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Chapter 6 has been revised and minor revisions. If you have seen it, you will read it again. Thank you, sorry. (6)

The black shadow flickered, and Shen Chenyu subconsciously stepped on the brake.

With a rubbing sound, the road was quiet again.

Shen Chenyu calmed down a bit, looked out of the car, everything was as usual.

But the shadow just now is very real.

I was hesitating to get out of the car to check, and there was a harsh scratching sound from the bottom of the car, just like someone scratching the iron sheet of a car with a nail.

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roadside lights are bright, and vehicles pass by from time to time. Even so, the scratching sound of piercing eardrums from the bottom of the car still seems a bit strange.

Shen Chenyu listened intently, but it didn’t look like a human nail scratching the wagon skin, but rather like the sharp claws of some kind of animal.

Getting out of the car and following the sound around the front of the car, she was taken aback by the scene in front of her.

A thin, black cat with two front paws erected, desperately scratching her wagon, like a deep hatred.

Shen Chenyu laughed, “Little cat, what are you doing while scratching my car?”

Her car brakes very well, so she probably didn’t hit this dirty little cat.

“Meow~” The little thin cat called to her as if it were answering, then ran to the isolation belt beside the road, and stopped after running a few steps. He turned around and rushed to Shen Yu with a’meow’, as if calling her to follow.

Everyone says that cats are spiritual.

Is it going to take her somewhere?

Should she follow up and take a look?

After hesitating, the thin cat had already walked to the side of the isolation belt, changed its tone and called out the trimmed French holly in the isolation belt, and suddenly, a smaller but plump cat came out of it. The little cat should be the child of that little thin cat, because as soon as the little fat cat appeared, he was very skilled and eager to get under the little cat’s body, looking for milk.

The thin cat lay down, the little fat cat found the milk smoothly, and started to suck it up, probably because there was no milk, the little fat cat had two paws doing the milking action.

Shen Chenyu was a little dazed, did he ask himself to come and see him nanny?

“Meow~” The little skinny cat’s voice was low and long, as if begging.

Only then did Shen Chenyu hear it, its voice reveals deep weakness and weakness.

As she approached, through the direct light of the street light, she could see that the reason why the thin cat was dark was not because it was dirty, but because it was covered with dry blood.

It can be vaguely distinguished that it should have been a yellow civet cat.


it yelled again.

Shen Chenyu recovered from the surprise, at this moment, she suddenly understood its meaning.

Does it want her to take care of its children?

There was a soft spot in Shen Chenyu’s heart that was moved. The little chubby cat looked at about a month old, and his body was fairly clean. It was a yellow civet cat, much like a mother.

She stretched out her hand to touch the little fat cat. The little fat cat turned her head vigilantly, barking her teeth into a defensive state, arching her body slightly, and making an unfriendly sound of’haha’ in her mouth.

“Meow~” The little thin cat called out again in a different tone, and the little fat cat reluctantly put it away in a defensive posture.

Shen Chenyu stretched out his hand again, the little fat cat was not particularly obedient, but did not attack either.

Soft fur.

Shen Chenyu touched it a few times and liked it very much.

The skinny cat lay down all over her body, her eyes drooping weakly.

Shen Chenyu was shocked, and hurriedly picked up the two kittens and returned to the car, entered the navigation, and drove towards the nearest pet hospital.

The reason why the little skinny cat is thin is probably because he gave all the delicious food to his children, so the little fat cat will be fat.

She couldn’t help but think of Xiao Huangli, who had never come to this world.

If she is born smoothly, she must be willing to give everything for her.

The little fat cat was jumping around in the car, not knowing that he was about to lose his mother.

“The cat’s abdomen was pierced by a sharp object. It looks like it should have been a day or two. It’s a miracle to live until now.” The

pet doctor sighed.

The skinny cat is still dead.

On the way again.

Shen Chenyu looked at its gently closed eyes, and his eyes were a little moist.

I insisted on living for two days. In these two days, has it been scratching other people’s cars, trying to find a support for its own children?

