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Chapter 7 has been revised and minor revisions. If you have seen it, you will read it again. Thank you, sorry. (7)

You have to work hard to make money and buy me many diamond rings. “

Leng Moyan returned to his senses and raised his eyelids slightly to look at Shen Chenyu’s face. The

face is the same, but the expressions on his face are completely opposite.

Shen Chenyu ‘s expression is faint, and he can’t see any emotions, but he can detect her. Resist.

“That’s it. “Leng Moyan pointed to the ring on Shen Yu’s hand and gave a cold tone. It

was a pigeon egg. The

sister of the cabinet was full of joy, “Mr. Leng is really good-sighted. This diamond ring is not only the largest and most transparent, but also the most transparent. The style is also personally designed by Cartier’s top designers. This one is absolutely unique and noble, and it matches this lady very well. “

Mr. Leng?

Shen Chenyu lowered

his eyelashes and sneered at the corners of his mouth. The cabinet sister knew him, which means that he is a frequent visitor here. There are so many women who need him to give jewelry rings? Really busy.

Coming out of the mall, Shen Chenyu Standing at the door waiting for Leng Moyan to pick up the car.

“Little fish? “Suddenly someone called her name.

Shen Chenyu turned his head and saw Chang Yunye and a tall and beautiful girl approaching.

“Big Brother Chang, it’s a coincidence.” “

It’s a coincidence. Let me introduce you. This is the annoying sister I told you, Chang Jingjing… Jingjing, this is my friend, Shen Chenyu. “

Shen Chenyu and Chang Jingjing greeted politely.

Chang Yunye turned around and said to Chang Jingjing: “Jingjing, you go in first, and I’ll come over in a while.” “

Chang Jingjing smiled meaningfully, raised her finger at him, and made a’four’ gesture.

Chang Yunye smiled helplessly, nodded, and made a’hurry in’.

Chang Jingjing smiled mischievously, waved “goodbye” to Shen Chenyu, and gave her a special look before leaving.

Shen Chenyu just stood quietly, “Big Brother Chang is looking for something to do with me?”

Chang Yunye didn’t answer, stretched out her hand, took her hand, and brought a belt to the dark place next to him, and then said, “Little fish, I have already raised. A sum of money is enough to help Shen through the difficulties. I hope you can cancel your marriage contract with Leng’s family and don’t make fun of your life’s happiness.”

Shen Chenyu calmly withdrew his hand and looked at Chang Yunye seriously. “Big Brother Chang, you really don’t need to help me like this.”

Chang Yunye felt that his palm was empty, and the position of his heart seemed to be hollowed out. It was empty and uncomfortable, “Little fish, why are you reluctant to accept it?” My help?” I have

known her for less than three years. At first, I felt guilty and curiosity. Gradually, I didn’t know when, the feeling in my heart changed.

“You know me…” I was about to blurt out after holding back for a long time.

“Big Brother Chang!” Shen Chenyu interrupted him aloud, “I only cooperate with Leng Moyan. What is advantageous is divided into unprofitable. There is no need to talk about happiness or unhappiness. Besides, I can establish a relationship with a stranger. Marriage is full of calculations and interests, but it can’t involve good friends, Brother Chang, you are my good friend, and I can’t let you get involved in Shen’s crisis. “

Is it just a good friend?

Bitterness spread from Chang Yunye’s lips.

He should have known that he was just a friend in her heart, and she had always been estranged from him for so long.

In the dim light, the girl in front of her had clean eyebrows, and her long eyelashes seemed to contain a stream of spring water, but her gaze was calm and shallow, and it ruined the weak temperament that I saw, adding a sense of distance.

I couldn’t help but raised my hand and touched the top of her hairy hair, like a big brother touching the head of a little sister, “Little fish, if in the future…you regret it, remember to come to me.”

Chang Yunye is nearly 30 years old, looks good, and can even be said to be quite handsome, tall, and a tailored black handmade suit makes him mature and stable. Such a man gently touched his head and said that he was full of Suggestive words, the average girl is afraid to blush and heartbeat to death.

However, Shen Chenyu was very troubled.

