hold her hand and continue to say: “Although my aunt gave her cousin the surname Shen, the blood flowing in her blood is the blood of the Qiao family. Is it possible that after a few years the surname is Shen, she will forget her roots, even the grandparents in the family don’t want it. Auntie’s tutor is really unique.”

Shen Yu was about to pinch his fingernails into his palm, and his face stretched out, “Sister-in-law, you have a good daughter!”

Clever teeth!

Gao Yazhi smiled gracefully, her voice unable to hide her pride: “Small fish are naturally good.”

Shen Yu sneered: “A good marriage is really good.” After speaking, he snorted and got upstairs.

Don’t have deep meaning in this statement.

Gao Yazhi thought of Shen Luoyan’s words, and her heart sank.

Shen Chenyu did not rush to sleep after taking a bath.

Sitting at the window and reading a book for a while, Gao Yazhi knocked on the door and came in.

“Little fish.”


Shen Chenyu closed the book.

Gao Yazhi looked at her for a long time, and then said, “Xiaoyu, do you really think about it? I heard what Leng’s said, I will get the certificate first after the engagement, and pick a good day to do it later. Wedding, you and Leng Moyan are husband and wife after receiving the certificate…”

When the time comes, it will be too late to regret.

If there is no such thing as Shen Luoyan said, although there is no emotional foundation, at least Leng Moyan is young and promising another talent, which is still a good home, but now, every time Gao Yazhi thinks about the incident three years ago, he will take care of Shen Shen. The fish feels distressed.

Shen Chenyu was silent for a moment, and said: “Mom, there is no turning back arrow in the bow.” In

one sentence, the meaning was very clear.

But, is there really no turning back arrow?

Shen Chenyu did not dare to think deeply.

☆, 025: Ten Years of Love (7)

Shen Chenyu received a call from Chang Yunye at nine o’clock in the morning and asked her to meet at the western restaurant opposite the Shen Group Building at 11:30.

She arrived at half past eleven and was very punctual.

“Big Brother Chang.” By the

window, Chang Yunye’s originally slightly tired face became radiant when he saw Shen Chenyu.

He got up, walked to the opposite side of the table and pulled a chair away.

Shen Chenyu smiled and sat down.

The opposite man was twenty-seven or eighteen, with a handsome face, deep eye sockets, and elegant temperament. He was a very attractive man.

Chang Yun called the waiter at night, and the two ordered their own meals. When they waited for the meal to be available, he spoke with a little self-deprecating tone: “Little fish, I already know things. We have known each other for so long. I thought I was your friend. Now I know that I am not worthy of your trust, am I?”

“Brother Chang, don’t say that.”

“Why didn’t you tell me something like this? Or do you think I can’t help you solve it?”

Changlong’s family business, Chimelong International, ranks among the top 500 in the world. The top 100 are never short of money.

Shen Chenyu smiled still: “Of course not…”

“It’s fine.” Chang Yunye raised his hand casually, and the assistant who had been standing by the side immediately handed over a document. He took the document and handed it to Shen Chenyu.

Shen Chenyu had a faint guess in his heart, and when he took it over, it turned out that it was the contract of Changlong International to invest 100 billion yuan in the Shen Group.

“Brother Chang…”

“Chimelong International’s market has always been focused on Europe. In recent years, it has been trying to shift its focus to the country. It has no good entry point. It is a good choice to invest in Shen’s.”

“Brother Chang…”

“Why? I’m so touched?” Chang Yunye smiled half-truth and half-truth: “If you want to agree with your body, I can consider one or two.”

Shen Chenyu suppressed the smile on his lips, solemnly and solemnly Pushing the contract to Chang Yunye’s hand, said: “Big Brother Chang, thank you for your kindness. I also know that you have the strength to help me, but I always don’t like to owe favors. I can only accept your kindness.”

Shen Shi The current investment value is not very great. It can be imagined how much Chang Yunye has spent on this contract. If he cannot get the corresponding return in the future, it will definitely cause him a lot of trouble.

Chang Yunye frowned, “Can you owe the favor of the Leng family?”

Shen Chenyu was silent.

Sometimes silence hurts more than any language.

“Why?” Chang Yunye didn’t understand: “I have known you for almost three years, so I can be regarded as a friend. Why would you rather trade your happiness for the help of a stranger instead of accepting the help of a friend?”

The meals ordered at this time were presented one by one.

Shen Chenyu didn’t speak again until he finished eating.

Chang Yunye didn’t say anything. After three years of getting along, he still understood Shen Chenyu, and she didn’t want to answer questions, no matter how you asked them, there would be no results.

It’s just that sometimes, she always feels elusive. There is a better choice. Why must she choose the road full of thorns?


Shen Chenyu sat in his place, tilted his head slightly, and looked at the blue sky outside the window, thinking of Chang Yunye’s last question while eating.

Don’t want to owe favors.

That’s it.

“Shen Yu, Nuoqi summer clothing series of samples to give you to create, here is the requirement to give Knoch, there are some design information in previous years, you take a look, maybe you can find some inspiration.”

Having , Huang Ying asked again with concern: “No problem, right?”

Shen Chenyu took the information that Huang Ying handed over, glanced roughly, there was no difficulty, and replied confidently: “No problem, rest assured, thank you Director Huang.”

Huang Ying smiled and turned back to her office.

In just a few days, although Shen Chenyu’s design talent was only Xiaohe showing its sharp corners, it was already enough for Huang Ying to see her ability.

Not to be underestimated.

“Nuoqi clothing is a brand of women’s clothing. The person in charge over there is notoriously picky. Every time the chief designer can give a complete sample after careful consideration, what happened to Director Huang this year? The designer here is in charge of Nuoqi’s costume design!”

“You haven’t heard? This Shen Chenyu was ordered by the chairman himself, and the backstage is tough! You must be careful when you speak.”

“I didn’t say anything… Hey, I heard that the daughter of the chairman who has just returned from abroad is going to be engaged to the CEO of the Leng Group. What do you say is the daughter who grew up abroad? Shen Chenyu is also surnamed Shen, shouldn’t it be…”

“Don’t be funny, it’s impossible. Have you ever seen a daughter who would work as a small employee in her company? If she is really the chairman of the board, at least…” The person’s voice was lowered, “At least she must be yellow. Director’s location.”

“This is probably the heavy fish which Shen offshoot of relatives, anyway, when the Mogao Qing particular situation, we do not tease on the right, that Nuoqi this is a tricky, let her go to a good design.”

Next Shen Chenyu heard the whispers.

Since her resurrection, her hearing has become much more sensitive than before.

She hadn’t moved her emotions at all, looked at the information in her hand with a calm expression, and she already had a preliminary outline in her mind.

After conceiving for an afternoon, Shen Chenyu spent an hour and a half to design a series of summer clothes.

After finishing the last step, she stretched her waist and looked at the time in the lower right corner of the computer. It was already ten o’clock in the night.

The office was dark, except for the lamp on her desk.

There was a groan in her stomach, and she was hungry after she hadn’t eaten dinner.

Simply clean up, take the elevator down to the underground parking lot, and drive to have a late night snack.

There are not too many vehicles on the wide road, but Shen Chenyu is still very careful to stare at the road ahead. The sudden car accident five years ago made her in awe.

Not fear, just awe, awe of life.


There is a

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