After vaccinating the little fat cat and taking a bath in addition to the insects, Shen Chenyu was playing with its tail when he hugged it and left, like a simple and innocent child, and had no sense of losing his mother.

As soon as he walked out of the pet hospital, Shen Chenyu happened to look down at the little fat cat, not paying attention to hitting a wall of meat, and taking a step back under the action of the rebound force.

Just as he was about to look up, a childish voice came into his ears, “Uncle, you ran into a beautiful sister, I have to say sorry.” The

milky voice was polite and polite. Shen Chenyu felt good, and originally wanted to look at the meat wall. Eyes, look directly at the sound source.

She glanced slightly.

What a beautiful boy!

Big black and white eyes, a pretty little nose, a small pink mouth, and a vermilion beauty mole between her delicate brows.

“It’s okay kid.” Shen Chenyu’s smile was obviously a little bit more pleasant, which was completely different from the usual polite smiles.

She likes children very much.

“What’s your name?” I couldn’t help asking.

It’s really cute, the tender and plump little face makes people want to knead and squeeze.

“My name is Tongtong.” Leng Tong replied crisply.

“Tongtong, why don’t you sleep at home so late? What do you do in the pet hospital?” Shen Chenyu couldn’t help but squat down and stare at Leng Tong.

“Sister, the little boy is sick and I am hospitalized here. I think it’s time to come and see it.”

“Little boy?” Probably, it’s the little boy’s pet.

“It’s a parrot, Xiao Huang…” The meat wall, which has been ignored by the big and the small, suddenly uttered, but was interrupted before finishing speaking. Leng Tong said anxiously: “It’s my pet! The little child is very tired and can recite poems!”

Shen Chenyu was taken aback when he heard the voice of the meat wall, and looked up, she saw Leng Moyan’s wax-like face, expressionless.

The smile on his face changed calmly, polite and alienated.

“Mr. Leng, what a coincidence.”

Leng Moyan looked at her calmly for a moment without making any response, pulling Leng Tong into the door of the pet hospital.

Shen Chenyu turned his head and glanced at his condensed back. Even the polite smile on his face disappeared, and he walked towards the parking lot with the little fat cat in his arms.

Just two steps, the footsteps stopped.

The little boy was called Uncle Leng Moyan just now?

Isn’t Leng Moyan’s sister Leng Jingdie?

So that child… is Leng Jingdie’s son? Leng Jingdie is married?

Pet Hospital.

“Dad, did you want to call me Xiaohuangli again just now? Don’t call me Xiaohuangli, especially in front of my beautiful sister… Hey! Is Dad better than you? Listen?”

Leng Moyan leaned forward with cold eyes as he walked forward.

“That’uncle’ just screamed quite slippery.”

Leng Tong smiled’hehe’, like a little fox, “Dad, I’m just for your good, you see you are very old, even a woman No, that elder sister just now looks really good-looking, but fortunately, I have the idea to tell your’uncle’ to separate from you, so that you can leave a good impression of a single man in front of your beautiful sister, and it will be easier to chase afterwards.”

“You think. That’s a lot.”

Leng Tong suddenly felt a little worried, “Dad, I’m doing this for myself, everyone else has a mother, but I don’t have one. If you marry a daughter-in-law, don’t I have a mother? When my mother is my mother, of course I have to choose a more beautiful one, and I will bring it out to

save face!” The doctor led the two to a cage in which a colorful parrot bowed its head and looked listless.

Seeing Leng Tong, it shuddered and opened his mouth to recite poems: “There is a bright moon in front of the bed, suspected of frost on the ground; looking up at the bright moon, Leng Tong is wetting the bed!”

Leng Tong was ashamed and angry: “Shut up!”

I would not come to see it if I knew it.

Leng Moyan stared at Leng Tong for a moment, then asked him aloud: “Little Huangli, do you really want a mother?”

Xiao Huang Lishen assists

☆, 027: Little Huangli, Xiaohuangli (2)

Leng Moyan stared at Lengtong for a moment, and asked him aloud: “Little Huangli, do you really want a mother? “

Leng Tong flicked the little boy’s green-haired head with his hand, causing the little boy to flap his wings and scream: “Bad boy! Don’t hit my clever head!”