Since knowing Chang Yunye, the distinctive emotions he has shown deliberately or unintentionally, she is not aware of it, but she is unable to respond, and can only treat it as ignorance and avoid it as much as possible.

“Brother Chang, you really don’t need to…”

“Xiaoyu, remember to come to me.” Chang Yunye held Shen Chenyu’s hand again, and his eyes firmly emphasized, “No matter how long, I will treat you as always.”

Behind Shen Chenyu He didn’t say what he said, but took his hand back again, and said to Chang Yunye, “Go in, don’t let Miss Chang wait for a long time.”

Disappointment flashed through Chang Yunye’s eyes, “I will send you back.”

“No need. Now, your sister is still waiting for you in the mall.”

“It’s okay, I’ll just tell her, I’ll go drive now.”

Chang Yunye finished speaking without retort, and turned around.

Behind him, Leng Moyan stood there blankly.

Chang Yunye’s face sank, “Mr. Leng also has a habit of eavesdropping on other people?”

Shen Chenyu was taken aback when he heard’Mr. Leng’, and immediately staggered Chang Yunye’s look.

Chang Yunye is tall and tall, completely obstructing her vision, no wonder she didn’t find anyone coming and standing behind Chang Yunye.

When she touched Leng Moyan’s icy gaze, Shen Chenyu’s heart was inexplicably tight, and she subconsciously wanted to say something to explain the current situation, but she swallowed back the words that came to her lips.

There is nothing to explain, is it? She does not love him, he does not love her, because he does not love, so there will be no misunderstanding, even if there is a misunderstanding, it does not matter.

She walked out from behind Chang Yunye and said to Chang Yunye, “Big Brother Chang, I came out with Mr. Leng, so you don’t have to send me away, goodbye.”

After speaking, don’t look at the faces of any of them. , Walked directly to the black Mulshang who was parked not far away, opened the car door and sat in.

After a while, Leng Moyan returned to the driver’s seat and said nothing. He started the car and merged it into the traffic.

The car drove fast on the wide streets of the capital.

Much faster than before.

There was a strong smell of smoke in the car, and he kept smoking since he got in the car.

Shen Chenyu wanted to open the car window, but found that it couldn’t.

Frowning to look at Leng Moyan, just about to ask him to open the window, the car stopped without warning, she slammed forward unprepared, and hit her head on the backrest of the front seat. The pain was not very painful. , It’s just dumbfounded.

What made her even more dazed was that Leng Moyan said in a cold voice: “Get off!”

Shen Chenyu was taken aback, and looked out the window suspiciously. The surrounding environment was very strange. She was sure that she hadn’t reached the place where Shen’s house was at all. Villa area.

She was about to question, but Leng Moyan’s words sounded earlier than her: “Get off! Don’t let me say it a third time!”

☆, 031: Buy an engagement ring together (3) The

black Mulshang left a burst of exhaustion, unfeeling. go with.

Shen Chenyu looked at the car shadow that quickly disappeared from his field of vision, filled with inexplicable thoughts.

Looking around, the environment was unfamiliar, and she was not sure where she was. After waiting for a while, there was no taxi, so she had no choice but to call for a special car.

It was eleven o’clock at night when I got home.

After taking a bath and lying in the bed, there was always a feeling of boredom and boredom in my heart, and there was nowhere to solve it. After tossing and turning for a while, I got up and started the computer and opened the game interface.

She used to not play games, because games always give people a sense of dejection. She was pregnant more than three years ago and stayed in the villa all day with nothing to do. At that time, Leng Moyan became very busy, and she was always busy in the morning. When she opened her eyes, he had already left, and when she went to sleep at night, he had not returned.

In fact, at that time, she already faintly felt that Leng Moyan was hiding something from her. She was in a trance all day, guessing things and guessing things, plus her emotions were easy to fluctuate when she was pregnant, and she felt that she was about to become Neuropathy.

Leng Jingdie was afraid that she would be bored with herself, so she taught her to play a popular game at the time. She gave herself a particularly sour name: a girl with a pear blossom print on her shoulder.

Because after she and Leng Moyan had skin-to-skin relationship, he showed that he liked the birthmark on her shoulder very much. She felt very happy at the time. The man she likes likes certain characteristics of her body. This is indeed a delight Thing.