“I didn’t particularly want my mother, just There are children in the kindergarten, but I don’t have one, which looks weird. If I had a mother, I would be like other children.” In

that tone, I don’t look like a two-and-a-half-year-old child.

Generally, a child of this age cries when something goes wrong, but he has never cried. From birth to now, he rarely makes noise.

Leng Moyan reached out and touched the back of his head, without saying anything.

Shen Chenyu took the little fat cat back home directly. It was eleven o’clock when he arrived home. The villa was quiet and everyone was asleep. Only Gao Yazhi was sitting in the living room watching TV.

The TV shows a very old martial arts drama.

Seeing Shen Chenyu, she smiled and asked: “Little fish is back, are you tired? Are you hungry?” As

soon as the voice fell, Shen Chenyu’s belly rang in harmony.

High Yazhi laugh, “You sit and wait for a while, just boil the mother chicken soup at night, I’ll give you a bowl of noodle bar.”

Do not look at high Yazhi elegant, delicate Zhu Er, not fingers do not stick spring water, and soon Serve a bowl of noodles.

Shen Chenyu walked to the dining table and put the little fat cat on the table, only then did Gao Yazhi realize that she had brought a kitten back.

“Where did this come from?”

A very ordinary yellow civet cat is not a noble breed. It will not be given by others, and it is unlikely that it was bought by a pet store. Is it possible that it was picked up?


Shen Chenyu smiled and said, “I picked it up. It has been dewormed and injected. It is very clean.”

She picked some noodles and put it on the table. She put the little fat cat on the table, “Eat, Xiao Huang Raccoon.”

“Little yellow raccoon?” Gao Yazhi said.

“Well, its name, the little yellow raccoon, the little yellow raccoon of the yellow civet cat.” The

little raccoon didn’t know whether he was full of milk and eating, or he realized that his mother was gone. He lay down on the table listlessly, eyelids. Zi slumped, exuding an aura of’I’m sorry’ all over.

After eating the noodles, Shen Chenyu hugged the little yellow raccoon back to the room, took a bath, and fell asleep. It was just a night of sleeplessness. The last scene before waking up was running desperately in a desolate place, holding it in his arms. A newly born thin and dry baby, the hungry wolf behind him rushed towards her with a big mouth open.

At the moment of awakening, her whole heart was filled with despair.

The little yellow raccoon who was asleep on the floor raised his head and glanced at her, then went down to sleep.

Shen Chenyu sat on the bed with the quilt for a long time, got out of the bed and opened the curtains, the sunshine was good.

It’s another day.

today is weekend.

Shen Chenyu didn’t go anywhere. After eating, she sat on the balcony of her room and read a book.

At about ten o’clock, I received a call from Tang Li.

Renjiu Group takes Jinhe Biotechnology very seriously and invests heavily in development. It is now a leader in the pharmaceutical industry and its development momentum is still growing. If you want to acquire a company when its development is booming, the chance of success is small.

“Xiaoyu, I’m helping you to inquire about the news, and I’m also helping you to do business analysis. Should you give me back?”

Shen Chenyu knew what he wanted, but pretended not to know, “You want What in return?”

“You don’t understand what I want? Xiaoyu, you have become bad.”

“I’m not the worm in your stomach. How can you know what you want if you don’t say it?”

“Little fish! “Tang Li suddenly twisted, tangled for a long time, before Ai Ai said, “I…that…be, Beth, did you tell you where she went recently?”

Beth, a purebred M national girl, white skin With blue eyes and high nose, she looks exactly like the exquisite doll in the boutique cabinet. Tang Li has been thinking about people for seven or eight years and has not taken anyone down.

Rao is Shen Chenyu with cold temperament, but Tang Li, when she touches the girl she likes, twists like a girl, she still can’t help but want to be a bit of a tongue, “Tang Li, no girl likes to twist. A man who looks like a girl, especially Beth, she likes a man who is very manly and fierce. If you really want to chase her, I will show you a clear way and turn yourself into a man first.”

After finishing, wait for the phone. Tang Li snarled enough, she continued: “Help me to check if Renjiu Group has any difficulties that I can help recently. I want to get in touch with

Renjiu .” “Don’t do it!” Tang Li is decisive. To refuse, to say that he is not a man, is absolutely unbearable.

Shen Chenyu was not annoyed, “Beth asked me a few days ago if there is a handsome guy here to introduce her, what kind of good do you think I can introduce to her? A delicate little meat? Domineering handsome uncle? Or… …”

“Shen Chenyu, count you cruel!”

Shen Chenyu smiled as he listened to the’beep–‘ from the phone.

Turning her eyes to see the little yellow raccoon lying on the side of the guardrail basking in the sun, the smile in her eyes gradually disappeared.

Walked over and picked up the soft body of the little yellow raccoon, and touched the soft cat hair.

“Little Huangli…” After a long

silence, she turned the little yellow raccoon over with her belly facing upwards, “Let me see, are you a male cat or a female cat?”


Children’s Paradise, Lengtong Sneezed hard.

Leng Jingdie hurriedly handed over the tissue, “What’s wrong? You won’t catch a cold, right?”

Leng Tong took the tissue and wiped his nose, and said with an urn: “No, aunt, maybe…someone is thinking of me.”

Leng Jingdie Seeing his serious appearance is so cute, he couldn’t help but leaned over and pecked at Leng Tong’s soft little face, and said with a smile: “Maybe someone is saying bad things about you. You didn’t have any conflicts with other kids in the kindergarten, right? “

Leng Tong wiped the saliva on his face with disgust, “Of course not, please don’t like me too much, but my charm is all-male, no one can stop it!”

Leng Jingdie: “…” This is too self-conscious. Are you in love?

Having lunch at a children’s theme restaurant at noon, Leng Jingdie turned to Lengtong to accompany him to go shopping for clothes. When he bought the tenth piece of clothing, he accidentally ran into Chang Jun already.

The male god she used to have a crush on, but still can’t forget.

It’s just that the male god is cuddling with a petite and lovely girl next to him, looking so sweet.

Leng Jingdie took Leng Tong and turned around. She didn’t want to see these two people.

It’s just that some people don’t want to let her go easily.

“Jingdie!” Meng Xinyue called to her.

Leng Jingdie gritted her teeth and forced a sweet smile. Turning around, she did not dare to fall on Changjun’s handsome face, looking at Meng Xinyue and saying, “Long time no see.”

“It’s been a long time, Jingdie, My child and I have been eight months old, and I will be born in just over a month. It’s a boy.” Meng Xinyue smiled softly and pleasantly, but there was uncontrollable triumph in her eyes.

She looked at Leng Tong, and suddenly said in surprise: “Jingdie, who is this little boy? Wouldn’t it be your child? Are you still unmarried? Isn’t it because this child has no father?”

Leng Jingdie’s face turned. Suddenly he blanched, and then angrily said: “Meng Xinyue, what are you talking nonsense!”

At the same time, Leng Tong also said, “Aunt, who is this ugly stranger? Isn’t it your aunt your friend? Aunt looks like So beautiful, how can you be friends with such an ugly person? Good-looking people should be friends with good-looking people, and ugly guys and ugly guys are friends. I think the two opposite people are very good match, both are ugly!”

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Don’t look at Xiaohuangli, I just want to bully others. People are not fuel-efficient babies.

☆, 028: Little yellow raccoon, little yellow pear (3)

“You!” Meng Xinyue’s face was ugly, and she said that Tong Yan was unscrupulous, and Tong Yan was the most true. No one would be happy to be judged this way by a little doll.

With a sneer, Meng Xinyue’s eyes mocked, “Jingdie, your family tutor is really good.” Turning around, holding Chang Junji’s arm tenderly, touching her swollen belly, she said: “My husband, I will definitely treat us in the future. His child is well educated, and he will never turn him into a child without tutoring.”

“Meng Xinyue!” Leng Jingdie was so angry that her fingers were trembling, and she took a deep breath before reluctantly suppressing the urge to slap the opposite woman. .