Just thinking about it now, it was really stupid back then.

Game login.

It’s not that she likes this game much, but she just remembered that she had met a comforting male player named Meng in the game before.

Meng didn’t talk much, but everything she said could comfort her suspiciously at the time.

It can be said that if he hadn’t spoken to comfort her when her spirit was most tense, she would probably have a quarrel with Leng Moyan and become an unreasonable mad woman.

Although it turned out that her feelings were true later, Leng Moyan concealed his upcoming engagement to Shen Luoyan from her, but she was still very grateful to Meng, and she wanted to say thank you to him.

Meng’s head was dark.

Shen Chenyu smiled, as expected.

After three years, many people and things have passed away.

After thinking about it, she still sent an offline message to the other party with only two words: Thank you.

Then exit the game.

Back on the bed, still unable to sleep, went downstairs and poured himself a glass of milk.

When he went upstairs with milk, he met Shen Luoyan who was about to go downstairs.

Shen Luoyan was stunned when he saw her.

Shen Chenyu only assumed that Shen Luoyan did not exist, went upstairs without squinting, and returned to the room to close the door.

She was not surprised that Shen Luoyan appeared here so soon, after all, the name of the daughter of the Shen family was very attractive, especially for those who were greedy for vanity.

Time Allure Club.

Leng Moyan sat in the corner, the surrounding air was frozen three feet, and the pressure was polar.

“Isn’t Leng always upset?”

someone asked Tang He.

In the circle, Tang He and Leng Moyan had a better relationship.

Tang He took a sip of the wine glass, and said vaguely: “It’s okay, his uncle is here.”

Xixi leaned forward again, “What’s wrong? Miss Shen gave you an elbow?”

Leng Moyan raised his eyelids and glanced at him. In the chill, Tang He shut his mouth with interest. After a while, he was not reconciled, and continued to ask: “You will be engaged in a few days. You won’t have a scene of catching the rape in bed like the last time, right?”

Three years ago, Leng Moyan suddenly agreed to marry the Shen family. He felt that something was wrong at the time. It was only when the scandal that the Shen and Leng families were scandalized later did he suddenly realize that Leng Moyan So caring about Tong Jin, how could she be engaged to another woman before her bones are cold?

It turned out that everything was Leng Moyan’s plan.

A revenge plan.

Not only was the Shen family the target of Leng Moyan’s revenge, even the Leng family and Leng Moyan had not let go.

During this period of time, Shen’s crisis, he also suspected that Leng Moyan was leading, but it seemed wrong…

Just as he was thinking about it, Leng Moyan’s phone rang.

Tang He didn’t take it seriously, the ordinary mobile phone beeping, but Leng Moyan seemed to be electrocuted, and the whole person bounced off the sofa all at once.

Tang He was taken aback, “Why are you surprised?”

It’s not right to think about it, there is something that makes Leng Moyan react so much?

It’s certainly not a trivial matter.

Seeing Leng Moyan looking down at his mobile phone, Tang He Pidiandian moved up again, “Whose message? So nervous?”

Leng Moyan did not answer, nor did he give him a chance to look at the phone. He didn’t even look back while holding the phone. I walked out of the box, hurriedly.

Whose information is it?

It’s not who’s information, but a text message to remind the game to go online.

Leng Moyan got into the car and looked down at the text message again, feeling like he was dreaming.

“The girl with a pear flower print on her shoulder” is online.

Tong Jin is online.

When Leng Anhuai forced him to marry the Shen family, he naturally disagreed. While trying to hide from Tong Jin, he was afraid that she would be sad. On the other hand, he had to deal with Leng Anhuai and promised that even if he did not use the means of marriage, he could let him. Leng’s development is faster and better, so he becomes very busy and busy. He has to quadruple Leng’s net income in half a year. For a large company, this is simply impossible.

This was brought up by Leng Anhuai, as long as he did it, he would not be forced to give up Tong Jin.

This was a deliberate embarrassment. He knew it well, but he still accepted it, and he paid unimaginable blood and sweat for it.