“Meng Xinyue, just joking just because you want to teach a decent child, what do you teach your child? Face to face and secret skills? Teach him how to count others?”

“Count others? Who have I counted? Are you?” Meng Xinyue was aggressive, “What did I calculate for you? You said, in front of everyone, what did you say I calculated for you? So let everyone be fair to you!”

She expected Leng Jing Die did not dare to tell what happened back then.

Although Leng Jingdie did not face Chang Jun squarely, Yu Guang kept paying attention to him. After listening to Meng Xinyue’s words, her thoughts suddenly jumped to three years ago. Those nightmarish past events gradually made her lips fade.

How can she tell the tall and handsome man in front of her that she has liked him for a long, long time? How could she say it, she was calculated by Meng Xinyue that she could no longer like him?

“What? Can’t tell?” Meng Xinyue raised her brows, suffocated for so many years, has been living in the shadow of Leng Jingdie, and finally won her once, and won completely, winning her is desperate!

“Jingdie, you can’t talk nonsense about what hasn’t happened, the sky is watching.”

Leng Jingdie smiled back, how could there be such a vicious and shameless woman in the world!

Her eyes were cold, “Yeah, Meng Xinyue, the sky is watching, beware of doing too many bad things, and the retribution will be on the offspring!”

After she finished speaking, she didn’t give Meng Xinyue a chance to turn back, and pulled Leng Tong to turn and walk away.


“Husband, look at her, how can a woman be so vicious? Even an innocent child is cursed, my husband…” When I

looked up, I saw Chang Jun’s gaze following Leng Jingdie’s thin back, with complexities deep in his eyes. Meng Xinyue lowered her head and bit her lower lip tightly.

Leng Jingdie led Leng Tong not far, and ran into Shen Chenyu and a girl coming out of a boutique clothing store.

Knowing that her face must be ugly, she didn’t want anyone familiar with her to see it, so she wanted to turn into the aisle on the right.

I don’t know.

Leng Tong abruptly broke away from her hand, ran towards Shen Chenyu with two fat little short legs, hugged Shen Chenyu’s calf unceremoniously, and said sweetly, “Pretty sister, We meet again, we are so fate!”

Leng Jingdie: “…”

Shen Chenyu leaned over and put his hand under Leng Tong’s armpit, pinched hard, and hugged him up, “Tong Tong, come out with my mother. Go shopping?”

After speaking, he nodded and smiled at Leng Jingdie behind Leng Tong, saying hello.

Leng Jingdie’s expression became so ugly and weird after hearing her words, she even forgot to respond.

“I don’t know the beautiful sister’s name yet.” Leng Tong really likes this beautiful big sister, who is even more beautiful than the stars he has seen on TV.

“My name is Shen, you can call me Aunt Shen.” Shen Chenyu couldn’t help squeezing Leng Tong’s little fleshy face, which was white, tender and soft, and easy to touch.

“Hey! My child, there is a beautiful sister here, why did you see a little fish?” Tian Tian, who was automatically ignored, was unhappy, and stared at Leng Tong fiercely with her arms akimbo.

Thinking of her natural beauty and good family background, she has always been the owner of the moon held by the stars. Today is the first time she has been ignored, and she is still a little boy with no hair. No matter what, this one has to be retrieved.

Leng Tong’s eyes squinted, and he said in a serious way: “The important thing about beautiful sister is to be beautiful. You are not beautiful, at most you are a sister.”

“Hey! I said your child has eyes with long soles? My sister, I am so beautiful and greasy. You haven’t seen any of these children?”

Leng Jingdie lifted his forehead and raised his hand, “He is me…”

“Mummy!” Leng Tong was lying in Shen Chenyu’s arms with a look of enjoyment, and turned towards Leng Jingdie. Beckoning, milky milky shouted.

“Ahem!” Leng Jingdie was almost choked by her own saliva, staring at Leng Tong with wide eyes. What did he call her just now?

Leng Tong squeezed his eyes desperately: Aunt, hold back!

Leng Jingdie frowned: What the hell?

Leng Tong glanced at Shen Chenyu and raised his eyebrows: Go home and talk in detail.

Rarely, Leng Jingdie actually understood what he meant, and really did not refute, just smiled and stood quietly as a vase.

Shen Chenyu felt a strange feeling in her heart. Tongtong also seemed to be more than two years old. She left Leng’s house in just over three years. Calculated by time, it should be Leng Jing when she was still in Leng’s house. Die was pregnant with a child. At that time, Leng Jingdie was still unmarried and had never heard of a boyfriend.

However, this is not what she should be in charge of, and she quickly put this doubt behind her mind.

I have to say that Leng Jingdie is very good at giving birth. A child who is only two years old speaks like a five or six year old child, very smart and very beautiful.

Thinking of this, Shen Chenyu’s eyes darkened.

If Xiao Huangli was still there, maybe she would be so cute, so beautiful, and so smart.

The arms that hugged Tongtong couldn’t help tightening, and he hugged him more tightly. The tip of her nose was full of the smell of milk from his body, and her nose suddenly became a little sore.

Probably feeling the change in her mood, Leng Tong’s face wrinkled into a fat little bun, “What’s wrong with you pretty sister? Is Tongtong too heavy and tired for you? Do you want to sit and rest at my house? Aunt Yang’s fruit milkshake is super delicious. Sister, can I drink it at my house?”

Shen Chenyu’s nose just got sore, and when she heard this, she suddenly became sour again, “Go to your house?”

“Yeah, go .” My family, my uncle happened to be at home today. Does my sister have a boyfriend? My uncle is so handsome and can make money. He can also do laundry, cooking, mopping and housework. He is a good all-round man. Sister think about him. Ah!”

Leng Tong praised very hard, like a salesman.

Shen Chenyu: “…”

Leng Jingdie: “Ahem!”

☆, 029: Buying an engagement ring together (1)

Leng Jiahe has not changed much from three years ago, that is, the servant has changed it again.

Shen Chenyu sat quietly on the sofa in the living room, with the voice of Leng Tong squeaking in his ears.

“Uncle, can you cook tonight? Just make your best sweet and sour short rib.”


“Uncle, you go to the kitchen to cut some fruit for your sister!”


“Uncle, what are you doing? It’s like wood, hey! Hey! Uncle!”

Leng Moyan didn’t say a word except for the formulaic greeting at the beginning. He was really impatient with Leng Tong’s chanting, and turned upstairs.

Leng Tong curled his lips and turned to comfort Shen Chenyu, “Sister, don’t feel sad. My uncle has this virtue and doesn’t care about people, but it’s also very good, right? Such a man is not easy to cheat after marriage.”

Shen Chenyu: “…” Today’s kids know so much.

In fact, she didn’t want to step into this place at all, but have you ever seen a child screaming straight? It was terrifying, it was so miserable, and her tears broke out, which made her feel distressed.

Later, I thought, anyway, this place would come again sooner or later, but it was a few days earlier, and I simply relied on Tongtong.

However, it is strange that Leng Jingdie still lives in the cold house after having a child, and did not see Tongtong’s father.

But this is someone else’s private matter, and she is not familiar with Leng Jingdie’s current identity, so it is naturally difficult to deal with it.

Leng Jingdie was sitting opposite Shen Chenyu. The two had no topics in common, and the atmosphere was a bit embarrassing.

Fortunately, Leng Tong was chattering, and the awkward atmosphere was relieved a lot.

I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting, Shen Chenyu got up and wanted to say goodbye. When Leng Tong saw her standing up, his mouth flattened and he would cry, “Sister, are you going to leave?”

Shen Chenyu’s head was big, and his words changed abruptly. It became: “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Leng Jingdie was about to call a servant to take Shen Chenyu to the bathroom. The first time she came, she definitely couldn’t find it. Who knows, she saw Shen Shen before she could say anything. The fish walked in the direction of the bathroom.

A strange feeling suddenly flashed across his mind, and it flashed so fast that Leng Jingdie didn’t catch it.

When it’s almost time for dinner, Shen Chenyu was thinking about finding an excuse to leave. Leng Anhuai, who had been playing chess with an old friend outside, came back. Seeing Shen Chenyu, his face instantly smiled, and he happily left Shen Chenyu for dinner. .