At that time, Tong Jin was pregnant. He obviously felt something on her mind. He wasn’t sure if she knew something. He asked sideways. She kept silent, as if she was holding back something.

No way, he had to let Leng Jingdie teach her to play games, first to divert her attention, and second, he also registered a game account, approached her as a stranger, and explored the secrets of her heart.

Perhaps it is easier to tell the troubles and secrets in my heart when facing strangers, so Tong Jin slowly told him his worries.

He took the opportunity to appease her emotions and tried every possible means to suggest to her that he would not betray her.

Tong Jin’s emotions really calmed down.

But I didn’t expect that when he succeeded in making Leng’s net income quadruple within half a year, Leng Anhuai also fulfilled his promise to ensure that he would not force him to marry the Shen family. Just when he was about to tell her everything, he would accept The news of her accidental miscarriage… the

past is always heartbreaking.

Go home without stopping, turn on the computer, log in to the game, and do it in one go.

In the friend column, the head of the girl with a pear flower print on her shoulder was dark, but it was beating.

Leng Moyan’s heart was beating like thunder, shaking his fingers and tapping the mouse button.

The dialog box opens.

There are two words lying quietly inside.

Thank you.

☆, 032: Engagement storm (1)

Shen Chenyu handed over to Nuoqi to design, which was highly praised by the person in charge over there.

This set off a heated discussion in the Design Center.

The person in charge of Nuoqi is so picky and difficult to tell. As we all know, Shen Chenyu was able to pass at one time and was praised. The colleagues who had criticized her before closed their mouths. They also laughed three-pointers when they met, no longer like they did before. Shaking his head and turning a blind eye.

No matter where you are, strength is important.

Shen Chenyu didn’t feel much about the change in other people’s attitudes. She never cared how others viewed her or treated her.

Life is your own.

But, getting closer and closer to the engagement day, her heart became more and more impetuous.

Shen’s debt to Renjiu Group has been paid off. Leng’s business is prospering by relying on Shen’s resources, Shen’s operation is also on the right track, and everything is developing in a good direction.

Several days have passed since Leng Moyan got off the car that day, and she never saw him again.

“Do you know, I heard that Connie is going to host a fashion show in Country Z, and I also heard that she is going to enter the domestic market.”

“I also heard about this. The fashion brand PEAR founded by Connie has a certain influence in Milan. If this is to develop in China, then the domestic fashion industry will have to reshuffle, and who is No. 1 at that time is not necessarily.”

“Who is No. 1 I don’t want to know, I just want to know, Connie does not accept it. Apprentice? I really want to worship her as a teacher. You don’t know how much I admire her. Any one of her clothes will be sought after. Ugly women can wear her clothes to be beautiful. How did you do it? Compared with her, the godfather of fashion is a fart!”

“Accepting apprentices? The crowds wanting to worship her as a teacher are gone, and the queues can’t be your turn. Besides, at your level, Can you meet someone?”

It’s not very busy today, and several senior designers gathered together to chat.

Shen Chenyu had been staring at the computer for a long time, her eyes were a bit tired, she got up and stood by the window and looked into the distance to relax her eyes. Hearing the discussion next to her, there was no fluctuation in her heart.

Someone talked to her: “Shen Yu, the PEAR fashion show is coming next month. We are all going to see it, do you want to go?”

With Shen’s strength, it is not difficult to get an invitation letter for the PEAR fashion show.

It’s just that she was busy with other things that day.

Turning his head and smiling at the man, he said, “Let’s look at it again.” The

indifferent tone was not at all like the admiration and excitement of others when they mentioned Connie. She was too plain and gave people a kind of nobility. feel.

The man curled his lips, a little unhappy.

It pales in comparison, and I’m the’dwarf’, who will be unhappy if you put it on your head.

Shen Chenyu saw the person’s displeasure, so she didn’t see it.

In the afternoon, Huang Ying walked in with a person.

Shen Chenyu’s eyes darkened.

It is Shen Luoyan.

She actually has the face to come back here. The colleagues in the design center have changed some, but there are still many old designers. Although her scandal three years ago has faded, it does not mean that she has forgotten. Get up and talk about it.