Shen Chenyu smiled and refused: “No, I have something else, next time…”

Before the word’ba’ could be spoken, Leng Tong looked at her with tears in her mouth, not speaking, her small appearance, it hurts me to death.

At the table for dinner, Leng Tong happily arranged Shen Chenyu and Leng Moyan together.

“Uncle, serve my sister. This shrimp is delicious, as well as this sweet and sour beef tenderloin…”


“Uncle, quickly serve a bowl of soup for my sister. Aunt Yang’s tofu soup with preserved eggs is super delicious. That…”


“Uncle, this fish, this fish, clean the thorns and clip them to my sister to eat…”

Leng Moyan ignored it, finished eating slowly, put down his chopsticks and got up and walked towards the entrance of the restaurant.

From beginning to end, I have never spoken.

Shen Chenyu’s tight heartstring gradually loosened with Leng Moyan’s departure, but he didn’t completely relax, Leng Anhuai said, “Ayan, you and Chen Yu will be engaged in a few days, and the engagement ring will be paid. I didn’t buy it. Later, you can drive Shenyu to the mall to have a look. If you like, buy it. By the way, you will also get in touch with each other. You will be a couple in the future. It’s better to be so half-baked.”

“No need. “Shen Chenyu hurriedly refused.

“I know.” Leng Moyan said at the same time, with a thicker voice, louder than Shen Chenyu’s, and easily overshadowed her voice.

Leng Anhuai also automatically ignored her refusal, and said directly: “Or Chen Yu will go now. If you are not full, let Ayan take you to the restaurant to eat. Just tell him what you like to eat. You will be a family in the future. People, don’t be so unfamiliar and polite.”

Shen Chenyu was not happy because of Leng Anhuai’s enthusiasm and kindness, and even felt sad in his heart.

More than three years ago, when she was still Tong Jin, after Tong Minhuai passed away, the Leng family did not announce to the public that she would be married to Tong’s family. Leng Anhuai asked her to get along with her on the grounds that “happy events and funerals should not be too close”. Leng Moyan received the marriage certificate first, and the wedding will not be held or announced.

After she moved into the cold house, Leng Anhuai’s attitude toward her was neither lukewarm nor cold, and she always had a serious face. She never dared to talk to him easily. She thought he was a serious and uncomfortable person, but she did not expect that, Actually there will be such a amiable side.

Now I understand that he just doesn’t want to see her as Tong Jin.

“Miss Shen, let’s go.” The

magnetic male voice fell from the top of his head.

Shen Chenyu returned to his senses and found that Leng Moyan didn’t know when he walked in front of him. He looked at her with unsalted eyes, with a hint of impatience. The grandparents and grandchildren on the opposite side looked at her with six eyes. , As if waiting for her to go.

She got up to leave and followed Leng Moyan to leave the cold house.

In the cold house restaurant.

Leng Tong couldn’t believe what she had heard before, so she grabbed Leng Jingdie’s sleeves and asked, “Auntie, what grandpa just said is true? My beautiful sister is about to be engaged to my father. Will she become my mother? “

Leng Jingdie lowered her head and saw his bright eyes full of joy and excitement, and her heart was suddenly sullen and uncomfortable, “Tongtong, do you really want your mother?”

“Of course, aunt.” Lengtong’s voice was full. It’s full of happiness, “Everyone has a mother, but I don’t have one. Now I want to have a mother too, or the beautiful sister I like. Aunt, are you happy for me?”

Are you happy?

Leng Jingdie felt more upset and uncomfortable, and blurted out: “Tongtong, actually you…”

“Jingdie.” Leng Anhuai suddenly said, “You are also twenty-three years old, and when you get married, I have found People have found a few young and promising young masters for you. You can arrange your time and see you later.”

Leng Jingdie felt cold in her heart, and she forgot what she wanted to say.

“Grandpa, I don’t want a blind date!”

“Jingdie, you are not a kid anymore, don’t mess around!”

Nonsense? Leng Jingdie’s nose was sour in despair, and all the grievances that had been holding back for a long time all ran out, “I didn’t make a fool of myself! I know what I want! Grandpa, don’t force me, you forced me three years ago, and now you’re still pressing. Me, I won’t go on a blind date, nor will I go to death!” I

quarreled again.

Leng Tong looked at Leng Jingdie, who was sad and ran away, and sighed like an adult. The world of adults is too complicated. If they don’t agree with each other, they quarrel. It’s the harmony of children’s world.

On the brightly lit and wide streets of the Imperial Capital, the black Mulsanne drove in the traffic at a constant speed.

Sitting in the back seat, Shen Chenyu turned his head to look at the fluent night scene backwards out of the window, trying to ignore the men’s breath permeating the carriage.

A sound of “click” is the sound of a lighter.

What followed was a strong pungent tobacco smell.

Shen Chenyu frowned and opened the car window quietly. The cold night breeze instantly poured in, blowing away the smell of tobacco lingering at the end of her nose, and she took a deep breath.

Along the way, Leng Moyan went one by one until the fifth one burned out and the car parked in the parking lot in front of Ningyuan International Shopping Mall.

“Mr. Leng.” Shen Chenyu called to Leng Moyan who wanted to push the door and get out of the car.

Leng Moyan paused and turned his head to look at her. This seemed to be the first time he was looking at her directly tonight. His deep eyes were calm and dark, and he looked over calmly, as if he could see into people’s hearts.

As soon as Shen Chenyu touched his eyes, his heart suddenly beat irregularly.

Whether it was before or now, his gaze can always easily disturb her calmness.

Leaving her sight aside, she said lightly: “You and I know what this marriage means, but it’s just a cooperation for mutual benefit, so I don’t think there is any need for an engagement ring or something. Please go back. At the time, I would like to express my gratitude to Chairman Leng and thank him for his kindness. I made an appointment for a while, and you are busy. “

One bite of ” you ” , polite and alienated.

After speaking, no matter what Leng Moyan thought, he opened the door and got out of the car. As soon as he stood still, he heard the door closing in the driver’s seat.

With a dazed effort, Leng Moyan walked around the butt of the car and could not help but grabbed her wrist and strode towards the gate of the mall.

Shen Chenyu frowned, and followed with difficulty, “What do you mean?”

It is said that today’s article is PK, Ben Yao is extremely calm inside, I feel that I am dead. , There is no wave in my heart, and I even want to sleep.


☆, 030: Buy an engagement ring together (2)

“Welcome to Cartier.”

Leng Moyan took Shen Chenyu into a jewelry store, and a neat and sweet welcome message sounded the moment they entered the door .

Shen Chenyu was a little unhappy.

She had already made it very clear, but Leng Moyan still took her to the jewelry store, she did not understand his intentions.

This man will never do things that are not beneficial to him.

Even the gentleness of Tong Jin at the beginning was just out of a use and calculation.

Shen Chenyu’s heart was dull and painful, and his eyes fell to an irrelevant place, as if the person who was choosing the ring had nothing to do with her.

She didn’t know if she saw her indifferent attitude, or saw Leng Moyan’s wealthy identity, she only enthusiastically introduced the advantages of each style to Leng Moyan, and put her aside.

After a while, Leng Moyan stretched out his hand to pull Shen Chenyu forward, grabbed her hand and put a ring on her finger.

Accidentally fit, just like tailor-made.

Leng Moyan took a few more rings casually, which were all suitable.

The jade fingers that are as tender and smooth as white, and the diamonds that reflect the dazzling light under the light complement each other. This is a pair of hands specially made for diamonds.

Leng Moyan’s expression suddenly became a little trance.

The day before he and Tong Jin received the certificate, they had also been to this jewelry store. Tong Jin tried all the rings here, and each style seemed to be tailor-made for her. Put it on her finger. One set complements each other unexpectedly.

Tong Jin, who has always been depressed because of Tong Minhuai’s death, looked very happy that day, and raised his head triumphantly and said: “I am a pair of hands born for diamonds, Mo Yan,

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