“Everyone’s work stops, let me introduce to you. This is Shen Luoyan. He used to be a senior designer in our design center. He went abroad for further study three years ago. Now he has returned from his studies and is officially the chief designer. Everyone welcomes.” There was

a round of applause.

There are independent spaces where the chief designer works.

As soon as Shen Luoyan sat down, many people gathered around him.

“Luoyan, welcome back, yeah, after three years, you have become beautiful again!”

“Look at what you said, when did Luoyan not be beautiful anymore.”

” Yes , we Luoyan is the most talented and beautiful in the design world.

Yes .” Those who had laughed at Shen Luoyan behind their backs yelled very affectionately, “We Luoyan” one by one.

Shen Chenyu sat quietly in his seat, watching with cold eyes.

Shen Luoyan noticed her gaze, turned his head and smiled provocatively at her.

Turning back to those who pleased themselves and said: “Don’t say that. I think Shen Yu is really talented. I also heard about Nuoqi. My design was rejected by the person in charge of Nuoqi. Shen Yu can pass at one time, and the visible talent is above me. I am embarrassed to comfort me so much.”

“Oh, that’s just her luck, Luo Yan is the best.”

Shen Luo Yan is well known. Although the Shen family seems to have a daughter in the Shen family, they can’t see the daughter and they can’t agree with them. Naturally, they can only flatter with this one.

If she could say a word or two for them in front of the chairman, they would have to fight less for several years.

Shen Chenyu didn’t care about Shen Luoyan’s provocation at all, smiled lightly at her, and lowered his head to work on himself.

That nonchalant expression stabbed Shen Luoyan’s heart with a pain.

Shen Chenyu didn’t seem to look down on what she was thinking about, which embarrassed her. She even felt that Shen Chenyu must laugh at her in her heart.

Get off work at night.

Shen Chenyu and several other colleagues stood at the elevator entrance and waited for the elevator.

After waiting for a long time, the elevator arrived late. As soon as it opened, there were already a few people inside. Shen Chenyu was about to walk in. No one knew who pushed her behind him, causing her to bump into the person next to him.

“A good dog doesn’t stand in the way, get out of the way.”

Qu Xiaoxiao, who was walking closer to Shen Luoyan, looked like a dog.

“Xiao Xiao, the elevator belongs to everyone, how can you say that? Even if someone blocks your way, you can’t push others.” Shen Luoyan’s voice was soft and soft, his words were reasonable, and everyone was instantly touched. The anger that had just risen vanished.

Miss Qian Jin is Miss Qian Jin, this attitude.

“Yes, yes, I was wrong, Luoyan, don’t be angry, I apologize to everyone.”

Qu Xiaoxiao apologized to several colleagues who had been pushed by her, but Shen Chenyu fell.

Shen Chenyu’s eyes sank.

Step forward, standing in front of Qu Xiaoxiao coldly looking at her, and said: “You just pushed me, don’t you want to apologize to me?”

Qu Xiaoxiao was stunned by her aura, and immediately thought of herself Standing behind him was the princess of the Shen Group. Although Shen Chenyu was also sent by the chairman, how could she compare to the serious princess Shen?

Thinking of this, Qu Xiaoxiao felt confident, straightened his neck, and raised his voice: “Is there any evidence? Which eye did you see me pushing you?”

“You want evidence? If I show evidence, what are you going to do?”

There is evidence? What evidence can there be if you push it? Even if someone proves it, as long as Qu Xiaoxiao refuses to admit it, the evidence is useless.

Qu Xiaoxiao wasn’t worried at all, “If you can show evidence, I’ll kneel down for you and call your mother!”

Shen Chenyu sneered, and didn’t take his mind when going out, and didn’t know how to get into the Shen family.

She swept the audience and said, “Everyone has heard it. If I show evidence that Qu Xiaoxiao pushed me, she will kneel down for me and call my mother!” She turned to Qu Xiaoxiao and said, “If I take it out. If you can’t do what you said with the evidence, you will hand over your resignation to Director Huang. Do you dare to agree?”

Resignation? Qu Xiaoxiao was taken aback for a moment. She had gone through five stages and joined the Shen family. How much did she put in effort to stay? She flinched.

“Why? Don’t you dare?” Shen Chenyu sneered, “It’s okay to admit counseling, admit that you just pushed me and apologize to me. I won’t pursue this matter.”

Admit counseling?

Qu Xiaoxiao’s brain was hot, and he blurted out: “Well, if you show evidence, but I can’t do what I said, I will leave Shen’s.”

“But on the other hand, if you can’t show evidence, I want You leave Shen’s!”

Shen Chenyu curled her lips, “Okay.”

☆, 033: Engagement storm (2) The

matter was originally just a quarrel between colleagues, I don’t know who told Director Huang about it.

Seeing that the matter was getting louder, Shen Luoyan pulled the arrogant Qu Xiaoxiao and said in a very understanding manner: “Forget Xiao Xiao, everyone is a colleague. How can we get along with each other after this trouble? Look at this matter in my face. Let’s just go over it, it’s not a big deal at all.”

She said to Shen Yu again: “You said yes, Shen Yu? You shouldn’t catch such a trivial matter and make life difficult with your colleagues, right?”

Shen Luoyan’s identity as the daughter of the Shen family is still very useful. Even if she is scolded as a dog behind her back, she still has to give three points of face to face.

Everyone agreed, “That’s right, it’s not a big deal. It’s a bit too exaggerated to make the resignation. Let’s take a step back and let it go.”

Shen Chenyu smiled lightly, “It’s really not a big deal, as long as Qu Xiaoxiao apologized, so I don’t care about it.”

Qu Xiaoxiao saw that everyone was turning towards him, and his vanity suddenly swelled. “I didn’t do anything to be sorry for you, so why should I apologize to you? Dreaming!”

Shen Shen Yu’s face became cold, “I dare not even dare to take on such a small matter. The Shen family would actually hire such an incompetent person! It’s ridiculous!”

“Shen Chenyu, who do you say is incompetent? Don’t think you were sent in by the chairman. You can be arrogant, who do you think you are?”

“What’s the matter? What is it like to be stuck in this noisy?” Huang Ying walked over, swept across her face coldly, and everyone shut their mouths.

Shen Luoyan stood up and said the matter, and Huang Ying frowned: Is it just such a thing?

Huang Ying glanced at Shen Chenyu, she didn’t think Shen Chenyu was such a caregiver.

“Shen Yu, you say.”

Shen Chenyu is neither overbearing nor overbearing: “I’m not trying to catch her and push me to talk about things. It’s just that the senior designer of the dignified Shen Group can’t even bear such a small matter. I doubt it. she did not really have the ability to win Renchen Shi Group post of senior designer, a little later in case of error occurs at work, so she refuses to acknowledge, to shirk responsibility, that time who will bear the losses? “

the question Upgrade to the level of company interests, which is different.

Furthermore, the people underneath made a mistake, and Huang Ying, as the director, naturally couldn’t escape responsibility.

Huang Ying looked at Qu Xiaoxiao with a sharp gaze, “Have you pushed someone else? An apology if you push is not a big deal.”

Now that you admit to pushing, isn’t that slap your own face? Qu Xiaoxiao shook his head and said with a certain tone, “I didn’t push her, and I am not a person who is afraid of things. I have already apologized for several other people, but I did not push Chen Yu. Why should I apologize?”

Huang Ying stared. Qu Xiaoxiao watched for a moment, “You’d better tell the truth.”

She turned her head and said to the assistant: “Go to the monitoring room and bring up the monitoring section just now.” As

soon as this word came out, Qu Xiaoxiao’s face was’huh’. The ground was pale.

She actually forgot about such an important thing as monitoring!

Shen Chenyu curled the corner of her lips and smiled somewhat ironically.

She had also thought of checking surveillance before, but Qu Xiaoxiao was so mindless, she didn’t expect that there was surveillance at all, and she kept saying that she hadn’t pushed her, and simply dug her own grave.

“Director Huang!” Qu Xiaoxiao suddenly shouted.

Huang Ying raised her eyebrows, “Why?”

“I…” Qu Xiaoxiao’s eyes dodged, “I remember…it seems to have accidentally pushed Shen Chenyu, I… just can’t remember clearly…”

Qu Xiao Xiao Jin’s Shen family has been seven or eight years, and he has been in the office for a long time.

Huang Ying didn’t know, but she didn’t find the right opportunity to kick her.

“Qu Xiaoxiao, since you are not sure, you may be able to remember it when the monitoring is brought out.”

“I…” Qu Xiaoxiao glanced at Shen Luoyan, and saw Shen Luoyan with an expression of being out of the way. , Didn’t mean to say anything for her, and regretted it secretly in my heart, so I shouldn’t get out of it.

Thinking of Shen Luoyan’s intentional or unintentional disclosure of her unwelcome to Shen Chenyu before, and don’t know why, she suddenly felt like she was being used as a gun.

“Mr. Huang, I was wrong, I didn’t mean it.”

Huang Ying was about to speak, and Shen Chenyu took it, “Did you push me before you admitted?”

Qu Xiaoxiao knew what she meant, gritted her teeth and lowered her head to admit her mistake: “Sorry, I didn’t mean it, you shouldn’t care about me carefully, right?”

Shen Chenyu was funny, and didn’t forget to dig a hole for her at this time.

However, I am sorry, she is really careful.

“You said before. If I showed evidence that you pushed me, I would kneel down and apologize and call me mom. Now that you have admitted it yourself, it must be more reliable than any evidence I have shown. Then, Should you kneel down for me?” Shen Chenyu looked around at everyone, “Everyone is a witness, and I just heard it.”

“You!” Qu Xiaoxiao didn’t think she really dared to mention it, and her lips trembled with anger. Shen Chenyu, don’t deceive people too much!”

“I deceived people too much? It was you who pushed me and sweared, and refused to admit that they refused to apologize. Besides, you said those things yourself, and no one forced you. “Shen Chenyu suddenly felt tired, and said lazily: “The most basic thing to be a human being is honesty, and you must do it when you say it. If you can’t even do this, then you are not qualified to stay in the Shen family, and you are not yourself. I said that if you can’t do it, you can hand in your resignation. Have you forgotten about this?”

Qu Xiaoxiao almost broke his teeth.

“Director Huang…” She asked Huang Ying for help.

Huang Ying said: “I don’t think I need to kneel down to apologize.”

Qu Xiaoxiao was happy, and raised his eyebrows triumphantly at Shen Yu.

Huang Ying said: “Qu Xiaoxiao will put the resignation letter in my office tomorrow.”

Qu Xiaoxiao couldn’t believe it, “Director Huang, why? Just because she was sent in by the chairman, you would favor her? This Unfair!”

☆, 034: The engagement storm (3) was at the

end, and Qu Xiaoxiao lost his job inexplicably.

Capital Hotel, in the box.

Qu Xiaoxiao gritted his teeth and cursed Huang Ying and Shen Chenyu, and then said to Shen Luoyan a little unhappy: “Luoyan, if you were helping me speak at the time, that old woman Huang Ying would not dare to be so arrogant.”

Shen Luoyan’s eyes flashed with impatience, but a soft smile appeared on his face, “I just returned to the company, and I can’t refute what Director Huang said in person. Wait, I will find a suitable opportunity to talk to Huang in a few days. The director told you to go back, after all, you are an old employee of the company, and she is not so unfeeling.”

Qu Xiaoxiao was dissatisfied with this answer, but did not dare to object. After a moment of silence, she said: “I had to go to the general manager to beg for justice, why are you stopping me? You should let me go, they won’t let it. I’m better off, and I will never let them feel comfortable!”

Shen Luoyan’s impatience in his eyes became heavier, and patiently explained: “This incident was originally your fault. What do you say to the general manager? Do you think the general manager will maintain it? Are you a troublemaker?” The

most important thing, Shen Chenyu’s identity, is not something that a small clerk of Qu Xiaoxiao can provoke. It may cause troubles.

Not wanting to talk to Qu Xiaoxiao any more, Shen Luoyan said, “I’m going to the bathroom.” He got up and walked out of the box.

The Jingcheng Hotel has a wide reputation, luxurious decoration, and long aisles with golden light.

“Really? The Shen family daughter and Chang always had a one-night stand?”

Shen Luoyan’s steps stopped.

The box door on the right hand side was not closed tightly, and the people inside raised the volume because of surprise, and no word fell into her ears.

Something in my heart was suddenly ignited, and the excitement factor was almost boiling.

“Hush! Keep your voice down.” Another male voice sounded, with some big tongues, which should be drunk, “Of course it’s true… hiccup!… It wasn’t three years ago. Once I accompanied our Chang and Chang to return home. I inspected the market and participated in a dinner. I don’t know which bastard or calf gave President Chang the medicine…”

“Hiccup! … As soon as President Chang noticed something was wrong, he went back to the hotel room in advance, but later didn’t know how. Yes, a girl came into his room, and…you know…hehe…”

“That girl is the daughter of the Shen family? Which Shen family daughter is it? The one married to the Leng family three years ago, or how many years ago The one that God wants to marry the Leng family?”

“Of course it’s the one who will be married to the Leng family in a few days. Three years ago, the Shen Qianjin…hiccup!…Isn’t she caught and raped in bed? How does that kind of stuff match our President Chang…hiccup Let me tell you, Mr. Chang, as soon as we heard that the Shen family wanted to marry the Leng family because he owed money, we immediately raised funds and were ready to save the beloved. Who knows… the Shen family’s daughter doesn’t appreciate it at all.”

Outside the door. , Shen Luoyan’s cheeks were red, and her fingertips were shaking while holding the phone.

Shen and Leng’s engagement banquet was booked at the Millennium Banquet Hotel.

When the media heard the sound, they found out that the millennium banquet had been completely covered, and the security guards at the door strictly verified their identity, making it difficult to get in.

In the lounge, Shen Chenyu was wearing a small white organza dress, her hair curled up, and a few pale pink handmade flowers, her makeup was exquisite, her figure was tall, her skin was white and thin.

She held the little yellow raccoon in her arms, and the little raccoon screamed a little rounder than the previous day, squinting lazily, as quiet as a fat angel.

“Little fish…” Gao Yazhi was worried.

Shen Chenyu knew what she was worried about, and handed her a soothing smile, “Mom, don’t worry.” The

worst has been experienced, is there anything worse?

The banquet hall is fragrant and fragrant, with suits and leather shoes.

Leng Moyan socialized around and found a quiet corner to sit.

“There won’t be any drama that upsets the phoenix today, right?” Tang He gently shook the goblet in his hand and smiled so badly.

Leng Moyan looked deep into the distance, as if he hadn’t heard him.

Just when Tang He thought that Leng Moyan would not answer him, Leng Moyan said, “Perhaps.” The

voice was not loud, and Tang He didn’t hear clearly, and asked, “What did you say?”

Leng Moyan said : ” …”

Leng Anhuai first came to the stage and said some high-sounding words, and then it was the male and female betrothal men who came to the stage.

The host is very good at mobilizing the atmosphere, and has been talking about the lines prepared in advance. Just as Leng Moyan picked up the ring and was about to bring it to Shen Chenyu, the overhead speaker suddenly heard a surprised voice: “Really Fake? The daughter of the Shen family always had a one-night stand with Chang?” The

bottom suddenly became quiet, and for a moment, the needle drop could be heard.

“Hush! Keep your voice down… of course it’s true… hiccups!… That’s not three years ago. Once I accompanied our President Chang and Chang Chang back to the country to inspect the market and participate in a dinner. I don’t know which bastard or calf, Give us President Chang medicine…”

“Hiccups!…As soon as President Chang noticed something was wrong, he returned to the hotel ahead of time. Later, he didn’t know how to do it. A girl entered his room and… you I know…hehe…”

“That girl is the daughter of the Shen family? Who is the daughter of the Shen family? The one married to the Leng family three years ago, or the one who will marry the Leng family

in a few days ?” “Of course it will be a few days later ?” The one who is going to be engaged to Leng’s.” The

conversation ends here.

The content of the dialogue is not understandable to deaf people.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Shen Chenyu’s body like rain.

Leng Mo

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